Farewell, King of Dramas

My golly goodness gracious great balls of fire holy mackerel, where to begin?  I’ve been both dying for, and dreading, this very day.  Hmmm, January 7, 2013 – what could possibly be so important about this day, you ask?  Wrack your brains.  Birthday?  Anniversary?  Holiday?  Deadline?  …  Nothing, you say?  HOW CAN YOU SAY NOTHING?!?!  Today, January 7, 2013, is none other than *drumoroll* the day I must say goodbye to the wonderful, fantabulous, heartwarming, heartrending, stupendous, magnificent, one and only Anthony Kim.  Or, well, I suppose I should say The King of Dramas.201301072202771739_50ead6a4d822e

I do wub to talk about dramas.  And actors.  And actresses.  And all the lovely loooovely junk filling the scandal rags – they wub me, too.  And thus I find myself sitting here in front of my computer, wanting to talk on and on and on about this amazing show, and… I don’t know what to say.  Words are insufficient, truly, and I do dislike being redundant, but here goes: Words don’t do this show justice.

Over the past maaany years – don’t want to date myself! 😉 – I’ve laughed and cried and screamed and aaalmost fainted and pretty much run the gamut of human emotions while watching dramas.  And in that time, I’ve realized that many of my favorite shows weren’t ratings hits.  I don’t know if that not so teensy factor had anything to do with my attachment, but I always felt a stronger pull for those shows that didn’t get the attention, kudos, and acclaim I felt they deserved.  Something about underdogs or whatever.  *flips hair*  The King of Dramas is precisely one of these Precious Pinkblossom Power winners: you may not have moved the Korean broadcasters’ ratings meter, but you made my meter go nutso.

Okay, enough of the psychobabble and on to the mushy stuff.  Here we go: pinkblossom’s final farewell.

Dearest Drama,

I do not wish to say goodbye.  You were my bestest friend the last ten weeks.  Weekends were made brighter because I knew you were waiting for me.  Mondays and Tuesdays were the best days of the week – the remaining five days were spent waiting for you.20130108003005_50eae9fd4f619_1

Each week, each episode, you gave me tantalizing glimpses into that magical land I love – and showed me that maybe it ain’t as sparkly and glittery as I like to think.  But I loved you more because you knew how to poke fun at yourself as well.  Your self-deprecating humor was magnificent.  So many other friends have tried to talk about various careers, but the workplaces merely became backdrops.  They were Grey’s Anatomy instead of House.  But you, you stuck to your guns and made your world so real that everyone was clambering to watch Kyeong-seong’s Morning.  I wanted to watch it, too.  Maybe you’ll share it with me some day?드라마의 제왕.끝_015

Thank you, bestest friend, for sharing your Anthony with me the last ten weeks.  And for letting him have his adorkably sweet, happy ending with Go-eun.  I don’t know if you were planning on the whole blindness angle from the start, but I appreciated that there was a solid, legit basis for that development.  You didn’t just throw in some random Stage IV cancer.  The, uh, mabajillion hits with the defibrillator was a bit over the top, but I’ll forgive you.  This isn’t a medical drama, after all.  I have to admit, I wasn’t too happy with Hyun-min in the first several episodes, but you really helped him worm his way into my heart.  His laugh, too.  I won’t ever forget his “mother father!” line – heeee!  Hilarious!!  That’s another thing: you never forgot to have fun.드라마의 제왕.끝_002 드라마의 제왕.끝_005 드라마의 제왕.끝_007 드라마의 제왕.끝_010 드라마의 제왕.끝_011 드라마의 제왕.끝_012

You were one gorgeous show, and I will thank your director for prettying you up.  Really, just absolutely beautiful.  And honestly, you were so eloquent and thought-out and smartly written, and just everything mahvelous.  To borrow a word from my friend Whitecarrot: you made me jelly.  You need an example?  How about the moment when the last item on Anthony’s list was revealed?  “Forget Lee Go-eun.”  The writing, smudged by his tears, becoming further blurred by Go-eun’s own tears… Gah, it was magnificent.드라마의 제왕.끝_013 드라마의 제왕.끝_014

In short, thank you, bestest friend, for a wonderful 2 ½ months.  The ride was one of the best of 2012 – and of all time, to be quite honest. I am engraving your name on my Favorites page, so don’t be a stranger!

Lots and Looooots of Love,


드라마의 제왕.끝_008

11 responses to “Farewell, King of Dramas

  1. I ended up watching this drama in a lazy afternoon when only the first two episodes were out and I, the person who always skips the first 4 episodes of every drama, loved them. Suffice it to say I watched and enjoyed the rest of the show without missing one single episode. Funny, fresh, heartwarming, what else can I ask in a drama?

    • long time no seeee, mccl84!! 😀 😀 i totes agree this ain’t a show where you can skip episodes. i usually fast-forward/jump if not skip altogether… but this one was just too good! ^^

  2. I loved this drama. I wish it got the ratings it truly deserved.

    That being said, I was a little disappointed with the last episode. It just seemed rushed to me. We never got to see how Min-ah got over Anthony. We never got to see how the rest of the World Production staff fared after the completion of the drama. The storyline between Joo PD and his crush was never resolved.

    I think the blindness arc over the 2 episode extension was just too meaty and this drama really needed and deserved more than a 2 episode extension.

    • jports, you and i are so on the same page!! i was quite a bit wary at first when the extension news hit — i didn’t want this show to be ruined! but now i wish they could have had an episode or two to fully resolve all the storylines… i felt they kinda ran out of dramaland stuff, but the people aspect needed some time, esp the blindness arc, as you mentioned. alas, i can only hope something just a wonderful comes along soon — and gets great ratings!! ^^
      thank you for continuing to visit and care for our Patch, jports!! hope to hear more from youuu! 😀

  3. love this drama so much. it’s just awesome
    anthony and GE are so adorable together and HM was so funny!!!!
    i love the ending but it left me wanting moreeeeeeee… even more miracles 😉

    • long time no seeeeee, antoniazc!!! i totes agree that i just wanted more more mooooaaaarr from this drama!! 😀 anthony and go-eun were just gaaah so perfect, and hyun-min was pretty darned laugh-out-loud funny once shi-won found his groove 🙂 love love looove!! thanks for continuing your journey with us, antoniazc!!

  4. Hi and firstly, thanks for visiting my blog 😀
    wow, you really liked this one! I’m also baffled that the viewer ratings weren’t that high…what a quality drama!

    • thank YOU, glacierkn, for providing us with such a wonderful blog!! i really enjoy reading all of your reviews 😀 😀
      you hit it on the spot — baffled is what i am. i can never quite understand why a lot of great dramas have such poor ratings, while others are just ratings blockbusters xD the mystery of dramaland! ^^
      thanks for joining us, glacierkn, here at our Patch! hope to see you around!! 😀


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