My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 40 Spoilers

[UPDATE] The mini-recap for Episode 40 is broken up into parts and in a new post!


[UPDATE] Sorry to those who have been waiting, but I won’t be able to update tonight.  T_T  I need to get rid of this bug first, and I’m afraid the medicine is already taking effect…  snoooooze impending.  If all goes well, I’ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow morning, so updates should be up by nighttime.  Thanks for understanding!


The usual.


Episode 40 Spoilers

Papa Lee tells Woo-jae about all the misery and grief he had put his daughter through over the years, shedding light on Seo-young’s reason for the Big Lie.  Suffice it to say, Woo-jae is shocked at the extent of Seo-young’s suffering, and he is broken at the recollection of how cruel he had been.  Don’t cryyyyyyy!2013012721353579_1_rstararm


Woo-jae meets with Sang-woo in an attempt to find out where Seo-young is.  Sang-woo tells him, “Your understanding [of my sister’s past] does not necessarily equate with her happiness.”  My heart is breaking all around.2013012722042084_1_rstararm


Woo-jae meets with Seo-young (he’s a busy man today) and asks to start over again.  Seo-young, though, says she can’t, and Woo-jae finally decides to let her go for her sake.  Noooooooo!!  They meet in front of the court to finalize their divorce…2013012722132188_1_rstararm



Thank you all for your well wishes!  Hoping to put up the mini-recap laaaaaater tonight.  Please don’t hesitate to make any requests, and please continue to discuss away – I love hearing from all of you! 😀



35 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 40 Spoilers

  1. Hello Author,

    Thanks for always keeping us posted of the new updates for this series. I am hooked up to the extent i can’t imagine myself be. The episodes are always available to watch right away but it still doesn’t have the subs. Though, with the actions i see I still cry. Your recap really helps a lot. Keep it up! 🙂


    • welcome to our Patch, Macky Rivera!! i’m so glad to be of service — i’ve heard quite a bit about the lack of subs for this show 😦 thanks for joining us! hope you continue to share your thoughts with us! 😀

      • That’s right. The last episode that has subs was episode 34 and it’s already 41st ep this coming Sat. You are a big help to all of us who got “addicted” to this show. Keep us all posted always. We greatly appreciate your efforts.

        PS: i think i better learn Korean as well to make my life easier. LOL.

    • welcome to the fold, leemayyoung!! you’re too kind! hope you continue your dramaland journey with us!! 😀

    • i hope they meet noooooow and work on rebuilding their relationship — no last episode meeting at some random place! 😉 hahahaa!!

    • I think WJ will court her again – a real courting. She’ll be a successful lawyer, will finally reconcile with her father. WJ will open his film business & will marry SY again. She’ll be accepted by the Kang family & will remarry WJ again with her father giving her away.

  2. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. I watch KBS World in the US and we are watching ep 28 tonight. I get a better understanding of the story by reading your recaps. Please keep up the fantastic work!!

    • welcome to the madhouse, nonnagabi!! thank you for the kind words 🙂 hope you continue to share your thoughts with us! 😀

    • welcome weeelcome, antie! if they don’t give us a happy ending… oh my gollies, it’s gonna be ugly. 😉 lolol! thanks for joining us! 😀

  3. I don’t think WJ would go through the hoping that he would tell SY that he will leave his family for her instead-becoz his parents doesn’t approve of her..but that’s just me…well-I just want them to get back together already so the remaining episodes could focus more on HJ-SW’s luv story.
    Thanks for the mini-recap and hope u feel better pinkblossom-sshi.

  4. Are you feeling well now? I hope you are.

    It is really sad that after WJ had known the true reason why SY lied, they are still going to divorce. SY wake up please. Nooo… Don’t push through the divorce. I also need my weekend dose of HJ and SW. 😦

    Anyways, Thanks for the spoilers. Will wait for your recap. 🙂

  5. Thank you for that extensive summary. It was such a nice story. I really enjoyed watching the drama… SY’s acting is brilliant and so is WJ and of course the supporting ones too. SY is equally pretty whether she smile or cry. WJ had shed enough tears. Everyone did a great job acting wise and some really funny. This story is really worth watching. The director, the writer, and participants of this drama deserves high commendation. But of course one would only appreciate this if not for the efforts of the translators, Good Work!

    • can’t agree more, everyone has really stepped up their game for this drama 🙂 and awww, you’re too kind!

    • hi hiii, gilre 🙂 the recap is coming soooon (probably tomorrow) — sorry for the delay 😦 and i’ll be including more ho-jung + sang-woo as you requested! 😀

  6. Sorry if i request many scene to translate. But can u translate the scene between wj & sy at the cafe. Feeling that sy is pregnant (it just my assuming). Hopefully it’s true. Flassh back the scene between sw & sy (ep 30) b4 sw getting married. They talk about baby.

  7. Hope u r feeling better! Get well soon!
    I can’t believe how obsessed I’m with this show, given that I didn’t even gave it a second look when it showed up at KBSW. And it’s really my blessing that I gave it a chance (my LSY bias got the better of me). And one thing led to another and brought me here. Really grateful to your wonderful recaps. I would visit it every so often to re-read the recaps just so to pass the week by before the weekends come round again. I love the story and the acting. Thumbs up to SY’s dad. He got the nuances of a “man who did wrong to his family and now trying to make up” so right. Keep it up! But pls pay the actors, show! They damn well earned it! (sorry to digress)

  8. im totally obsessed with this drama, can´t get enough, this episode killed me last night, i was crying my heart out when i saw woo jae crying in the car, oh my, i hope seo young realizes the big mistake she´s making.

  9. It’s nice to see SY finally relaxed and comfortable on her own. Having time to find herself just might be the solution for a perfect ending. What I really can’t wait to see is when SW tries to comfort HJ…her imagination is definitely making her bonkers…

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