My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 43

Things in Seo-young-land can never stay too happy for very long.  What was one of the cutest episodes took a nosedive into creepers-land at the very end.  I should have known better than to think we were on the path to hearts and flowers and fluff.  This is Seo-young, after all.


Episode 43

Woo-jae’s face hardens at the sight of Seo-young and Sung-tae, and he takes a step toward the two before stopping short.  Visibly reigning himself in, he fixes a smile on his face and hands his gifts to Seo-young.  “I just stopped by on my way home after work, to wish you a happy birthday” he answers to her query of why he’s there.  Ha!  If this is “stopping by,” I don’t wanna know what ‘real’ waiting is.  Woo-jae apologizes for interrupting, and before Sung-tae can introduce himself, Woo-jae tells Seo-young to have a good night and walks away.  Hahaa.  The cool and unaffected act lasts all of two seconds – once in his car, he growls to himself, “Who the heck is he?”  Heee!  Frustration mounting, he pulls over on the side of the road, but when he recalls how brightly Seo-young smiled, his own face breaks out into an adorable grin.  You are SO whipped.201302092014261710_1_01서영이43_00046 서영이43_00047 서영이43_00048

Seo-young opens her presents from Woo-jae to find an ‘arm pillow’ and cushion.  She takes a sip of the soup and realizes that the housekeeper/cook didn’t make it.  Realizing that Woo-jae must have cooked it himself, she tears up and wonders, “Why is he doing this?”  Awww.2013020922210340_1_rstararm_01 2013020922210340_1_rstararm_02

Ho-jung and Sang-woo return home, and he mock-angrily asks why she didn’t give him a present yet.  Hee.  She gives him a pair of ‘slippers’ (closer to mules?) that are popular among doctors.  He reminds her of the Korean saying that if you gift someone with shoes, s/he will run away from you wearing those shoes.  Ho-jung doesn’t blink an eye and brushes off the adage, saying it’s all a lie.  “How do you know?” he asks.  “I got shoes as a gift from you, but I didn’t run away,” she brightly answers.  Sang-woo is taken aback, because he can’t remember ever giving her shoes, and Ho-jung just tells him he definitely did.  I don’t remember this one!  Patch Friends, when did it happen???서영이43_00050 서영이43_00051

Ho-jung goes to wash up, and Sang-woo sits down in front of her laptop.  Her blog page is open, and he looks through it with a mix of surprise and affection.  When he sees her wish list, though, it is bittersweet.  The things she wishes for are all so simple and things that are taken for granted by many.

Clip my husband’s fingernails for him.

Sleep using my husband’s arm as a pillow.

Wash my husband’s hair for him.

Kiss him goodbye as he leaves for work. (blush)

Scold my husband who came back from his way to work because he missed me. (heehee)

Go out together wearing matching clothes.

Feed each other while grocery shopping.

Go on a walk together holding hands.

Lay my head on his lap.

Watch a horror movie while being held by my husband.

Cook together.

Clean my husband’s ears.






Hear the words “I love you…”

2013020922484651_1_rstararm_01Gaaaah, why am I choking up?!  Sang-woo, you need to get a move on!

The next morning, Ho-jung walks Sang-woo out (as usual) and bids him good-bye as he heads off to work.  Remembering the list he saw last night, though, Sang-woo stops and turns around.  She asks if he forgot something, and he sweetly says, “Have a good day,” and awkwardly waves.  Hahaha awww.  Ho-jung just stares dumbfounded as tears fill her eyes, her own hand raised in greeting.  Sang-woo adds a “Hurry and go inside – it’s cold,” pretty much keeling her over.  Long after he is gone, she stands in the same pose, disbelievingly telling herself, “Oppa looked back at me.  And even waved.”  My reaction is always the same for these two: hahaha awwww.서영이43_00005 서영이43_00004 서영이43_00006 서영이43_00007

Seo-young goes to the office and works with Yeon-hee on their new case counseling Eun-ho (the grandson of the Troubled Grandma from the last episode).  The topic of Woo-jae comes up, and Seo-young says she just doesn’t know what is going on in his head.  “Something has definitely changed, but I don’t know why he’s acting this way.  He has to have gotten sick and tired of me.”  Yeon-hee continues to play Woo-jae’s advocate, to which I say hooray!

Secretary Yoon goes to see Mama Kang and tell her that she is leaving as per Sung-jae’s request.  Mama Kang, though stiff in her demeanor with Secretary Yoon, is a big ol’ softy – she tells Secretary Yoon to contact her once she is settled in, and she even calls in Sung-jae.  (Secretary Yoon had tried to visit while Sung-jae was away.)  Sung-jae walks with Secretary Yoon to her waiting taxi and they bid each other farewell.2013020923565951_1_rstararm

When Sung-jae returns home, Mama Kang is waiting with his favorite snack, and the two finally return to their adorable mother-son relationship.서영이43_00008

Sang-woo goes to see Seo-young at lunch with a gift (presumably for her birthday), but as he steps out of the taxi, he sees Woo-jae walk into the building.  A few moments later, Seo-young walks in as well, and Sang-woo just watches as a mix of emotions cross his face.  When Seo-young walks in her office, she is surprised to see Woo-jae waiting inside.  He brightly greets her and says he came to pick up the thermos, and Seo-young asks they talk outside.  Seo-young’s obvious confusion and wariness just make me tickle.

Full translation of their conversation at a coffee shop.

A waitress puts down their drinks.

Woo-jae: Let’s drink.

Seo-young: How did you know where I live?  How did you find out about the office opening and where I live?

Woo-jae: Did you think I would live comfortably without knowing where and how Lee Seo-young is living?  You’re too cruel.

Seo-young: Did you have me secretly investigated?

Woo-jae: Don’t put it that way – you make it sound like I did something that shouldn’t be done.

Seo-young: It is something that shouldn’t be done.  Why are you concerning yourself with where your ex is living or what she is doing?

Woo-jae: Do you have to become complete strangers if you break up?

Seo-young: That is why we broke up.  (To become complete strangers.)

Woo-jae: Don’t you feel it is unfair?

Seo-young: Why should I feel it is unfair?  Are you making fun of me?  I’m the one who deceived you for three years.  You are the one who should feel things are unfair – how could I?

Woo-jae: You don’t have to act so cold for my sake.  I wish you wouldn’t act that way, for your sake as well.  [Seo-young slightly tears up.]  For the record, I’m not trying to get back together or anything like that.  I just want to know you.  Not the Lee Seo-young who lived in the box I created, but just you.  The real Lee Seo-young.  Not the woman Lee Seo-young, but the person Lee Seo-young.

Seo-young: What are you talking about?

Woo-jae: Three years ago, we got married without really knowing each other.  I put you in a box, and you locked yourself in that box because of your mistake.  So I never got to see the real you.  That is why I want to know what kind of person you are – I want to see you live as Lee Seo-young.

Seo-young: Why? [pause]  Forget me.  And find a woman appropriate for you. [pause]  Why did you cook seaweed soup?  Why do you make me feel sorry?  Can’t you just leave me alone?

Woo-jae: Why are you sorry?  The moment we broke up, all of our past (shared history) was over as well.

Seo-young: What?

Woo-jae: I am no longer anything to Lee Seo-young.  [He points to his bare ring finger.]  I have no rights or claim over you.  Right?  [She can’t answer.  With a gentle smile, he continues] It ended – Kang Woo-jae and Lee Seo-young’s marriage.

Seo-young: That is why –

Woo-jae: Let’s just be comfortable friends.

Seo-young: You think we can be friends?

Woo-jae: If we can’t even be friends, the time spent together over the years just becomes too meaningless.  We never got to freely open up to one another and complain or grumble about things.

Seo-young: Friends?   You’re kidding me.  I am the one who did wrong, and I am the one who left.  You want to be friends with me?

Woo-jae: [nods] Yeah.  Just comfortably.  Don’t feel any pressure.  Did I say let’s date or something?  I’m telling you, it’s nothing like that.  Lee Seo-young, you just live however you want.  I’ll live as Kang Woo-jae and just watch you.  Like yesterday.  [No answer from Seo-young.]  Your hairstyle really suits you.  It’s my first time seeing this style on you.  It was my first time yesterday, too, seeing that kind of you.

Seo-young: H-he’s a hometown friend.

Woo-jae: You looked happy and well.  [mock seriously] This is the least you have to do for me.  It’s my claim for psychological compensation.  I want to receive mental compensation for my mental anguish.

[Note: LOLOL.  The translation is a bit awkward, but he’s referring to the argument they had in Episode 1-2 about how to compensate for damages.  We get a flashback to that scene, where Seo-young had said the victim, not the perpetrator, decides what form of compensation to receive (economic vs. material compensation).  Woo-jae here, in the present, is saying that since he suffered mentally/psychologically, he wants mental/psychological compensation.]

Woo-jae just smirks and Seo-young has nothing to say to that one.  Hee!  Back at the office, Seo-young rants to Yeon-hee about how she can’t plain ol’ do anything about Woo-jae.  She wonders how in the world he found out everything about her so quickly, and Yeon-hee says he sure has mad skills.  Is that guilt I see, Yeon-hee?? 😉201302092043471710_1

Sure enough, it is.  It turns out that Sun-woo gave Woo-jae Yeon-hee’s phone number, telling him Yeon-hee was close to Seo-young and now working for her.  In an extended flashback of the conversation Sun-woo had with him the day of his divorce, we see Woo-jae said he was actually grateful to her for causing all the madness.  Because of her, he had learned very important things he otherwise would never have known.  Shocked at the news of the divorce, Sun-woo gave him the phone number and info since he had no way of getting back in touch with Seo-young.  “At the least, I want to retain my pride – I hope this proves that I did not intentionally reveal Seo-young’s secret.”  Thank you, Sun-woo, for finally making the right decision.  No more bounty on her head, peoples.201302092056121710_1

Cute Ho-jung makes a lunch delivery to Papa Lee, and he thinks back on the day Sang-woo had introduced Ho-jung as his prospective bride.  Papa Lee had yelled at her for stealing another woman’s man, thinking Ho-jung had come between Sang-woo and Mi-kyung.  Back in the present, with all secrets revealed and misunderstandings cleared up, Papa Lee asks Ho-jung how she endured it – she must have felt so wronged and unjustly accused.  Ho-jung just brightly says it was okay, because Sang-woo knew the truth, and one day Papa Lee would eventually learn the truth as well.  This girl has a heart of gold, I tell ya.  Papa Lee apologizes, and Ho-jung quickly says there is no need – it was natural for him to feel that way back then.  Taking out his bankbooks, Papa Lee gives them to Ho-jung and tells her to manage them.  “You’re the lady of the house now, so you manage them.”  Awwwwww.  The look on Ho-jung’s face is just priceless.서영이43_00010 서영이43_00012

Mi-kyung and Kyung-ho have their daily argument – seriously, it’s as regular as a clock – and she gets a new clue about the weirdo who supposedly knows her: he worked in the countryside as a medical officer while serving in the military.  I’m trying to do the math, and I thiiink we can still fit Kyung-ho into Mi-kyung’s “First Love” box.  Ya know, the doctor who saved her life when she was a loooot younger.서영이43_00013 서영이43_00014

Sweetie Sang-woo invites the Surgery Department residents to a dinner in lieu of a housewarming party, and it turns out to be for Mi-kyung – so she can apologize to their colleagues (for lying about her background) and the colleagues can’t just walk away.  Aww, Sang-woo.

Sung-jae and his parents eagerly watch Mom Who Rolled in Unexpectedly (just scenes from You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly), but poor Sung-jae’s scene got edited out because the director didn’t like it.  I love Mama Kang’s reaction to the injustice and affront to her child.  Hee.  Seo-young watches as well from her own apartment, and she worries that Sung-jae must be heartbroken.  So much for cutting all ties, eh?

Ho-jung excitedly examines the bankbooks that night, eager to do her new duties, but she is heartbroken when she realizes Papa Lee spends less than $100 a month.  Sang-woo agrees that his father has truly become frugal.  He goes to see Papa Lee and tells him he saw Woo-jae in front of Seo-young’s office earlier that day.  Papa Lee is pleasantly surprised and confesses that Woo-jae came to see him the other day to explain everything.  When Papa Lee asks Sang-woo if everything is okay with Ho-jung, Sang-woo says he didn’t make his decision solely because of Seo-young.  He made a decision he could handle, and he notes that he could never meet someone who likes him as much as Ho-jung does.  Awww.

Sang-woo continues his mission of reform, and he puts out his arm as Ho-jung gets in bed.  “Oppa, does your arm hurt?  Do you want me to massage it for you?” she worriedly asks.  LOL.  He nonchalantly says it’s for her (to use as a ‘pillow’), and she just stutters in shock, parroting his words.  “If you don’t lie down before I count to three, I’m pulling my arm back,” he threatens, and just before the clock runs out, Ho-jung hurriedly lies down.  Hee!  She’s far away, though, and Sang-woo pulls her in toward him.  Commence mad heart thumping!  They both break away, desperately trying to mask their awkwardness as their hearts beat away.  Heeee!서영이43_00015 서영이43_00016  서영이43_00017서영이43_00018 서영이43_00020 서영이43_00021 서영이43_00023 서영이43_00024 서영이43_00026 서영이43_00027

The next morning, Seo-young walks in the office to find Woo-jae enjoying a cup of coffee.  Hehehee.  He makes inane conversation while Seo-young just stares, and he quickly rises to leave when Seo-young curtly tells him to enjoy his coffee – she’ll be drinking hers inside her private office.  “Oh, by the way, what kind of clothes do women like men to buy for them?” he asks.  Seo-young says she doesn’t need any clothes, and Woo-jae deadpans, “I’m not buying clothes for you.”  Heeee!  He says he is visiting one of the franchise stores undercover and doesn’t know what to pretend to shop for.  Lol.  The last picture says it all.서영이43_00028 서영이43_00029 서영이43_00033

One of Seo-young’s coats comes back from the drycleaners, and Mama Kang recalls Seo-young wrapping it around her the day the whole Sung-jae secret had exploded.  She tells Sung-jae to return all of Seo-young’s stuff to her, so Sung-jae calls his brother to ask for Seo-young’s address.  Seo-young gets a call from Sung-jae while out working on Eun-ho’s case, and she promises to hurry to her apartment since he is waiting.

When she arrives, though, it is Woo-jae, not Sung-jae, who is out in front with all her stuff.  Hehehee.  He explains that Sung-jae dumped this on him because he had to go to an audition, but Seo-young didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.  Woo-jae just grabs the boxes and tells her to think of him as a worker for a moving service.  Hee.  Inside her apartment, Woo-jae sees the little bits of clutter here and there, and he tells her he’s happy because she seems to be living comfortably.서영이43_00036 서영이43_00037 서영이43_00040

Unwilling to let a single chance slip by, Woo-jae reminds Seo-young that she needs to properly park her car in the lot.  Having gotten her back outside, Woo-jae cajoles her to have dinner with him, and the puppy dog expression works its magic again.  Seo-young gives up and agrees to eat with him.서영이43_00042 서영이43_00043 서영이43_00045

Mama Kang, while out picking up treats for Sung-jae, finds the Mysterious Gentleman’s – fix that, he’s just a Creeper – wallet oh so coincidentally dropped in front of her car.  He says he is preparing for a magic show, so she goes to meet him to return his wallet, and he buys her a coffee as a thank you.  Someone bumps into her, sending coffee spraying all over his shirt, and when he tries to take off his jacket to clean up the mess, he realizes that his shirt has a gaping hole.  *face palm*  This is getting worse and worse.  Of course, the shirt is a “magic” one he uses for his tricks, so the unsuspecting Mama Kang ends up in a hotel room hastily sewing up his shirt – the show is starting soon soon soooon.  I honestly doubt there’s even a show.  Saying he can’t wait any longer, the Creeper grabs the shirt from Mama Kang… just as a woman barges in with the cops.  The woman snaps ‘incriminating’ photos of the Creeper and Mama Kang, accusing the two of adultery, and the cops ask if they admit to the charge.  Mama Kang wildly denies it, but the Creeper answers in the affirmative.  Mama Kang and the Creeper are put in the patrol car, and they head to the police station…2013021000184318_1_rstararm


Quick Thoughts

That was beneath you.  Seriously, Ms. Writer, didja really hafta go there?  I know this is a way for Seo-young to help the Kang family, win back favor in the parents’ eyes, and be a resting place for Woo-jae, but it’s just so dirty and just plain ol’ trashy.  NOT impressed.

I’m so glad for Sang-woo and Ho-jung, though, who are just absolutely squee-worthy.  How sweet is it that Sang-woo appreciates Ho-jung’s love, and how cute is it that his heart now wildly beats for her?  Just adorable.

Of course, we can’t leave out Woo-jae if we’re talkin’ adorable.  The man is a serial lady killer, I tell ya.  In a recent interview, the PD of Seo-young said nothing is a foregone conclusion – not even Seo-young and Woo-jae getting back together.  I’m hoping they’re just saying this to keep people interested, because some media outlets have been criticizing the show for becoming all too predictable as it rounds the last bend.  But if they’re seriously thinking of doing something crazy with our OTP…  Get ready, peoples, The Wrath of Pinkblossom will be unleashed.

Side note: Thank you to all who have joined us these past few weeks – not to mention those who have kindly been with us since the beginning!  Though I like to welcome everyone individually and reply to all your comments, the sheer number of new Patch Friends and comments make that a bit difficult.  So instead, I’d just like to extend a BIG, warm welcome to eeeveryone.  Please forgive any misspellings: `Eun, 40somethinglawyerfromManila, afufu, amy, antie, Avid fan from Cebu, bgr, cheena, chib, ck10z, Damian Maxwell, daughterless, Diamond, divina, dwarf, gilre, Eli, emps(Phils), Eva, eyes, helma rivers, hrtbrkgrl, iamxa, inggg, jaz, jean segovia, Jeanny Jones, Jenny, jenny pozon, jhcf, just_myself, justwacky, k, Kat, katakwasabi, kiss, KKK, knomjean, kodrafan, La Plume, laroyo, LBY, lee, leemayyoung, Lena, leoni, letitialen, liig, lutrabee, Macky Rivera, makgollie, Malet, Manickey, maomango, Mayu, menik, Munwhan, myles, NanZ, Nella, nena jaradal, Nina, Noi, nolymo, nonnagabi, nqnz, Park Nisa, pink201, PiscesDragon, pj, primimeri, pritsy, Rakydel, rheycharlz, red, rosa, rosie, Rotikirai, Sephora Stone, Shebacat, Shofik Cit, sizumoha, slashedsilver, Smrkdr, sodasick, summer, Susie, syafira zahra, Tammy, thursdark, Thuc Uyen Phan Ho, tntechlady, trisy, Vayz, YSF, Yujin, yukitube, and last but certainly not least, Yumi.

Please please please let me know if I missed your name – I’ll be sure to include you in the next post! 😀

39 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 43

  1. Thank you sooooo much for the recap! I love both couple WJ/SY and SW/HJ, but WJ/SY is my favorite and your one of the only recappers that talk about the main couple and I really appreciate that.:)

  2. Wow thanks for the recap. I have been checking your site every now and then to see if the recap is ready. My mom got hooked on this drama and has been bugging me to check if your recap is ready. She fell asleep already but I’m sure she’ll be happy when I read your recap in the morning when I wake up. Thanks for the details, It makes more sense and enjoyable after finding out what the characters are talking about. Again…thx….thx….thx. I’m sure my mom would thank you too!!! =)

  3. thanks for the recap pinkblossom. i think the shoes that HJ is talking about is the slippers that SW gave her. remember the slippers that mama choi found in HJ drawer? i think it’s that one

  4. THANK you ! lovely Pinkblossom! It is nice to meet you, as well!
    I actaully agree with your last part: If they do sth crazy, you’ll be seriously angry! me too!

  5. oh my god, I see my name there! and I can’t help but smiling! I appreciate it Thank you so much to carrotblossom patch! I never seen any good and satisfied recaps of this! u are awesome! I am checking this site everyday since I started comment and find this few days ago! more power! 🙂 PS: I do love won bin too!

  6. I did watch the series in dramacrazy then gladly came here and see the whole recap it was a big help since I might ended crazy understanding only emotions pictures but no english! hahaha! lols

    I love how HJ and SW been getting closer! I find it kyaaa! Blushing! want more of it, I honestly like the two from the beginning rather than SY and Wj because I find SY very challenging character! hahaha..

    more power and please continue! I love it! can’t wait to see episode 44 and to the last! SW and WJ getting married again with no lies and HJ and SW being in love and doing hahahhaha! 😉

  7. Thanks for the recap! One of the best ep so far! As for the shoes I agree with Eun, its when she escaped thu the window to visit SW before going to states and she came out without shoes. It shows her coming in her home facing her mom with slippers on; and when her mom finds them in her room; and also when HJ tries to burn the memories. Hope this helps! Love your blog and I visit often. Have A Great Lunar New Year!

  8. Neomu Gamsahamnida pinkblossom ssi for becoming our angel,your recap really help us to understand better.WJ’s journey to win back SY’s heart its already so sweet,hoping writer nim not hook them up in the last minute of final episode.
    We, at least want 2-3 episode to see SY’s free smile or how about seeing them building their relation in SY’s tiny apartment,isn’t it so adorable to see WJ’s adopt to SY’s life

  9. again..super thanks for the recaps! i was about to lose all my interest in the drama again…until the Sangwoo-Woojae husband evolution… this episode was just cuteness overload…

  10. I know this is gonna sound weird since we don’t know each other personally – but I want to give you a *kiss* for translating what was written on HJ’s blog with all her wishes…I was going bonkers coz the subs are 6 episodes behind and your just an angel for us who doesn’t speak nor read the language… HJ is just so adorably cute and sweet – even her wishes are so simple and trivial-but meaningful and tugs at your your heart!
    That mean mean bad guy is so despicable-mama Kang is as innocent as HJ- how can they do that to her…ugh!
    Many thanks for giving us the full conversation between WJ and SY at the cafe..every word WJ said was true in every sense-he just want to know SY as a person…WJ being obnoxious is unreal but I think he deserves a chance to see the real SY. ^_^

    • I stand corrected on my previous post … WJ being obnoxious in his own charming and adorable cute little ways is what I meant to say… 😀
      And yes-the slippers HJ was referring to was the one he gave her when HJ suddenly showed up at the rooftop apartment without any shoes on coz she wanted to see SW before her mom shipped her overseas…

  11. i’ve been searching for epi 43 for the last couple of days.. gosh! i’m so hook up with this drama.. Woojae your so cool you will win Sw heart because you both love each other still.. Thanks patch for the time and effort in translating each episodes. We all appreciate it…

  12. Thankyu Guys,you are just so awesome…i’m watching seoyoung in KBSWORLD and you don’t know how you guys make me at ease…i can’t wait 4 your EP44… I’m Totally in Team Seoyoung …Thnakyu,Himne,Fighting ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  13. Thank you again for your wonderful episode recap! Although I love WJ for going after SY again, the writer is making him look like a stalker ^_^. Cheers to HJ & SW, their scenes are lovely. Lastly, it was such a relief to find the Carrotblossom Patch so I can get my MDSY fix each week. Kudos to your blog! Cant wait for your next posts…

  14. Thank you so much for the awesome recaps…i’m moving next week, my new house does not have cable tv, so no kbsworld to watch my daughter seoyoung anymore..i’m glad i have a place to read recaps n share thoughts about the show..thank you pinkblossom and carrotblossom patch!!!! Tehehehe ^_^

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