Jung Suk-won

Ok I am posting about Jung Suk-won because I can. I was re-speed-watching Creating Destiny with Han Sang-eun (Eugene) and Kim Yeo-joon (Young Ki-tae). The only story line I really loved and super-followed was that of Yeo-joon’s sister, Kim Yoon-hee, and Yeo-joon’s best friend, Jung Kyu-han (Jung Suk-won). Yoon-hee is a single mother who had her child out of wedlock because the man she loved ditched her due to troubles with his rich daddy. Jung Kyu-han is the younger family friend/brother who stands by Yoon-hee’s side and loves her unconditionally, helping her take care of her child for only the last 6 years. No big deal right?



But of course, this plotline goes completely kaput when the writers decide to rehabilitate the father of Yoon-hee’s child. And of course, said father ends up with Yoon-hee in the end. Poor Kyu-han is left all alone. This injustice was so great, I felt the need to post about this hottie. I stopped watching at episode 25 after Yoon-hee rejects Kyu-han. Stupid woman. Your baby daddy is soooo ugly and fat. Ok sorry. I truly digress today.


Back to the point. Jung Suk-won is a fine specimen of a man. You can check in out in Rooftop Prince (one of pinkblossom’s favorite, I think) and Haeundae Lovers (I only made it through episode 1). He’s currently dating singer Baek Ji-young, if my google sources aren’t outdated. I don’t follow her but she is one lucky lady.


So this post is dedicated to you, Jung Suk-won, for being hot and playing an awesome character in Creating Destiny, a show I highly do not recommend.


One response to “Jung Suk-won

    i need to do one about won bin… not that i don’t already include him in unrelated posts any way possible πŸ˜‰ heheheee!!

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