Rain + Kim Tae-hee?


Whitecarrot: I wasn’t expecting this couple pairing!  Pinkblossom, aren’t you an ardent Kim Tae-hee fan?  What do you think of this couple?

pinkblossom: *covers eyes* It’s official and I am just gaaaah.  I am NOT happy.  When all the reports first hit the K-ent world bright and early New Year’s Day, I hoped against all hope that the masked person getting into his car was NOT Kim Tae-hee.  *shakes fist at Dispatch*  I hate you, Dispatch, I really do.  You got your fifteen minutes — or more like years — of fame, so scat.

Whitecarrot: I mean Rain’s just Hallyu pop superstar, known for 1 drama, versus Kim Tae-hee, drama sweetheart/gorgeous girl. Pretty people go together, but I just always thought Rain was more of a bad boy?

pinkblossom: She’s not just a drama sweetheart, she is the FACE of Korea.  And HECK YEAH this is defs not an upgrade for her.  It’s not just that she’s gorgeous, but she’s smart and highly educated.  Korean culture- and custom-wise, she’s definitely getting the short end of the stick.  I know Rain is taking a beating right now, but it’ll blow over.  He’s embroiled in controversy for being caught in uniform minus a cap and for having the freaking time to put moves on Korea’s sweetheart WHILE HE’S SERVING IN THE MILITARY.  Real men like Won Bin were out at the DMZ and getting injured during their service, and you’re doin’ what?!

Whitecarrot: Bad boy+ Girl Next Door?

pinkblossom: More like washed up pop star wannabe actor + the crown jewel of Korea.  Okay, fine, so maybe he ain’t thaaaat washed up or wannabe, but he has so much more to gain from this, and Kim Tae-hee has so much more to lose.  He is in some hot water for getting officially involved with someone because a lot of endorsement contracts have a clause that essentially prevents stars from being publicly involved.  Something about people just not lovin’ ya anymore once you’re taken.  But what he’s facing, in the long run, is absolutely nothing.  Even though Kim Tae-hee doesn’t have any such clauses in her mabajillion endorsement deals, her brand has already taken a hit.  A huge hit.

Whitecarrot: Either way they have my blessing! Adorable!!

pinkblossom: Not mine.  *sigh*  Fine, if you two can be as happy and adorable as Cha In-pyo + Shin Ae-ra or Sean + Jung Hye-young, I’ll be won over.  But until then, good luck.

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4 responses to “Rain + Kim Tae-hee?

  1. Omo omo
    I didn’t see this pairing coming. I don’t like kim tae hee and Rain together. I want my My Princess couple….

    • i don’t like it either! ^^ and hahahahaaa oh my gawsh, it was one of the first things that went through my mind: “poor song seung-heon. he should have tried harder to catch her” lololol! he TOTES enjoyed every second of “my princes” — it was written in bold all over his face! ^^

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