A motley collection of Christmas presents

Meeeerry Christmas!!  Whitecarrot and I are pretty much at the end of the world, so it took Santa some time to make his way down our chimneys.  He was prolly pretty tired, too, by the time he got here.  But fear not.  I left him two whole boxes of cookies, though I forgot to leave out a glass of milk.  I like to think I made up for that oversight by giving him a choice between sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies.

Santa stuffed our Patch’s stocking last night, and I thought I’d share it with all of you who love it as much as we do.  It’s never late to spread the Christmas spirit, right?  So here we go: an assortment of random stocking stuffers from Santa dearest.


King of Dramas

Minus the last ten minutes of Episode 16, this week was the bestestest present Santa could have given me.  Even those last ten minutes were golden in terms of Kim Myung-min’s amaztasticness.2012122502274827_1_rstarkhynJust admit it.  You wub her.

2012122502363049_1_rstarkhynThank you.

2012122601482023_1_rstarkhynYep, that’s my face, too.


Words can’t do this show justice.


My Daughter Seo-young

I’m so behind, and I’m so very sorry.  But here’s hoping you’ll find some forgiveness in your heart.




I warned you.

The shit has hit the fan.  Big time.

Sang-woo found out – mere minutes before Mi-kyung could tell him herself – that she ain’t no orphan… and her family is the one Seo-young married into.  서영_006서영_004서영_005

Woo-jae found out that Seo-young’s father is very much alive… and it’s the man who saved his life.서영_001 서영_002 서영_007

Mi-kyung found out that Seo-young is Sang-woo’s twin…서영_003

And Sang-woo is gettin’ married.etc0120121224103047

But not to whom you think.20121224112755495Yeah, it’s been quite an interestin’ ride.


Win Win

201212250929481119_1Seriously, for seriously, the sweetestest bestestest Christmas gift EVER.  Beautiful couple – inside and out! – Sean and Jung Hye-young were the guests for the Christmas special of Kim Seung-woo’s talk show Win Win.  They are the sweetest couple ever, and their hearts of gold cannot be praised enough.  You know what would be the best?  If Cha In-pyo and Shin Ae-ra came on the show together next week! 😀

On a sad note: KBS and the production team are in talks for bringing an end to the show.  Kim Seung-woo’s agency said he’s having a hard time handling two variety shows (Win Win and 1 Night 2 Days) in addition to his ‘actual’ career aka acting.  Sad panda.


Iris 2

Speaking of Kim Seung-woo’s ‘real’ job, his next drama, Iris 2, will be hitting the airwaves early next year.  They just released their first “teaser poster” today.  Umm… what’s a teaser poster?20121226102140_250717_550_783



Another upcoming drama, Yawang, released its first teaser video today.  Okay, I know what that is.  I’m not really sure how excited I am about the drama itself, and the teaser is pretty… dramatic in not the best way, but I do love Su Ae.  Sigh.  Dilemma oh dilemma.


I Miss You

201212261031101110_1201212261031101110_2Yoochun and the I Miss You crew spent a very white Christmas on set.

Episode 14 airs tomorrow.201212260917211116_1


Birth of a Family

I got sucked into another daily show.  CLWY family, I’m so sorry the finale recap isn’t up yet!  It’s coming soon for realsies!!

But back to the latest SBS evening daily.  There isn’t anything new under the sun, and Birth of a Family doesn’t do much either in terms of breaking from the norm… but I still find myself oddly eager to watch it each day.  With the end of Episode 13, we’re finally getting into the story proper!! 가족의 탄생_00020가족의 탄생_00021


Gaksital lives on

Joo Won will be reenacting the famous final scene of Gaksital at the KBS Drama Awards next week.  8:50pm on December 31, to be exact.  The musical-actor-turned-star will be joined by tenor Lee Jung-hyun and a choir in their bid to make everyone weep and shout Gaksitaaaaal!!각시탈_01


Sung Yuri poses for Marie Claire

She’s just adorable.  Sung Yuri is busy making her rounds as her new movie Noona (Older Sister) gears up for a January 3, 2012 — oops! 2013 — release.201212260836351117_1


Kim Bum sends his greetings



As does Kim Sun-ah

201212250942441119_1What, a CF behind-the-scenes isn’t a Christmas message?  Whatever.


Any special Christmas gifts you received this year?  Please share with us! 😀  Merry Merry Meeeerrry Christmas, everyone!!  Ho ho ho!!!



3 responses to “A motley collection of Christmas presents

  1. Ooh thanks for the stocking stuffers! What lovely presents to come to. My Daughter Seo-Young seems to be picking up, by your recap 😮 Once burned, though… I think I’ll hold out a little bit more before I continue.

      • hehehee thank YOU for continuing to join us, slashedsilver!! i defs feel the same way about being burned by seo-young… i think it was why i had such a hard time getting back on it xD
        and thank youuuu hope you had a lovely Christmas as well! 😀

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