Headlines Plus: Drama Edition

Welcome to the first installment of the Headlines Plus edition!  I was hoping to get this up before I left for my second trip last month, but alas, the first trip set me back quite a bit more than I’d expected.  Well, I’m back for good now – or at least I think so! – so lots will be coming your way.  Get ready!

It’s been quite some time since I put up a Headlines post, so for those who need a refresher or just a plain ol’ introduction, here it is in a nutshell: Headlines = my favorite news items from the day/week.  In this case… the past month?  Golly gee, it really has been nearly a month since some of these headlines hit the stands, but I still wanted to get my two cents in, so here we go!  And in case the “my favorite news items” didn’t quite make sense: I’m completely NOT objective where these people/dramas/music are involved.  Objectivity is so overrated.


1. First up is my favoritest ever, Kim Tae-hee!!!  I know, I know, she ain’t exactly the best actress on this planet, but she is just DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and SWEET and BRILLIANT and just pretty much everything to boot, so don’t expect me to say anything bad about her.  Just try me.  But yes, Kim Tae-hee has been cast as the ninth ‘generation’ Jang Hee-bin (also known as Jang Ok-jeong), the legendary tour de force of the Joseon era.  Uuusually quite the evil lady, as you prolly saw depicted in a mabajillion dramas – hence the label “ninth generation” (over the past 50 years, eight of the greatest leading ladies of the Korean entertainment industry have played Jang Hee-bin).

Kim’s evil lady will be portrayed a bit differently – she’ll be a court lady cum fashion designer who is also involved in makeup production.  I’m so excited!  Kim Tae-hee was pretty darned good at being hate-able in Stairway to Heaven, so I’m not too worried if they choose to portray the evil aspect of this historical figure, but I think this avant-garde fashionista + makeup designer is much more up Kim Tae-hee’s alley.  She was absolutely ADORABLE in My Princess, and seriously, all those outfits she wore?!  Gaaah, the green-eyed monster never left.  Jang Ok-jeong will be premiering in 2013.

Via ccdailynews


2. Cable channel tvN is continuing its Flower Boy series with Next-door Neighbor Flower Boy, starring Yoon Shi-yoon and Park Shin-hye.  Eee!  I gotta be honest: I wasn’t a huuuge fan of Flower Boy Ramen Shop, and I didn’t watch Shut Up Flower Boy Band.  So…  Perhaps I’m not the biggest die-hard fan of the Flower Boy series, but I just gots a feelin’ that Yoon Shi-yoon and Park Shin-hye are gonna be adooorable.  And tvN has been pretty darned amazing with its OTP, a few notable exceptions notwithstanding, so you can imagine just how excited I am.  Will they be supplanting Yoon-jae + Shi-won in my heart?!  Prooolly not any time in the foreseeable future, but I sure won’t mind if they try.

The drama, based on the popular web-toon (online cartoon) I Sneak A Look at Him Every Day, will look at the modern individual’s “peeping mentality” in a fun, lively way.  LOL.  Park Shin-hye will play Go Dok-mi, a city-style Rapunzel who locks herself – and all her emotional scars – up in a castle.  While secretly playing Peeping Tom with her neighbor across the street, Go Dok-mi gets caught by flower boy Enrique Geum, and thus begins their witty, adorable story.  Heeee!

Yoon Shi-yoon’s Enrique Geum will draw out the older Go Dok-mi from her life of seclusion, to which I say: cougar town rawr!  The “genius creative director” is not only blessed with amazing genes, he’s got an amazing fashion sense to boot, and the Bohemian lifestyle-enjoying Enrique is absolutely nuts about soccer.  LOL.  Ladies and gents, clear your calendars for the 16-episode rom-com that will be premiering January 7, 2013.  It’s gonna be epic.

Via obsnews


3. New offering King of Dramas is ready to usurp the Mon-Tues throne, and you can tell that everyone on the cast and production staff are just rarin’ to go.  I have no idea whether this drama is gonna be good or not, but I can tell you that come hell or high water, Kim Myung-min is gonna be AMAZING.  I’m so excited.  *brb* Okay, I just watched the trailers, and I changed my mind: This show is gonna be absolutely ridonkulously hilarious.  I’m exciiited!!  King of Dramas premiers tomorrow, Monday, November 5!


4. For at least one more night, sageuk blockbuster Horse Doctor is the one reigning over Mon-Tuesdays, after wrenching away the top spot from Oohlala Spouses – though its 13-14% average doesn’t make it the runaway winner.  I’ve missed the last few episodes, but from what I’ve seen, it’s very much what you would expect from Director Lee Byung-hoon (Dong-yi, Lee San, Dae Jang-geum, etc.).  One surprising bit of trivia I learned: all three leads – Jo Seung-woo, Lee Sang-woo, and Lee Yo-won – are the same age!


5. Okay, there is just WAY too much to say about I Miss You, but I’m gonna keep it short.  For now.  Gaaaah!  Not only are we gonna get an AMAZING younger cast – I’ve said this a mabajillion times already, but Yeo Jin-gu for seriously has got GAME – the veteran cast is just gonna rock our little KDrama boats.  Jeon Gwang-ryeol, Han Jin-hee, Song Ok-sook, Do Ji-won – need I say more?  I’m lickin’ my chops already.  And Yoo Seung-ho to battle Yoochun for Yoon Eun-hye’s affections?!  I’m in paradise.  The only bit of wariness: This ain’t gonna be cute and fluff, for sure, and I’m afraid there’s gonna be a bit of makjang, especially with the older generation…  Sigh.  One day, peoples, one day, we’ll be free of makjang.  Or not.  I Miss You premiers this Wednesday, November 7.  Yeeee!!  Sorry, but I need to add this: How cute is it that Yoochun and Kim So-hyun are in the same drama again after Rooftop Prince?  He is famous for wanting to have a bunch of daughters when he gets married, and he toootes adorably doted on Kim So-hyun during – and even after! – their Rooftop days.  So.  Cute.  Okay, I’m done for reals now.


Coming Up: Headlines Plus: Kpop Edition

Anyone recognize this Tiger? Yeeee!!


8 responses to “Headlines Plus: Drama Edition

  1. Thank you for this Headline post. I am also partial to Kim Tae Hee in spite of her acting limitations. I did enjoy her in My Princess. I am also enjoying Horse Doctor right now. I like the chemistry of Jo Seung Woo and Lee Yo Won. I can’t forget JSW from the movie The Classic (loved him in that). I don’t know if I’ll be able to last all fifty episodes, but I’m hoping it’s a light enough drama to last all the way till the end. I did survive all 45 episodes of Smile, You. As to the Flower Boy series, I liked Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. I started to watch Shut-up Flower Boy Band, but I couldn’t finish it all the way through. Many have raved on how good that drama was. I ended up finishing the drama through recaps. As to the last of the Flower Boy series with Park Shin Hye I will reserve my comments when after I watch the first episode. I have a tendency to like her in melo-dramas rather than in comedies. I’ll be looking forward to more My Daughter Seo Young recaps. I like that drama although I’m a bit weary of where it’s heading at this point. Thanks again for the recaps!

    • old soul!!!! we’ve missed you around here! i just realized i didn’t reply to your earlier comment on the jo in-sung + song hye-kyo casting xD sorry! but for SERIOUSLY, we are so the bestest of besties — or we should be, at least! ^^ is there anything we don’t agree on?! hehehheee! i absolutely LOVED “the classic” – gaaah, i bawled like no other. jo seung-woo is pretty darned adorable in “horse doctor” right now — especially with kim so-eun! lolol i never thought it would work, but he’s so cute when he’s bumbling around her hahahhaaa. oh my gollies, “smile, you” hehehehe. and yes, park shin-hye seems to vacillate between the extreme ends of the spectrum in terms of acting (and drama choice)… she hasn’t had a good one in some time, so i’m hoping this will be back to the good ol’ days ^^ she and lee wan (i just love these siblings — him and kim tae-hee, that is) were adorbs though “tree of heaven” was distressing, to say the least. as for “seo-young”: sooorry for the delay! ep 11 is finally up 🙂 i’d love to hear your thooooughts on it!!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Ahhhh so long that i havent been on here!!! Yaya dramassss. Love ALL OF THESE HEADLINES. i dont even know where to start commenting! 🙂 heheheh miss you!

  3. I am so excited for Missing You and My Neighbor Flower (KIM JI HOON =P) OMG. I hope that you Yoochun & Yoon Eun Hye make it an epic story full of chemistry and keep the tears to a minimum & more angst filled eyes instead. Flower Boy Series, Ive watched the prior two and they hold space in my hard-drive, hmm Ramyun shop was cute/funny yet stupid at times but with Il Woo, I was all over it. Flower Boy Band, loved it – edgy hard core story – the ending was bleh. Great start – very merp-merp ending lol. However, knowing that they have Park Shin Hye, Yoon Shi Yoon (love love love him) and Kim Ji Hoon in the Neighbor, I am absolutely drooling. I know deep in my bones its going to be beyond awesome. These stories are like the best early Christmas Gift ever — all my favorite actors to close out the year, I call that WINNING. lol. Any-who – if y’all are going to pick these stories, I will gladly follow and comment like crazy- because that’s what I do lol

    • YCHASE007 we’ve missed youuu!!
      hahaha kim ji-hoon, eh? i haven’t seen anything amaaazing from him yet (though i admit i haven’t seen too much of his stuff), but he seems to have a solid following, so perhaps i’ll join you soooon ^^ and as for an early Christmas present, i concur. mightily. hehehehheeee!! i really reaaaaally want to recaps “i miss you” but i’m so behind on “seo-young” and “rascal sons” right now… not to mention that i prolly won’t be able to write when my eyes are swollen shut from all the bawling i’m sure to be doin’… i guess we’ll seeee! ^^

  4. oh yeahhh…. I hope I could following all up coming drama above. but I’ll try to make a time for MBC I Miss U… ahhh Im being crazy for YooChun since watched RoofTop Prince, and now He is back with melodrama! so glad!!! 🙂
    Siwon’s new drama, he’ll play as an top actor again? I’ve been watched his drama with the same caracter for 3 times, it little bit bored, I really wanted to see him with the different role! 😦
    I’m so sorry never mind 🙂

    • Aristy!!! 😀 😀 😀 oh my gawsh, i don’t know how it happened — okay, fine, i actually do — but i became such a big yoochun fan, even though i wasn’t a big dbsk fan! hehehehee! oh my gawsh, the “rooftop prince” days were pretty darned crazy — my friend and i watched every single episode together, alternately squealing and wailing lolol
      as for shiwon, i was kinda wary, too, about him being a top star yet agin, but from what i’ve seen/read, it seems like he’s gonna be pretty funny — he’s uber popular, but not the sharpest crayon in the box, if you catch my drift ^^ lolol!! and no need to be sorry! i love hearing your thoughts!! 😀

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