“You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin” finds its leads



Our cutie Jo Jung-seok, who had a breakout year as Eun Shi-kyung (The King 2 Hearts) and Nabddeuki (Architecture 101), is returning to dramaland as none other than the hero of upcoming KBS weekend series You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin.  Yayy!!  I get to see Jo Jung-seok in sageuk garb?  Wait, what, no?  Oh, then it’s a modern retelling of the famous General Lee Soon-shin’s story?  That’s… interesting.  What, it isn’t that either?  He’s not Lee Soon-shin?!201205240743441113_2

You’re kidding me.  Lee Soon-shin will be our heroine, not hero.  And she’ll be played by… IU.  IU?!  She’s debuting with the lead role of a weekend series?!  Oh, me forgots she was in Dream High.  But this is still only her second drama… and she’s gonna be up against Jo Jung-seok?!?!  Where has logic gone, and what is this madness that has taken over dramaland?IU_01

Jo Jung-seok will be playing Shin Joon-ho, the cold, haughty president of a successful company who… wait for it, wait for it… slowly changes after meeting Soon-shin.  *face palm*  And, of course, Lee Soon-shin is a “typical loser” (what does that mean?) who has nothing goin’ her way but continues to valiantly face the evil witches and dragons of the world, aka life.  The death of her father will be the impetus for all the tragedies that come her way as she and her mom “search for happiness.”  What is it with the death of fathers in dramaland the last few months?  It was the basis of The Birth of a Family, its lack of occurrence is what’s causing all the shenanigans in My Daughter Seo-young…  Anyhoo, You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin will premiere in March after My Daughter Seo-young.  *half-hearted whoop-dee-doo*

[via Asiae]


4 responses to ““You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin” finds its leads

  1. I was scanning my WordPress reader on my phone when I saw this post of yours Pinkblossom.

    Apparently, I miss seeing Jo Jung Seok in the dramaland after him leaving me in despair when his character in K2H died. So this one is good news for me because I will be able to watch him again. The bonus part is that he will play the lead role. After all, he deserves to be one. He have the “it.” With the projects that he was in, he was able to prove that he has the talent and not just some crap acting.

    With the character descriptions, just some randomly random questions: Pinkblossom, what is with kdramas’ male leads starting off being arrogant and selfish turning 360 degrees upon meeting the female lead? And yeah, what is with all of the kdrama dad dying? We’ve seen a lot of it? Right? Gah! I hope the plot is worth watching, since I really like JJS. XD

    As for IU, I like her in Dream High but I am a bit worried. Can she pull it? Will she be at par with JJS’ acting ability? *a lot of questions circling my mind, it makes me dizzy. *i am not anti-IU. Just worried. Don’t hate me. 🙂

    After researching, I read that Yoo In Na was also a part of this drama. She is the second daughter named Yi Yoo Shin. How I miss QIHM’s days. keke

    • i can’t agree with you more on the “i love jo jung-seok” ^^ i’m personally worried about IU (you won’t be getting any hate from me! ^^) and her ability to anchor the show… jo jung-seok can’t carry the long weekend series on his own, but the rest of the cast (which has been filled in the last several weeks) is quite solid so i’m hoping for the best 🙂 and yes, yoo in-na should help keep the show rooted! ^^

  2. IU? Another idol. I’m not against these people playing minor or second leads…. but as the lead? *Sigh* Could the drama gods understand our pain we have here? We are looking for a good drama and what we get is this…. Jo Jung Seok and Yoo In Na is on the plus side. Argh. Another weekend drama. There’s just not much time left for me to watch so many dramas at once. If only one day had 48 hours 🙂

    • yesyesyesss. justwacky — you really hit it spot-on. though some people are just naturally gifted, most need to undergo a learning process, and it’s hard to jump straight into the leading role. we’ll see what happens! ^^ and ditto the 48 hours/day!! 😀

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