My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 40-2

Mama Choi goes in search of her husband, threatening him with divorce if he doesn’t come home immediately.  She needs a bodyguard, ya know.  But instead of meekly returning, Papa Choi signs the divorce papers and leaves them on top of her sleeping form.  Ha.  His new sleeping arrangements: bunking with idol trainees.  Lol.

Mi-kyung suffers a setback at the hospital when everyone finds out that she ain’t no orphan, but rather the only daughter of the affluent Winners Group family.  Sang-woo gently comforts her and suggests she apologize, one person at a time.2013012721573232_1_rstararm

Seo-young moves into her new apartment, eats ramen out of the pot for good measure, and even sleeps in – though the last one doesn’t work so well.  She finally shuffles out of the apartment complex in sweats and enjoys a day of being ‘normal’: she gets breakfast from a yums bakery; eats popcorn and laughs through a matinee; enjoys coffee and dessert while reading comic books at a café, and even falls asleep there for a solid three hours.  It’s heartbreaking seeing her find joy in such simple pleasures.1359303953_456623

Woo-jae, meanwhile, is mired in pain and guilt and heartbreak.  He continues to search for Seo-young but can’t find anyone who befriended her, and he realizes that he really didn’t know her very well.  Do we ever really know anyone?  But I digress.  Finally, unable to think of any other way, Woo-jae meets with Sang-woo. O.o

Full translation, as requested by Avid fan from Cebu, Yumi, and Nella.

Woo-jae: We meet after all.

Sang-woo bows in greeting.

Woo-jae: First… I’m sorry that I am introducing myself so late, and in this way.  And I’m sorry that only now am I able to say, “I’m sorry” and “Thank you.”

Sang-woo: I am at a loss.  I’m the one who should be saying “I’m sorry.”

Woo-jae: I’m also sorry for all the troubles you had to go through: you had to avoid me and break things off with Mi-kyung, and you had no one to turn to, not even Seo-young.  My hands were tied then (I couldn’t step into the fray).

Sang-woo: I did not break up with Mi-kyung because of you.

Woo-jae: I met Father.

Sang-woo: You met my father?

Woo-jae: Father gave me all the answers I couldn’t find (after learning about Seo-young’s lie).  Things I could not have possibly imagined on my own… I heard about all of it.

Sang-woo: Fa-father…  How much…  How…

Woo-jae: Everything.  I want to meet Seo-young, but I don’t know where she is.  She won’t pick up my calls.

Sang-woo: What are you going to say to her?

Woo-jae: I’m going to apologize for judging only by my standards, and I have to work things out with her (fix/make things better).

Sang-woo: Are you saying you fully understand my sister?  You’re thinking that you can just forgive her now that you understand her.  I wish you would just leave Seo-young alone.

Woo-jae: I’m sorry?

Sang-woo: My sister was not happy during her three years of marriage.

Woo-jae: I know that.  She probably had a hard time because of guilt.

Sang-woo: And she won’t be happy in the future either.

Woo-jae: Things are no longer the same.  I understand her now.

Sang-woo: Understanding with your head is not truly understanding!  You just think you understand.  A person can only understood so much if they have not experienced it themselves.  I was like that as well.  Even after learning who Mi-kyung was, I couldn’t let go of her – and it was only then that I understood Seo-young, who had chosen you.  It must be even more difficult for you and Seo-young, who come from such different backgrounds.

Woo-jae: No one can experience everything first-hand.  I didn’t understand her with my head, I understood with my heart.

Sang-woo: I no longer think your understanding is my sister’s happiness.  Even if you forgive her, what Seo-young did doesn’t disappear.  You should know Seo-young will live feeling like a sinner.  I’m sorry.  I know I have no right to do this, but if Seo-young says she doesn’t want to go back, please let her do as she wishes.2013012722042084_1_rstararm

Dang, that one stung.  Long after the conversation is over, Woo-jae sits in his car alone, thoughts and recollections swirling through his head.  He recalls Papa Lee’s comment that there’s something about him that sweeps people along according to his wishes, and he remembers the whirlwind courtship he shared with Seo-young.  Everything, ultimately, happened as he wished.  He even ‘forced’ Papa Lee to work as a parking attendant at Winners Group because that was what eased his conscience.  Woo-jae then recalls Sang-woo’s words that Seo-young was not able to be properly happy during her 3 years of marriage.  More memories assail him, and tears fill his eyes.  Gaaaah.서영이40_00010

Part 3 next!


14 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 40-2

  1. what more can I say? this is just amazing.. can’t wait for the next chapter… thanks for making us understand this drama.. and longing for it..

  2. thanks!

    “She finally shuffles out of the apartment complex in sweats and enjoys a day of being ‘normal’: she gets breakfast from a yums bakery; eats popcorn and laughs through a matinee; enjoys coffee and dessert while reading comic books at a café, and even falls asleep there for a solid three hours. It’s heartbreaking seeing her find joy in such simple pleasures.”

    NOT NORMAL really. She had that cake in front of her for three hours and only seemed to have eaten 2 forks worth.

  3. eyes almost popped out from so much crying-and I was only watching the raw video…poor WJ..I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve this suffering but he’s heart broke when he learned that the ‘SY’ he thought he knew was not the “SY” that he ideally wanted to be. ahhh…can’t wait for him to woo SY again-hopefully this time its for the real love that he and SY deserve.
    thanks so much again for the recap and translations pinkblossom-sshi!

  4. I am very grateful to have found this link !!!I marvel at how you can translate and write the recaps in a very succint and yet complete manner. Finally, i found someone who can really write and entertain all at the same time.This is my first time writing so I have to give kudos to pinkblossom ist….

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