My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 11

Now that we’ve made the long-awaited time jump, we need to reestablish all of the characters in their new places in life before moving forward.


Episode 11

3 years later.  Eeeee!  Papa Lee is working for a moving service and looks happy, even singing along to CNBLUE hahhaaha (*wink wink* for Sung-jae aka Jung-shin).  He and Sang-woo get along well, and all I can say is Awww.  I’m glad that Papa Lee at least has Sang-woo.

Seo-young has become a federal judge, while Woo-jae has become the vice president of Winners Group.  Aaack, where’d the ‘stache go?  He’s combining his love for film production with his responsibility to the company, just as he vowed many years ago.  Sung-jae, meanwhile, got into college (yay!) and is the pretty-boy loved by all the girls in his classes.  LOL.  Uuunfortunately, it looks like he ain’t doin’ so well in the grades department – can’t change a tiger’s stripes, eh? – and President Kang has threatened to ship him off to the military if he doesn’t get his grades up.  LOL.

Woo-jae and Seo-young are pretty darned cute – or more like Woo-jae is still madly in love and still chasing after Seo-young.  He wants to have dinner with just the two of them tonight (in celebration of his successful project to fund a film), but she reminds him that Thursdays are her day to cook dinner at home.  Well, it turns out Mama Kang is disgruntled – though, of course, she would never use so crass a word 😉 – that Seo-young is so perfect in every way.  LOLOL.  Mama Choi is still holding her tongue while playing the kind friend to Mama Kang, and it seems she’s still eager to marry off Ho-jung to the most eligible bachelor possible.  Some things never change.

Looks like the same comment about change can be extended to Ho-jung, who has come back to Korea unexpectedly – and with a new boy to boot.  Mama Choi runs about the house, frantically trying to clean before the potential son-in-law arrives, and when Ho-jung finally pulls into the driveway, Mama Choi hesitantly greets Tommy… who turns out to be none other than Choi Kyung-ho, Ho-jung’s half-brother (Director Choi’s son from his first marriage).  He’s… an interesting character (and I mean “character” not in the story-sense).  Kyung-ho hasn’t been home in seven years (he lived in Korea), and his wife died six years ago from cancer – the latter which the parentals are learning for the first time.  He’s a doctor and has decided to stay in Korea for good – and in the Choi home – much to Mama Choi’s shock (and disgruntlement).

Sang-woo is a resident, working at the same hospital as Mi-kyung.  Eee!  And oh my gollies, they’re absolutely adorable!!  They met again at the hospital where they’re doing their residency, and have been secretly dating.  He wants to make their relationship public and take her home, but Mi-kyung is still hesitant – and part of it is that she hasn’t told him about her family.

Woo-jae picks up Seo-young at the courthouse, eager to celebrate, but she tells him that they’re going home.  The two lovebirds set Mama Kang on edge, and it doesn’t help when everyone raves about Seo-young’s cooking – despite it being the first time she has tried this recipe.  LOLOL.  Oh, Mama Kang, I love you so.

Well, there’s a reason Sung-jae’s grades aren’t up to par – he’s spending his time at an acting school.  Hahaha.

Seo-young works deep into the night (she has an important case), and Woo-jae works out in the family room so as not to disturb her.  Gah, why are you such a perfect husband?!  Mi-kyung agrees with the almighty pinkblossom that her bro is pretty darned whipped, but she claims not to be jealous – ’cause she’s got a boyfriend just as charming as her bro.  Well thank you very much for unnecessarily rubbing that in my face.

Ho-jung slips back into her old life, meeting up with her friends, who say that everything is planned and under control.  Say what?  Ho-jung goes to the hospital and is welcomed with open arms as a volunteer – which is all a ruse to be close to Sang-woo.  Hahahhaa.  She runs into Mi-kyung – literally – and makes her promise to keep their run-in a secret.  I can’t wait to see what happens when they realize they both like Sang-woo.

Continuing with the theme of no change, Mi-kyung meets up with Sun-woo, who shows an unnatural amount of interest in Woo-jae.  Gah, girlfriend, just get over him already.  He’s a married man!  Mi-kyung, whom I’m really liking more and more, tells Sun-woo not to even think about contacting her brother.  Argh, the fact that Sun-woo is still in the drama scares me – she’s probably gonna be at the forefront, helming the crusade to unearth Seo-young’s past.

Papa Lee gets ready to go on a hike, and Sang-woo needles him, asking if he has a new girlfriend.  He always go hiking once or twice a month alone, never letting Sang-woo or his friend join him.  Papa Lee responds that he ain’t gonna find a new lady friend because he feels sorry to his late wife.  Awww.  Sang-woo follows out Papa Lee and talks to Mr. Yoo (Papa Lee’s friend), who asks Sang-woo if his sister really isn’t coming back from America.  Sang-woo is naturally confused, and Mr. Yoo says Papa Lee told him that his daughter was never returning to Korea – she experienced too many difficulties and too much heartache in Korea, so she’s staying in America for good.  Sob.  But Sang-woo doesn’t know that Papa Lee was at Seo-young’s wedding, and as his face falls, he narrates:

I didn’t know that that was what Father thought.  Over the past three years, Father never once asked about Seo-young.

Flashback 1: Papa Lee numbly sits in front of the TV and Sang-woo brightly tells him Seo-young just called, saying she arrived safely in America.  Oof.  Papa Lee tells him to be quiet so he can watch his program.

Flashback 2: Sang-woo’s graduation day.  Sang-woo gets off the phone with a friend and tells Papa Lee that Seo-young called to congratulate him.  He fibs about her being busy, but Papa Lee just brushes it off and changes the subject.

He became even brighter, perhaps because the pressure he felt towards Seo-young was gone.  He silently worked without discrimination, and he paid off all the Jeju Island debt.

Papa Lee gets off the bus and walks along the street.

In the beginning, I felt sad about the criss-crossing between Father and Noona: Father, who came back to us too late; Seo-young, who didn’t want to look back at such a Father.  Father was too late, and Seo-young was too exhausted.

Woo-jae and Seo-young leave the house together to enjoy a tennis date.

As I watched Father, who had unburdened himself of Seo-young and become lighter, I realized that peace in one’s heart was ultimately most important to parents, too.  I realized that they are people, just like me.

Gaaaaaah, Papa Lee is watching Seo-young from afar as she comes out of the house with Woo-jae, smiling brightly.

I believed that perhaps it was fortunate that Father forgot Seo-young.

As Seo-young and Woo-jae happily get ready to leave, Papa Lee softly smiles…



I can’t watch this anymore.

Gah, I just can’t handle it.

This episode was more of an introductory episode – or re-introductory, I suppose – to bring us up to speed on all the changes wrought over the past three years.  For the most part, people didn’t change very much – they just occupy different places in life and in the social world.  Not much growth or change has occurred, except perhaps with Papa Lee.  I feel like I repeat myself quite a bit, but this has just got to be said: Chun Ho-jin is the bestestest.  He’s so understated most of the time, and sometimes I foolishly wonder if he’s lost his touch.  Seriously, foolish foolish foolish.  The way he hid himself behind the pole, the soft smile and look of wistful, heartbreaking longing as he watches Seo-young…  Gah, I’m in tears.  It really made me think about my own relationship with my parents… and how very wrong we can be a lot of the times.  We might think we’re all grown up and mature and whatnot, but sometimes we simply just don’t know the depth of our parents’ love for us.  Sang-woo still gots a lotsa learnin’ to do.

As for the story, I really just can’t handle the heartache that’s to come.  I can see the writer piling on all the love and sweet moments and cuteness and eeeverything to paint the perfect married life for Seo-young and Woo-jae – all so she can ruthlessly rip it away from us.  Seriously, I hate you.  Just get it over with already.  It hurts less when you rip off the bandage nice and quick like, Ms. Writer!  Do you hear me?!  Yeah, I know you’re determined to make my life miserable by stretching this out as long as you can, but be warned: I for seriously am starting to fall for Rascal Sons.  At least that show doesn’t make me apprehensive and neurotic and all-around devastated.  I’m giving you fair warning.  Make it quick so we can work on rebuilding the OTP’s relationship.

Side Note: I feel like I’m ramblin’ on about whatever I think of most of the time, and I’m getting quite lonely all by my lonesome~  I’d love to hear what y’all are thinking and feeling and aaaanything at all!  Please shaaaaare and discuss away!! 😀 😀 😀

Side Note número dos: Thank you for all of your patience, truly.  I’m terribly behind on a lot of things after that second trip last month, but I am chugging away, so please bear with me.  Thanks again! 😀


35 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 11

    • thank YOU very much, LBY, for always sharing your kind words — they are a big encouragement for meeee! 😀 😀 😀

  1. OMG I feel sooooo bad for the father but I get Seo Young he kind of made her childhood sad I was sooo mad when he gamble away their tution money and the mom died b/c of him…. O well, he learn his lesson, but seo young deserve a good life to so its soooo hard to take side so im just gonna stay on the sideline hahaha
    Thanks SOOOOO much 4 the recap I keep on coming back to this blog for the recap for the longest time but its finally up !!!!

    • i totes feel ya, Ana — i always say the sidelines have the best view anyway heheheheee!! seo-young has some legit grievances, and i completely understand where she’s coming from… i just have a soft spot for daddy love and for chun ho-jin lolol ^^
      thank YOU for continuing to join us here and for your kind understanding — it means a lot to me! 😀 😀 😀

  2. thank you very much for the recap.. i hv been watching this without subtitles before.. even i understand nothing of what they are saying. i just love this drama so much. and now i find you…. thanks a million…………..

    • welcome to our Patch, hana!!! 😀 😀 😀 i’m so glad my crazy ramblings were able to be of help — i hope my personal comments haven’t colored your viewing experience too much! xD thanks for joining us here, hana! hope to continue hearing from you! 😀

  3. thank you for the recaps. i visit your blog everyday to check the newest recap of seo young. i try to watch online but there is no subtitle so i dont know what the actor said. this episode make me sad seriously. see how papa lee smile is break my heart.
    thank you very much. i’m waiting for the next recap! episode 12! 🙂

    • thank YOU, red, for continuing to visit our Patch & for your kind understanding 😀 papa lee just breaks my heart in general, but i gotta agree that smile was just… gah.

  4. Thank you once again for recapping this drama. I really had a hard time searching for this drama recap before finally finding your site. It doesn’t matter if the recaps are a bit late because real life beckons, since they are still way faster than the subs. Thus, it’s like you’re the angel who help us non Koreans to understand this wonderful drama. Thank you once again.

    • you’re too kind, Adnil!! ❤ thank you, truly, for your kind words & for continuing to join us here — it means a lot to me 😀 😀 😀

  5. Thanks for recapping. I’ve been enjoying the story through your recaps alone because I haven’t been able to find it being streamed with English subtitles online. Dramacrazy is beginning to add a few episodes with English subs but they are slow and starting something never knowing when the next subs will be available can be frustrating. So your recaps are all I have for now and I’m very grateful. Looking forward to the next episode.

    The lack of English streams might be responsible for the lack of interactions.

    • welcome to our Patch, Yumi!!! i’ve heard that it’s been hard finding subs — it makes me so sad that a lot of weekend shows don’t get the same subbing attention as weekday prime time shows 😦 i hope my crazy ramblings aren’t coloring your enjoyment of this drama! xDDD thank you for your kind words & for joining us here — i hope to hear more from you in the episodes to come! 😀 😀 😀

  6. thanks so much for the recap! can’t help but fall in love with that last scene when SY’s dad was looking at his daughter from afar! it makes you tear up a bit while smiling at the same time. it’s the best scene in this episode!

    • dramacafe, we are SO on the same brainwavelength! ^^ i just can’t rave enough about chun ho-jin… ever. hahahahaa!!

  7. Hi, thanks for the recap, even though I have watched episodes 1 to 16 twice over, which I’ve never done for a show still in progress. Simply love this show. Agree with you and am psyching myself up for the heart wrenches to come after all the rosy life setup.

    • welcome to our Patch, pH!!! 😀 😀 😀 oh my goodness, you are such a better fan than i a mabajillion times over!! ^^ i was for seriously in love, and now i’m finding myself watching “rascal sons” first because i’m so scared of all the angst that’s to come for our poor OTP… T_T lolol thank you for joining us, oH!! i hope to hear more from you in the episodes to coooome! esp since you’re a serious watcher! hehehee!!

  8. I really understand where Seo-young is coming from. When a child gets mistreated like her father did to her whole family, it’s pretty understandable that that child will be carrying wounds all her life. When the mom died it would become the turning point for the dad, but it would also be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for Seo-young. I do pity the dad at the wedding and even three years later, but I do understand that it will take a lot more to heal old wounds. I’m just saddened that Seo-young didn’t trust Woo-jae enough to believe that his love for her includes her pitiful past. I’m still praying that Woo-jae finds out first before her family does. So, please Seo-young, ‘fess up!

    Thanks again for your recaps!!

    • seriously, old soul, we must be long lost twins or something — we agree on everything! lolol!! i defs understand where seo-young is coming from, and i think my love for papa lee isn’t a condemnation of seo-young’s anger towards him. i think she has legit grievances, and i don’t think they’ll just disappear overnight. my heart just breaks to see how much papa lee loves his daughter~ but, like you, where i DO have issues with seo-young is her decision to lie to woo-jae. i know he would prolly have been pretty pissed, and that whole “i like you bc you’re so truthful” thing made me scream at the writer, but i honestly think he loved her enough to have still married her if she’d told him the truth. now, 3 years down the road, things aren’t gonna be so simple. his trust is gonna be shattered, and once that’s gone in a relationship… well, it ain’t gonna be pretty. but yes, i still hope he’ll find out first — and preferably via seo-young, not a third party!
      & you’re very veerrry welcome! 😀 thank YOU for sharing your wonderful thoughts!! 😀

  9. thanks for the recap. had been waiting for this ep as well as the others. we are going to have ep 11 n 12 this week so the recap helps in preparing myself mentally hahha

    • ooooooh i hope you weren’t too blown away by the lack of prep for ep 12! heheheheee!! but for realsies sorrrrry i didn’t get ep 12 up in time for you! thanks for continuing to join us here at the Patch, jaz!! 😀

    • welcome to our Patch, AJ!!! i’m so sorry the recaps are taking so long — ‘real’ life puts some serious dampers on dramalife lolol ^^ thank you for your kind understanding & for joining us here!! hope to hear more from you in the episodes to come! 😀

  10. M with u for the messages to the writers, get it over with already pls! Ermm, any chance they’re still making changes/working on the script as the show progresses or for all we know its all done and final? All’s so lovely now im worried when disaster strikes would they get better much again huhuu

    • welcome to our Patch, Azia!! i defs want to go over there and write the script myself! heheheee!! kdrama writers usually gauge people’s interest/desires and write accordingly, so maybe all our rantings will help bump this thing along! or… maybe they’re just out to torture us lolol! thanks for joining us, Azia! hope you continue your dramaland journey with us! 😀 😀 😀

  11. thank you so much for the recap, especially for episode 11! i missed watching this episode yesterday on kbsw.. thanks again!

    • welcome weeelcome, teeYaa!! i’m so glad my crazy ramblings were of service! ^^ thanks for joining us here at the Patch — hope to hear more from you, teeYaa!! 😀 😀 😀

  12. thank you so much pinkblossom for the warm welcome in ep10 recap.. I was intrigued by this drama but unsure about watching as the english sub is way behind.. luckily i stumble upon your blog and crackstastic recaps… as for this episode and what’s coming our way, yeah.. i hear ya… I have a premonition that we have to toughen up our hearts and brace ourselves for the long angst-ridden ride of pain and anguish when it comes to our OTP.. but please don’t ever say that you can’t continue watching this drama, pinkblossom.. we desperately need your recaps 🙂 On a side note, the lead guy who plays Woo-jae is totally a mr mcdreamy.. Where has he been hiding all this while?… 😛

    • awwwww you’re too sweet, loveless!! i’m so glad you’ve joined us here & that my crazy long-winded ramblings are of help! ^^ i totes agree about the mr mcdreaaaammmmyyy heheheheheeeeee!! i for seriously fell in love with him in… “scales of providence”? i can’t remember if it was earlier than that, but he’s had some good and some pretty bad drama choices~ lolol. now he’s heeeeere!! ^^

    • welcome to our Patch, Innit!! 😀 😀 😀 i’m not an expert, by any means, but the korean legal system is a bit different… i’m not sure about other countries, but it’s defs different from what we have in america. from what i know, upon graduating law school and passing a 3-part bar exam, you undergo training at a national institute for a couple years. when you complete that training, you are either appointed as a federal attorney or judge, depending on your academic record. basically, you can become a judge straight out of training without building up your resume as an attorney.
      i hope that cleared up some of the confusion 🙂 thanks for joining us and sharing your thoughts with us, Innit! hope to continue hearing from youuu!! 😀

  13. As a single parent with girls, I know how the father feels. And yes children do think they know better and that parents don’t understand. it hurts but kids don’t see that only that they get their way!………

    • welcome to the Patch, Damian Maxwell!! 😀 😀 😀 i defs agree that this show does such a good job portraying a parent’s love for his/her children. yes, the romance is a big part of the story, but the drama isn’t titled my DAUGHTER seo-young without reason! ^^ thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts with us — we hope you continue to do so! 😀

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