My Daughter Seo-young: Episodes 13-14

Sorry, everyone, for the long wait!  Time has just slipped through my fingers like the rope did through poor Yao’s hands in Mulan.  Heh heh heh.  He was hilarious.  But for seriously, sorry to have kept you waiting – and thank you to those who have kindly waited for these mini-summaries.


Episode 13

Papa Lee pushes Woo-jae out of the way but gets hit by the car, and Woo-jae rushes him to the hospital.  When Papa Lee realizes he’s at the hospital Sang-woo works at, he hurriedly runs away, just missing Seo-young as she’s arriving at the hospital.  Close call, lady, close call.  Everyone is relieved that Woo-jae is okay, but they wonder what kind of person saves someone then runs away like that.

Mi-kyung calls Sang-woo and asks him to meet the following night because she has something important to tell him.  Eek!  Sang-woo, though, has already promised to meet Ho-jung for dinner, and he instead invites Mi-kyung to his home that weekend – it’s Papa Lee’s birthday, and he wants her to be his present to his dad.  Awww.

Papa Lee gets fired because his wrist is now ‘useless’ (he injured his tendon in the accident), and Woo-jae finds him sitting out in front of Mr. Yoo’s mini convenience store.  Dun dun dun!  (Woo-jae went to quite some lengths to find the address of his life saver.)  Papa Lee keeps trying to leave and Woo-jae offers him money as a sign of gratitude.  Rather than accept the fat envelope, Papa Lee just asks for $100 – the cost for the doctor’s visit (he visited a small clinic after running away from the large comprehensive hospital) and two days’ wages.  Woo-jae reluctantly gives the $100 and offers his business card in case Papa Lee ever needs to contact him.  Papa Lee refuses the business card and says instead, “Let’s just settle it with this” – and puts out his hand.  Ack.  I’m dying.  Woo-jae grasps Papa Lee’s hand and sincerely thanks him, and Papa Lee tells him to live a happy, healthy life.  Gah, I’m crying.  Woo-jae asks for the elderly man’s name, and Papa Lee says it’s Yoo Man-oh – the name of his friend.

On his way home, though, Woo-jae recalls Papa Lee’s words about the two days’ wages and turns back.  He finds the real Mr. Yoo and asks what kind of work Papa Lee does.  Mr. Yoo answers that his friend got fired because he injured his wrist.

That night, Sang-woo shows up at the restaurant Ho-jung picked, and she appears amongst flowers and balloons, singing a song.  Ohmygawsh I’m cringing in embarrassment for her but it’s so hilarious.  She proposes to him but he turns her down flat, saying that he’s seeing someone already.  Poor baby, how embarrassing – there were a bunch of people hiding for a surprise celebration.  Cringe cringe.  She asks what she should do now and he tells her to quit volunteering at his hospital immediately – the rest she should figure out on her own since it has nothing to do with him.  He’s pretty cold about it, but he does feel bad for her.  But what he tells himself is the right thing: “Let’s not do something that’ll hurt both people.”  If you have to be sorry, just let it be Ho-jung in this scenario since you’re dating Mi-kyung.

Seo-young is looking through her phone and comes upon a picture of Papa Lee and Sang-woo.  Gah.  Flashback Series: The picture was taken on Sang-woo’s graduation day, and Seo-young watches the two from her car, congratulating Sang-woo from afar.  On another day, she texts Sang-woo that her number changed and to contact her if anything happened.  Another day: she watches Sang-woo and Papa Lee come out of the public bath house together.  Another night: she sits in the parking lot outside Sang-woo’s hospital, waiting for a glimpse of him.  Yet another day: she’s coming out of the Judicial Research and Training Institute and talking to Woo-jae on the phone when she comes up short – Sang-woo is waiting for her.  She frantically tells Woo-jae before hanging up not to come pick her up.  I was starting to feel bad for you, lady, but it looks like nothing has changed.  Sang-woo calls her out to a different place and she eagerly goes to meet him, but he is as unmoved as ever.  He coldly tells her not to hang around him or Papa Lee unless she’s willing to tell her in-laws the truth and come back to her family, asking for forgiveness.  Seo-young, though, isn’t willing to do that.  Can’t have your cake and eat it, too, lady.  She tells Sang-woo that the longer she’s married, the harder it is to reveal the truth. At first, she planned to tell at least Woo-jae as soon as possible, but she can’t because he trusts her too much.  She asks if she can’t at least meet up with him once in a while, but Sang-woo says he has only grown angrier with the passing of time.  He tells her not to try finding out where he ends up doing his residency or anything at all.  “Don’t let me feel your shadow.”  Ouch.

Back to present: Tears streak down Seo-young’s face and she tells Sang-woo (in her mind) that she misses him.  She looks at her calendar (on her phone) and sees this Saturday is marked as “Father”.  Oh ho ho, lady, so you do still care somewhat?  I’m surprised.  Sung-jae asks her to help him with his acting practice, and she leaves her phone in the study.  Woo-jae comes home and picks up the phone and sees the “Father” entry in the calendar.  Dun dun duuuun.

The next day, Woo-jae asks Mama Kang to help with something for Seo-young – and it turns out he wants to have a memorial service for Seo-young’s dad.  Oh.  My.  Gawsh.

Mi-kyung dolls up to meet Sang-woo and Papa Lee, and Sang-woo is so adorably surprised when he sees his girlfriend in heels and a dress.

Woo-jae picks up Seo-young from work, promising that a surprise is waiting for her at home.  Heck yeah, it’s a surprise.  Seo-young walks in the door… and a memorial service is set up for Lee Sam-jae, complete with the food offerings for the dead.  Ack.  Yikes.

Episode 14

Seo-young passes out from the shock and lays up in bed for the night.  Whew, I was afraid you’d actually go through with the service.  If you had, I really would have dropped you off the far end, then.  When Woo-jae asks whether she won’t share a bit about her past now, she gets snippy at him then apologizes, but he apologizes instead.  Gah, why do you have to be such a perfect husband?

Mi-kyung, Sang-woo, and Papa Lee enjoy a lovely birthday party together, and she even sings a song for Papa Lee.  I haven’t heard Park Jung-ah’s real voice in a while!  Papa Lee asks about her family and she promises to tell “everything” about her parents next time (Sang-woo thinks her parents both died in an accident when she was in high school).  Ay carumba.  While Sang-woo walks her out to catch a cab, Mi-kyung asks whose the pink bed was, and he answers that when he tells her about the pink bed, it’s the equivalent to proposing.  She says she has something to tell him, too – and it’s a proposal for her, too.  Oy.  They agree to have their ‘talks’ with one another on their next off day.

Mama Kang starts to wonder about Seo-young’s background and worry that she really has some shady business goin’ on but Woo-jae sharply cuts her off, his face going stony at the implication that his wife is in any way found imperfect.  Gah, I just can’t handle this.

Papa Lee tells Sang-woo he likes Mi-kyung and happily tries on the jacket she bought him.  Sang-woo recognizes the Zishen label on the jacket (the Kang family’s company), and his face momentarily hardens.  He asks Papa Lee why he doesn’t ask anything at all about Seo-young these days.  “You liked her 100 times more than me.”  Gah.  Papa Lee fibs his way through the conversation and Sang-woo, too, lies that Seo-young called and seemed to be doing well.

Ho-jung goes off to a blind date and shows up with panda eyes and a bird’s nest atop her head.  Hahahaa.  And guess who’s her blind date man?  Our other Sung-jae aka Lee Shi-eon!  LOLOL.  Ho-jung basically blows off her blind date then goes to see Papa Lee, who tells her that Sang-woo really does have a girlfriend – she’s a fellow resident at his hospital.

The next day, Kyung-ho is introduced to the residents in all his awkward glory, and Ho-jung freaks out when she finds out that Sang-woo’s girlfriend is none other than Mi-kyung.  Oy this is gonna get interesting.

Secretary Yoon goes to see Sung-jae at school and learns that he’s been skippin’ out on class.  She meets up with him and tries to tell him not to slack off and try working at Winners Group, but Sung-jae ain’t havin’ none of it, especially from the secretary.  Lady, what pot are you tryin’ to stir?  Are you for seriously plannin’ to spill the beans?!

Seo-young tells her parents-in-law that she’s going to resign and work as a lawyer, and President Kang gives the okay – much to Mama Kang’s hilarious distress.  Seo-young tenders her resignation and signs on to join the Unique Law Firm (yes, weird name, and no, it’s not a Raw firm), thus beginning Part II (or is it Part III?) of our story.  Outside, she sees a woman walk into the building she just exited… and we get a flashback to high school.  Seo-young was always at the top of her class (in the entire school) while Lee Yeon-hee was always second.  (Yeon-hee was the name the reporter friend mentioned to Seo-young in Episode 12.)  Seo-young got called into the office because they were behind on their tuition, and she saw Sang-woo getting rapped with a ruler by his teacher for not paying his tuition.  Long story short, Seo-young was as fiercely protective of her brother back then as she is now – or was, when they were still on speaking terms.  She was humiliated by Yeon-hee in front of all her friends when she found her mom working as a maid for Yeon-hee’s family.  Seo-young ended up dropping out of high school to make money so she could send Sang-woo to medical school T_T and when Mama Lee asked if Sang-woo was the reason she dropped out of school, she coldly answered, “No, it’s because of Dad.” Is this when the bitterness really settled in?  Poor baby.

Back to the present: It turns out that Yeon-hee works for Unique Law Firm, and to top it off, Sun-woo is waiting in the wings to greet Seo-young on the morrow.  Sigh.  Here we go.

Woo-jae follows Seo-young’s advice and creates a position as a Parking Attendant for Papa Lee.  He ‘bribes’ the real Mr. Yoo to convince Papa Lee to check out the new job – since Papa Lee refuses to take anything from Woo-jae – and the unsuspecting Papa Lee happily accepts the job.  He is surprised by his ready employment but fervently promises to do his best.  Just then, Woo-jae shows up and Papa Lee stares at him in shock…



To be absolutely honest, I’m not nearly as lovin’ of this show as I was a few episodes ago.  A lot of it has to do with the mess that’s just waiting to be plopped in our laps, and I get the distinct feeling that the writer is just toying with the viewers, building things up so the fallout is as nasty as can be.  Lemme tell ya, I don’t appreciate it.

The first ten episodes were really pretty crazy in how quickly things developed, and I was afraid things were going too fast.  But now that we’ve gotten used to that tempo, it’s frustrating that things have slowed down the last couple of episodes.  True, we’re now opening the next chapter with Seo-young joining Unique Law Firm (gah, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that horrible name), but I’m afraid we’re just gonna drag on for a while as Sun-woo stores up on ammo to blow up Seo-young and Woo-jae’s marriage.  It ain’t gonna be pretty.

Speaking of ugly, poor Sang-woo and Mi-kyung.  I like to hope that these two will find a way to get over their lies, and they seem to love each another enough to do so.  But as I mentioned after Episode 12, Sang-woo probably won’t be able to go through with it once he learns Mi-kyung is Seo-young’s sister-in-law.  It just ain’t gonna happen.  Sigh.  The beginnings of Kyung-ho and Mi-kyung’s relationship were featured in this episode when Kyung-ho singled out Mi-kyung after being introduced to the residents.  He’s such a hilarious weirdo that I think he and Mi-kyung will end up being pretty cute, but I just don’t wanna deal with the stuff that will lead to them getting together.

And Sung-jae’s story, too: It ain’t gonna be pretty.

Christmas is almost upon us, and I personally am as happy as can be these days – I’m so sad to be harping on this show!  For those who love it as much as ever, please ignore my ranting and enjoy it to the max.  I’ll be quiet, now.


11 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episodes 13-14

    • welcome to our Patch, dispro!! i just meant that i would end my rant for these two episodes ^^ thanks for joining us here — we hope to hear more from you! 😀 😀 😀

  1. Thank you for the recap 🙂 I’m glad you did 2 episodes in a go, really appreciate. I agree things going to be nasty and will break most viewers hearts :p But I hope the writer is kind enough to give a good closure to the drama!

    • helloooo again, Love Gururu!! 😀 i am dreaaading the fallout x___x it’s so hard to find motivation to watch the show because i know what’s looming on the horizon xD lolol. but yes, i sure hope they give us a fabulous ending — if they don’t, i can’t be held accountable for what i may do! ^^

  2. Ohhh… Mixed feelings, mixed feelings. I don’t like being toyed with 😡 One thing I appreciated about Nice Guy is that misunderstandings never dragged out too long — they were usually resolved within the episode, or the next. This one is dragging across arcs. I guess they feel the comfort of having 50 episodes to flesh things out, but as a viewer, it’s truly excruciating. *offers hugs*

  3. I will never get over the knowledge that my baby doctors wont be together … tears

    They are sooo perfect … The contrast , pain , angst and mostly the love ….

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