A Roll in the Sand

Dearest Whitecarrot,

This is for you.

[credit: babara ro]


Now, I couldn’t just let this So Ji-sub dude steal my Won Bin’s thunder, so I went browsing through my man’s own CF’s with Shin Min-ah.  Remember those shmexy coffee ones?  Problem is… the CF’s are all too swoon-worthy, and I need to be mindful of the crazy ladies vying to take my hubby.  So.  I chose a nice and safe one – sweet enough to set eyelashes fluttering, but not so hawtt that everyone jumps ship.  Girl’s gotta look out for herself, ya know.

[credit: coolguywb]


Ps. What does it take to become Shin Min-ah?


9 responses to “A Roll in the Sand

    • i’ve gotta agree, though it is gives me the tickles since it’s one less lady i have to *ahem* deal with. heeeheheee!!

    • i’m so glad you got to experience the wooonderfulness of won bin again. hahahahaa!! thank YOU, jean segovia, for continuing your dramaland journey with us! 😀

  1. “Ps. What does it take to become Shin Min-ah?”
    that’s what i’m saying… the girl has years hugging SJS thanks to Giordano and now this…
    anyway i love the CF!!! chemistry is great, wish to see them in a drama 🙂

    • i knooooow. she’s got so ji-sub (and jung woo-sung at one point!) with giordano, she had years of kisses with won bin for t.o.p. coffee, her leading men have all been a-list stars… life sure is fair. 😉

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