My Daughter Seo-young: Eps 32-35 Spoilers

Still working on the recaps for Eps 32-35, but for those who are just plain ol’ dying to know what in the world is goin’ down in crazy Seo-young-land, here are the Big Gasp-Inducers.

Don’t read on if you don’t want to know!!

You’ve been warned.


Episode 32:

Mama Kang and Secretary Yoon have their long-awaited face-off… and Secretary Yoon reveals the baby daddy is none other than *drumroll* President Kang.  Yeah, read that again: President Kang.  Gah, I was hoping they wouldn’t take this show there, but it looks like they’re determined to go as down down down as they can.  And, uh, apparently President Kang didn’t know Sung-jae is his.  *face palm*2012123021591779_1_rstararm


Episode 33:

It’s taken over 30 episodes, but it finally happened: Baby of the family Sung-jae found out he ain’t Mama Kang’s son.  Gah, this hurts because his and Mama Kang’s relationship were the best of this drama.201301060806312510_1


Episode 34:

Nothin’ much here since, well, everyone is too numb with shock to do much.  It’s finally Seo-young’s turn to be the shoulder others lean on: she’s the only one Sung-jae trusts, and she is surprisingly the one who’s able to connect with Mama Kang.  Movement, perhaps, towards the drama I actually want to watch?  Woo-jae seems willing to cooperate with my plan, because he softens enough toward Seo-young to thank her for helping out with his parents.2013010522571076_1_rstararm


Episode 35:

Seo-young is back to her tough cookie self: she tells (insert your choice of profanity) Sun-woo to keep her trap shut until things get settled at the Kang residence.  She (Seo-young) is gonna tell her parents-in-law the truth herself and get a divorce, so don’t think of trying to pulling any tricks before then.  Note to Seo-young: I haven’t forgiven you yet, girlfriend, but you go girl for stickin’ it to that nasty harpy.서영35_001

Some happy news: Sung-jae and Mama Kang take steps toward reconciliation.2013011223333722_1_rstararm

And our newlyweds take their baby steps toward married bliss and a happily ever after.2013011221553724_1_rstararm


Thoughts on the madness that’s My Daughter Seo-young?  Please share! 😀

Ps. Thanks for continuing to visit our Patch for your weekly dose of Seo-young.  Recaps are on their way. 🙂



24 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Eps 32-35 Spoilers

  1. Wow! Thank you so much! I’ve been waiting for this 🙂
    Will be watching episode 30 on KBS later, and just realised that I have to go through quite some episodes for Ujae to soften up to Seo Young. Watching him like that has been suffocating since he’s just like an entirely new person while Seo Young has become such a soft cookie while being with him. I’m glad that the Sung Jae drama will end in just a few episodes instead of it being draggy which can be so frustrating.
    Very very satisfied that Seo Young is back to her old self and this has given me motivation to continue on with the crazy roller coaster ride and hopefully she can get her happy ending with Ujae soon. Next would be the reconciliation with her father then 0_0

    • hi hiii, Sephora Stone! 😀 i chickened out and skipped over those agonizing episodes for exactly the reasons you mentioned. i can’t stand that kind of suffocation -___-;; lolol
      but yes, i’m quite surprised the sung-jae drama is ending this quickly. *knock on wood* hahahahaa i’m looking forward to seeing him and mama kang become even closer 🙂
      as for seo-young’s return to prickly-land, i half wish she wouldn’t do it, just bc it seems as though nothing has changed, then. but for dealing with the harpy, i’m all for it! ^^ and yes yeeees, reconciliation faaaast, please!! 😀

    • hi, Diamond, welcome to our Patch!! 😀 i’m so glad you’re loving “seo-young” — i hope my rants haven’t colored your viewing experience too much! xD thanks for joining us here — we hope you continue to share your thoughts with us! 😀

  2. Thank you very much for the update. At least i could understand what is happening since the episodes have yet to be subbed in english. i love the story and am always looking forward to the developments. thank you for the detailed description and your thoughts as well.

    • welcome to our Patch, divina!! i heard it was difficult to find subs early on, but people seem to be picking it up as more and more watch it 🙂 i would go mad if i had to wait for subs — i can only marvel at your patience! 😀 you’re defs a better fan than i xD hahahaa!! thank YOU for joining us, divina — we hope to continue hearing from you!! 😀

      • Good day! you are right… it is extremely difficult…. and to think i am not korean… this drama is so addictive ,, the script was well written and original, the actors and actresses are sensational and funny at times. I waited till 130 am for the latest episode but so frustrating trying to figure out what the characters were trying to say and to kill time. i watch previous episodes over and over again. i must say that i am so grateful when i came across your site which so informative as it appease my curiosity. I love you for your effort. Good job!

  3. Thank you for spoiler i am always support seoyoung i hope she devorce him and live with her dad & ujae can beg her to came to him and hv another wedding photo with dad and sangu

    • welcome to our Patch, Smrkdr!! 😀 hahahahaa love your comment! i am a big supporter of families and married couples fighting through relationships together(!!), but i would love to see another courtship between seo-young and woo-jae — this time with no lies or misunderstandings 🙂 and a complete wedding photo would be fantabulous. i know woo-jae’s been a major jerk, but i wish seo-young would make an effort this time around — actually, i want both to really try hard to form a solid foundation for a lasting marriage ^^ lolol!
      thanks for joining us, Smrkdr!! hope you continue your dramaland journey with us! 😀

    • long time no see, helma rivers!! 😀 mama kang and sung-jae defs make me feel fuzzy inside 🙂 and yes, cn blue has seriously come quite a ways in the fame department!! can’t say they’re my #1, but i am a fan! 😉 thanks for continuing to share in our Patch, helma rivers!!! 😀

    • hi, sodasick! welcome to our Patch!! 😀 i agreeeee sang-woo and ho-jung are really quite adorbs! i can’t wait for sang-woo to really open up and ho-jung to let down those defenses 🙂 thank you for joining us, sodasick! hope to hear more from you!! 😀

  4. omg i totally hate sangu and hojeong relationship, i was on migyeong ship agrrr that put me down , and also seo yeong relationship with woo jae, man this isn´t getting any better

    • hahahahahaa oh my gollies, rosie, you seriously made my day! first: welcome to our Patch!! back to your hilarious comment: most find at least one redeeming point, but i love that you freely admit everyone’s driving you nuts 😀 welcome to the madness of dramas lolol! thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, rosie! we hope you continue to do so!! 😀 😀

  5. Aww, adorable! Actually these spoiler recaps are more than enough for me, so if you’ve piles of dramas on your plate, I’d vote for the simple spoiler recaps you’ve been doing so far! They were enough to tell me to catch Episode 31 and where to look out for the Hojeong – Sangu scenes 🙂 So much love for this couple.

    • slashedsilver, we are definitely on the same page — i read the spoilers and watch the parts i want, accordingly! xD hahaha!! ho-jung and sang-woo are really getting quite adorbs *knocks on wood* here’s hoping they’ll continue to be happily married! 😀

  6. Thanks for the recaps as on another site I watch the series its taken ages for the subbers to do each episode (I just wish I could learn Korean faster – but my Samsung app can only do so much!!), though each week I’m falling in love with the character Hojeung (hope its spelt right) querky woman make me sigh!! Thanks

    • it’s amazing that you’re learning korean via dramas & apps — mad props! i firmly believe that music/television is one of the best ways to learn a language — my excuse for watching dramas all day! hahahaa!! but yes, ho-jung is just adorbs 🙂 you touched upon a pretty big point: spelling is always so tricky when you’re romanizing korean words… there are standardized spellings, but it gets all convoluted when celebrities choose a specific romanization~ lol i can go on forever, but i shall stop here for today! ^^

  7. HI,
    Iwould like to tHank you for the recap, been a fan and always waiting to be sub,, i had always hinted that sung jae is the son of yoon mi, however it was not explained or elaborate if they have an affair or merely a fling coz dPapa Kang has no idea that she bears her child,,
    and appears to be clueless that he is afterall the father
    and they both acted that as if they – it was just a boss- secretary relationship and in the beginning , they showed pres kang mistress and sec YOON seems unmindful of it,, They potray her as a loyal hardworking secreatary who has a close ties with Kang family.

    • welcome to our Patch, jenny pozon!! totally agree with you on every point: they hinted early on that sung-jae was yoon so-mi’s son, but i thought he wasn’t president kang’s — the relationship between president kang & secretary yoon just didn’t give off that vibe, and he always talked about her getting remarried. i wonder why he never even suspected sung-jae was his…
      thanks for joining us, jenny pozon! look forward to hearing more of your thoughts!! 😀

  8. Hi, I am new with this drama , Thanks for your recap i can follow the story since i kind a miss 17 -30 epsiodes , do you know where i can watch all the episodes with sub
    thank you all

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