My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 41 Spoilers [UPDATE]

A new game: just pictures and no explanations.  Can you figure out what went down?  Heee!







Hahhahaa ooookay I’ll add a few sentences to scooch us along, Eli, La Plume, and slashedsilver!

Picture #1: Seo-young and Woo-jae submitted their divorce papers, after which they shared a meal together.

Picture #2: Seo-young met with Sung-jae and told him she doesn’t deserve to even be called “Teacher” and asked him not to contact her anymore.

Picture #3: Sang-woo finally found out that Ho-jung had been worried he would break things off with her (and get back together with Mi-kyung) now that Seo-young’s marriage was over.  Sang-woo hugged her and told her that her fears were unfounded.

Picture #4: Seo-young met an old high school friend, Kim Sung-tae (Jo Dong-hyuk).  She’s his first love, and he looks to be primed to play the third leg of the love triangle with our OTP.  Woo-jae, meanwhile, is trying to start anew his bid for Seo-young…

21 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 41 Spoilers [UPDATE]

  1. well! How can you tell nothing and expect us to be patient?! althoght, I read something abot this episode(few hours ago), Cos I couldn’t wait…and I checked here a few times as well!
    But, I don’t know know what to say?! How can Ujae be so releived? I really felt bad for him, and also Seo Yoeng cried! Aren’t they really coming back together? Oh, My God ,what kind of love story was that? It killed me! 😦
    Anyway, I like SY’s haircut! 😉

  2. I watched the raw episode-but wanted to know so bad what the conversation was between HJ and SW at the resto..
    I luv the last scene when WJ saw SY at her new office- he has this cutest little smirk ever…he’s game is on again-being charming and all…hehe..can’t wait on what he’ll do next to woo SY back into his arms..and the jealous WJ on the next ep’s preview is even more cute.
    Can’t wait for your mini-recap pinkblossom-sshi. thanks-thanks. ^_^

  3. Hey carrotblossom,
    Nice game. I’d prefer recaps though. 🙂
    Anyway, to go along with your “game,” I say the…
    1st group of pics is SY and UJ getting their divorce (but UJ isn’t going to let a pesky little divorce stop him from getting SY back – she’ll turn around and won’t know what hit her before he’s finished with her).
    2nd group of pics is SY telling baby bro, SJ, that she’s divorced now which breaks SJ’s heart because she’s his 1st love and favorite sibling.
    3rd group of pics is probably going to be my fav in this episode – SW tells HJ that he wants to try to make the marriage real and make it work. (Please don’t make it HJ’s daydream in the middle of a mundane dinner date!)
    4th group of pics – I’m not sure who this guy is, don’t remember seeing him before but from the way he’s dressed, he maybe a PI? Blackmailer? Maybe he works for her. Don’t know. I can think of several scenarios just based on the pics. However, the last two pics is UJ pursuing SY again, this time at her new office and this time everyone knows everyone else’s secrets. The playing fields are level and UJ is nothing, if not tenacious. 🙂
    Sorry, this turned out much longer than I was anticipating. Aja aja.

  4. whatever…. i am for 100% SY & WJ… im not sure if its just me but
    i would be happy to see an ending with them back to each other…

  5. Yeah, game on and ball is on SY’s court. I’m so glad they did not make WJ hateful, vengeful, holding grudges after the divorce. First game was null and void, second game looks a better match.

  6. hi pinkblossom. been waiting for the spoilers… hahaha… thanks… can you please translate the dialogue of SW and HJ. im sorry for making such request but i know that you know how much i love that couple. heehee… thank you so much. fighting!!!!

  7. hi PinkBlossom,
    are you feeling well now?
    i am still checking every now & then on your mini recap!
    and looking forward tonight for the ep42 recap…
    thank you…………..

  8. Hey didn’t WJ and ST fight over a girl before in a different drama? Deja vue! And WJ won so I’m sure he will too this time

  9. Waaah! Ms. Author please find time to have a more detailed review. These pictures are great. Wr want more. LOL. thanks always.

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