My Daughter Seo-young: Episodes 15-16

OH.  EM.  GEE.

I’m a sucker for spoilers, and I can’t seem to stay away.  Ever.  Though I’m still a good month behind the live broadcast, I’ve been checking the news portals every weekend just to read the headlines for Seo-young articles – I love how Korean headlines tell ya everything ya need to know.  You don’t actually have to read the article.  Though that doesn’t hurt, of course.  But back to the whole spoilers issue.  I saw all the headlines for Episode 24 (!!! I can’t believe I’m so behind!  I’ve never been this behind before!!) and I knew I had to go for broke.  ’Cause at this rate, I’m never gonna catch up.  So.  I won’t reveal anything, since most people actually care to wait for the revelations to happen on their own.  But in light of the need to get up to speed, I’m REALLY going super summary mode.  I tried the last four episodes, but the summaries kept getting longer, so I’m bucklin’ down for realsies.  And by all accounts, not too much has actually happened the last several weeks.  So.  For the umpteenth time.  A summary.  Or perhaps I’ll call it an abstract, since that word makes me think “short” more than “summary” does.  We’ll see…

Okay.  I’m stoppin’ for reals with the chatter.

Episodes 15-26.  Bring it on.  (Well, Episodes 15-16 just for today.)_00039


Episode 15

Papa Lee can’t manage to wiggle his way out of Woo-jae’s grasp and reluctantly starts work at Winners Group as a parking attendant._00001

Seo-young shows up at the law firm for her first day, and what a welcome it is: Yeon-hee and Sun-woo.  We get a flashback: Sun-woo tells Seo-young that she’s gonna wait for Woo-jae.  She believes Seo-young will get tossed over at some point, just like she did, so she’s gonna wait for Woo-jae to come back to her.  Gah, lady, you just suck.  And what a way to make Seo-young miserable, now that she has to work with Sun-woo every day._00002

Yeon-hee calls Seo-young out and asks her to pretend not to know her in the office.  (Seo-young doesn’t want Yeon-hee — a connection to her super spy secret past — around, but it’s pretty awkward for Yeon-hee, too, especially since Seo-young has become so successful while Yeon-hee hasn’t.)  Yeon-hee says she’ll try to find another job ASAP.  Sun-woo sees the two of them talking together._00003

Papa Lee decides to just stay at this job until he can find another one.  While on the job, he gets a glimpse of President Kang, who wants to meet Papa Lee (his son’s lifesaver).  Woo-jae manages to prevent the meeting, but the two see each other from afar.  Our first official meeting of the in-laws, eh?

Sun-woo goes to see Mi-kyung and asks if nothing went down at their home last night, and when Mi-kyung answers in the negative, she tells her that Seo-young is working at her law firm.  Mi-kyung calls Woo-jae and relays the news, and Woo-jae in turn calls Sun-woo out for lunch.  He’s awesomely curt with the annoying Sun-woo who insists that it’s pure coincidence that she and his wife came to be working for the same law firm.  He tells her straight-up that she made a mistake, but she lies through her teeth, promising not to make things uncomfortable for his wifey.  Gah, go away._00005 _00006

Sung-jae goes out on a “meeting” with his friends and keeps seeing someone who looks like the old Seo-young (before she got married, when she was tutoring him).  How cute is it that he still holds her in esteem as his first love?_00007 _00008

Seo-young gets mad at Woo-jae for meeting up with Sun-woo.  Okay, girlfriend, being jealous is cute, but it’s not cool to keep brushing him off when he back-hugs you!  Are you out of your mind?!  Every woman on the planet is dying for a back-hug from Woo-jae!_00009

Sung-jae comes home and excitedly asks Seo-young if she has a twin.  Gah.  The look on her face.  He explains that he saw her doppelganger today, but the haunted look doesn’t go away._00012

Ho-jung tells Mi-kyung that she likes Sang-woo, and that she’s making a declaration of war.  LOL.  Mi-kyung is just speechless, and Ho-jung tells her, “Love cannot have any deception.”  Right-o you are, dear, on that one.  Mi-kyung says she’s gonna tell Sang-woo the truth, but Ho-jung says no, get approval from your parents first.  “Until you get approval, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to win him.  If you get approval, I’ll cleanly admit defeat and live by myself the rest of my life.”  Ho-jung’s logic isn’t completely off-base, but still…  and LOL: Ho-jung tells Mi-kyung that if she tells Sang-woo the truth first without getting her parents’ approval, she’ll tell President and Mama Kang about Sang-woo._00013 _00014

Seo-young goes to surprise Woo-jae at his office… and passes by Papa Lee in the parking lot…_00015


Episode 16

Seo-young goes to surprise Woo-jae at his office, but he goes to her firm to surprise her.  LOL.  Is this like the Gift of the Magi or something?  They eventually meet up and watch Turin’s Horse again.  Awwww.  Cute times.  Woo-jae tells Seo-young that he’s so happy – she now gets mad at him and even feels jealousy.  Until now, she’s never gotten angry or anything at him, and he’s happy she’s finally showing some emotion.  He explains that their first movie date was when he really got “hooked” by her.  He didn’t fall asleep that day – hehehee.  He saw that she didn’t let go of herself, even in sleep, and he vowed that he would be the one to make her comfortable.  Awww.  And gah, this just hurts so much, knowing what’s comin’. _00017_00016 _00018

Sun-woo has dinner with Yeon-hee to mine info for ammo against Seo-young.  I can’t stand this.

Mi-kyung finds herself in a dilemma thanks to Ho-jung, while Sang-woo tells Papa Lee that he’s serious about marrying Mi-kyung.  I’m dying here – isn’t there aaanything to be happy about?_00019 _00020

Woo-jae just continues to show aspects of his character that Papa Lee loves, and pinkblossom continues to die a slow death.

President Kang gets separate beds for him and his wife, which prompts a two-hour opera session for the incensed and heartbroken Mama Kang.  LOLOL.  Oh, Mama Kang, what would I ever do without you?  Sung-jae runs home to take care of her and he storms into President Kang’s office, demanding that he apologize to Mama Kang.  He tells his unrepentant father that he has no intention of entering Winners Group – which sends the devious(?) Secretary Yoon into a tizzy.  This lady is starting to make me nervous._00021 _00022 _00023

Seo-young asks Yeon-hee not to share any personal info about her at work, and Yeon-hee readily agrees.  But Yeon-hee remembers hearing about a mutual friend seeing Papa Lee at Jeju Island a few years back and asks Seo-young how Sang-woo is doing…  Eek, things are getting scary, here… and Seo-young is starting to feel the pressure._00024 _00025

D-Day has arrived for Mi-kyung and Sang-woo, and Mi-kyng dresses up extra nice in anticipation of their special date that night.  Gah, I’m so scared.

Sung-jae goes to an audition for new actors and sees the girl who reminded him of pre-marriage Seo-young.  Okay, it was cute when he saw her from the back, but her staring at him via the mirror is just creepers._00026 _00027

Seo-young goes to the hospital on a case… and her client is Sang-woo’s patient.  Gah!  She calls Mi-kyung, whom she knows works at the hospital, thinking to meet up… and… Seo-young and Sang-woo run into each other.  Oh.  My.  Gawsh._00028 _00029 _00030 _00035 _00031 _00032 _00033 _00034



The only thoughts running through my mind are “I’m dying,” and “Oh.  My.  Gosh.”  Things are still in motion, so it’s an awkward time to weigh in on what’s goin’ down.  Once we get to the uber juicy stuff, though, you won’t be able to stop me from blabbering on.

Thank you for all your patience – I know these recaps have been uber slow, and I can’t thank you all enough for continuing to love our Patch despite the lack of proper tending whitecarrot and I have been giving it.  We’ll be clearin’ out the weeds and plantin’ some real good stuff before the year’s out, so please continue to visit us! 😀  Thanks again!!




14 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episodes 15-16

  1. Thanks for the summaries! I’m still trying to figure out if I should continue with the show or if it’s become too much of a makjang for me. Incidentally, the next episode (Episode 17) is the one I caught on KBS World by accident a while back. Because I’d started with it, and there was absolutely no backstory, I actually thought Sang-woo was Seo-young’s ex-boyfriend or something 😉 I remember thinking they had pretty good chemistry, though it’s weird to think of now since I know they’re supposed to be twins!

    • thank YOU, slashedsilver, for sharing all of your awesome insights & thoughts! from what i’ve heard, things have gotten pretty… frustrating. as in, “why are the characters suddenly acting so strangely?” kind of frustrating. sigh. for now, i’m planning to finish off the show since i promised to do recaps… but i don’t know how enjoyable it’ll be! 😉
      lolol oh my gawsh, i would SO totes have thought sang-woo was seo-young’s ex, too! hahahahaa!! now i’m gonna watch ep 17 with that mindset ^^ hehehehee!!

  2. Thanks!

    I love spoilers.

    Pity you can’t put them up the the way that allow reader who want to read them highlight to read and the others who don’t wont come across the information accidentally.

    • hi hiii, Yumi!! 😀 hehehehee yay fellow spoiler-loving friend! ^^ i did try the spoiler highlighting once for the “kdrama quotes” post, but i’m not sure how effective it was~ if you really want to know, i can email you ^^ hehehe! let me know! 😀 & thank you for continuing to join us at the Patch!! 😀 😀

      • Pleaseee sent to me ep 25 and 26 if you already know.i want know what sang woo talking when porpose ho-joong and why sang woo decide to porpose ho-jung is he now have feel like to ho-joon,,,i really curios.i can watch in epdrama but no english sub 😦

        • welcome to our Patch, MDS!!! 😀 😀 😀 sorry for the delay — things have been a little crazy xD i’ll email you as soon as i watch the specific scenes you asked about!! 😀 thank you for joining us here — we hope you continue sharing your thoughts with us! 😀

  3. Thanks for the recaps. I always enjoy reading your recaps but this is the first time i write comment. I visit your blog everyday to see if there’s any new seo young recaps. So happy that you have posted ep 15-16.
    I luuuvvv spoiler as well.
    Please please please email me what happen in ep 24
    Thanks and have a good day !!!!

    • hi, Kristina!! welcome to our Patch!!! i’m so glad you’ve been joining us here & you’re commenting for the first time! the first time’s always the hardest — we hope you continue to share your thoughts with us! 😀
      i’m so so sooo very sorry i haven’t put up any new recaps — things have been a bit crazy, but i’m hoping to hop back on the train. i’ll send you an email with the ep 24 big news as soon as i can! 😀 thanks again for joining us here — hope you continue your dramaland journey with us! 😀 😀 😀

  4. Thanks for your recaps, summeries or short-notes whatever comes my way is welcome. I kept myself from watching since ep 18, so I didn’t mind that much about your “vacation” on doing recaps of the drama. I am still hesitating to go back.

    • thank YOU, lutrabee, for continuing to share in seo-young’s craziness with us!! i totes had to stop after ep 16… it was just too hard to watch xD maybe we can go back aaaafter the whole drama ends? 😉 hehehee!

  5. Episode 15 is when I lost my Fs for ho-jung … I was just feeling bad for her then she made the threat and my mind was like BLACKMAIL… There’s nothing noble about that shit … Balckmail is black mail ….an poor mi-kyung this girl really is a pearl … She understands so little about emotions and boyfriends …

    I love her foot in the mouth syndrome and I literally LMAO when she told HY she doesn’t have time and HY was like I will talk anyway … And MK was like “must I listen to it” god the way she asked it and the expression had me in a split LOL …

    I just ship my doctors more … Dr kang and lee …

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