Love, Now- Episodes 1-8

Ok this these first eight episodes have been drama heaven. This drama is all backwards. They have the best part in the beginning and the problems start after. This is SETTV continuing their slew of daily dramas. Love, Now is 80 episodes starring Annie Chen and George Hu.

Premise: So Yang Yi Ru (Annie Chen) is a workaholic. Her boss (also ex-boyfriend, now good friend), father, and little sister conspire to send her to the Philippines for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to give her a break from work. But the only way they can tear her away from work is to trick her into thinking she has terminal liver cancer. Of course, they plan on informing her upon her arrival of to the Philippines. However, this plan fails, and Yi Ru is lead to truly believe she is going to die in 6 months. She meets Lan Shi De (George Hu) in  at the Philippines. Yi Ru is the girl Shi De’s been looking for ever since he fell in love with her at first sight during a college exam. He doesn’t tell her this though. The couple bonds. Upon finding out Yi Ru’s terminal cancer, Shi De goes into action and tries to make all of Yi Ru’s dreams come true. This means the most romantic montage of scenes EVER. They get married and end up spending a night together. After a few days, Yi Ru finally finds out she doesn’t have cancer and returns to Taiwan. Yi Ru and Shi De meet up in Taiwan, and a string of misunderstandings and other problems ensue which are necessary to fill up the remaining 70 episodes.

These first 8 episodes were WONDERFUL. I hate to be vulgar, but this is dramaporn at its best. The way George Hu stares at Annie Chen made me melt into a giant puddle. He is gorgeous! George Hu is an ABC so great English and a slight accent in his Chinese. This drama is worth following, but I predict a definitely downhill trend since 80 episodes usually means inane plotlines and annoying secondary characters. But seriously watch the first 5 episodes. Shi De is probably the more romantic man ever ever ever in the history of the universe. Too perfect. It’s almost scary.

And steamy kiss scene…

4 responses to “Love, Now- Episodes 1-8

  1. I have faithfully watched the first 8 episodes, and I could they are all good. Hope this show is like inborn pair drama, an 80-episode drama, which didn’t really lose its steam in the middle.

  2. Now I’m tempted to watch it, I’ve heard a few other raves as well as it’s good ratings. Sadly there aren’t any subs around, and unlikely to be for something so long. But damn George Hu *_*

  3. Yah it’s hard to find subs for dailies 😦 And agreed inborn pair was of the better dailies. I think i watch most of inborn pair, unlike the other ones. 🙂

  4. hahahahahaha dramaporn?!?! lololol but for seriously, it’s like “seo-young” — all the good stuff in the beginning. what are we to do noooow?!?! ^^

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