My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 37

I guess we’re still not quite there yet.  Looks like we still have some ways to go down before we can start up the road to redemption.

Episode 37

Seo-young leaves the Kang residence and Woo-jae goes chasing after her.  She ignores his repeated requests to pull over or answer her phone, so he finally cuts in front of her and screeches to a stop.  The lengths our Kdrama men go to for love.  Where can I find one?  Woo-jae demands an explanation (though it’s more his way of holding onto her than a real desire to know the truth), and Seo-young refuses to back down, spouting lie after lie.  The real world, apparently, ain’t so appreciative of such a dramatic gesture: the angry drivers stuck in the traffic jam Woo-jae created give Seo-young the opportunity to race away again.서영이37_00001 서영이37_00002 서영이37_00003

Mama Kang is still shell-shocked, and it cuts especially deep because she had just started opening her heart to Seo-young.  President Kang, once Seo-young’s staunchest ally, tells Woo-jae to divorce immediately.  Woo-jae protests, stating that Seo-young must have had a reason for lying.  “Do you know what that reason is?” President Kang demands.  Uh, yeah, nothing to say there.  Poor Woo-jae.2013011922053129_1_rstararm

Papa Lee helps out Mrs. Bang at her carpentry shop, and she asks if he’s interested in working with her.  Workplace romance?!  Plus middle-aged romance?!?!  Gah, just slay me now!서영이37_00006

Ho-jung is hard at work on her own budding romance and life as a newlywed.  She’s so cute with Papa Lee – I know he needed the wake-up call from Seo-young, but I’m glad he has Ho-jung to fill in as a daughter figure.  The sweetheart decides to throw a party for the newly – and happily! – employed Papa Lee (working with wood was what he always wanted to do).  Sang-woo, recalling that one of her wishes was to go grocery shopping together, tags along.  Awwwwwww.  He tells her they’ve already crossed off two items on her wish list since he came shopping with her, and she apologizes for making him come with her.  Sang-woo asks her to get him a bunch of food samples (to take her mind off his joke about being tired, which she took seriously), and she busily runs around getting sample after sample.  Seriously, it’s so cute that he feels comfortable enough to tease her.  Unfortunately, people think he’s a jerk-o-butt who forces his wife to bust her tail, so he returns with a sample of his own – only to find her staring wistfully at a happy couple taking a picture together.  Sang-woo hauls her to his side for a picture, and Ho-jung tears up at the unexpected gesture.  Hahahahhaa and awwwww.  You two are so cute.2013011921460092_1_rstararm

Sung-jae goes to audition for the new KBC drama The Mother Who Rolled in Unexpectedly.  Hahahahaa.  The line he’s given reads “Mom… I’m sorry… I’m really sorry,” and tears roll down Sung-jae’s face as he thinks of Mama Kang.  Those tears, though, prompt the judges to exclaim that he must be a genius actor.  LOLOL.  Our baby Sung-jae is starting to grow up, realizing that he used to be quite a spoiled meanie.  His misdirected remorse for being born, however, is quickly corrected by Papa Choi.  Things are still difficult for him, though, and he uses the jondae (honorific) form of speech for the first time with Mama Kang.  Gah, my heart is breaking.서영이37_00010

Seo-young (who’s residing in a hotel for the time being) allows herself one day of wallowing in misery, then sets out the next day firmly resolved to close this particular chapter of her life.  She slips off her ring, then submits her resignation to Lawyer Go.  Woo-jae goes looking for her at the law firm, but Yeon-hee (Seo-young’s new bestie) tells him his wife isn’t in.  The harpy Sun-woo, though, is, and Woo-jae demands to know how she found out and why she told his mother.  He ain’t dumb, and he’s pissed that she fished around for info when they had dinner together, not to mention that she dropped the bomb on Mama Kang.서영이37_00012 서영이37_00011

Seo-young meets up with Yeon-hee and asks if she’d like to work with her – she’s going to open her own practice.  Yeon-hee tells her Woo-jae came looking for her earlier and asks what went down.  Like a true bestie, she calls down all curses on Sun-woo’s head when she learns what the harpy did, and she tells Seo-young she should have at least begged (for forgiveness).  The hard-headed Seo-young replies,

I can’t.  If I do, it’ll just get harder for Woo-jae-sshi.  To beg is to ask for forgiveness, and if he forgives, I’m saying I’ll remain in that place.  But since I’m not going to remain, I shouldn’t beg.  …  I’m going to live alone now.  I’m not going to trust anyone.  I learned how dangerous it is to trust in someone else and rely on them.

Despite Yeon-hee’s pleas, Seo-young says she and Woo-jae are over, that that is how it should be.  I need to bonk your heads together.2013011922372451_1_rstararm

Woo-jae is still desperately trying to contact Seo-young, and he learns from Yeon-hee (when he calls the firm) that Seo-young resigned as of today.  It breaks my heart that he still has her as “My Seo-young-ie” in his phone.  Woo-jae, recalling Sung-jae’s worry that Seo-young has nowhere to go, goes looking for Papa Lee.  When it becomes apparent that Papa Lee has no idea Seo-young left her in-laws, much less came to him, Woo-jae leaves dejectedly.

The harpy goes to Mi-kyung and tells her that she told Mama Kang the truth about Seo-young.  Mi-kyung flips out, but that’s nothing compared to when she learns the harpy ‘promised’ to keep silent if Seo-young left.  The harpy, though, says everyone is acting selfishly – why can’t she?  Mi-kyung kept her secrets (about finding out Sang-woo is Seo-young’s twin) so she could remain as the ‘wonderful’ girlfriend in Sang-woo’s memories.  Seo-young deceived everyone so she could be happy with Woo-jae.  Sang-woo broke up with Mi-kyung to protect his sister.  From her perspective, Lee Seo-young is the woman who stole the man she had loved for six years.  Uh, you’ve got a point there, butI still hate your guts.서영이37_00017

Seo-young finally contacts Woo-jae, and he races out to meet her.  She coldly refuses to answer his questions about where she stayed last night and says her piece: she’s sorry for deceiving him and will go apologize to his parents.  “I lied to you because I wanted to marry you, and if no one had found out, I wasn’t ever going to tell the truth.  I wanted you to never find out, and I planned to break up if you ever did.”  She spits out lie after lie, and Woo-jae asks if she can’t just let go of herself for once and speak the truth.  “I couldn’t tell you because I was afraid you’d leave me if I told you first (that I knew the truth).  Like now.”  Sob.서영이37_00019

They get into an argument about who failed to trust whom, and Woo-jae explains that though he believed she had a reason for lying, he couldn’t understand how she could sever ties with a father who tried so hard to protect her, a father who so greatly feared his identity might be revealed.  That’s news to Seo-young, and she dazedly asks what he’s talking about.  “Mr. Yoo Man-ho was your father.”  Dun dun duuuuun. 서영이37_00018

Quick Thoughts

I totes forgot that Seo-young didn’t know Papa Lee was ‘watching over’ her this entire time.  Once she realizes that he was the one who got hurt instead of Woo-jae aaaaall those episodes ago, she’s gonna be bawlin’ her eyes out.  I know Papa Lee was a pretty poor example of fatherhood, but I still can’t say Seo-young was right to sever all ties with him and go so far as to say he was dead.  It’s what makes it so hard for me to see Seo-young as the ultimate victim – she brought a lot of this on herself, though I understand how things kinda snowballed into the huge mess that she’s finding on her hands.  And yes, Woo-jae was a jerk-o-butt of the first order, but I didn’t see it, so it didn’t happen.  Hahahaha juuust keeding.  But in all seriousness, I don’t feel quite as much antipathy because I didn’t see all his nasty meanie days.  Even if I had, I still would have seen it for what it was: a wounded man lashing out because he loved so deeply.  The way he’s desperately trying to hold onto Seo-young just breaks my heart.

Which brings me to my main issue: Can we pleeeaaase get over the whole “I’m hurting him to protect him” tack?  Because it’s just plain ol’ dumb and I’m bored.  It better end nooooow so we can see Seo-young and Woo-jae rebuilding their relationship.

Note to Sang-woo: You’re such a cutie.  Stay on that path, for it leads to happiness.  Note to Ho-jung: Don’t devalue yourself.  Demand mooooaaaaaar from your hubby.

What’d y’all think of Episode 37?  Please share! 😀

++++++++++++ [Posted Earlier]++++++++++++

Just a few spoilers for now.  A mini-recap coming later tonight.

Let’s just say President Kang is pretty darned pissed.  And poor Woo-jae doesn’t have much to hold onto in terms of hope after Seo-young gives him her “I don’t have a single regret” spiel.

Cuties Sang-woo and Ho-jung are slowly growing closer…

Seo-young has a new bestie in Yeon-hee (well, they’ve been besties for some time now), and the new BFF sympathizes with our heroine(?) who has decided to live on her own.

Mini-recap coming soon!



33 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 37

  1. looking forwad for your mini recap! i’m your biggest fan and biggest supporter! i’m appreciate all your effort. thank you sooooo muuuch! fighting!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the recap..
    SW teasing HJ was so cute..he’s beginning to warm up to her and really can’t wait till he falls madly in luv and be super lovey dovey to HJ. WJ really loves SY-and he’s trying so hard to understand her lying to him..problem is SY wouldn’t let him in..I want to think that she loves WJ more than he loves her because she gave up and severed her ties with SW and her father just to be with him..on a side note-this proves that SW doesn’t love MK as much coz he couldn’t give her sister up for her and would rather marry another girl just to keep her sis secret.

    • hi hiii, Rakydel! 😀 the show’s so stingy with sang-woo’s movement towards ho-jung, but slow and steady did win the race, so here’s hoping!! 😀
      seo-young and woo-jae make me so sad. they obviously love each other deeply — why can’t they stop hurting each other and just be happy and make babies? lol but seriously, i need to bonk some heads together.
      and yes, though sang-woo loved mi-kyung, he loves seo-young more… *sniffle* sibling bonds just get to me every time. it’s like tae-woong loving yoon-jae more than he did shi-won… gah, 1997 is still in my head! 😉

      • Omg..ur so right on the money on that sibling thing pink blossom sshi-yes..almost the same as TW’s luv for YJ.*giggles*
        But seriously show – would you give us some fan-service now pls. (at least for SW-HJ)… don’t you dare try to separate my OTP writer-nims!!! ^_^

  3. Thanks once again, until the episodes are subbed I’ll be here more often I suppose. SY deserves for what she has created, WJ may of been a sap previously for being a nasty – but would you of done the same if you found out that your marriage was based upon a lie!! Come on people admit it you would of done the same or worse!! As for the ‘harpy’ don’t blame her she just said things that needed to be said, and her relationship was broken between WJ and herself because of SY being a hard-ass! The newly weds are getting better and learning to fall in love, I just hope Papa Lee will learn to love again as well…

  4. You are awesome. It’s so hard to watch w/o understanding what’s going on but now I understand what’s happening. Thank you for the recap and I hope you will recap ep 38 (if it’s not too much of a burden). 😀

    • welcome to our Patch, Knomjean!! 😀 i continue to be amazed at the number of people who watch though they don’t fully understand — you are all much more loyal fans than i am! i’ve tried watching non-korean/american shows without subs… and failed. lol! 😉 thanks for joining us, Knomjean! 😀

  5. thank you so much for the mini-recap!
    love HJ and SW. SY needs to tell what she really feels and to stop lying.

    • welcome weeelcome, rosa!! 😀 very few remain who haven’t succumbed to ho-jung and sang-woo’s adorable relationship! and yes, seo-young needs to realize her lies aren’t doing anyone good — nearly everyone else has grown enough to speak the truth. looks like our heroine needs a bit more time 😉

  6. Thanks for the recap.

    I watched the raw and was moved even though I had no idea what was being said.

    So glad that Seo-Young has a friend.

    As the lone voice in the wilderness, I think Seo-Young was right to cut off her Papa Lee. She should have told her husband the truth but before she cut off her father there was no reason to believe he would change. With her mother dead, she was left as the only person carrying that family and how many more incident of irresponsible, even if unintended, sabotage should she have put up with? The disruption of their relationship was good for Papa Lee’s character, but bad for Seo-Young’s happiness. But I do believe things will get better.

    “Lee Seo-young is the woman who stole the man she had loved for six years.” Still no sympathy. YOu can’t steal people unless you are capturing them for slavery. She loved for six years. He did not. As the Rolling Stone once sang, “You can’t always get what you want.” But it takes second leads so long to figure that out.

    Looking forward to seeing 38–even if it is only in the raw.

    • Just bawled all the way through Seo-Young and Mama Kang’s scene. Had no idea what was said, but the actors made clear what was felt. The actress playing Mama Kang is awesome.

      Looking forward to your recap of 38!

    • lone voice in the wilderness, perhaps (or perhaps not! ^^), but i defs understand where you’re coming from. seo-young was at a point in her life where she just couldn’t handle any more, and i don’t deny that papa lee deserved a wake-up call. i think what makes it hard for me is that she said she didn’t have a father — not because she had truly cut ties with her dad, but because she feared the kang’s disapproval. it’s one thing to refuse to see your dad because you’re in a battle of wills. though i still don’t like it, i can understand. she could have told her father she no longer wished to see him, and that would have served equally well as a catalyst for change. it’s just the lie — to her dad and to her husband (and his family) — that prevents me from wholly accepting her decision. she could have said that she and her father were estranged~ there’s no end to the “what if’s” xD
      and yes, you can’t always get what you want. sadly, we don’t like to hear those words 😉
      thanks for always sharing your wonderful thoughts with us, Yumi!!! 😀

  7. Thank you again… and now I’m looking forward for the ep 38 recap
    Hope it will be avail soon… Thank you :))

  8. Thanks for the mini re-cap can’t wait to see eps 38, this is really killing me i feel for SW and WJ , they both love each other so much that WJ is willing to forgive her all she has to do is to confess and explain why


    • you’re very welcome, cheena! i’m keeping my fingers — and toes! — crossed that we have a happy ending. or else. 😉

  9. Okay, let’s say we are at the turning point. Why? Because WJ wonders why his wife would leave her father behind. A father who is so gentle and kind. Well even I know, that in the past he was not that kind of man, SY leaving the family made him change. But of course that isn’t anything to be proud of either, right SY? So it’s about time for WJ to learn about the past of daughter and father, and it is about time for SY to learn for a possible present of daughter and father. That’s what another drama mentioned as HEALING and after that or in the process we can think about a future for WJ and SY.
    (LOL I am on the same board with the name IGNORANCE, I mean what I did not see, didn’t happen)^^

    • before watching 38, i would have said 37 was the turning point. buuuut, seo-young decided to be stupid, and it looks like the writer’s determined to drag this out for a while -___-;; i am not appreciative. 😉 hahahaa but yes, i’m hoping that we’ll get the mending of relationships sooner rather than later and focus on life beyond that first attempt at healing — it doesn’t happen overnight, and i wish dramas would do more ‘after the fact’ explorations~
      thanks, lutrabee, for sharing your thoughts with us!! ignorance is the name of the game! 😉 😉

  10. Since I am shipping SW and HJ from the very beginning, seeing SW doing things for HJ makes me happy. I hope SW will learn to love HJ. 🙂 As for WJ and SY, solve your difficulties will ya. It hurts my eyes and ears watching them. 😦 I am wondering as to when will SY wake up and stop protecting herself. She should also care to what WJ is feeling. 😦 Anyways, thanks so much for recapping pinkblossom. You’re always doing a great job. Let us see this up to the last episode. ㅋㅋㅋ

  11. Since I am shipping SW and HJ from the very beginning, seeing SW doing things for HJ makes me happy. I hope SW will learn to love HJ. 🙂 As for WJ and SY, solve your difficulties will ya. It hurts my eyes and ears watching them. 😦 I am wondering as to when will SY wake up and stop protecting herself. She should also care to what WJ is feeling. 😦 Anyways, thanks so much for recapping pinkblossom. You’re always doing a great job. Let us see this up to the last episode. ㅋㅋㅋ

    • my eyes and ears hurt, too. normally, i would say we need a doctor, but i think the dysfunctional world of MDS is the real one in need of a doctor 😉 sang-woo and ho-jung are my only hope for some much-needed lightness. can’t forget mama choi, either! ^^ thank youuuu, `Eun, for all your kind words & for continuing to enjoy MDS with us here at the Patch! 😀

  12. I can’t wait for the other recaps,. I love it. Do you have the full recap for all the episode. And please make scene of Hyojung and sungwoo as much as posible I love them so much!! Will SW very fall in love w/ HJ guys ?? Really ?? I can’t wait. I love them! Such a great deal couple. So cute, nice..

    • welcome to the fold, gilre!! 😀 unfortunately, i didn’t watch a good chunk of the drama when things were getting ugly, so i don’t have those episodes fully recapped. things are still in the woods, so i’m sticking to spoiler posts or mini-recaps at this point. if you have any specific questions, though, i’d be more than happy to help as much as i can 🙂 i’ll keep your ho-jung&sang-woo request in mind for future posts! 😀 thanks for joining us, gilre!! hope to hear more from you! 😀

  13. Thanks for welcoming myself. I’ve made your recap as one of favo homepage. Please more pictures and scene from HoJung and Sang woo. ^^

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