9 End 2 Outs- Drama Review

9 End 2 Outs (also known as 2 Outs in the 9th Inning) is one of my all time favorite Korean Dramas. It’s not one of your usual Korean dramas. It’s not a revenge story, not a typical rich man/poor girl story, and no one gets terminal cancer. It’s just a pleasant study on love blossoming out of a friendship and a look at singles in their 30s. Recently I rewatched this drama for the 3rd time. Trust me, I’m not one to rewatch a drama for no reason. This is really a classic in my book. For some, it may be a little slow cause it’s not the usual head over heels kind of love story, but something more along the times of a slow burning timeless love story.



Hong Nan Hee (Park Su-Ae) is a low wage-earning employee at a publishing company. She is about to turn 30 years old, and faces a mid-life crisis. She is a miserable aspiring writer who still lives with her younger sister, her husband, and her mother. And to top everything off, she is also dating a dimwitted but adorable 22 year old pitcher Kim Jung-Joo (Lee Tae-Sung) who is on his college’s baseball team. Of course, she turns to life-long friend/ classmate/ best friend, Byun Hyung Tae (Lee Jung-Jin) for support.


Due to a series of mishaps and situations, Nan Hee moves into Hyung Tae’s apartment and they become roommates. The cohabitation situation leads Nan Hee and Hyung Tae to see different sides of each other that they never saw before. Soon they come to depend and get use to each others presence. Add in the return of Hyung Tae’s ex-girlfriend and things get interesting.



I don’t want to give too much away. But I seriously LOVE this drama. I think 9 Ends 2 Outs is really an acquired taste. But it’s truly refreshing to have a drama where it is not about underhanded cattiness and exaggerated characterization. This is just about a normal 30 year old woman trying to find new direction in her life. Along the way, she just happens to discover how her life-long friendship can turn into much more. WATCH IT!!!



21 responses to “9 End 2 Outs- Drama Review

  1. ,an acquired taste that hit all my taste buds. I liked this drama to bits and endured the bad subs which started at ep 4 till the end. In fact, I downloaded the WTHS2 softsubs and read it alongside while watching the video which was in DVD coz I can’t sync both. hurrah for determination!

  2. Gosh, I so loved this drama so I have watched this 3 times!! My all-time favorite cohabitation drama!! Lee Jung Jin was so ridiculously handsome here that I had to search for other dramas where he starred – because of my obsession, I broke my promise to not watch dramas with more than 50 episodes and watched him in “I Love You, Don’t Cry”. I digress. Back to 9 ends: I find it funny that sometimes I wished that I had a relationship like them growing up!! That would have been hilarious, too!! But then again, I can’t seem
    to think of anyone from my high school chums who can fit LJJ’s personality and looks. No, he’ll just stay in my imagination….

    • I know! I don’t know if you have watched Taiwanese drama In Time with You. Similar premise but no cohabitation. I still like 9 ends more though. Loved Lee Jung Jin too!!! but in his later shows I feel like he got too much work done on his face and it looks so unnatural boooo!

      • Really, no wonder his hand’some face is gone now- he looks like he’s 50 when in reality he’s only 34.. cosmetic surgery doesn’t always turn out right. He

      • Really, no wonder his hand’some face is ‘sgone now- he looks like he’s 50 when in reality he’s only 34.. cosmetic surgery doesn’t always turn out right. He

        • yah its really pretty disappointing. I think his acting is great and even if he ages physically he could have matured into other roles. Sighhhh.

      • Wow, what a waste , he should not have allowed anyone to touch that face……I’ll watch in time with you….

    • trying to get straight to the good stuff huh? lol I totally dont remember. Let me get back to you on this one!

  3. Still 9 ends: I cannot forget the scene where all the friends were gathered in the kitchen of the lead girl’s new apt. She was seated next to LJJ – out of habit and without thinking, she was practically “feeding” him. All in view of the ex-girlfriend who came back. That is very telling isn’t it? Although. at that time, they haven’t really acknowledged their love for each other nor kissed properly yet…..

    • I loved that during the same scene, the lead girl covers LJJ’s eyes instead her own boyfriends when an evil 3rd lead girl decides to go braless. Very awkward hilarious moment. πŸ™‚

      • Whitecarrot, I have to correct you on that – it is not the same scene -I also remember that scene- it was during dinner with lead girl’s dimwiited boyfriend, the author-girl who has a crush on that guy , LJJ and his co-worker who he dated once and wants to be his
        girlfriend. Anyway, that’s also very telling how their so-called harmless
        friendship evolved deeper without them realizing it.

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