My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 31

As you all know, I’ve been keeping tabs on the show via headlines, and today’s were pretty shocking, so I decided to give the episode a watch.  Talk about a doozy.  I haven’t decided yet whether to go back and watch all the episodes I missed and recap them…  I’m just so behind, and I’m afraid I may never catch up in time – that is, before the show ends altogether.  So for today, Episode 31.  For those who haven’t been watching the show – raw or subbed or whatever it may be – or just need a refresher, please refer to the Motley Collection post for an uber quick update on all the bamboozlin’ that’s been goin’ down.


Episode 31

Sang-woo and Ho-jung tie the knot, but what should be a joyous occasion is distinctly overshadowed by heartache.  Seo-young watches from afar, just as Papa Lee did three years ago, and Papa Lee is lost in his turbulent thoughts.  Sang-woo and Ho-jung finally say their goodbyes and head off for their honeymoon, but awkwardness abounds for this couple.  Seriously, awkward turtle.서영31_02서영31_03

Woo-jae is off on a business trip, and he recalls the conversation with his friend: He’s intentionally sending Seo-young to Sang-woo’s wedding as a last ditch attempt to save their marriage.  If she still refuses to tell him the truth about her family, then he won’t ever be able to forget that she lied to him to the bitter end.  Neither of them would want to stay with each other simply for the sake of staying together – that’s not why they got married.  His friend asks what he’ll do if Seo-young refuses to fess up even after the wedding, and Sang-woo responds – but more as a reassurance(?) to himself – that Seo-young will tell him for sure.  Uh… this doesn’t bode well.  And dude, from all accounts you’ve been a jerk-o-butt the last several weeks.  She ain’t gonna want to tell you something so important when things are rocky as is.서영31_04

Seo-young sits by the Han River – where else, right? – and bawls her eyes out.  Yeah, I agree, your life ain’t fun.  She thinks back on her decision to leave her family, on happier times with Woo-jae, on the miserable current situation.  And bawls.  Yeah, I would, too.서영31_06

Papa Lee breaks down the pink bed frame he had made for Seo-young long looong ago – my goodness, so much has happened since then! – and burns the wood pieces.  Sad panda.  He imagines Mama Lee standing beside him, and she asks if he feels it’s time now to get rid of the bed.  He answers that Seo-young won’t be coming back, and she shouldn’t, either.  Sad panda.  He thinks about Woo-jae, marveling at how intertwined their lives were – dramaland does that to you – and wonders what happened with Woo-jae’s dilemma.  (Woo-jae met up with Papa Lee and asked for advice on how to deal with a person who had told a biiig lie to him, aka Seo-young.  Papa Lee, though, still thinks Woo-jae is in the dark about him being Seo-young’s father.)서영31_07

Ho-jung makes up excuses to sleep in the next room over for the night, and she wanders downstairs, which is where Sang-woo finds her.  He overhears her telling a couple of kids that she skis quite well and even figure skated when she was younger.  Earlier, when Sang-woo admitted he’d never been to a ski resort, Ho-jung had quickly answered that she didn’t know how to ski, either.  Sang-woo tells her he’ll teach her how to ski, and Ho-jung emphasizes that she’s reaaaally bad at this stuff.  Hehehehe and awww.  He gently pushes her down the slope and comments that she’s quite good – which prompts her to quickly fall down in a show of ski-suckiness.  LOLOL.  He asks what’s up with the Hollywood-worthy stunts and reminds her that he hates lies more than anything else.  But he’ll forgive her if she teaches him how to ski.  Awww.서영31_08 서영31_09 서영31_10

Mi-kyung gets drunk and sings her lungs out at a noraebang where Kim Jong-kook’s MV plays on the screen.  What do you mean that detail wasn’t important?!  It totes was!!  Yuck Sun-woo comes and asks what in the world is going on with the boozin’ and singing.  Tears trickle down Mi-kyung’s face as she tells Sun-woo, “Why didn’t you ‘catch’ my brother?  It’s all your fault.  If you had married my brother, I wouldn’t have broken up with Sang-woo.”  Yikes.  Sun-woo takes Mi-kyung home and sees Seo-young sitting in the dark, lost in thought.서영31_11

The next morning, she takes out a super secret spy mini trunk that holds an assortment of things, among which is her savings book and mysterious pills.  Mysterious, judging by the music playing.  Uuunfortunately, she forgets to lock the box in her hurry to answer Mama Kang’s summons.  This is no bueno.  Seo-young goes to work and Yeon-hee asks if everything is okay, if things are still bad with Woo-jae.  Seems like the two became buddies while I was napping.  Sun-woo has noticed, too, though, and wonders what’s going down.  To add insult to injury, she asks Lawyer Go to solve the riddle: Because Sun-woo didn’t catch Woo-jae, Mi-kyung broke up with Sang-woo.  What could possibly be the connecting bridge between the two events?  Uh, lady, stop right there. 서영31_13서영31_12

Sung-jae coaches now former Director Choi on the acting front, and the two get a facial together.  Hahahaa.  Also getting pampered are Mama Kang and Mama Choi.  Mama Choi marvels at how well Mama Kang and Sung-jae get along, and Mama Kang says she’d rather have Sung-jae than ten daughters.  Heee!  She says Sung-jae was a gift from heaven – when they first saw each others, sparks flew.  Hahahahaa.서영31_14

We get a flashback to how Sung-jae came to be adopted.  Someone left a baby at the Kang’s residence with a letter detailing the baby’s name and the mother’s appeal that her son be raised well.  I knew it!  Mama Kang fell in love with the child — how could you not fall in love with that smile — and he came to fill the gaping void left courtesy of President Kang.  Though their marriage had been arranged, Mama Kang had fallen in love with her husband.  He, however, didn’t return the feelings.  Poor Mama Kang.  She goes home and takes out Sung-jae’s baby clothes and the letter his biological mother left behind, reminiscing on that day.  Just then, Secretary Yoon arrives with a speech Mama Kang needs to memorize.  Oh my gollies, is the big reveal gonna happen?!서영31_15 서영31_16 서영31_17 서영31_18 서영31_19

Seo-young meets up with Sang-woo and puts up a brave front, assuring him that she’s still happily married.  He was worried because he had no idea the Kang and Choi family were so close.  When asked how long he dated Ho-jung, Sang-woo answers that it’s been a while – he’s known her for over three years.  Seo-young says it’s good he knew her for a long time – it’s best to marry someone you knew for a long time.  Sang-woo replies that knowing someone a long time doesn’t mean you actually know everything about them, and there are those who learn about each other throughout their marriage like Seo-young.  Gah, too much twisty twistiness going on here.  He tells her that Dad has changed a lot, and it makes him sadder over the broken father-daughter relationship.  She tells him not to worry about it – she was always a tough cookie.서영31_20

Papa Lee makes a delivery to *drum roll* Mama Sung!  Drats, wrong drama.  To Mrs. Bang, who owns a carpentry store (I think?).  They get into a little tiff but Mrs. Bang is soon impressed by Papa Lee’s knowledge of wood.서영31_23

Ho-jung and Sang-woo return from their honeymoon and Ho-jung tells her family that the newlyweds will be going straightaway to their own home and Papa Lee.  Traditionally, newlyweds usually spend a night at the bride’s family’s home upon returning from their honeymoon before going to the groom’s.  (That more modern tradition stems from an older Korean custom where the marriage took place at the bride’s home and the newlyweds lived there for a month before moving permanently to the groom’s home.  Permanent as in no return.  Ever.)  Mama Choi, of course, is upset beyond measure, but Ho-jung refuses to budge.  Later that night, the newlyweds and Papa Lee move into their new home, but it’s all bittersweet for Papa Lee.서영31_28

Mama Kang practices her speech but turns pale when she sees the edits Secretary Yoon made.  The writing looks all too familiar…  Woo-jae and President Kang return from their business trip, and Woo-jae accidentally knocks down Seo-young’s super secret case.  Oh nooooes.  He picks up all the stuff and sees her packet of pills, wondering what it could be.  During dinner, the topic of Seo-young’s pregnancy comes up, and she vehemently denies that she’s pregnant.  Mi-kyung comments on her vehemence and how strange it is that such a loving couple still doesn’t have a child.  Oh noooes.  After dinner, Woo-jae looks up the pills he had found… and learns they’re birth control pills.  YIKES.  He recalls the times he had told Seo-young he wanted a child, the times that she went to the OB/GYN to make sure everything was okay…서영31_25 서영31_26

Woo-jae waits for Seo-young in their bedroom, and when she finally comes in, he resignedly asks how the wedding was.  She freezes a moment before saying that she wasn’t able to go.  Gaaaah this is just painful.  He asks if that’s all she has to say, and she hesitates before apologizing for missing the wedding.  She turns to leave, and he says, “Let’s break up.  I just can’t live any longer with you.  I don’t want to live with you.”  Aaack.  He holds out the BCPs and asks how long she’s been taking them, realizing that there was no need to go to the OB/GYN in the first place.  That’s why she had never been concerned.  She apologizes, saying she’s not taking them now, but that angers him further – does she always make decisions for herself, does everything revolve around her?  Didn’t she know he was waiting for a child?  She explains that she hadn’t been ready yet, apologizing for not having been able to discuss it with him.  He can’t get over the fact that she went to the doctor with Mama Kang and also with him while on the Pill.  What kind of person is she, how far was she willing to take it?  Her apologies are too little too late, and he tells her, “Let’s finish things now quietly amongst ourselves before things get ugly once my parents find out.”  Nooooo.서영31_29 서영31_30 서영31_31

Downstairs, Mama Kang gets up, still bothered by the resemblance between Secretary Yoon’s writing and that of the letter Sung-jae’s biological mom wrote.  She compares the two… and they’re identical.서영31_32 서영31_33 서영31_34



Talk about a doozy of an episode.  Seriously, is this the end of the you-know-what going down?  Or is there more you’ve got up your sleeve?  Ay carumba.

I feel bad for Sang-woo, but I feel bad for Ho-jung, too.  It sucks that Sang-woo and Mi-kyung were forced to break up, and Ho-jung got what she wanted, but no one is happy right now.  It’s not Ho-jung’s fault that Mi-kyung is Woo-jae’s sister, and I feel the poor girl is bearing the brunt of the nastiness.  Sang-woo doesn’t resent her though, at the least, and there is a glimmer of hope for these two.  It’ll take some time, but I know these two are gonna end up happy together.

Seo-young isn’t getting a break episode after episode from all accounts, and today’s was just a stinkers for her.  I really liked an article I recently read on a Korean news site, in which the journalist commented on how uncomfortable it was watching Woo-jae be such a bad guy.  S/he asked: Where did the loving Woo-jae go?  Who is this person so completely transformed?  The Woo-jae we had seen throughout the drama would certainly have felt angry and betrayed, but he would have tried to understand Seo-young.  After all, he loves her so much.  The journalist offered an opinion on the 180-degree change: Woo-jae’s character is being so nasty so that viewers will feel sorry for Seo-young and rally behind her.  A lot of people were divided when Seo-young decided to lie about Papa Lee and marry Woo-jae.  Even we here at the Patch were divided.  But now, though some may say Seo-young brought it on herself, everyone agrees that it’s “oh no, poor Seo-young,” not “that evil, ungrateful, vindictive Seo-young.”  I guess the writer succeeded in that respect, but she lost quite a bit of cred from me.  I knew going in that I should be wary – after all, she penned The Great Inheritance and 49 Days – but I was won over by the first ten episodes.  Then… things got ugly, and now things are just wacked.

A part of me hopes the next couple of episodes just get down and dirty in the pit of nastiness so that we can spend the rest of the series watching Seo-young grow, repair her relationship with Papa Lee, and win Woo-jae back.  I don’t want to watch eighteen episodes of nasty and one episode of people finally starting to reconcile.  (Assuming we’ll still end with 50 episodes.)  And by reconciliation, I mean eeeeveryone on this show of brokenly broken twistily twisty relationships.  Mi-kyung needs to get the 4D virus and be happily weird with Kyung-ho.  Sung-jae needs to find some kind of space for the scarily possessive and ambitious Secretary Yoon, since she is his biological mother, but he also needs to remain as devoted to Mama Kang as he is now.  He’ll go through a rough patch, but I know the adorable mother-son pair will come out the other end stronger than before.  President Kang needs to get his act together and give his wife the love she deserves.  Mama Choi needs to accept her husband for who he is, not what she wants him to be.  You married him because you were madly in love, after all.  And last but certainly not least, Sang-woo and Ho-jung need to find happiness and make adorable babies.  Did I get everyone?

What did you think of Episode 31?  What did you think of all the episodes I haven’t quiiite gotten around to?  Please share! 😀



29 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 31

  1. i just pity seo yong anymore, i mean she got opportunities to come clean but she didn’t. now i’m watching not because of woo-jae and her but more to watch sang-woo and hu-jung. love them and watching their plot kind of reminded me of mills and boons stories hehehe sang-woo and hu-jung ftw!

    • hi, jaz!! i agree that seo-young botched things up preeeetty badly xD i was defs not a fan of her decision to lie to her husband. and yes yes sang-woo and ho-jung are pretty darned cute! mills & boon — oh my gollies, how did you know romance novels were my deep dark secret guilty pleasures?! ^^
      thanks for continuing to care for our Patch, jaz!! 😀

  2. What to do? I jumped for the spoiler, since I do not know, if I should go on watching, so many dramas on my list since I paused this one. Ah, my problem was and still is that I liked Mi-Kyung’s character far more than Ho-Jung and it doesn’t seem to change as the story progresses.

    • i ALWAYS jump for the spoilers hahahhaa!! i tried not to get too attached to mi-kyung because i knew she and sang-woo weren’t gonna end up together (as dictated by the laws of korean dramas) but i agree that they were really sweet and cute together… just brainwash yourself into liking ho-jung lolol ^^ it’s what i usually do when the stupid heroine doesn’t pick the obvious choice for her aka the second lead hahahahaa!!

      • i’m late into this and currently on ep 24 but of course, i could never resist spoilers. but i have to be honest i love sangwoo and mi kyung. how could he suddenly choose ho-jung T.T anyways..thank you for your hardwork!

        • I just resently started watching this show and I won’t lie because of PHJ… So I was more invested in him and his story … The others were just fillers … Am at ep… 24 and my heart is breaking… I don’t think I want to watch anymore I will just read recaps ….

          I tried not to … I really did … But I feel head over heels with Dr kang and Dr lee … I was just dying every episode because I knew it won’t be them ,m but I still hoped …

          To all those who I have insulted about SLS … Forgive me … My heart is dying … I literally disliked that volunteer girl from the beginning after the Drs were introduced to me … I mean that was a twenty six year old … Person in a child’s whiny body … Oh and the fact that she was the barer of bad news … I.e marrying Sangu

  3. It’s ok jump other ep. Just hope u can recap for the new ep coz now i can watch this series with eng sub thru dcrazy for the last ep (until 26th). Hope u can recap for the 32th ep. Tq.

    • thank you so so soooo very much, LBY, for faithfully following seo-young with us. i’m always so grateful for your kind comments and encouragement.
      i’ve done about half of ep32 so far — sorry for the delay! for now, i’m tentatively planning to recap as much as i can, even if the recaps are super short! 😉 thanks again, LBY, for tending to our Patch with us!

  4. i’m following MDSY from the 1st Ep. I really understood Seoyoung done what she has done cause I have been in the same situation as her. If Woo Jae really loves her, he should just confront with her not by keep attacking her with his harsh words. I really dissapointed on Woo Jae’s reaction on this. I support Seoyoung 100%!

    • welcome to our Patch, Park Nisa!! 😀 😀 😀 though i don’t agree with seo-young’s decision, i totes understand where she came from… but yes, woo-jae needs to get a personality change stat. or perhaps i should say he needs to revert back to his loving hubby character ^^
      thanks for joining us, Park Nisa! hope to continue hearing from you!! 😀

  5. Happy new year.
    For some reason, a lot of people hate Seo Young and Ho Jung… I don’t particularly like SY but I don’t hate her either. She’s the type of character that is so strong-but was made soft becoz of love…and it’s her weakness too..she just wants to be happy and she just got caught up in that one lie about her father and she has too much of a pride that she’s just as stubborn as WJ and would not clear up misunderstandings even if it destroys their marriage. I hate that they’re dragging the fight between SY and WJ becoz that takes away a lot of screen time for SW and HJ whom I totally shipped from the very start. I luv HJ’s character coz even though she’s rich-well not as wealthy as WJ’s family-she’s very naive and has the courage to stand and make decisions on her own and would sacrifice herself for the one she love. I am totally waiting for the time when SW falls for her.
    Sorry for the long post and thanks for the recap.. ^_^

    • haaaappy new year to you too, Rakydel!!! long time no seeeeee!!!!! i’m so glad you’re still with us post-1997! those were some crazy days ^^
      i totes agree on every point you’ve made — things kinda snowballed for seo-young, and i really wish woo-jae would get his act together. nooow. and yes yeees ho-jung is a sweetie 🙂 even in the few eps i saw of her standing up for her love, i was pleasantly surprised at her strength in character. it sucked on mi-kyung’s end, but ho-jung had some legit points.
      there is NO need to be sorry — we LOOOVE hearing from all of you!! the longer the better, the more the merrier! 😀 thank you, Rakydel, for continuing to share your awesome thoughts with us!! 😀 please keep it coming!! ^^

  6. the episodes you skipped were just so hard to watch…as much as I adored sang woo and ho jung, I just had jump over huge chunks of this drama. now that the new chapter is beginning, hopefully thing do get better.

    • hi, summer! i tried and tried, but i just couldn’t get myself to watch those episodes… it was a train wreck in slow motion x___x but yes, i’m keeping my fingers crossed for progress and a turning over of the slooow makjang leaf! ^^ thank you for continuing your seo-young journey with us, summer!!

  7. wow! fast recap! thank you so much! 😀
    WJ is very different in the last few episode, he become very cold. though, i hope he still love his wife and one day he would understand why his lovely wife make a big lie. most importantly, i’m so happy that WJ found out the SY’s lie by himself.
    next recap please! 🙂

    • hi hiii, red! i really hope woo-jae mans up and keeps his marriage together. or else… it ain’t gonna be pretty on my end 😉 hahahaa!! ep32 will be up as soon as i finish! thanks for sticking with us, red! 😀

  8. Thank you for this update! I’ve been watching this drama from the beginning, and I cannot believe how Ujae can do this to his wife! They’ve portrayed him as this overly loving husband so I really cannot understand why he can be so unreasonably angry. Sure, seo young lied to him, but he could have just tried to understand why she’s like that. The least he could do is say he would forgive her no matter what she had done for her to fess up, but oh no he had to put up this bad boy front which is just so unbearable. He’s reverted back to the old ujae which is quite annoying actually. Episodes of him being like this has dragged on for so long and it gave off the impression that the writer does not have new fresh idea for this drama. I actually felt frustrated whenever I saw seo young being bullied like this. She didn’t kill anybody, for goodness sake and ujae is acting like she committed something worse and made her feel bad. Personally, I feel he’s the one who committed the wrong thing first for subjecting his wife to this type of mental anguish. I hope things will improve really soon and thank you so much for this wonderful recap!

    • welcome to our madhouse, Sephora Stone!!! 😀 😀 😀 i can only applaud your endurance of all those crazy episodes i skipped — i just couldn’t do it! ^^ the writer is defs on my unhappy page right now, and i don’t know if a fantabulous recovery from here on out will move her onto the acceptable page… but i beg her to try. seriously. hahahahaa!! woo-jae defs needs to have a consultation with me pronto — i’ll even do it for free! ^^
      thank YOU, Sephora Stone, for sharing such wonderful thoughts and insight with us!!! i hope you continue your dramaland journey with us! 😀

  9. Sigh. This drama is so draining. If it wasn’t for HJ I think I would have ripped my hair out by now! I love it I really do, but at times (the past 10 or so eps) it just becomes so silly. I mean he has pretty much known SY for like 3 years right? So she lied about a big fact of her life, but that doesn’t stop the fact that she is the EXACT same girl that he feel in love with all that time ago, who is a lot more loving to her new family. It’s like he knows that deep down there he still loves her, you can see, he’s just waiting for her to tell him the truth, and he should also know that trying to get her to talk is like trying to squeeze water out a rock. She won’t talk for anything, unless it’s to SW (kind of…)

    I really do hope too that they spend time re-mending the relationships. After all that palaver they really need some peace. I can clearly see that these people are clever, they catch-on seemingly quickly it’s refreshing to see, but they do linger! Urgh. HJ and SW are really a saving grace in this madness. I LOVE THEM! ^.^

    • weeeelcome to our Patch, Manickey!! 😀 😀 😀 we’re so glad to have you join us in crazy seo-young-land! ^^ i totes agree that though the lie is pretty darned big, seo-young is still the same person he’s been married to the last 3 years. i know she hasn’t been able to completely let down all barriers, but there’s no denying that she loves him as fiercely as he does her. *sigh* too bad he’s having issues seeing straight right now xD and lolol i love the analogy to squeezing water out of a rock! totes true!! i’m holding out hope things take a turn for the better — in the meantime, though, we’ll wub sang-woo and ho-jung! ^^
      thanks for joining us, Manickey, and for sharing your awesome thoughts with us!! hope to continue hearing from you! 😀

  10. This drama, isn’t it a bit of a mess? I tune in once in a while on KBS World and it is definitely one of the weekend dramas to beat. Seeing on how Seoyoung goes on with her “life changing” decisions, most of us either understand her and side with her or dislike her. If you hate her, it’s even better. Only amazing actors/ actresses make you hate them. Ujae is a portrayal of this perfect man who loves you and strives to give you the best he can. But, once he found out her “secret” it became hard on him why she never told the truth to him that- it really hurts to be in his position. What I don’t get about this weekend drama is that it hits all the right spots (like Bride Of The Sun) but then Sangwoo broke up with Migyeong. That put dampers on me 😦 I love your recap and I hope you will continue until the show ends. All the best to you and I’m sorry for this long comment. Forgive me for this 😀 Until then…

    • hi hiii, justwacky!! welcome to our Patch!!! 😀 😀 😀
      i feel like what i did (read the headlines each week) was pretty much equivalent to tuning in once in a while… lolol! sang-woo and mi-kyung were pretty darned cute — it was so hard to remind myself they weren’t the end game and not get too attached xD hahahahaa! but oh my gollies, bride of the sun!! now THAT was one crazy makjangfest of a drama, and that’s based on watching just a teensy portion of it! seo-young seems to pale in comparison… ^^
      thank youuuuu, justwacky for joining us & sharing your thoughts!! there is absitively nothing to forgive — it is i who’s grateful!! hope you continue sharing your wonderful thoughts with us! 😀

  11. I love this drama when it first started but I feel that its quite dragging now or is it just me who is really not fond of conflicts. XD. anyways I still watch this but only on Ho Jung and SangWoo part. I’m shipping them eversince. LOL. Hope you’ll continue to recap this drama.. Thank you.

    • hi hiiii, `Eun!! i am totes in the same boat as you: luffed it when it started, but that love quickly waned… sang-woo and ho-jung are defs the highlight of each ep ^^ i’m gonna try and finish from here on out! thank YOU for continuing to join us here at the Patch, `Eun!! 😀

      • I am skipping on the other parts and just watch sangwoo and ho jung especially now that Woo jae and seo young are getting a divorce. It pisses me off. lols. anyways, I will be forever a patch lover. 🙂

    • welcome to our Patch, leoni!! 😀 at this point, i’m leaning towards not going back for eps 17-30 unless the show redeems itself beyond all reason… 😦 sorry! but i am defs hoping to finish the show from here on out 🙂 thanks for joining us, leoni — we hope to continue hearing more from you! 😀

  12. So the writer is from 49 Days! Now that series made me cry endlessly!! And this series has me either going “I hate you – to I feels pity for you!!” I know from the very start of this I thought it was different, but now its slowly getting ugly and hateful; though there’s some comedy elements thrown in. It still keeps me here watching every week.

    • glad you’re still with us, Damian Maxwell!! 😀 i agree, this show keeps me careening from one end of the spectrum to the other xD i’m really hoping they pick themselves up out of the pits sooooon! 😀

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