Casting News: January 22, 2013

I can’t pinpoint when exactly the K-ent industry’s casting news cred became quite so poor, but I just can’t trust it until a drama airs its first episode.  Not even the official press conference is worth much these days (*cough Five Fingers cough*).  But since the industry has spoken, I shall dutifully believe the latest news that has hit the stands.


1. Kim Tae-hee has found her lovers in Yoo Ah-in and Jae Hee for Jang Ok-jung, Live for Love (장옥정, 사랑에 살다).  Yay Jae Hee, not so much Yoo Ah-in.  I was given fair warning before watching a clip of Yoo’s documentary-type thingy some time back, but I foolishly watched it anyway.  What a wake-up call.  I’m not one for smashing others’ hopes and dreams and rose-tinted glasses – because I love mine! – so I won’t say more.  Anyhoo, from a purely objective viewpoint, I’m not sure how well Kim and Yoo will be able to portray an “ardent love” that makes us all weep for eternity.  Sorry, couldn’t keep the snark out there.

Aaaaaanyway, some other names being linked are: Hong Soo-hyun (she really strutted her stuff in The Princess’s Man); Lee Sang-yeob (most recent winner of the Pinkblossom Malady Award in Nice Guy); Sung Dong-il (gah, he’s always been amazing, but he really did it for me in Answer Me 1997); and Yang Mi-kyung (I still think of her as Han Sang-goong from Dae Jang-geum).  All in all, the cast seems pretty solid.  We’ll see soon enough if this latest take on the famed Jang Hee Bin will go down in “the greats” book.  Jang Ok-jung will follow Yawang (mid-March). [Via starnews]2013012215581884_1_rstarphw


2. That Winter, the Wind Blows – forever in my book The Drama Won Bin Almost Did in 2013 – hasn’t even premiered yet, but we’ve got our cast for its successor, All About My Romance (내 연애의 모든것).  *drumroll*  Welcome back to Dramaland, Shin Ha-kyun and Han Hye-jin!!  SBS did a pretty darned fantabulous job delving into the drama industry with The King of Dramas, and it looks like they’ll be exploring the political sphere this time with All About My Love Story.  Shin and Han will be playing congressmen from opposite parties (he from the conservative, she from the liberal) who fall in love and carry out a secret relationship under the public’s – and their respective parties’ – intense scrutiny.  Ha!  I’m loving the premise already.  It’s been some time since I’ve seen either Shin or Han in a romantic comedy, and both are solid on the acting front — to say the least!  Remember, this is the same Ha-kyun Hyung superstar Hyun-min was worried about.  Gosh, I just can’t let go of King, can I?  All About My Love Story premieres in April.  Yay!!  [Via OSEN]2013012314300939613_1


Throwing a celebratory party?  Voodoo dolls coming out of the closet?  Please share your thoughts! 😀

4 responses to “Casting News: January 22, 2013

  1. So interesting that although I like the actors, namely Han hye jin, jae hee, Yoo Ah In, Hong Soo-hyun, Lee Sang-yeob and Sung Dong-il but both drama description leave me rather cold.
    By the way who is Shin Ha Kyun? I haven’t seen a drama with him, is he good?
    And just a quick question: are you watching School 2013 (School 5)? Because that show is my drama crack, I’m seriously so in love with it. I loathe next monday – final episode….I think I’m going to cry more and more.

    • hi hi hiiiii, kerstin!! long time no seeeee!!! 😀 😀
      shin ha-kyun is an amaaazing actor. he mostly does films, but he recently (well, kinda recently lol) starred in the medical drama “brain” 🙂 hopefully you’ll warm up to the show by the time it airs so you can watch him in action! ^^
      i’ve heard so much about “school 2013” but i haven’t seen it yet! high school stories usually aren’t my thing, but i’ve heard this one really hit a lot of emotional sweet spots — please do share what you thought!!

    • hi, trisy! 😀 yes yeees, “that winter” is the jo in-sung + song hye-kyo drama — it starts this coming week! ^^

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