Volleyball Lover- Drama Review

If you can’t tell, I’m a fan of Annie Chen. Oyah and I’m going through this Taiwanese Drama period. I just marathon-ed a 15 episode drama starring Annie Chen and Godfrey Gao. The title is absolutely atrocious. Volleyball Lover? I mean it pretty much sums up what the show is about, but way to state the obvious. Anyway, I enjoyed the brainless fair overall. If you’re looking for a mindless way to get through about 15 hours, check this drama out.

Synopsis: Bai Qian Rui (Godfrey Gao) and Xin Hai Jing (Annie Chen) have been best friends since the beginning of time. Tomboy Hai Jing and pretty prince Qian Rui are next door neighbors who grew up with each other. Qian Rui sees Hai Jing as just his best bro. They even sleep in the same bed without anything happening. But when Hai Jing and her father’s volleyball team is in danger of losing funding, Hai Jing’s father takes things into his own hands. He tricks Hai Jing and Qian Rui into thinking they slept together, and demands Qian Rui take responsibility by joining the volleyball team. Qian Rui is a natural athlete with amazing hops (Yes, basketball lingo here, but I don’t know how else to put this. The guy just jumps really high). Add in the cold beauty Jia Kai Lin and boy’s volleyball captain Lu Qing Han and you have the ultimate love square.

Thoughts (Spoilers included):

1. One thing I have always enjoyed about Taiwanese dramas is the heroines. Most of the popular Taiwanese shows have pretty looking actresses, but most of them aren’t beauties. Aesthetically and shallowly speaking, these girls are above average and easy on the eyes. (Whereas Korean drama’s have these gorgeous women like Song Hye-Kyo and Kim Tae-hee. They are way too beautiful to be common folk!) The Taiwanese actresses are way more relatable to us regular people! I think Annie Chen is one of these actress. Although she has a model’s figure, her looks and the way she talks is just like any of the other girls on Taiwan’s streets. She was cute as a tomboy here, although she is slightly whiny and cries a little too much in certain scenes (when I fast-forwarded).

2. I went into the drama expecting very little from Godfrey Gao. These man is gorgeous. He’s a model from some rich family and I think this is his first leading role. His looks makes it difficult to believe he is a college student. But his acting was more honest than I expected. I really felt certain scenes in his line delivery.

3. Hai Jing’s father is really hilarious. I loved that guy. He was goofy when needed but not overly so.

4. I love the childhood friends story line (like 1997). I really enjoy the friendly dynamic that build up to the romantic overtones and tension between the characters. It was done really well here.

5. The villain of the story Jia Kai Lin’s father looks like a blond fat Asian of Beethoven. This made it really hard to take his evilness seriously. The problems he caused weren’t too overwrought. They were all within the boundaries of acceptable-ness. I’m just glad this didn’t turn his daughter Kai Lin into one of those jealous hating 2nd female leads. She was just pretty, boring, and nice. No harm.

6. As I said, an brainless, easy go-to entertaining drama.

2 responses to “Volleyball Lover- Drama Review

  1. Ah, thanks for the review! I’ve stumbled upon this drama many times, but for some reason I’ve always hesitated to watch it. Maybe because of the volleyball theme, maybe because I didn’t know any of the four leads (now I do, though I only realized that Godfey Gao is the Godfrey Gao from SOP Queen when you put those pictures up because I didn’t remmber his name. And yes, he’s absolutely gorgeous. *swoon*)
    I really like Annie Chen. She’s one of my favourite Taiwanese actresses and I wish I could watch or download “Love, Now” with English subtitles (it’s really a pity that so few Taiwanese/Chinese dramas get subbed)… oh well, looks like I’ll watch this drama instead. 🙂
    Thanks again for the review! I was really bored tonight but now I’m gonna check out the first episode of this drama.

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