My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 39

Uuuunfortunately, I’m a bit under the weather, so I’m just putting up a mini-recap (for reals mini!) for today.  Drat the crazy weather.  Requested translations will be going up tomorrow or Monday if all goes well. *crosses fingers*  Sorry and thanks for understanding! 😀


Episode 39

Mama Kang tells Woo-jae to finalize the divorce.  Because the trust between them has been shattered, there will always be room for doubt and suspicion to grow, and that ain’t somethin’ you want in a marriage.  She urges him to finish things before President Kang makes Seo-young’s life miserable.2013012622330761_1_rstararm

Papa Lee and Seo-young finally sit down to talk, and Papa Lee urges Seo-young to go beg for forgiveness – she can’t lose someone as wonderful as Woo-jae because of a horrible father like him.  Seo-young tells him that he was the reason Woo-jae found out, which is a shocker for Papa Lee.  Long story short, Seo-young tells her father to stay out of her life.  She zooms off, passing by Papa Lee standing at the bust stop, but she turns her car around and returns to the stop.  Papa Lee, however, is already gone.2013012621180131_1_rstararm

Sang-woo learns from Mi-kyung that Seo-young is still unaware of their (Sang-woo & Mi-kyung’s) relationship, but Woo-jae had known.

Woo-jae meets up with his buddy and tries to drink away his sorrows.  He knows Seo-young is lying (thank goodness for small favors), but he’s frustrated that she won’t tell him the truth.  If he doesn’t know, he can’t find a way to persuade his parents.  His friend asks if Woo-jae would be willing to leave his family for Seo-young.  Ironic, much?

Papa Lee, too, attempts to find some sort of relief from his anguish via drink.  Sang-woo eventually finds his drunk father, who brokenly explains that he (Papa Lee) is the reason Woo-jae found out.  That, of course, doesn’t go over too well with Sang-woo, and he berates Papa Lee for acting so carelessly.  Sang-woo takes Papa Lee home, and poor Ho-jung is just asked to wait patiently for an explanation.2013012623253379_1_rstararm

The next morning, Papa Lee tells Sang-woo to bring Seo-young home – he’ll leave.  The father-son pair get into a heated argument, and Ho-jung overhears just a snippet, but enough to figure out that they must be talking about Sang-woo’s sister Seo-young who’s living abroad.  She hears that Seo-young couldn’t “endure it” any longer and left her home.

Seo-young signs a lease for a new law office and an apartment as well.  She tells Yeon-hee (who resigns from Unique Law Firm to work with Seo-young) that she wants to figure out what she likes and what she actually wants to do with her life.

Mama Kang starts taking drum lessons, and she meets a mysterious gentleman (Jeon Noh-min) who offers a chocolate bar, “the cheapest and safest treatment for curing depression.”  LOL.  And is this a new gentleman friend for Mama Kang?  *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*

Mama Choi hears the whole shocking story about Seo-young from Mama Kang, and she proceeds to relay the news to Ho-jung.  Our ditzy Ho-jung, though, has her thinking cap on today and quickly connects the dots (Mama Choi’s story, the argument she overheard earlier that morning, and the articles Papa Lee had saved of Woo-jae).  Her suspicions are confirmed when Mama Choi says Woo-jae’s wife’s name is “Seo-young.”  Sweet Ho-jung goes home and cries her heart out for Papa Lee.  Gah, I’m so glad Papa Lee has you.

Seo-young goes to meet Sang-woo (fiiiinally) and tells him she wants to live for herself now.  For the past three years, she was always nervous for fear of being caught in her lies – she wants to find herself now.  Sang-woo just quietly comforts her, supporting his sister.2013012623134539_1_rstararm

Mrs. Bang offers comfort to Papa Lee, and a little advice as well, which we’re led to assume prompts Papa Lee to go meet Woo-jae (who just signed the divorce papers).  *Dun dun dun*  Papa Lee asks Woo-jae, “Have you ever wanted to die before?”  Woo-jae answers in the negative.  “Then have you ever begged someone to save your life?” he asks.  Woo-jae just looks at him in surprise…2013012623272656_1_rstararm


++++++[UPDATE 1/30]++++++

Seo-young shows up at the hospital and brightly greets Sang-woo, who’s shocked to see her.  He tries to take her somewhere (to avoid being seen together), but she stops him.  Full conversation requested by LBY.

Seo-young: It’s okay.  We don’t have to worry about others anymore.  How much time do you have?  Do you have time for coffee?  [pause]  Things… ended up like this after all.

Sang-woo: I know.

Seo-young: I’m sorry things ended up this way.

Sang-woo: I heard from Father.  I had no idea (that he knew about your marriage).

Seo-young: Let’s not talk about Father.

They relocate to a café.

Sang-woo: You might as well have told them about your circumstances (since they learned the truth).  Why didn’t you? You didn’t even tell them about why you did it or about Father, huh?

Seo-young: I didn’t want to beg.  We had already reached the end (of our marriage).  Sang-woo-yah.  I was tense and edgy the whole time I lived with Woo-jae-sshi.

Sang-woo: Did you?

Seo-young: Because I was scared.  Sorry.  Anxious.  There wasn’t a single moment I felt easy.  I couldn’t be confident because of my lie.  Even while living like that, I trusted Woo-jae-sshi.  I didn’t know he would treat me like that, even if he found out.

Sang-woo: Everyone puts themselves first in the face of betrayal.

Seo-young: I know.  It really is true.  That’s why I want to start over.  I want to live as Lee Seo-young.  I never once lived for myself.

Sang-woo: I know.

Seo-young: I was born as our Father’s daughter and lived cleaning up after him.  And when things were so hard I wanted to run away, I met Woo-jae-sshi.  But I failed there as well.  Of course, it was because of my wrong decision, but it was a foolish thing for me to trust and lean on someone.  No – it was wrong from the beginning, to trust and lean on someone.  Now that I know that, I’m going to live on my own, depending on myself.  I’m not going to lean on anyone anymore – not on Father, a man, or anyone.

Sang-woo: You love Kang Woo-jae-sshi.

Seo-young: Even if Woo-jae-sshi forgives me and my parents-in-law let it go, the wrong I committed doesn’t disappear.  Now that everything has been revealed, I’ll have to live even more that way: treading carefully around Woo-jae-sshi, around his parents.  I don’t want to live that way anymore.  I’m sorry to Woo-jae-sshi and to his parents… words cannot express how sorry I am…  But now, I just want to live for myself.

Sang-woo: Will you really have no regrets?

Seo-young: I moved today.  I came to see you after moving everything.

Sang-woo: Already?  Where you staying before?

Seo-young: With a friend.

Sang-woo: A friend?  You had a friend you could ask a favor of?

Seo-young: I made one.  You’ll be really surprised if you learn who it is.

Sang-woo: Who is it?

Seo-young: Next time.  Anyway, I even have a friend now, so don’t worry about me.



Quick Note

My Daughter Seo-young definitely raises many points of contention and debate, which is one aspect of the show I give it credit for.  Voicing our opinions and viewpoints is wonderful, and I personally enjoy reading everyone’s takes on the thoughts/decisions of our characters.  Let’s please keep it limited to the characters, though, and let’s keep things civil.  No need to attack one another or pour out vitriol upon the characters.  Thank you! 😀

Also: We have a lot of new friends/family members, and I’d like to welcome you all to our Patch.  I used to be one who read others’ comments but never left my own – didn’t know how much I was missing out on! 😉  So please introduce yourselves and chat away!


++++++++++++ [Posted Earlier]++++++++++++

You know the drill.

Seo-young and Papa Lee finally sit down to talk…

Mama Kang urges Woo-jae to divorce – it’s not just for his sake, but for Seo-young’s as well.  Once trust is shattered between two people, it’s just too difficult to carry on a relationship – for both of them.

Seo-young meets with Sang-woo and tells him she wants to live on her own from now on.

Mini-recap laaaaater tonight! 😀




36 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 39

  1. Oh gawd it’s kinda heartbreakin’.i don’t want WJ and SY to divorce…:'(

    am waiting for the recap…can’t wait for it!tnx carrotblossom!

  2. Thx pinkblossom-sshi..Camping out here..didn’t like tonight’s episode though..I thought the meet-up between papa Lee and SY was gonna be epic-it didn’t feel like it- I was expecting more after 3 yrs of not being able to talk with each other ..not liking the HJ-SW scenes either (except for the light pat in the shoulder..) aishhhh-want want more sweet lovey dovey scenes for my OTP please.

    • you’re very welcome, Rakydel-sshi! ^^ i gotta agree the meeting between seo-young and papa lee really wasn’t what i had expected… -___-;; as for ho-jung and sang-woo, i think they’ll get through this and be super adorbs — it’s just taking to long to get there! 😉

    • Thanks for the recap pinkblossom. I hope you’ll feel better.

      I hope that after the talk between WJ and Papa Lee, WJ will be able to understand SY. But why does it have to be Papa Lee to approach WJ? I mean I hope WJ take the initiative to resolve things.

      But I’m a bit sad that there are only oittle amount of screen time for HJ and SW. When are they going to develop this loveline? I’m asking you writer-nim. 😦

      • thank you thank you for camping out and for the well wishes 🙂 i wish, too, that woo-jae had heard directly from seo-young, but i guess that’s just too far-fetched in seo-young-land xD and yes, i want ho-jung and sang-woo to take over the show! 😉

  3. thanks thanks… cant wait for the mini-recap… argghh driving me nuts!
    i want all the conversations where SY and WJ are in to be translated.. love this couple too much… please please if you can… thanks a million!

  4. Thanks!

    From the raw I was frustrated because it seems that Seo-young wasn’t giving an inch in her resolve during her conversation with Papa Lee. If you have time can you translate the dialogue?


  5. get well soon PinkBlossom…
    i will definitely watch ep40 tonight…
    for now, im quite satisfied with the mini recap for ep39…

    Take care…………..

  6. if ever writer-nim could hear our voice.Just make SY-WJ things more simple.WJ need to clarify to papa lee/SW abt the reasons,n use d remaining ep to win SY’s heart blossom ssi tx a lot for d recap

    • welcome to the fold, menik!! 😀 i am with you 100% — we need to give the writer a call!! ^^ thank you for joining us, menik! hope you continue to do so!! 😀

  7. Thank you very much for your recap. It’s make everyone happy to know what is going on in this drama. I always read yours recap but never post. But this time I read your comment that u never left comment before too. So I try to left comment. I think that we will have new friends from sharing something’s like this. Nice to talk with u. And lastly I want u to give permission that can I translate your recap to my language and share to others that not good at English. If the answer is YES it’s very useful and thank you.

    • welcome to our Patch, Munwhan! and welcome to comment-land!! ^^ it’s really quite a different experience, and i hope it’s as wonderful for you as it has been for me!
      i’m so glad to be of service — please go ahead and translate the recaps. i’m here to spread the love for dramas, so i’m more than happy to have you translate away 🙂 i’d appreciate it if you just credited our Patch in your translations 🙂 thanks!! 😀

  8. Thank you so much for keeping me and my fellow addicts in the loop. it was very entertaining … but i must admit i wish to read more…. thank you for the hard work… more power to you
    Thanks for your

    • thanks, divina, for continuing to visit us!! 😀 please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any specific questions/requests 🙂

  9. I can’t wait to read your recaps because that’s the only fastest way to find out the latest development on this drama. Although the drama started with Woo Jae and Seo Young’s romance, I find Sang Woo and Ho Jeong much more refreshing with their awkwardness in their marriage. Cheers and get well soon so that I can read your recaps! 🙂

    • welcome to our Patch, Jenny!! sang-woo and ho-jung really grow on you, eh? 🙂 thank you for the well wishes!! look forward to hearing more from you! 😀

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