My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 40-1

Geez, I thought I was done crying after Episode 39.  Looks like I was wrong.  Big time.


Episode 40: Part 1

The recaps have been getting longer with the inclusion of translated conversations, making it a bit difficult to maneuver through posts and comments.  Soooo, I’ve decided to break up the episode into more manageable chunks.  We’ll see if this works~

Also!!  There is now an official Discussion Board for My Daughter Seo-young *yippeeee!* so please share your thoughts with us there.  For requests, please continue to post them in the episode-specific posts.  This Discussion Board is still an experiment for us at this stage, and we’re trying to figure out whether it’s something worth keeping.  Your participation would thus be greatly appreciated.  And, of course, any suggestions/comments are always welcome.

Okay, now onto what actually matters.


Papa Lee and Woo-jae finally sit down to talk.  Full conversation, as requested by LBY.

Papa Lee: Vice President Kang.

Woo-jae: Please speak comfortably (don’t use the honorific).

Papa Lee: Why should I do that?

Woo-jae: Because…  I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself (as your son-in-law) earlier.

Papa Lee: Have you ever thought of dying before?

Woo-jae: No, I have not.

Papa Lee: Then, have you ever asked someone to save your life?  Before, right here, you said you wanted to hear my life story.  Do you remember?

Woo-jae: Yes.

Papa Lee: I took my children’s tuition and gambled it away and made their mother die in surgery.  And that was all the way in Jeju Island, where I ran away to because of debts.  I even had debts in Jeju… I believe I paid them off with the $10,000 my daughter scraped together.

Woo-jae: Right now… is that about… Seo-young– (Papa Lee cuts him off)

Papa Lee: I came to talk about my story, so no questions.  I’m only going to tell my story.  I forced my high school senior daughter, who was at the top of her class, to drop out of school.  I’m a father who put a metal Chinese food delivery box in her hands.  [Flashback to Woo-jae asking how Seo-young came to ride the motorcycle so well.]  With the money she made carrying that metal box, she sent her younger sibling to medical school.  (As though musing to himself:) What was it like before that?  After the IMF, up to three years ago, I was swindled by business partners… bankrupted several businesses I tried… even turned to loan sharks…  One summer three years ago, I even worked as a waiter taking care of the women at an adult nightclub… even dancing for them because I enjoyed making tips.  While I lived like that, my daughter lived in a jjimjilbang (wi spa, or sauna)… got kicked out of school for not being able to pay tuition… couldn’t go on her school trip…  In spite of that, she earned money and attended college.  Isn’t she a tough one?  When I got into trouble, that foolish girl would take out her tuition and take a leave of absence from college.  *scoffs* She would pay off her mom’s and my debts again.  Any other children would have left already.  But one winter… no, I don’t even remember anymore.  In any case, one winter day, that tough child brought the $4,200 she had saved and gave it to me to pay off the loan sharks.  And she said to me, “Father, save me.”

Woo-jae: Save… me?

Papa Lee: “I can’t endure this any longer.  Please save me.  Please come back to your senses.”  [A tear trickles down Woo-jae’s face]  But I went down to Jeju and even gambled – that’s who I am.  If she hadn’t run away from me, she would already have been sucked of all life and been living as an empty shell of a body.

Papa Lee pours Woo-jae a drink.

Papa Lee: Do you see me as a courteous, good man just because I somehow rescued you?  Well, you were raised in affluence, so I suppose you see the world with those standards.  I’ve said all I have to say, so I’m going on my way now.

He gets up to leave.

Woo-jae: Just a second!

Papa Lee: I didn’t come here to ask you a favor.  I don’t have the right to say such words.  But I… I’m just asking that you don’t act under a misconception because of me.  When she was young, she would drink soda and be my drinking buddy.  She had a lot of aegyo… my Seo-young-ie.  (“Aegyo” is such a hard work to translate… people who have aegyo are super cute and charming(?)…  I give up.)  By the way, do you know?  Your personality… you have something irresistible about you.  (You make it hard to say no.)

Papa Lee leaves, and Woo-jae watches him slowly walk away.서영이40_00005

Woo-jae drives home, memories and recollections filling his mind…  Unable to stand it, he goes to the hotspot of all Kdrama hotspots: the Han River.  As he recalls his actions, as he remembers all of Seo-young’s cryptic words to him, he can’t hold back his tears.  Baaaawwwl.  I can’t dooooo thiiiiiis.2013012721353579_1_rstararm

Sweetheart Ho-jung eagerly prepares a yummy yums dinner for Papa Lee, whom she knows must be hurting, but Mrs. Bang tells her that Papa Lee’s working late today.  (He’s sitting alone in the darkened carpentry shop.)  Waiting all alone, Ho-jung thinks of poor Papa Lee… and poor Oppa… and then realizes that Sang-woo must have broken up with Mi-kyung to protect his sister’s marriage.  But since his sister’s marriage is now in shambles… *gasp*  Commence wild imaginings of Sang-woo and Mi-kyung getting back together.  LOLOL.  This girl.  Hahahaahaa.  It doesn’t help that Sang-woo calls and says he’s gonna be late so she should go ahead and eat.  L.  O.  L.서영이40_00006 서영이40_00007 서영이40_00008

Sang-woo is not off with his no-longer-ex-girlfriend but rather with Papa Lee, and he tells his father that Seo-young already found her own place.  They agree to just let Seo-young do what she wants for now – she’ll contact them when she’s ready.서영이40_00009

Part 2 coming soon!


28 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 40-1

  1. Thank you. I so wanted a translation of that Woo-Jae and Papa Lee scene but didn’t ask because you were under the weather.

    If you are up to it can you translate Woo-Jae and Sang-Woo’s scene.


  2. sorry but can i know the scene between sw & sy (ep 39) already translate or not. when i click ep 39 can’t see the translation for that scene. tq.

    • i haven’t updated ep 39 yet sooorrryy! i’ve got it in my to do list, though, so it should be up tmrw! 🙂

  3. Hi pinkblossom. Hi to all the resident campers in the patch. *wave*. Pinkblossom, thanks for the recaps and the translations of the conversation between Papa Lee and WJ. At least, somehow, if it wasn’t for Papa Lee, WJ would still be in the dark. I am thankful that Papa Lee told WJ the things thaty SY had to go through because of him. At least now, WJ was enlightened.

    HJ should stop her imagination from running wild. lols. I mean, I don’t think that SW will hurt HJ. Although, at the beginning I’m worried that SW will ditch her after SY’s lie had been exposed. But after analyzing the situation, it is not in SW’s personality to back out from his word, right? I just want him to fall in love with HJ!!!! Calling writer-nim please please. When will it happen?

  4. whoaa thank you so much fo the recap. i enjoy your writing style: “… he goes to the hotspot of all Kdrama hotspots: the Han River.” super LOL 😀

  5. Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop. I know it must be burdensome at times. I will be waiting for your upcoming recaps. Hwaiting! ^^

  6. Thanks for the recaps, and hope you’re feeling better!!

    Ho Jung is seriously such a sweetie. I know they’re the side characters, but I can’t wait for more screentime to be devoted to this couple.

  7. Thank for the recap WJ and papa lee. Super duper Please translate WJ and SW part. Again thank youuuuuu very much hope still have energy to doing this till the final ep. The part kspot drama han river lol. Is it really 50 ep?

  8.’re really spoiling us..your sick yet here you are-still doin’ recaps and all. Thank u so sooo much! We appreciate your work even more.

  9. Thanks for ep40. a things that is my daily activities now is to read your patch. Thanks again. Hope u get well soon. If u catch cold please rest and drink a lot wrm water, u will feel better.

  10. Wow tat’s awesome! 😀
    Must be hard for u and much time consuming.if all the recaps are lyk that then I will no longer watch the raw eps.for sure…tnx pinkblossom!

  11. wow……thank you so much for the this…
    you are awesome! hope you are getting better………………..

  12. Thank you Miss PinkB….really enjoyed every posting and here’s hoping the following grows into leaps and bounds…….

    Just some comments regarding HJ ….true to her character and perhaps her only capacity/ability right now, she can only dream and imagine things as always… I hope she changes tactics and be more of a realist dealing with facts before the drama ends. She looks like a kid trying so hard to play with big boys….just my opinion.

  13. Hi…..the dialog between WJ and Papa Lee really touch my heart specially when papa lee try to explain SY action from his own view which make WJ really regret what his done toward SY.
    thx again fr this wonderful recap and take care get well soon ok

  14. Just reading this part and watching Woo Jae cry. Geeezz. I can’t help but cry too. This TV series is really something.

    Ms. Author, I thank you so much!

  15. Thanks for the detailed recaps. I have to miss a few episodes coz of my travels and its good to know I can catch up with your recaps. I can’t wait for the next episode!

  16. HJ should stop her imagination from running wild. lols. I mean, I don’t think that SW will hurt HJ. Although, at the beginning I’m worried that SW will ditch.would you mind shooting me an email, please?

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