My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 12

After much thought, I’ve decided to sacrifice detail for efficiency.  The two trips I took last month set me back quite a bit more than I ever expected, thus I find myself still stuck at the top of my To Do list… which goes for quite a ways down the page.  No bueno.  I know a lot of you have been waiting a long time for these recaps, and I’m so very sorry (1) they took so long; and (2) they’re not gonna be as thorough or detailed as the previous ones.  Episodes 17-18 aired this past weekend, and I’m still on Episode 12…

I have a tendency to get lapped.  It’s nothing new when running ain’t anywhere near my forte.  But this is just ridonkulous, and I’m afraid that at this rate, I’ll forever be a good month behind the live broadcasts.  So.  Major cutbacks, at least until I get caught up.  I hate to do this, but I think the benefits of getting caught up will outweigh the detriments of forgoing detailed recaps, in the long run.  And this is gonna one heck of a long run with over 30 episodes and four months remaining.  When I initially took on recapping this drama, I planned to write mini recaps… but as you all know, they got just a teensy bit bigger than mini size portions.  Sigh.  It’s the pinkblossom longwindedness malady.  Don’t contract it.  Ever.  But yes, see, it’s happening again.  So I’ll stop.  For reals.

I’m gonna write very brief summaries of each episode – less on the detail, but I will hit the relevant points.  If you have any questions about any scenes/dialogues I glossed over or omitted altogether, please don’t hesitate to ask away in the Comments section.  I’ll answer everything to the best of my abilities as quickly as possible! 😀  This recap for Episode 12 is ‘in the middle’ – shorter than what I’ve been doing, but longer than the summaries to come.  Sorry again to any who are majorly disappointed and may never recover from the shock of it all. I suggest watching the cute stuff our OTP did at the beginning of the drama, before they got into this huge mess of things.  And thank you all for your kind understanding.


Episode 12

As Papa Lee watches Seo-young, happy in her new life, he thinks back on that fateful day three years ago when he attended her wedding as a hired guest.  Gah, the way he desperately tries to muffle his sobs just kills me.  He told Seo-young in a voiceover that she did a good job, that she did well in marrying Woo-jae.  He wouldn’t have wanted her to lose a guy like Woo-jae because of her horrible father.  Sob.  Back in the present, we see that Papa Lee has paid off all his debts and is meticulous about keeping track of his spending, down to every penny, though he spends very little – he lives off of $200 a month.  Yowzas.  He has been saving up, despite Sang-woo’s protests, so that he can at least get a one-bedroom apartment for Sang-woo when he marries.

Seo-young and Woo-jae are happily married and killing pinkblossom with their adorable life which is soon to go bye bye.

Director Choi has drinks with Kyung-ho and apologizes for never having been a good father.  Kyung-ho tells him it’s not his fault or his stepmother’s.  He promises to explain another day why he never quite got on with his family…

Ho-jung and Kyung-ho arrive at the hospital together and Ho-jung reminds her brother not to acknowledge their relationship at work.  Sang-woo and Mi-kyung share their own cutie moments, and Mi-kyung briefly encounters the stand-offish Kyung-ho, who is in their Surgery Department.  And thus the love square bonanza begins: Sang-woo, Mi-kyung, Ho-jung, and Kyung-ho.  Ho-jung finally gets to ‘run into’ Sang-woo, and she reminds him that he owes her a meal.  He mutters to himself that she has become even more 4D lolol and she recalls all the years she spent in America counting down the hours until she could see him again – while keeping thorough tabs on him via her friends.  Hahahaa.

President Kang has completely forgotten that today is his wedding anniversary and tells Secretary Yoon to just do the usual – he’s busy tonight.  He asks her why she has never remarried – iiinteresting, she was married? – and she just answers that she has no desire to enter into matrimony again.  After much pondering, Secretary Yoon gets a red nightie for Mama Kang, who hilariously freaks out then giddily puts the nightie on, thinking her husband is apologizing for the row they had the other night.

Seo-young runs into Yoon Sun-ae, an old classmate from elementary school, and is visibly shaken by the encounter with someone from her past.  Her face stiffens even more – if that’s possible – when Sun-ae mentions one of their classmates, Yeon-hee.  Oh noes, is this the beginning of the blowout?

President Kang is with his mistress of three years that night, but when she invites him to sleep over he flatly reminds her that he never spends the night away from home.  Is that supposed to make this situation more acceptable, mister?  He comes home to a Mama Kang who’s eagerly waiting for him, dressed in the nightie.  They of course have a row and she cries herself to sleep that night.

The next morning Mama Kang asks why Woo-jae and Seo-young don’t have a kid yet, and the cuties decide to go to the doctor together for a checkup.

Papa Lee sees an article of Woo-jae in the newspaper and smiles at himself.  He goes home and lifts a box out from under the mattress… which is filled with articles about Woo-jae he has cut out and saved over the years.  Sob.  He carefully puts the latest article inside and brushes his hand lovingly over it.

Seo-young goes to meet up with Sung-jae and they enjoy a date together.  He asks if something’s wrong – whenever she comes to see him, she always looks so forlorn.  Gah, are you trying to fill up Sang-woo’s spot in your heart with Sung-jae?  She asks him to go cheer up Mama Kang, and he does so with glee.  Secretary Yoon comes in, though, during the celebration, and watches Sung-jae with tears in her eyes.  She flinches when Sung-jae hugs Mama Kang and says he’s so happy she’s his mom.  Yep.  Secretary Yoon’s the mommy.  Mama Kang tells Secretary Yoon not to buy her gifts for President Kang anymore – she figured out last night that she’s been deceived the past twenty years.

Seo-young goes to meet Lawyer Go Seung-chan that night and he states his interest in scouting her for his law firm.  Gah, okay, Kdramaland, here’s a BIG example of a glaring error: Raw firm?!  RAW firm?!?!!!!  It’s an “L” not an “R”!!!  Gaaaah I’m dying over here.

Alas, a big sigh.  ’Cause guess who’s behind Seung-chan scouting Seo-young?  Sun-woo.  Argh.  Seo-young discusses the scout offer with Woo-jae, and the ever perfect hubby is all for whatever makes his wifey happy.

Mi-kyung practices telling Sang-woo the truth about her family.  Ay carumba, this ain’t gonna be pretty.

Ho-jung finally screws up the courage to tell her mom she’s her own person now and she’s gonna live her life as she wants.

Sang-woo tells his dad he has someone he’d like to introduce.  She’s comfortable, fun, and cheerful despite her difficult circumstances, and he thinks he’d be happy with her.  Gah, this sucks.  You two are so cute, but there are so many issues going on.

Papa Lee has a nightmare that Seo-young is in trouble…  Oh no, please don’t let it be an indication of what’s to come.

The alarm goes off at 6am and Woo-jae goes out for his run, careful not to wake his wife.  She wakes up a little later and calls him, asking where he is so she can join him.  He tells her not to worry and sleep in… when a car comes rushing out at him from the alleyway.  Papa Lee suddenly bursts out of nowhere and pushes Woo-jae out of the way, getting hit himself.  Nooooo!



Gah gah gah gah gah.  So many things going on here, but I’m just gonna touch on Sang-woo and Mi-kyung’s storyline, since that got put on the backburner last time.  These two are SO CUTE, and I honestly wish them well, but we all know it prolly won’t happen.  When Sang-woo finds out, he is gonna flip like no other, and for two important reasons: (1) he loves Seo-young too much to put her marriage at risk; and (2) he’s been burned too hard by Seo-young to accept such a similar lie from Mi-kyung.  Because order is always meant to be reversed, I’m gonna start with the second reason first: though the situation isn’t identical, Mi-kyung made a similar decision to Seo-young.  She chose to lie, claiming that her parents, who are very much alive, had passed away.  I feel Sang-woo – and any guy, as Woo-jae was telling his sister – would have been angry to learn his girlfriend told such a big lie.  But because his heart was broken because of a very similar situation, his anger at Mi-kyung will be compounded many fold.  The first reason, though, may be the ultimate tiebreaker.  Despite his cold cutting of ties with Seo-young, Sang-woo loved – and I say still loves – his sister very, veeerry deeply.  The best case scenario would have been Seo-young telling Woo-jae the truth and then getting married.  But since she chose not to do that, Sang-woo settled for the next best option: prevent any situations where Seo-young might get caught in her lie.  No matter how ‘secretly’ she would have met up with Sang-woo, such a trail is always bound to be discovered and traced, and the truth would have come out.  Yes, he was and is angry with Seo-young, but I think part of his reason for cutting ties is to protect her as best he can.  Thus there’s no way he would marry Mi-kyung, because then he’d become in-laws with Seo-young and yadeeyadah dee dadah~  You get the point.  It’s all so sad right now and things are really only starting to ramp up…  I fear my heart may fail me before we get back to happy days.


23 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 12

    • welcome to our Patch, ras idris!! 😀 😀 😀 i hope you’re enjoying this ridonkulous ride of a drama & look forward to hearing more from you! 😀 happy spazzing!! ^^

    • lolol i think you’re gonna get your wish in the long run, jaz ^^ hehehehee!! i mentioned before that ho-jung was pretty cute with sang-woo, and i still stand by that. right now, mi-kyung and sang-woo are just so happy together that i don’t wanna see the ugly breakup that’s waiting right around the bend… but that don’t mean i gots a problem with sang-woo and ho-jung! ^^ hahahaha!! ho-jung is a major airhead but really sweet and sincere and pure i can’t dislike her lolol ^^

  1. Thanks for the recap. I can’t find anyone else recapping this drama, so whatever u do please don’t stop this recap its bad enough I had to watch it without subs. emm does anyone else think that the secretary is sung jae biological mother?

    • welcome to our madhouse Patch, jat!! 😀 😀 😀 i hope my crazy ramblings aren’t coloring your viewing experience too much! ^^ hehehee!! i mentioned in my ep 5-6 recap that i thought secretary yoon was/is sung-jae’s mom, and that speculation is becoming a conviction with each passing episode. i’m defs not looking forward to the fallout of that particular revelation xD thanks for joining us, jat!!! hope to continue hearing from youuu!! 😀

  2. awww they are soooooo cute together (seo young and sang woo)
    I hope they stay forever together….o no papa got hit by a car it is gonna be arkward when his daughter find out hes been spying on them… hope it all ends well
    thanks 4 the recap, but waiting 4ever ahahaha

    • sorry to keep you waiting, Ana! eps 13-14 are fiiinaaally up!!
      i hope seo-young and sang-woo stay together forever, too ^^ i’m keeping my fingers crossed!
      and yeah, it might be kinda awkward, but i feel like papa lee watching them is not as creepers as some stalker — he’s been denied something that, in korean culture, any parent enjoys… i guess we’ll find out sooner or later! 😀

    • welcome to our Patch, Love Gururu!! thank you for the encouragement — we hope to hear more from you! 😀 😀 😀

  3. thank u so much for the recap. i really can’t wait for the next episodes to come. please continue doing doing this recsps for us. many thanks

    • hello helloooo, vivian!! i’m so sorry the recaps have been absent the last few weeks! eps 13-14 are finally up, and i’m hoping to keep the ball rolling~~ *fingers crossed* hehehehee!! thanks for always leaving such encouraging words — it means a lot to me! 😀

  4. new recaps! i’m doing my happy dance right now haha. thank you so much! i appreciate your effort and time. i hope Woo-jae still love Seo-young even she make a big big lie. He absolutely gonna be mad, but he is a perfect husband, isn’t it? Perfect husband always love his wife!

    • i’m dancing with you, white!! ^^ i defs hope that woo-jae won’t give up on seo-young — he’s been so good about understanding and accepting her despite all her flaws, and i hope it continues to the end. but yes, he is just the most perfect husband eeeever!! 😀

  5. Oh, so angst! But I do think it’s all leading up to Sang Woo ending up with Ho Jung in the end… though I wish the potential had been explored a bit more in the beginning episodes, because they really had some lovely scenes at the start before it all fizzled out into a simple stalking relationship.

    But you know it’s coming also because Sang Woo and Mi-kyung got together during the timeskip — which doesn’t bode well in dramaland. Thus, the long, drawn-out, sweet and eventual relationship logically has to be between Sang Woo and Ho Jung. I do hope they give us more to work on, though. Though they’ve had sweet scenes in the past, for the longest time there was just a one-sided crush bordering on stalkerish insanity.

    • i defs agree that ho-jung and sang-woo’s story could have been better explored earlier. there was so much potential, especially after the handkerchief scene… alas, we can only hope they’ll do a better job going forward xD agree with everything you said, slashedsilver!!! 😀

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