My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 40-3

This show is determined to make me bawl, for we finally turn to Mama Kang and Sung-jae’s story.  Sung-jae is cast in Mom Who Rolled in Unexpectedly, and Mama Kang goes to see him on his first day of shooting.  Secretary Yoon, however, beats her to the punch, and Sung-jae sees Mama Kang get back into her car and drive away from the filming set.  Secretary Yoon tells Sung-jae that she has always lived as his mom (though the various duties were ‘officially’ as the PA of Winners Group) and begs him to meet with her at least once a month.

Mama Kang is taken by her drums instructor to attend the Mysterious Gentleman’s magic show, and his words about relationships and letting go touch a chord.  She goes home and yells at Sung-jae for speaking in jondae (formal) speech to her.  Hahahaa awwww.  She sits him down and asks if he wants to live with his biological mother.  He protests that he’s Mama Kang’s son, but she tells him to do whatever he wants to do.

Above all, you’re my son.  You’re so much so my son, that you can’t not be my son.  You’re my son.  But you…  It’s okay for you to have 2 moms.  Our soft-hearted maknae (youngest child), I don’t want you to have to tread carefully around me.  It hurts my heart so much.  I want you to be fearless like you used to be and live life without a care in the world.  You know Mom tells tiny white lies but never lies, right?

He answers, “Of course I do.  Even your tiny white lies are so obvious.”  Gah, stop doing this to me.  *laughing and crying all at the same time*  Mama Kang wipes away the tear trickling down Sung-jae’s face, and the mother-son pair fiercely hold onto each other as pinkblossom bawls her eyes out.  I hate you, Show.2013012720574547578_1

Sang-woo comes home and asks Ho-jung, who’s frantically scrubbing a squeaky clean table, if she wants to eat out today.  Our hilarious Ho-jung freaks out and says she already ate dinner because she was suuuper hungry, and when he says he had something important to tell her, she hears in her head, “Let’s… break up.”  Hahahaaa.  She races to the bedroom, complaining of a headache.서영이40_00014 서영이40_00015 서영이40_00016

Woo-jae contacts Seo-young, asking if she has time – he has the (divorce) papers ready.  Nooooo!  Seo-young finally replies, and it breaks my heart that Woo-jae still has her as “My Seo-young-ie” in his phone.  *bawl*  Full conversation, as requested by LBY.

Seo-young: You came early.

Woo-jae: How have you been?  (Have you been okay? – is the more literal translation)

Seo-young just nods and orders a café mocha when the waitress appears.

Woo-jae: Didn’t you like Americanos?

Seo-young: I want something sweet every once in a while.  Hurry and order – she’s waiting.

Woo-jae: Ah, I’m sorry.  I’d like an Americano, please.

The waitress leaves.

Seo-young: I came to take care of the divorce papers.

Woo-jae: Is it okay to talk while the coffee is coming?  [She doesn’t protest.]  We really didn’t know very much about one another.  I knew you would leave if you were found out, but I didn’t know it would be in this manner.  I thought, at the least, that you would insist on telling me everything before leaving.

Seo-young: I didn’t come out to talk about that…

Woo-jae: You don’t have to explain anything.  Do you want to start over again?  *gaaaaaah.  keels over*  I’ll smooth things over with my parents, and I won’t ask anything.

Seo-young: Please don’t.  No matter the reason or circumstances, what I did was very wrong.  It’s the truth that I hurt you and the family.  But to me as well, the past 3 years are not ones I want to revisit.  I no longer have feelings left for you.  People are so self-centered: bad memories cover up the good.  So please let it go now.

Woo-jae: Is that what you truly want?

Seo-young: I’m sorry.

Woo-jae: Then… let’s do that.  Let’s break up.  Let’s…break up.


Woo-jae tells his family – and a particularly annoying President Kang – over breakfast that he and Seo-young agreed to go to the court today.  Seo-young heads out as well and meets Woo-jae in front of the courthouse….2013012722132188_1_rstararm


Quick Thoughts

NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOO~!!!!!  Okay, I’m done.  I’m just plain ol’ exhausted after all the bawling and laughing and wailing and screaming at the nutsos on the screen.  They need medical attention.  Immediately.  I volunteer myself: I’m quite good at bonking heads together and knocking some sense into those supposedly intelligent minds.  Tells ya that a JD and MBA don’t mean jack.  They’re driving me crazy!

But it seems like the good citizens of Korea love themselves some crazies, because Episode 40 hit an all-time high with a whopping 45.6% (AGB Nielsen), which bests KBS’s other 2012 mega-hit You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly (which bowed out with a series-best 45.3%).  Some sources say Seo-young hit a peak rating of 52.5% (the average per minute, rather than the average per entire episode).  In any case, talk about a doozy.  The actors and staff took a photo on set in celebration of their all-time best ratings, and it’s adorable how happy everyone seems.  Happy people on set = happy drama = happy pinkblossom.  Weeell, the drama is in crazyland right now, but anyhoo.

One more thing, since I do love to ramble.  The translated conversations sound… awkward at best, let’s be honest.  I never realized just how different the English and Korean languages were — I’m continually amazed each and every day.  That being said, I try to retain as much of the spoken dialogues as possible, but it just sounds weird because the phrases and sentiments expressed in Korean aren’t used in English.  There truly is quite a big cultural difference.  Anyhoo, in a nutshell: Please forgive the awkward English! 🙂

Thank you all so very much for your well wishes.  And thank you for continuing to share in this madness with us here at the Patch.  As a reminder, we have a new Discussion Board for your – or quite honestly, my! – pleasure.  Please share and chat away to your heart’s desire!2013012808358615


19 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 40-3


  2. thank you thank you thaaaaaaank you. please recap this drama till the last episode 🙂 Happy people on set = happy drama = happy pinkblossom = happy readers!

  3. Thank you for the recap. The 3 week wait for subs is making me crazy. by the time the subs comes out I can’t be bothered to watch it again. So thank you for subbing and recapping.

  4. awkward english is fine…as long as we undertand the gist of the conversation…we should be thankful that we have “soft-subbed” episode recaps here at patch..your work has done us non-korean speakers a great deal..again thanks and may I please ask that you can continue recapping for us your faithful readers! kekkee. ^_^

  5. Super thanks! I’m sobbing really hard. Never been this attached with any series. Grrrr.
    I confess. I’m an addict. Addicted with this show!

    Ms. Author, you’re simply THE BEST! 🙂

  6. No matter how hard it is to express emotional content between two diverst languages, your doing a fantastic job for us non-Koreans! I just hope I’m as talented as you – though keeping track of my own languages is a headache in its self!! But thank you for the recaps as I’m only at ep 35 waiting for the subs to come through.

  7. Wow!!! Thanks a lot for the recap! >.<
    I am feeling so emotional right now after reading the conversation between Mama Kang and Sung Jae. What Mama Kang has just said is just so flawless followed by Sung Jae's cute response. They really understand each other so much! I'm quite amazed actually. And I'm really glad that Sang Woo said that to Ujae, since Ujae has been acting all high and mighty around Seo Young last time. And now the Lee family doesn't like him that much anymore. Hah!
    Still, I'm so surprised that they would end up in front of the court in this episode! Aren't they supposed to be patching up things starting from this episode instead of making things more complicated? Gosh, I feel so sad right now looking at the two of them. This is the time where Ujae should be his old headstrong self and drag Seo Young out of that evil place and beg for forgiveness… with Mama Kang as her supporter for her return hopefully. ^_^

  8. thank you. thank you. My heart is jumping with joy every time i read your translation/comments. But the drama is so sad that it inflicts so much pain and yet why do i enjoyed watching it over and over….gosh i am turning nuts…

  9. tq sooo much for the translations and the recaps..can’t wait for the next week’s episode. already wishing that next week should come 2morrow he..he..Anyway..good job in translating the conversation, keep up the good work 🙂

  10. thanks so much..pinkblossom…hope the rating higher..n..higher..can’t wait next episode..hehe….n.. would you please…make..the recap of raschal son also..if u have time..long time..didn’t update it…i want to know..the end of that story..kamsahamnida 🙂

  11. Thank you so much for your time! And I’m glad you are feeling better. I have been following your site after finding it for about a week. I like it very much and you are doing a great job! I understand and can speak (just can read it yet) some of the Korean lang. because all I watch anymore is k drama’s and music. So for the comment that it is very different from English and trying to convey what is being said is hard at times. But you are doing an excellent job.
    Now for the show; I have to admit I’m a SW & HJ fan and am looking forward to their progress. Bu I also read that the show might get extended. (Just an update). I hope it does and with the ratings going up it’s a good possibility.

    • hi Pinkblossom,
      its weekend again.. and looking forward for the mini recap of ep41…
      how are you feeling? hope you are keeping well and ready to rock & roll… thank you for always being there for us :)))

  12. wonderful recap…thank u so much…

    I hope woojae and seo-young won’t get divorce…it’s so heartbreaking.

  13. thank you for this recap! 🙂 very helpful to me because it’s so hard to keep on track with the episodes. i wasn’t able to watch this during weekends on KBSWorld TV. but because of this recap i was able to get updated with the happenings on each episode! once again thank you very much 🙂

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