Flower Boy Next Door Ep 3-4

WHITECARROT’s episode 3

My heart’s already breaking for Jin-rak. 😦 Poor guy. He saw her first. In any normal relationship he would totally get the girl. But with Enrique’s infectious smile, what’s a girl going to do?

Loved episode 3. Adorable. My mental thesaurus is so limited for this show. Cute, happy, cute. The show is just breezy and fun in every way. I have to say Dok-mi’s high school bully, Do-hwi is hilarious. Her clothes are just plain hideous but that makes her so much more ridiculous. When she tries to pull all the stops to get Jin-rak’s attention. But Jin-rak only has eyes for our Dok-mi.이웃집 꽃미남3_004

Super short summary

1. Most Awkward Dinner Ever: Enrique makes Dok-mi stay for dinner with Seo-yeong and Tae-joon. Props to Seo-yeong for not being your average evil second lead. She actually apologizes to Dok-mi when she misunderstands Dok-mi upon initial meeting. Enrique and Dok-mi mutually realize their unrequited/first love for Seo-yeong and Tae-joon respectively.

2. Do-hwi hits on Jin-rak but her plans are foiled by the talkative Dong-hoon. She throws herself repeated onto Jin-rak literally to no avail. Flower boys #2, 3, and 4 (Jin-Rak, Dong-hoon, Watanabe) eat out at Bibigo (blatant advertising for sponsor).

3. Jin-rak and Dong-hoon almost get kicked out of the apartment because they are 1 day late for rent. Dong-hoon and Wantanabe produce 100,000 won. Dok-mi succeeds in opening her door at the last minute and producing the last 20,000 won, saving Jin-rak from eviction

4. Dok-mi lies to Enrique to get out of going on a “revitalizing trip to clear their mind of their failed respective romances.” Enrique buys into the lie. He believes Dok-mi must see her sick grandmother and manages to whisk Dok-mi away, much to Jin-rak’s frustration.이웃집 꽃미남3_002이웃집 꽃미남3_003


PINKBLOSSOM’s episode 4

Super Short Summary

1. Dok-mi and Enrique go on their little trip together, and they eventually end up at the beachside.

2. Do-hwi continues to hit on Jin-rak like no other, but he merely sees her as a bridge to Dok-mi.  Jin-rak, btdubs, apparently used to be “Oh Jae-won,” but he got his name legally changed.  Iiiinteresting.

3. Dok-mi and Enrique spend the night at a haunted home (according to the hilariously conniving grandmother who ones the home), though Enrique stays in his car.  When the lights suddenly start to flash, Dok-mi is reminded of the ghost tale and screams her lungs out – prompting Enrique to come racing.  In the darkness, he barges into Dok-mi and they get tangled up… and when the lights flicker back on:이웃집 꽃미남4_006


Like whitecarrot, my thesaurus is just so lacking when it comes to this show.  Cute, cute, and more cute.  Sweet, sweet, sweet.  Heartache for Jin-rak, courtesy of the Pinkblossom Malady.

Speaking of Jin-rak: What the?!  Was the person Do-hwi came looking for Jin-rak, not Dok-mi?  When we heard the PI’s voiceover in Episode 2, all we learned was that “the person” was super easy to find, and that s/he had been living at the complex for 3 years.  Drat the Korean language and its lack of clarity where pronouns are concerned.  When Dok-hwi first saw Dok-mi at the protest, she seemed genuinely surprised – I initially thought it was all an act, but now I wonder if she hadn’t been searching for Dok-mi at all…  Do-hwi was telling her friends to looking for “Oh Jae-won” when they were rifling through the residents’ mail in Episode 4, and she was surprised to learn from Dong-hoon that her rescuer’s name was Oh Jin-rak.  Hmmm what could possibly be going on?

If we want to start talking about imagery and symbolism, there will be no end, so I’ll leave that to you Patch Friends.  Just a quick thought that entered my head when Enrique and Dok-mi stepped onto the beach: How utterly convenient that on an empty, deserted beach, there are the perfect, brand new materials to build a sand castle – and a pretty darned elaborate one at that.  But I do love the imagery: our city Rapunzel looking down at the castle…이웃집 꽃미남4_002


What did you think of Episodes 3 & 4?  Please share! 😀



6 responses to “Flower Boy Next Door Ep 3-4

  1. I’m really getting into this show because, on the surface it’s happy and cute, but beneath the surface, it’s dark and complex. Everything isn’t as it seems — Enrique is always smiling, but talks about suicide. Jin-rak seems to be a stable guy, but has to change his name for some reason. They even have Dok-mi living on the 4th floor!

    • there is definitely a lot goin’ on underneath the surface in this one! but oh my gollies i never even thought of the 4th floor connection!! O.O

  2. ‘Why is it that always the ‘adorable’ guys get the girl – in this case by force!! Whereas the poor soul next door has had a crush on a girl that anyone hardly sees – except when he tries to reach out to her in his own unique way. I don’t know what to make of this series. I love it but on the other hand the pretty boy annoys me of how he pushes his way onto another with the pretense of using her to get to his first love, though she loves another! As for Enrique mentioning suicide?? I didn’t know that was there – my limited knowledge of the Korean language is to blame I suppose, I just wish that Jin rak will find the courage to express himself and that damn ‘fox’ get a grip!!!

  3. Jin Rak is totally the runaway chaebol’s son that he accused Dong Hoon of being! That would explain the name change and possibly why Do Hwi is coming after him.

    Love this show so far! It’s so fun to watch and the cute boys don’t hurt either.

    • a belated welcome to our Patch, jenjula!! 😀 i haven’t watched beyond ep 4, so i have no idea whether jin-rak’s secret has been revealed, but the chaebol son trajectory was TOTALLY what i was thinking as well!! ^^ great minds think alike! 😀
      have you continued with the show? hope you’re still enjoying it as much as ever! 😀

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