My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 36 Spoilers

These spoilerfests are getting addicting.  They’re so much faster and easier than full-on recaps, I’m starting to question my ability to go back to those extraterrestrial things that suck words out of my brain and keep getting longer and looooonger.  We’ll see…

On to Episode 36, which was a WHOPPER of an episode.  Talk about oh my gollies.  I was planning to just skim through it to get a few screencaps, but I ended up watching a good chunk of it.  And cried, to boot.  Sigh.  The sure signs of a Kdrama addict.  I console myself with the fact that 42.3% of the nation thought today’s episode was worth watching – so, I’m not alone.  Btdubs, 42.3% (AGB; TNms gave it a 45%) is an all-time best for Seo-young and officially makes the show a “national drama” (40% is the number to beat if you want national status).  It has even beat out 2012 KBS hit weekend show You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly, which took 42 episodes to break 40%.  But these are all just superficial things that make dramaholics like me tickle.  Now, for the stuff that actually pertains to the content of the show.



Episode 36: In Brief

Sung-jae finally comes home, back to his loving family.서영이36_00021

The stress finally does Woo-jae in, and he suffers through a fever.  Seo-young, though, takes care of him throughout the night.  (Side note: Apparently, when I wasn’t looking [har har], Seo-young and Woo-jae took separate rooms.)서영이36_00003

Mama Kang and Secretary Yoon add to their growing list of showdowns.  Secretary Yoon refuses to disappear from Sung-jae’s life and, in fact, wants to live with him.  Mama Kang holds back tears and concedes that she won’t stop Sung-jae from living with his biological mother if he so wishes. T_T2013011321252423_1_rstararm

Papa Choi goes to visit Ho-jung at her new home, and the father-daughter pair make Papa Lee miss his own daughter.서영이36_00005

Ho-jung gets a tummy ache but doesn’t wanna use the potty in front of Sang-woo, so she ends up goin’ quite a far ways to soothe her tummy.  A clueless Sang-woo finds her, though, much to Ho-jung’s utter mortification.  Heeee!2013011322411185_1_rstararm

Seo-young is stickin’ to her guns with the revert back to prickly days, and she has a big argument with Woo-jae.  He’s softening towards her, especially after remembering bits and pieces of her caring for him during the night, but Seo-young raises his hackles with her argumentative words.  He sees her crying her heart out, though, and starts to soften again…2013011322090499_1_rstararm

…enough to the point that he tells his buddy (who seems existent in Seo-young-land solely for Woo-jae to let the viewers know his thoughts) that he’s gonna stay married to Seo-young.  It’s a pretty sweet little speech about him remembering why he married her in the first place: to make her relax, eat well, and sleep comfortably.  Awwwww.

Seo-young, meanwhile, is readying to tell the Kang’s all of her secrets before getting divorced.  She tells Yeon-hee that she’s happy for the opportunity to at least tell Woo-jae the truth herself; what would really be horrible is if her husband found out the truth before she got a chance to tell him.  And I say: Ignorance is bliss.

Unfortunately, things can never be too happy for long in Seo-young-land.  Mama Kang calls out Sun-woo and gives the harpy a piece of her mind for making her daughter-in-law’s life miserable.  Yay Mama Kang(!!), but OH NOOOOES: the berating sends Sun-woo over the edge.2013011322370090_1_rstararm

Seo-young and Woo-jae get called home for major showdown time: President Kang asks Seo-young if it’s true that her father is alive and her brother is living in Korea.  *covers eyes*  Seo-young and Woo-jae both go into shock mode, and Woo-jae quickly tries to defuse the situation by telling Seo-young to hurry and apologize to his parents.  It’s his way of defending her and trying to shoulder the blame, acting as though he knew all along.  He grabs her and heads upstairs, but uuunfortunately, Seo-young is rocked to the core to know that Woo-jae knew her secret.  It doesn’t take long for her to connect the dots (him suddenly turning cold and nasty), and she lashes out while he frantically tries to just get over this together.2013011321445586_1_rstararm

She marches back down and reveals all to a horrified Mama Kang and pissed President Kang: her father’s alive, her brother is living in Korea, Woo-jae didn’t know at all (she lied to him as well), and they were in the middle of filing for divorce.  *cricket cricket*  She goes back upstairs and gets her stuff, which was already all packed, and the fact that she was ready to bounce (when he was just turning his heart around) sends a whole ’nother ripple of shock through Woo-jae.  He stops her in her tracks and asks:

Woo-jae: You even had your stuff packed?

Seo-young: We were going to get a divorce.

Woo-jae: Were you really never going to tell me the truth?

Seo-young: Yeah.

Woo-jae: Yah, Lee Seo-young!

Seo-young: Move.

Woo-jae (choking up): I… I… I!  I couldn’t tell you… I waited for you to tell me… No, in fact, none of that mattered anymore.  For you…  Was I really nothing to you?  Was I nothing?!

Seo-young (cool as a cucumber): Yeah, you were nothing.  Nothing.  You were nothing!

서영이36_00013 서영이36_00014 서영이36_00015 서영이36_00016 서영이36_00017Gaaaaah, Woo-jae, why do you have to cry?!?!  *bawl*  President and Mama Kang come upon the screaming couple and Seo-young curtly apologizes before fleeing, leaving behind a stunned Kang family.서영이36_00018 서영이36_00019 서영이36_00020


Brief Comment:

*covers eyes* This is the end, right?  The end of our journey to the bottom of the nasty-land pit of despair and makjang and tears and lies and bitterness?  We better be starting on the road to redemption.  Or else.  Btdubs: AMAZING performances by Lee Bo-young and Lee Sang-yoon today.  LOVED it.

What did you think?  Please share your thoughts with us!



EDIT: As per request by Patch Friend LBY, I’ve translated the scene where Seo-young and Woo-jae confront each other (the night before the huge blowout).  For those who are wondering where about it is in the episode, the scene starts at ~42:00.  (It’s the argument they have right before Seo-young goes out and cries — and Woo-jae sees her crying.)


Woo-jae: You changed rooms.

Seo-young: Let’s meet tomorrow evening.  We… have to settle things.  (The literal term is “organize” or “clean up” – it’s a roundabout term for breaking up.)

Woo-jae: … (silence)

Seo-young: If you can’t in the evening, let’s meet at lunch.

Woo-jae: Let’s settle things?

Seo-young: Since things with Sung-jae have been resolved.  That’s what we agreed on.

Woo-jae: …

Seo-young: Let’s talk tomorrow.

Woo-jae: Why did you do it?  Why did you avoid a child for three years?  You didn’t have to do that.

Seo-young: Get rest.

Woo-jae: Seo-young-ah.

Seo-young: Why did I take the Pill?  Why are you asking such a simple question?  Because I didn’t want a child.  It was a good thing I did (take the Pill).  Things were gonna end up this way anyway – what would we have done if we had a child?

Woo-jae: Are you saying you avoided a child because you knew we would end up like this?  You think that makes sense?!

Seo-young: If you’re thinking that I’ll be grateful if you come now and say “I didn’t mean it when I said my feelings changed,” or “Let’s forget about the divorce,” think again.  Because now I no longer have any feelings left for you.

Woo-jae: Is that what you truly feel?

Seo-young: What, did you think that I would forever be under Kang Woo-jae’s thumb?  Is this because I was good to Sung-jae and Mother (Mama Kang)?  There are many facets to a person’s sincerity: sympathy, pity, loyalty.  It has nothing to do with you.

Woo-jae: What?

*Seo-young leaves.


NOTE: If anyone has any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to ask away!!  I’m more than happy to answer them! 😀




49 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 36 Spoilers

    • though they’re never bad, or even mediocre, lee bo-young and lee sang-yoon were just SPECTACULAR in this one. i’m a happy camper! 😀

  1. Oh gosh, oh gosh!!!!!! Ujae finally came to his senses after around 10 harrowing episodes! Somehow i don’t feel sorry for him at all since he was all horrible towards seo young for so long. Still, now i wonder what’s seo young going to do, looking that she got no one to depend on, since she has abandoned everyone dear to her. And finally! Mama kang did something useful and now she’s like the superwoman in this drama. Sun woo got what she deserved for making things horrible and i hope that she’ll disappear for good. Live in america or something. Pres kang is becoming more of a jerk, must everyone with kang here be jerks? Except for sung jae, of course. He’s such a wonderful character in this drama. Finally, thanks a lot for this mini recap! Hope to see you post more for the last few episodes!

    • Sephora Stone, i always love reading your comments!! 😀 i think half the reason why my heart breaks — or can break — for woo-jae is that i didn’t watch all those ‘nasty woo-jae’ eps lolol. and i don’t buy into his nastiness as much bc, as i mentioned before, i feel the writer was just jerking us around with that abrupt personality makeover in order to garner sympathy for seo-young. i still don’t think what she did (the maginormous lie) was right, though i certainly understand why she did it, and thus i find both parties are to blame…
      i totally thought seo-young would go back to papa lee, but you’re along the right lines — the preview said she was planning to start a life on her own -__-;; sigh. that pride of hers.
      and yes yes i LOVED mama kang’s fierce defense of seo-young, though i cringed the whole time bc i knew she was gonna be devastated once she learned the truth -__-;; agree on the kang’s and sun-woo ^^
      thank YOU for always sharing your wonderful thoughts with us, Sephora Stone!! i’m hoping to stick around ’til the end, so please continue to do so as well! 😀

    • welcome to our Patch, primimeri!! 😀 awww, you’re too kind! i hope my rants haven’t put you off the show! xD thanks for joining us — hope you continue to share your thoughts with us!! 😀

    • hi, KKK, welcome to our Patch!! i’m glad you’re loving the show! 😀 feel free to ask any questions or make any requests for translations/clarifications! 🙂 thanks for joining us — hope to see you around! 😀

    • hi, divina!! glad to be of service! 😀 please don’t hesitate to make any requests at any time — i’ll try my best to answer all of them! 😀

  2. Wow….this drama is always in my head. I cant really guess wat’s gonna happen in the coming episodes. Just extraordinary. Luv this drama!

    • hi, Lena, welcome to our Patch!! i totes know what it feels like to have a drama fill your every waking moment — welcome to my world! ^^ though i feeeeel like i know the general direction of this show, unexpected things pop up here and there, thus i can never be quite sure… which is always a good thing! 😀 thanks for joining us, Lena! hope you continue your dramaland journey with us! 😀

  3. Thanks, and I am with you about ep 36 I actually found myself “watching” ep 35 in about 10 minutes but watched all of 36, even my “problem child” Ho Dong. I still am not in love with her character (don’t hit me for that). So we are back at point zero. Where to now? Should be the turning point, hopefully. Btw. I could not go back to the 13 eps I chickened out and perhaps it’s for the better. I am trying to keep on watching now.^^

    • hi hiii, lutrabee! i think i’m gonna have to go back and watch 36 again — in full this time xD hahahaa!
      ho-jung is defs not for everyone, so don’t worry, i won’t hit you 😉
      yes, we are back at square 1… an idiom commonly used by koreans refers to doing up the buttons incorrectly, usually the 1st one. seo-young mentioned it herself this ep, but she did the buttons up wrong from the start, so now that we’re back at square one, i hope she can do up the buttons correctly. too many idioms mixing there xD lolol. but yes, i feel we’ve fiiinally gotten to THE major turning point. i hope they don’t drag the turn and instead really explore the rebuilding of everyone’s lives.
      i chickened out, too, so let’s just cruise from here on out, lutrabee! ^^

  4. wawawa. thanks for the mini recap! i think this is the turning point. we wait for a very loooooong time to see the movement. and yes this is the big movement!
    next recap please? 🙂

    • hi, red! you’re very welcome!! this is definitely the looooong-awaited turning point in the show — or at least i hope so!! 😀 i will try my best to stay on this one ’til the end! thanks for continuing to join us, red!! 😀

  5. Seo young is so frustrating. Hope woo jay divorce her and don’t look back. She caused this chaos and has the gull to act like the victim. Even the way she left was cowardly. Total hit and run. Hope her pride keeps her warm at night. I’m all for them not getting back together.

    • welcome to our Patch, Kat! hahahahaa i agree seo-young has chosen yet again to take the easy way out. real strength would entail fighting for her marriage every step of the way. alas, i fear her pride won’t be much good in the freezing cold korean winter xD let’s hope she comes to her senses — quickly! — so she and woo-jae can work towards building a lasting marriage that WILL keep them warm and fuzzy-wuzzy! ^^ thanks for joining us, Kat!! hope you continue to share your wonderful thoughts with us! 😀

    • hi, pink201, welcome to our Patch!! 😀 thank you for joining us & for your kind words! hope you continue your dramaland journey with us! 😀

  6. thank you Pinkblossom for the mini recap/spoilers. Gah! I really love Ho Jong and Sang Woo. :).

    Woo Jae and So Young are one couple who have their prides sticking to their heads.. *sigh

    • thank YOU, `Eun, for always leaving such kind, wonderful comments! i do i dooo think ho-jung and sang-woo are adorkable ^^ they’re keeping this drama afloat in the happy department! hahahaaa!!
      unfortunately, woo-jae and seo-young need to eat some humble pie major time — i need to fly over and bonk their heads together lolol!!

  7. THanks for the mini recap…the past few episodes makes me feel like I’m coming out of a deep well of frustration and misery. It was like the drama has come out of the dark ages and progress has finally come. I’m so happy that it’s a national drama now…just hoping that it doesn’t disappoint its followers once again.

    • hi hiii, summer!! LOVE the analogy and imagery — we are indeed finaaally leaving behind the dark ages. or at least i reaaaaally hope so!!! ^^ i’m keeping my fingers crossed as well for the show to keep moving forward and up(!!) not down back into the dungeons 😉 hahahaaa!! thanks for always sharing your wooonderful thoughts with us, summer!

    • LBY, i just added the scene to the end of the post! lemme know if you have any other questions/requests!! 😀 and thank you for being the first to make a request for “seo-young” — you are defs our best “seo-young” family member!! ^^

  8. thanks for the recap… oh my! cant wait for the next two episode .whew! i hope there is a chance for them to reconcile and live happily ever after…. you rock my world woo-jae….

    • long time no see, cheena!! i am defs starting to get back on this show — here’s hoping they don’t disappoint! 😀
      and yes, though woo-jae may have been a jerk-o-butt of the greatest order, i didn’t really see it so it didn’t happen 😉 lolol!
      thanks for continuing to visit our Patch, cheena! 😀

    • welcome to our Patch, sizumoha!! unfortunately, i don’t know of any other subbers… when i last checked a few months ago, the subs being discussed on soompi were from kbs world… sorry i can’t be of more help! thank you for joining us, sizumoha!! 😀

    • welcome to our madhouse, pj!! i’ve heard quite a bit about the lack of subs — it’s unfortunate, but people have a harder time committing to these longer dramas. 50+ episodes is a lot! 😉 thanks for joining us here, pj!

  9. thank you.
    Thanks for giving info when your life allows.

    I’ve enjoyed watching this drama, even when I have to watch it raw and have no idea what’s going on.

    1. If it were American television, I would say that the actress playing Mama Kang has gotten enough material to fill two Emmy reels.

    2-I also think that the actors playing Seo-young and Woo-Jae have two of the most symmetrically balanced faces I’ve seen in a OTP . The symmetry makes them quite attractive and almost, but not quite, boring to look at.

    • thank youuuu, Yumi, for continuing to join us! 😀
      i totally agree: mama kang is an AMAZING actress who deserves waaaay more acclaim — in the form of hardware! — than she gets. i like to think she’d totes have a truckload of emmy’s if she were in the u.s., but hugh laurie never got one for his reprisal of dr. house, which i have lots of issues with — nominations aren’t enough! 😉 a lot of veteran actors just don’t get as much attention in the k-ent world, which i feel is a big biiig shame.
      since you’ve mentioned it, i’m gonna have to stare at their faces in the next episode! hahahaa!! they are a pretty pair, though! 😀

  10. thank you very much for the spoilers! i watch the shows without eng subs, and your summary helps a lot. i enjoy watching hojeong and sang woo, i hope they become closer and sang woo would learn to love her.

    • welcome to our Patch, amy!! glad to be of service — i just hope my personal reflections don’t color your viewing experience too much! 😉 ho-jung and sang-woo have defs stepped up their game amidst all the madness that’s going down with everyone else. i can’t wait to see him love her as fiercely as she does him! 😀

  11. I’m really glad to hear that Seo-Young is going to start over on her own. I think she needs the time and distance to grow.

    I know everyone in on her case for disowning her Dad. [She didn’t disown her brother. He chose their Dad over Seo-Youngs and as a result he had to disown her.] I don’t have a problem with her disowning her Dad. At the moment she disowned him he deserved to be disowned. She was dead weight she didn’t have the strength to carry any more. AND I believe the disowning was good for Mr. Lee. I think it made clear to him what a mess he had made the the burden he had become to his children. Without Seo-Young disowning him, I doubt he would have cleaned up and remain on the narrow path. Disowning him was the best thing that happened to him. Now that Seo-Young has left the Kangs, once she has had some time alone putting her life back together it will be the perfect time to reconcile with her husband and her Dad.

    • I know that this is just ‘made-believe’ but please to say that it’s alright to ‘disown ones family member/s is alright as they deserved to be!! Have you personally experienced this kind of environment before…. No one deserves that sort of treatment either love-one or otherwise, it serves no purpose but to create hatred and coldness between people. She SY deserves what she has done and the trouble she has casused not only to her family but to her in-laws that will cause more harm rather than good in the long term, her father has carried on, her brother has carried on – only she has stayed stuck in the past and uses that as an excuse to blame others rather than take responcibility for the harm she has done.

      • “my daughter seo-young” definitely raises many points of contention and debate, which is one aspect of the show i give it credit for. voicing our opinions and viewpoints is wonderful, and i personally enjoy reading everyone’s takes on the thoughts/decisions of our characters. let’s please keep it limited to the characters, though, and let’s keep things civil. no need to attack one another or pour out vitriol upon the characters. thank you! 😀

  12. There was a time when autumn story, damo, glass house etc which were so sad, I refuse to watch anything less happy than smile donghae. Now it is all saccharin sweet. I would have ujae’s sister kill herself of heartbreak and sy’s father remains a jerk ( changed to a doting father after all those years?) and just a wee bit of sunshine at the end. Don’t shoot me but I think LBY has fixed her nose. I like the old one in save the last dance.

    • welcome to our Patch, Nina!! oh my gollies, our drama histories have quite the number of shows in common! 😀 i was one who couldn’t stand the heaviness of melos any longer, but sometimes i need more meat than fluffy rom-coms 😉 but hahahhaaa your scenario would cause quite an uproar amongst viewers! ^^ & plastic surgery’s always a touchy subject in the entertainment world~ i suppose only the actors know the truth! 😉

  13. Haven’t seen her childhood pictures but I watched her in save the last dance and blue something, there is a difference. Anyway, LBY has always been pretty, I just think her acting is not as good as a few in this drama and also i find it difficult accepting that she’s twin to the actor. He looks way too young. It must be the Korean drama trend nowadays.

  14. Hiiiiiii pinkblossom!!! Thanks for the recaps for this show!!

    After some bad experiences with weekend dramas, I’ve been staying away from them like the plague, but after hearing positive reviews for MDSY, I decided to give it a try. The first 9 or so episodes were wonderful, almost like a primetime drama, and I have to admit I watched it for the romance between SY and WJ! They complimented each other so well, since like you said, they gave as good as they got! SY was also such a likable character! She was strong and independent and didn’t take crap from anybody. She stood up for herself and she made sure that she was never looked down upon by rich, snobby people like WJ’s parents. However, after WJ and her got married, all that spark and sizzle in their relationship died (why does this always happen to couples in weekend dramas, that is, if they even had chemistry to begin with?). And with her lie, her spunk also disappeared into thin air. Where was the sassy and strong heroine from the beginning? The lie caused her to be a hard heroine to root for.

    Anywaaaaay, with all that being said, it became difficult for me to watch the show in a linear fashion to avoid getting high blood pressure. I therefore decided to start watching the show from this episode soooooo, I was wondering if you could tell me what SY was referencing when she said WJ did all those things to hurt her. What did he do???? Please don’t tell me he cheated on her…O_O

    Thank you ahead of time!! 😀

    • autumn93!!! long time no seeee!! and so sorry for this supersupersuperdeeduper belated response! things were pretty crazy in that realm called real life… and somehow months have passed -___-;; so sorry!
      did you end up watching more of “Seo-young”? finishing it?? we’d love to hear what you thought of it! 🙂
      i totes sympathize with the inability to watch the show from beginning to end… i fell off the recapping train for quite a good chunk of the run bc i just couldn’t handle watching what i KNEW was gonna be ugliness *runs for the hills*
      the truth is, i didn’t just not recap, but i didn’t watch(!) the episodes in the middle… so i can’t recall (from reading the news headlines) exactly what happened once woo-jae found out about seo-young’s big faaat lie. from my understanding, he was obviously (and understandably) very, very upset and was very cold and not-so-nice to seo-young. he didn’t exactly start up a full-blown affair, but he did hang out at bars/nightclubs where it’s pretty common (at least in korea) for women to ‘hang out’ with the men, pour them drinks, etc. i can’t recall if one of those women ever came to the house, but seo-young did ‘meet’ one of the women in some capacity or another. anyhoo, long story short, no big cheating scandal in the sense that there was another element to add to the makjang, but he did deliberately do things to lash out at seo-young.
      sorry again for the late reply, and thank you for continuing to spazz and love on dramas with us here at the Patch!! 😀

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