Oohlala Spouses- 12 Episode Review

So real life has overshadowed my drama life. But this week I was able to marathon/super fast-forward through Oohlala Spouses 3-12. I love certain aspects of this show and others not so much. However, it just makes me laugh out loud. I also think the acting from the main characters is superb. Oohlala Spouses is apparently getting an extension for 18 episodes, which I do think it might need due to plot reasons.  *Beware of spoilers below.*

The story at this point has really set up Go  Soon-nam (Shin Hyun-joon) the husband as the bad guy, and Na Yeo-ok (Kim Jung-eun) the wife as the patient saintly wife/daughter-in-law/super mother both in current time and in their past lives. Go Soon-nam is really the antagonist in this story. As the main character, I really want to root for him but it is so tough when all he does is cheat on Yeo-ok with the hot-young-coworker. The body switch really was hilarious because it puts them in various situations that just make me crack up. For example, Na Yeo-ok in Soo-nam’s body goes and hugs her ex-boyfriend (who ends up being Soo-nam’s new boss). 

But I do think the plot hole and really big weakness in the whole story is the couple’s son, Go Ki-Chan. I really don’t think they give this kid enough screen time. Realistically in a loveless marriage, I would expect the housewife to really pay attention to her child a lot more. Honestly, through the whole show up until episode 11, I almost forgot they had a kid. Currently in episode 12, the writers are playing up Ki-chan’s reaction to the divorce a bit more but I really think for the first 11 episodes they failed to stress the child’s role in the marriage and family.

But really at this point, Soo-nam has committed so many evils (causing the miscarriage by running to Victoria, going to Victoria at every point, losing his temper all the time, etc.), I don’t know how this marriage can be saved. I’m not sure what the writers will do in 6 episodes to turn the story around and really allow Yeo-ok and the viewers (like me!) to realy forgive Soo-nam. At this point, I am thinking the 2nd male lead (starry-eyed ex-boyfriend Jang Hyun-woo played by Han Jae-suk) is really the best choice for Yeo-ok.

But my last point is Shin Hyun-joon and Kim Jung-eun are really superb actors. When they do the body switch, Shin Hyun-joon was just off the wall, wearing tight sweaters, fanning himself, crying his eyes out, and batting his eyelashes. I don’t think they even needed the switch-over scenes to show us Goo-nam was actually Yeo-ok. I could see Yeo-ok in Shin Hyun-joon. Same with Kim Jung-eun. So not afraid to make herself look ugly and hilarious as a man. Sitting with her legs spread wayyy open just put me off the edge.


Are any of you following Oohlala Spouses? What are your thoughts?

6 responses to “Oohlala Spouses- 12 Episode Review

  1. I’ve been watching & loved the acting. Soo Name the character is a jerk. He claims he now understands what his wife went through but he still wants the reconciliation on his terms. He never asks what Yeo Ok wants. Yeo Ok is not the most sympathetic character but I am rooting for her happiness.

  2. I’m very confused with this drama… I think that up until episode 11 they were actually painting each character with grey strokes. I agree that Soo Nam has done worse things than Yeo Ok, but she’s responsible for the state of their marriage, too (minus the cheating, of course) and from the flash backs I’t clear that Soo Nam has some legitimate grievances, too. So I was kind of expecting that he reforms his ways, falls in love with his wife (I don’t think that he loved her at ANY point in their marriage – nor do I think that Yeo Ok did. She was angry at Hyun Woo and wanted to show him by marrying a man from Seoul, he was heart broken from previous relationship, they had a short crush and then enter the pregnancy and marriage.) does whatever is needed to have her back and to earn her forgiveness.

    As previous commenter said, Soo Nam may feel genuine remorse but he is still very selfish being interested only that HE be forgiven instead of learning the real lesson of asking what is it that OTHER people want. I actually rooted for Soo Nam up until now because I’m a sucker for “reformed jerks” type of stories but now I don’t know anymore. Hyun Woo’s problem is that he’s not a fully fleshed character like other tree but a obvious plot point to give Yeo Ok a perfect guy to woo her. I’m perfectly cool with her ending up with him but as a character he’s as interesting as a dead tree.

    Like you, I’ve been annoyed that Gi Chan has been mostly forgotten somewhere in this drama but this wasn’t exactly the way I hoped they would bring him back. A custody battle?! Are they kidding me? Sigh. I guess I’ll just have to watch this to know where will this drama go but as you said it’s really hard to see at this point of drama how on earth will they really redeem Soo Nam enough to be a good man for Yeo Ok. I like the guy and he’s a well written character (I didn’t like many of his actions in episode 12 but they were fully fitting for his character) but if he doesn’t man up pretty quickly, it should be game over for him.

    • Love the in depth analysis! you put it wayy better than I tried to. This drama is great for laughs but has some serious plot flaws. good and bad.

  3. Loved reading other viewer’s thoughts here, made me think, and rethink, some of my impressions. Love you guys!
    Acting: Really good acting from the two main characters, particularly the actor playing SooNam. The actress playing YeoOk overdoes it a little, but is still really funny. In Ep 12 she had tears in every scene, she was surely dehydrated after filming.
    Characters: Regular. Just regular kdrama stuff. Except for maybe the husband/wife friends of SooNam/YeoOk. The husband is a second-rate cad, SooNam has first place. The scene where the two wives threatened the hot girlfriend is a classic. Don’t know why kdramas have the wife-meet-girlfriend scenes, but they always do.
    YeoOk is the typical long-suffering, put-upon wife/daughter-in-law/sister-in-law. Her husband has treated her worse than a doormat and she will return for more. After seeing with her own two eyes how differently he treats his mistress, she will still ‘forgive.’ SooNam admitting he used to think that he could have married someone better if she had not been pregnant, as though he had no part in that, should have been the end for him. But nooooo, she was still willing to ‘forgive.’ Kdrama wives are hopeless.
    SooNam is a fabulous jerk. He is the charming, self-absorbed, jerk you just love to hate.
    HyunWoo’s character is a weak, wishy-washy third leg in the love triangle. Though in Ep 12 he steps-up, refusing to be shuffled-out when SooNam crashes and later referring to YeoOk as “his woman.” Maybe there is hope for his character, other than being cast aside in the end?
    Victoria, the ‘other woman’ is portrayed as a nice girl. Right. A nice girl simply trying to insinuate herself into her lover’s family now that the pesky wife is gone. The scene where Victoria asks YeoOk to leave her job so SooNam doesn’t have to see her is epic brazenness. Her character alternates between calculating and clingy. Either way, she is unlikable.
    The interfering fairies are hilarious, a great device for explaining the soul-switching.
    Typical nasty mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

    Unfortunately, this is kdrama and YeoOk will accept her philandering, self-absorbed husband and his demanding family as her fate and return to him/them. They will all be reformed and changed into much nicer people as a result of her patience and long-suffering all-around goodness. Sucks.

    Once, just once, I would like to see a sensible ending, like maybe YeoOk and HyunWoo living happily, raising both boys. SooNam living with Victoria who’s weak heart has become weaker and now needs dialysis several days/week. SooNam’s mother and sister complaining about caring for the new daughter-in-law as she is seriously ill. That would be a more realistic ending and a way to break the fateful ties between SooNam and YeoOk. For me, this drama could end at episode 14.

  4. I’m sorry, I just had to go and rant somewhere… I just saw episode 13 with subs and this show is KILLING me. Honestly. I’m so back in team Soo Nam. Fighting!

  5. han jae-suk han jae-suk han jae-suuuuuukkkk!!!!!!
    need i say more?
    lolololol ^^ but for seriously, i have loved him since… pretty much since the beginning of time. gaaaah, why doesn’t he ever get the girl?!?!?!!! i fear the same will happen again heeereee T_T

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