Oh Yeon-seo + Lee Jang-woo

114259-01-20130103112202-570My goodness, it appears this will be the year of the K-paparazzi.  Following on the heels of Kim Tae-hee and Rain are Oh Yeon-seo and Lee Jang-woo, the lead couple of current MBC evening daily drama Oh Ja-ryong is Going.  Oh Yeon-seo’s agency gave a very vague and roundabout answer, stating that it’s difficult to say the two are “officially dating” at this stage, but they very well could become a couple in the future if things go well.  Uh, oookay.

All eyes, however, are turned not to this couple but rather Oh Yeon-seo and Lee Joon (of group MBLAQ), who are currently part of popular MBC reality show We Got Married.  What a perfect dilemma for MBC: they love the attention being brought to Oh Ja-ryong since it’s struggling quite a bit in the ratings department, but this pretty much kills We Got Married – or at least a third of it.  Serves you right, MBC.22438480

Personally, I feel bad for Lee Joon.  It’s gonna be pretty difficult for this couple to continue their reality stint, which means he’s out of a job because his partner screwed up.  Things were just starting to get interesting for this couple, and lots of tongues went wagging when Oh Yeon-seo picked Lee Joon over Lee Jang-woo at the MBC Drama Awards a few days ago.  Turns out that was “as a courtesy” to Lee Joon, according to Oh’s agency.  I hope Lee Joon wasn’t starting to fall for his reality show wife…  Faithful We Got Married fans will also be disappointed that Lee Jang-woo and his own partner last season, Eun-jung of T-ara, can’t be shipped any longer.  Whew, what a tangle.  In any case, I hope no one’s feelings get hurt for realsies and everyone enjooooys being paparazzi-ed!!20121231105827

What do you think?  Surprised, disappointed, excited, bored?  Please share!20130103_1043481125088_0 20130103_1043491125088_4 20130103_1043491125088_5 20130103_1043491125088_6 20130103_1043491125088_7

9 responses to “Oh Yeon-seo + Lee Jang-woo

  1. Oh I don’t know. I am all for idols/actors/actresses dating publicly, but she’s on a show where she’s supposed to be a couple with someone, and even though no one can tell her not to date someone else, she should keep her professionalism intact.

    • hiii, Fanny! i totes agree: i ain’t got no problem with dating publicly — i looove hearing about it! ^^ but this is a different case, and though it sucks the paparazzi are out in full force this year, her agency could have firmly denied it and thus allowed “wgm” to poke fun at it in passing… xD ooooh wells.

  2. Personally I wish them all the best but I’m feeling sorry for we got married and her Fake husband Lee joon. It’s Not because I ship them together but because now he’s “jobless” because she got found out. I don’t think they can continue we got married, in fact I do think that not being in a relationship was basic requirement to be Part of the Show, or am I wrong?!
    By the Way Happy New Year!!!!! It’s been so long since my last post here at the Patch.

    • Forgot to say that these two don’t look good together, she looks so much older than him (Must be the Hair).

    • haaaappy belated new yeeeaaaar, Kerstin!! long time no seeeee!!! 😀 😀 i defs feel bad for lee joon — “wgm” is continuing with this couple, claiming that oh yeon-seo told them the dating rumors are completely false. uh, yeah right. now he’s stuck in this weird predicament — i wonder if it would’ve been better to just quit -___-;; and yeah, i’m pretty darned sure not being in a relationship (at least publicly!) is a requirement!! and as for the supposed ‘real’ couple — i agree she needs a younger hairstyle. she’s only 25!

  3. I’m kinda sad. I really shipped Ham Eun Jung and Lee Jang Woo together when they were a couple in WGM. And I’m sad for the Joon-Seo couple fans, whose romantic fantasy is now ruined. But I don’t have anything against Jang Woo and Yeon Seo dating either.

    • welcome to our Patch, Indigo!! 😀 😀 😀 though they weren’t my all-time fav, eun-jung and lee jang-woo were one of the most ‘realistic’ couples and it was one of the first things that popped into my head when this news broke — what about eun-jung?! xD i was really disappointed and unhappy with how they just dumped her off the show when the whole t-ara scandal broke — i don’t know what went down with the group, but i felt bad for eun-jung~
      thanks for joining us, Indigo, and for sharing your thoughts with us! hope to continue hearing from you!!

  4. She’s on a show faking marriage, operative word being faking. The audience knows it and chooses to disregard that as they get caught up in the fantasy. It’s understandable but unreasonable to think she should stay single for the purposes of a fake show.

    • hi, celebrity! welcome to our Patch!! 😀 i agree that oh yeon-seo shouldn’t be forced to stay single for the sake of the show, but she should have kept it under wraps. one of the requirements for the show is to not be in a relationship — though it’s a fake marriage, the whole premise is to allow for the possibility of things developing into more. weird, but it totes lures people in because the couples really do get close to one another throughout the course of the show~ it’s a weird blurring of the line between ‘reality’ and scripted tv ^^ hahahaaa!
      thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, celebrity!! hope you continue your entertainmentland journey with us! 😀 😀

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