My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 38

Wow.  It was a day of revelations and tears.  Lots of tears from the actors… and from me.  Grab that Kleenex box before you start on this one.


Episode 38

Seo-young is rocked to the core to learn that the Mr. Yoo Man-ho she had heard about is none other than Papa Lee.   After allowing herself a moment of weakness, she puts her game face back on and proceeds to send Woo-jae off his rocker.서영이38_00004

Ho-jung gets a call from Mama Choi, telling her to be careful: once the lovey dovey glow wears off, she may not be so happy anymore.  Even Woo-jae Oppa and his wife, the seemingly perfect couple, had a fight that led to his wife leaving him.  Papa Lee goes into shock when he overhears the phone conversation, and he calls Sang-woo to roundabout-ly ask if he’d heard anything from Seo-young recently.2013012021285730_1_rstararm

Sang-woo, of course, says things seemed fine the last time he spoke to her, but wonders what could have prompted the call.  Mi-kyung answers that question when she apologizes and tells him to call his sister: the Kang parents found out and Seo-young left after saying she’d divorce Woo-jae.  Gah, the expression on Sang-woo’s face.  He frantically calls Seo-young, but she of course doesn’t pick up.  Papa Lee, on the other hand, races out of the home, telling Ho-jung he’s going out to meet a friend.2013012021480179_1_rstararm_01

Seo-young is still in shock and unable to believe that Papa Lee knew of her marriage the entire time (but never revealed it, much less confronted her about it).  Yeon-hee quickly packs Seo-young’s stuff at the hotel and brings her home with her, telling her to get rest.서영이38_00008 서영이38_00009

Sang-woo comes home and hears that Papa Lee went out to meet a friend.  He texts Seo-young (who’s still not picking up): “Seo-young-ah, please give me a call if you get this text message.  No matter what it is, you have me…  Don’t suffer on your own – call me.  Okay?”  Ho-jung, while looking for a vest of Papa Lee’s, finds the secret box of newspaper clippings Papa Lee had kept.  She shows it to Sang-woo, asking if he knows the Winners Group family – Papa Lee kept asking about them earlier, too.  Sang-woo quickly puts two and two together, and he recalls all the times Papa Lee carelessly waived aside any ‘news’ about Seo-young or said Sang-woo didn’t need to invite her to his wedding.2013012021480179_1_rstararm_02 서영이38_00011 서영이38_00013 서영이38_00014 서영이38_00015 서영이38_00017

Papa Lee, meanwhile, is hiding out in front of the Kang residence, desperate for any glimpse of Seo-young.서영이38_00010

Sung-jae passes the audition for The Mom Who Rolled in Unexpectedly and celebrates with Papa Choi.  The older man, however, is soon brought crashing down to earth when Mama Choi sells off his motorcycle.  In a fight for ‘independence,’ he leaves home and goes to Kyung-ho’s place… just as Mama Choi expected.  Hahahahaa.서영이38_00018 서영이38_00019 서영이38_00020

Mi-kyung comes home, prepared for the tense atmosphere, but she’s surprised to learn that Woo-jae actually knew about Seo-young’s secret.  She quickly figures out that’s the reason he had apologized to her (when she was going through all the heartbreak because of Sang-woo), and she rails at her brother for being so selfish.  Her love and heartbreak was deemed worthless because he wanted to protect his own love.  Mi-kyung, though, is one who still has a very strong sense of right and wrong, and thus she tells Woo-jae that the harpy promised to keep silent if Seo-young left Woo-jae, but Seo-young said she would tell Woo-jae the truth and divorce him.  In other words, Seo-young wasn’t intending to deceive him to the bitter end.  What should have been a balm to Woo-jae’s scarred soul, though, only serves to further anger him: Seo-young had still intended to break up with him.서영이38_00022 서영이38_00024

Finally, in the wee hours of the morning, Papa Lee gets up to go home.  But as he slowly straightens his legs, stiff from waiting so long in the cold, the pain causes him to stumble, and he quietly sobs for an altogether different reason.  T_T서영이38_00026 서영이38_00027 서영이38_00028 서영이38_00030 서영이38_00031

Sang-woo is unable to sleep, and he thinks back on the day he broke up with Mi-kyung (oh noes, don’t do that!  Ho-jung is right beside you), on the day he furiously told Seo-young not to kill Papa Lee a second time, that she no longer had a family to come back to.  He goes outside, and just then Papa Lee comes in.  Sang-woo asks how and when Papa Lee found out about Seo-young, why he never said anything.  Papa Lee desperately asks if Seo-young contacted him, and understanding slowly dawns as Sang-woo brokenly asks if he had been searching for Seo-young.  Gaaaah, I’m bawling.서영이38_00037 서영이38_00040 서영이38_00039

Papa Lee passes out from the emotional stress and his battle with the elements throughout the night.  He forces himself up later that night (morning?  It’s way past midnight) and brokenly tells Sang-woo why he never revealed that he knew Seo-young was married.  Seo-young would have been miserable, as would have Sang-woo.

Even I would have wanted to abandon a father like me.  …  Before she wanted to throw me away, I should have lived as a father she wouldn’t want to throw away.  It’s my fault, not your sister’s.

Sang-woo can only cry, and Papa Lee just apologizes over and over again, sobbing his heart out.2013012022144217_1_rstararm

Early the next morning, Seo-young visits her old rooftop home, recalling the day Papa Lee first came to live with her.  She gets a call from Mama Kang, who also tells Woo-jae to come home since Seo-young’s coming.

As requested by Patch Friend Yumi, the full conversation between Seo-young and Mama Kang:

Mama Kang: Have a seat.

Seo-young: I’m sorry.

Mama Kang: I didn’t call you today to listen to what you have to say, but rather because I have something to say, so please listen.

Seo-young: Please go ahead.

Mama Kang: I liked you.  For a while even after you married, I felt the distance between us, and I didn’t trust in you.  But more and more, just naturally, I saw that you were considerate, more mature than I, and upright.  I admired your pride.  You never tried any tricks.  And yes, you were loving.  The person I encountered was never a shameless person.

Seo-young: Don’t do this.

Mama Kang: But Seo-young-ah, what you did… is just too big.  It’s not something anyone can do.  I…  It’s all still so vivid in my mind.  Your heart, your touch, when you comforted me when I was backstabbed by Yoon So-mi… it’s all so vivid, but that’s why I can’t accept it.  I’m a person who was deceived and ridiculed by someone close to me for twenty years.  But I was deceived for another three years by the daughter-in-law I trusted even more.  I know you’re a good person, but I just don’t know anymore.  People scare me now.  I’m scared.  I can’t trust anyone.  A person’s heart can never be honestly or fully conveyed if it started with lies.  I’m sorry.  I can’t accept you.

Seo-young: I know, Mother.  I understand.  It’s only natural.

Mama Kang: Don’t say that!  Why did you, why did you do it?  Why?

Seo-young: Though it was a decision made in the spur of the moment, I committed wrongs against you and Father(-in-law).  And to Woo-jae-sshi as well.  Woo-jae-sshi and I are divorcing, Mother.  Don’t worry.

Mama Kang: *nods as tears stream down her face.*  Okay.

Seo-young: I’m so very, very sorry.2013012022060469_1_rstararm

When Seo-young walks out the front gate, Woo-jae is waiting for her.  They go to a café, and Seo-young just continues to stonewall him, refusing to answer any questions and merely insisting she never wants to return to the life she lived the last three years.  The only show of emotion comes when he brings up Papa Lee – she yells at him to not speak about her father.2013012022101274_1_rstararm

Seo-young returns to the law firm to pack her stuff.  She bumps into the harpy, who apologizes for not being able to keep her promise, but Seo-young just ignores her and continues on her way.  Yeon-hee helps Seo-young pack up and suggests she tell Woo-jae the truth – does she feel any better for leaving him behind full of misunderstandings?  Seo-young’s reason for being a poopy pooper: she refuses to ‘kill’ her father a second time by airing out all their dirty laundry.  Sigh.

After settling everything, Seo-young walks out the building… and Papa Lee rounds the bend just then.  (He asked Mrs. Bang if he could use the internet – I’m assuming he looked up where Seo-young worked in a last-ditch attempt to find her and ascertain she’s okay.)  She stops in her tracks when she sees him… and Papa Lee’s own sneakered feet come to a halt when he looks up and sees her standing before him.  The fleeting expressions that pass over his face…  Gah, I’m dyiiiiing.서영이38_00041 서영이38_00042 서영이38_00043 서영이38_00044 서영이38_00045 서영이38_00047 서영이38_00003


++++++++[UPDATE 1/22]++++++++++

As requested by new Patch Friend Avid fan from Cebu and long-time Friend LBY, I’ve translated the scenes between Seo-young and Woo-jae.  The first is at the opening of the episode, and the second is their confrontation toward the end of the episode (~56:00).

Woo-jae: The person I saw, knew, and trusted would never do something like that, but you notified your father about your marriage and severed ties.  That father, who was abandoned like that, trembled in fear that his identity would be revealed.  How am I supposed to blindly accept and understand your deception?

Seo-young: What are you talking about?  Father?  What do you mean Father?

Woo-jae: Mr. Yoo Man-ho was your father.

Seo-young: What do you…  Yoo Man-ho is my father…  What are you talking about?!

Woo-jae: The person I knew as Mr. Yoo Man-ho was your father.  That’s how I came to know (the truth).  That was all the more reason why I couldn’t tell you.  Because I know you.  I knew you wouldn’t be able to endure it if you found out you had been connected/tied to your father in this way.  Because I knew you would leave this way.  But you say you will never tell me the truth.  That you want to take the secret to the grave.  [It was what she said at the end of Episode 37.]  Were my three years of sincerity so incapable of helping you believe in me?  I was unbearably tormented and so very angry at you.  That’s why I was so spiteful.

Seo-young: Stop…  Hold on…  Stop…  Stop.  I need to use the bathroom…

*She gets up and unsteadily walks over to the bathroom, where she proceeds to cry.  When she returns:

Seo-young: Are you done saying your piece?  Then let’s finish what we were talking about before.  I told you what I was unable to say that day in all the chaos, so let’s deal with the paperwork first.  I’ll handle my apology to your parents.

Woo-jae: Lee Seo-young.

Seo-young: I’m done saying everything I have to say.

Woo-jae: You’re done?

Seo-young: I’m done.

Woo-jae: You’re done, even after hearing about your father?

Seo-young: We saw all of each other’s hearts while I clashed with you, who had seen into me.  That was the real me; and the person whom I saw?  You bored me, and now I dislike you.

Woo-jae: Do you not think of why I mentioned your father?

Seo-young: Don’t contact me if you’re not bringing divorce papers.

*She gets up and he grabs her arm.

Woo-jae: Lee Seo-young!

Seo-young: Kang Woo-jae-sshi.  Discard that belief that I’ll be ‘caught’ if you hold on strongly enough.  I am no longer the Lee Seo-young from 3 years ago.

Woo-jae: Are you really going to insult me to the end?

Seo-young: Let go.  I notified my parent about my marriage; I threw away my family; I lived for 3 years without looking for them: that is who I am.  Right?  Surely you’re not going to try to be good again to that woman?

*She pulls her arm away and walks away, tears beginning to well up.  Woo-jae collapses back into his chair.


[Their 2nd confrontation towards the end of the episode.]

Seo-young: I apologized again to Mother and was told their wishes.

Woo-jae: So you’re saying you want to take the divorce papers and go to court.

Seo-young: That’s why Mother called you, and isn’t that why you came?

Woo-jae: Before then, before we do anything, answer my questions.  Until I understand clearly, I won’t divorce.

Seo-young: I’ll apologize again to you, too.  I’m sorry I began with a lie.

Woo-jae: Tell me what’s truly in your heart.  Just once, let go of your pride and explain to me.  Your heart.  Why you did it, what situation occurred to make you do it, why you couldn’t tell me for over 3 years, what feelings prevented you from telling me.

Seo-young: Whether I lied because I loved you, or because I was greedy, that isn’t important.  I lied, I hid my family and married, and due to that I lived deceiving myself for 3 years.  It was difficult, I regretted it, and I never want to return to that life again.

Woo-jae: I’m not talking about whether or not we should get back together again.  What was I to you–

Seo-young: (she cuts him off) Why do you keep repeating the same thing?  No matter how many times you ask, my answer is the same.

Woo-jae: Why is it so difficult to let go of yourself?  What is so valuable about that pride?!  I…  I even thought of covering up the whole thing.

Seo-young: Says who?  You decide by yourself to think about it and forgive?  Didn’t you want to break up because I was contemptible, because you came to dislike me?

Woo-jae: I heard you told Sun-woo you would tell me everything and then break up with me.

Seo-young: That’s what I’m doing right now.

Woo-jae: This is what you were planning to do?  This is what “telling me everything” was going to be?

Seo-young: Woo-jae-sshi, please.  Don’t think you know everything about me.  This is the kind of person I am.  This is who I was.  You can’t understand no matter what I say.

Woo-jae: Still say it.  Make me understand you!  Isn’t that the least you can do?

Seo-young: I.  Don’t.  Want to.  Make you understand.

Woo-jae: So what you are going to do now?  Are you going to return to the father you abandoned?

Seo-young: Don’t say things when you don’t even understand!

Woo-jae: So tell me.  Or ask?  Why don’t you even ask me?  What I learned(? His words are cut off by Seo-young) when I met your father–

Seo-young: Don’t mention my father!!  All that’s left for you and me to do is settle things.  (Once again, as in Episode 36, the term used is “organize,” but it means “break up” or “settle”.)



Quick Thoughts

Alas, once again, what started off as a mini-recap became… not so mini.  LOL.

Though I oftentimes question the tastes of Korean viewers, I’ve gotta say they got it right this time: Chun Ho-jin (Papa Lee) and Kim Hye-ok’s (Mama Kang) performance today TOTES deserved to register in the 40’s.  Yesterday’s Episode 37 dropped to a 38.1% (AGB Nielsen), but they jumped back up to national drama standing today with a 42.2% (AGB).

My brain is just swimming in a sea of tears right now (ummm, tears going back into my skull sounds pretty gross, but you get the point ;)) and I can’t think of much to say besides: sob, bawl, *steam coming out of my ears thanks to a poopy pooper head*, and *heart clenching*.  Basically, I wanna do this (see picture below) for the time being:서영이38_00036

I’m sure all you wonderful Patch Friends have much more coherent and interesting things to say, so please share away.  Sorry for the lack of replies to all your wonderful comments – I’ll be getting on that as soon as I recover from today’s episode. ^^  But yes, thank you all for continuing to share your lovely thoughts & for fostering a lovely discussion board.  I love love looove it and hope you all do as well!  And last but certainly not least: Thanks, Yumi, for your request!  Please don’t hesitate to ask away, everyone!! 😀


++++++++++++ [Posted Earlier]++++++++++++

The new semi-official schedule: Spoilers for now, mini-recap later tonight.

Papa Lee learns from Ho-jung (who heard the news from her mom) that Seo-young left the Kang residence.

Looks like it’s revelation day: Sang-woo hears the news from Mi-kyung.  He begs Seo-young to call him – she’s not alone, she has him.

Sang-woo learns that Papa Lee has known about Seo-young’s marriage…  Sob.

Mama Kang calls Seo-young in…  I won’t add more right now – a picture’s worth a thousand words, no?

Seo-young refuses to budge in her resolve to make pinkblossom’s life miserable.

And… finally.  The face-to-face meeting that has been three long years in the making.

Mini-recap coming in a bit! 😀




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  1. Thanks for the mini spoilers. Can’t wait for the recap. Argh! Why is my heart breaking upon seeing those screencaps? *shattered ♥ into pieces.

    • Thanks for the recap pinkblossom. It just makes me worry for HJ. I hope that SW won’t ditch her just because the secret is out. I also hope that SY will stop keeping WJ in the dark so thay they could patch things up.

      • i never once worried that sang-woo and ho-jung’s marriage would encounter difficulties, but the little flashback really caught me unawares. if this show goes there, oh em gee it ain’t gonna be pretty.
        and yes yes, i hope seo-young will tell woo-jae of her own volition. the prospect of him finding out some other way is making me unhappy already… xD

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    Am I the only one who doesn’t hate Seo-young? Although I may disagree with some of her actions, I’ve always been rooting for her.

    • I don’t hate her. Actually I admire here and her resolve.

      If you step back and look at it from a mental health perspective Seo-young’s choices were difficult but good ones.

      She and her Dad were caught up in an unhealthy co-dependency where her overdeveloped sense of responsibility made it possible for him to fall down on the job of being a parent.

      Also leaving a husband whose behavior has been abusive is also a healthy response.[Yes we, most of the audience, love him because we have insight into why he behaved as he did and plus he is kind of cute]

      She lied to him. Yes she did. When he found out that she had lied, the appropriate response was to confront her and talk it through, not treat her badly so she could come to trust you and share her secrets. I always trust people to seem to stop loving me overnight. And whenever someone is emotionally distance from me, it makes me want to share my deep dark shameful secret with them. Like NOT LIKELY!

      • I’ve been reading alot of distasteful comments on Seo-young and her actions of abandoning her family as well as concealing the secrets for 3 years. Glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t hate her. She suffered a harsh reality and deserves happiness more than anything.

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    • welcome to the Patch, iamxa!! i never cease to marvel at mama kang’s performances. no matter how ‘small’ the scene, no matter what role she plays, kim hye-ok is just hands down amaztastic.
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      • Totally agree with Yumi…before they got married, Sangwoo promised Ho Jung that he’ll never make her regret her decision to marry her. In a way he is indebted to her and he is not one to turn back on such things…proof is what he is willing to do and give up for Seo Young who has given him so much.

    • welcome to our madhouse, katakwasabigaya!! i have to admit i was pretty darned excited to see park hae-jin in a kdrama again, and he didn’t disappoint! 😀 let’s hope his sang-woo stays on the right path as well! 😉 thanks for joining us, katakwasabigaya!! 😀

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    • you’re too kind! i was pretty much toast when woo-jae shed that one tear at the end of episode 36 — i don’t know how i’d handle a bathtub hahahaa!! thanks for continuing to share your wonderful thoughts with us! 😀

  8. Million thanks for the recap, carrotpatch.
    I agree with you Yumi 100%. I admired her fully with her sense of responsibility, love, caring & her good decision ability. I think the last straw for her was the death of her mother (when her dad took the money earmarked for tuition for his gambling causing her death). People comment on her lie but all the characters here are liars too but I understand each action fully. When can you tell the person the truth. That’s difficult since you have to consider the future consequences of your action. If she told him the truth, obviously she also need to tell the reason (telling what kind of dad you have & a brother who told her to stop any contact or he’ll destroy her happiness.). Also, she mentioned to Woojae (at the park prior to marriage) to understand her should he learn something that she is not what he thought she is. I think Woojae handled the lie wrongly but as Seo young said, there’s no middle for Woojae. Each individual has a different way of tackling things. The only person I hate on this show is Gibeom. I never intended to watch this show because its 50 episodes but now I’m hook. Refreshed numerous times trying to find a recap or preview. That’s how crazy I am.
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    • Yes, everyone keeps information about themselves from others they are in important relationship with.

      The entire Kang family hid the truth of Sung Jae’s birth from him.
      Mi Kyung lied to Sang-Woo
      Woo Jae lied to Seo-Young about knowing that she had lied.
      on and on and on.
      Papa Lee and Sang-Woo have been lieing to each other, but Seo Young forced them into that situation.

      So far the only people who haven’t lied in their relationship is Sang-Woo and Ho-Jung, but I might have missed something.

      The Seo-Young lie that I think was the most problematic was her taking contraceptives in secret while Woo-Jae thought they were trying to have a family. That is cruel and a good reason to consider divorce.

    • welcome to the family, Malet! 😀 i gotta agree, president kang gi-beom is a poopy butt who has yet to show a single redeeming quality. i’m hoping for some growth from him as well.
      thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts with us, Malet! we hope you continue to do so!! 😀

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    Strong on the outside but a softy inside-that is SY’s personality (also said by his father on one of the previous episode). She entrusted and told Yeon-hee her secrets and truth because she knows YH would understand her as she also went through almost the same hardship as her..she assumes that WJ would not understand her becoz he hasn’t been in the same situation as her-thus never allowing herself to tell him the truth.
    I hope that SW would come to HJ for support-that way he can show her that he at least recognize her as his partner-sharing each others pain and suffering.
    As all secrets are out-there’s hope for forgiveness and hopefully reconciliation for the Lee family.

    • it really hit home just how much seo-young had changed when she reverted back to her prickly self — during her marriage, she had let down her defenses and become soft on the outside as well… alas, it only lasted so long.
      sang-woo leaning on ho-jung would really be a wooonderful way for their relationship to develop. call the writer, Rakydel!! ^^
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    I hope the production workers are giving the actors playing Mama Kang and Seo-Young a lot of liquid, because if those are their own tears they are shedding they must be on the verge of collapsing from dehydration.

    Poor Mama Kang. She loves all her law given children so much and now she is in fear of losing them both. :- (

    To my eyes it seems as if her biological children are too self-sufficient, or too unlike her for her to connect with.

    You know if this was another drama, Mama Kang would be a nightmare mother-in-law for Sung-Jae’s wife [thinking of A Hundred Year Inheritance.] So glad this drama is better written and performed than Inheritance.

    • thank YOUUUU, Yumi, for all of your lovely comments and for fostering such wonderful discussion. i’m so slow when it comes to replying to comments — you’ve become our Patch’s moderator for “seo-young”! ^^
      dehydration, indeed! i like to think i could be an actress, but i watch these people practically keel over from exhaustion, and those immature daydreams quickly go out the window! 😉
      mama kang mentioned in an earlier episode that sung-jae was different from her own biological kids, that she connected with him in a way she couldn’t with woo-jae or mi-kyung. it hurts that that special bond is being so sorely tested right now…
      hahahaha you’re so right! mama kang would be an over-possessive nightmare of a mother-in-law for sung-jae’s wife!! lolol!!! i haven’t watched “inheritance” yet, but i heard it’s quite makjang-y… i do love park wan-sook (i’m assuming she’s the crazy mother-in-law?) and lee jung-jin, but i just don’t know if the show is worth my energy… is it any good?

      • The conditions that Korean actors work under i inhumane. Those working conditions wouldn’t exist on a union set in the United States. So you could be an actress, just make sure you have a union card and work in the USA.

        I can’t recommend Inheritance. I only watched two episodes when there was nothing else to watch.

        Over the top, lacking in subtly and nuance. The mother-in-law is just way crazy and everyone accepts her craziness because of her power.

        • I too have heard that the contracts/conditions that not only actors but most idols are extreme with very little room for compromise! I too have seen the same thing happen here in NZ with contracts given to actors who worked on some major films (LOTR, Hobbit…). So I can understand what Korean actors have to experience in order to make a living, whats funny that many of the dramas that I have watched have pretty much the same actors that have appeared in many that have been produced in the last four years!! So its not uncommon to see the same actor taking the lead role in either one or more dramas/films, so much like in my country!

      • In addition to a crazy mother in law in Inheritance, there is also his son who is also crazy… The drama lives up to the word MAKJANG. Lols. I am just waiting for the char of Lee Jun Jin to fall for the character of Eugene. (I’m a lovesick, right? Lols)

  12. I thought I’m done from crying (watch Miss you) and now here
    my tears are flowing this drama second to I miss you
    I think I’ going to be stuck from FD and melo from now on….

    • i finished “i miss you” as well, and man was it a cry-fest for the actors. i don’t know if it’s because i kinda checked out emotionally, but i stopped crying for the leads… it was jung-woo’s “girlfriend” (mama choi here! ^^) that always got me. song ok-sook is always magnificent, and i just marvel that she was doing a primetime (i miss you), weekend (seo-young), AND a daily (i like you because you’re you) all at the same time. but i digress. ^^ i agree, i may need a break from these heavily emotional dramas! 😉

  13. One thing to remember is that no one is perfect no matter ones’ social class and economic status! Everyone has ‘skeletons’ hidden in their closests, I know that I will need the Kleenex coming up as I’m only at ep 33, and can feel the coming storm thats going to damage more the a few souls. Also thanks for the re-caps which are a joy to read while I wait for the subbers to do their thing on a site that I watch this and other series. I hope SY and Lee come back together and his son doesn’t forget his new wife in all this turmoil…. FIGHTING!!

    • agree agree, no one is perfect. don’t look in my closet! 😉
      thank YOU for always sharing your thoughts with us!

  14. Thank you again, pinkblossom! All this recap must be hard and tiring for you but I’m sure it’s making a lot of people very happy (me being one of them). Hopefully, SY decides to do the right thing and finally reach out to her dad but I doubt it’s going to happen any time soon…

    • thank youuuu, summer, for continuing to share in this journey with us & for your kind words!
      i’m really hoping we get a move-on in terms of reconciliation, but i fear you are right… the writer ain’t one for speed -___-;;

  15. Thanks for the recap!
    Okay, I was quite surprised with Mama Kang, saying she wants seo young to divorce her son. Surely, she has to know that there’s a valid reason behind the lie Seo Young told three years ago. Mama Kang at that time was so concerned about her future daughter in law’s background until seo young herself lied about it. I mean, seo young helped her so much and I would say that she was sincere as she could be during the three years with the Kang family. Really really wish that mama kang would forgive her in the end. And Sang woo. Wow, I just don’t understand how could he be so oblivious to everything that is important! Hopefully Seo young could patch things up soon as possible, and not let this drama be so draggy. -_-

    • hi hi, Sephora Stone! i was a bit surprised myself, considering the progress made in her and seo-young’s relationship… but i understand that this is a pretty big thing, one that can’t be overlooked just because she had started opening her heart to seo-young. i think she’s pushing for a divorce at this point, just from the shock of it all, but i hope(!!) she’ll be the one most supportive of seo-young when she makes her return to the kang’s. and yes, opening of eyes and increasing of speed requested!! 😀

  16. Slightly off topic, but I was wondering if the song “Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home” popular? recognizable? in South Korea. It seems to be the recurring theme for My Daughter Seo-Young and I wonder how familiar it is to the general South Korean audience.

    • turns out the answer is yes! ^^ the younger generations may not know the song too well, but those who are in their 50s and older would all know the song (as Damian Maxwell noted, it’s from the 60’s/early70’s)

      • LOL!! Thanks for that, well I’m definately not in my ‘golden’ years yet (way to many years to go before reaching that milestone!!), but I grew up living in the country listening to many ‘old’ tunes that my family loved. And for some reason the tune when I heard the song played on screen, struck a memory of mine back when I was a kid? Funny though I’m not Korean; but that tune just bought back many memories for some reason!!

  17. Thank you so much for the recaps, however mini they are, pinkblossom! Really appreciate your effort and your thoughts on the drama as well.

    Totally dislike the harpy! I’m a Sang Woo – Ho Jung shipper 🙂

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