Can’t Live Without You: Episodes 85-95

Welcome to CLWY: Lecture Notes Edition.  This drama for seriously makes me fickle.  I wonder which format will tickle my fancy next week…


Episode 85

  • Mama Kim goes to visit In-hye; Papa Kim tries to follow her but she gets lost…
  • Min-do can’t forget about the scene he saw earlier (the ‘suggestive’ conversation between Ji-soo and The Doctor) and asks Ji-soo to have dinner.  She declines because she’s getting treated (a transfusion, not chemotherapy), setting Min-do on edge
  • In-hye tells Madame that she has no intention of marrying Hyun-tae.  She doesn’t love him.
  • CrazyEx and President Kang come over to the Lee home for dinner, and In-hye uses the doctored menu (courtesy of CrazyEx) that includes a mushroom soup (which Madame is allergic to)
  • As expected, Madame has an allergic reaction, but surprisingly In-hye is able to help her – turns out In-hye, too, has a mushroom allergy.  Surprise, surprise.
  • Madame learns that In-hye was given her name by Sister Angela.  Hyun-tae overhears Madame asking Mr. Choi if In-hye could be her So-hyun…

Episode 86

  • In-hye continues her bullheaded ways, telling Hyun-tae that she doesn’t love him, that she wouldn’t make an appropriate wife for someone like him
  • Hyun-tae starts to catch onto Ji-eun’s devious trail – it’s about time someone figured things out around here!
  • Witch moves into the Kim residence *face palm*
  • Madame pretty much confirms that In-hye is her daughter – they have the same mole on the inside of their pinky, mushroom allergy, etc.

Episode 87

  • Madame asks Mr. Choi to halt the search for now.  She thinks it’s In-hye, and she doesn’t want to get the final confirmation at this point…
  • Min-do spent the night at the office after drinking his frustrations away, which naturally upset Ji-soo
  • Uncle accidentally hugs Mom Min, mistaking her for Auntie.  LOL
  • CrazyEx purposely spills coffee all over the original CCTV tapes in an attempt to cover her tracks
  • President Kang hires Scumbag

Episode 88

  • Madame conducts another DNA test with In-hye’s toothbrush
  • Mama Kim’s illness is progressing rapidly – she doesn’t recognize her own reflection in the mirror and eagerly talks to her new ‘friend’
  • Mom Min thinks Uncle likes her and tries to convince Auntie that Uncle actually likes her (Mom Min)
  • Hyun-tae gets the CCTV tapes again and sees CrazyEx tampering with the DNA test materials.  He confronts her with the evidence
  • Min-do is angry at Ji-soo, but she doesn’t understand what’s going on

Episode 89

  • CrazyEx lies her way out of the sticky situation
  • Hyun-tae tells Madame that CrazyEx and Jaesung Group (President Kang’s company) know she’s looking for her daughter
  • The whole back-story summarized: Madame loved a man but was forced to break up with him.  She found out she was pregnant and had the baby, but it was taken away.  She married President Lee and he helped her find So-hyun, but So-hyun was already adopted and happily living with her new family at that time
  • Mama Kim is inconsolable when the family separates her from her ‘friend’, and Ji-soo sends medicine via courier – she can’t go herself because she’s in the middle of receiving treatment – lying that she’s on call.  Min-do goes to the hospital with food for her… but she’s not there.  When he calls her, she says again that she’s working, but he just talked to the doctor who’s actually on call
  • President Kang meets with Dr. Kim, the man in charge of the center where Madame is getting her DNA test done.
  • Turns out Uncle’s first love was Mom Min LOL
  • Mama Kim pees in the living room then blames it on Witch
  • Madame goes to In-hye’s rooftop home and sees In-hye’s bracelet

Episode 90

  • Madame bawls her eyes out after seeing In-hye’s bracelet.
  • Hyun-tae goes to see In-hye, and Madame follows.  Overhears their conversation: In-hye doesn’t believe it’s right for him to turn his back on his mother, while he wants to give everything up so his can continue looking for her daughter
  • Uncle goes to meet Auntie and mistakenly hugs Mom Min again
  • Ji-soo comes home and Min-do’s pissed.  She lies again, saying that she was at her mom’s place
  • Madame says there’s no way Hyun-tae can marry In-hye, no matter what
  • Mama Kim pees again in the kitchen, but this time she remembers the next morning…
  • In-hye tells Madame that she loves Hyun-tae.

Episode 91

  • In-hye explains her past history with Hyun-tae but that she has no intention of marrying him so there is no need for Madame to worry.  Madame says she’ll give money for In-hye to live comfortably with Ki-chan, but In-hye refuses and just asks for time before she quits.
  • Papa Kim gets worried when he can’t find Mama Kim anywhere in the house.  Turns out she went to the drugstore to buy diapers. T_T  She barely gets her request out, but the stupid pharmacist tells her baby diapers are at the regular market.
  • Mr. Choi brings the DNA results, which say that In-hye is not Madame’s daughter.  She can’t believe it and asks him to look into the testing process.
  • Min-do goes to see Ji-soo at the hospital, and he sees The Doctor touching Ji-soo’s neck while she giggles.  That makes the young hubby see red, and he punches The Doctor, who tries to explain the truth, but Ji-soo begs him not to say anything.  That just pisses Min-do off even more, and he starts letting accusations fly.  Ji-soo, barely holding onto her own temper, tells him to stop and tries to walk past him, but she passes out and crumples to the floor.  I’m sad she’s so sick, but FINALLY we get some progress on this front!  Min-do hurriedly takes her to a treatment room and The Doctor breaks the news – Ji-soo has leukemia, and she’s been getting treated by him.  Poor Min-do goes numb with shock.
  • Hyun-tae arrives at home as President Kang and CrazyEx arrive as well.  The parents discuss Hyun-tae + CrazyEx’s marriage, and Hyun-tae says he will not marry CrazyEx.  Madame tries to gloss things over, but Hyun-tae tells President Kang that he doesn’t take lightly his love for In-hye.  Gasp!  He says he’ll gladly resign if needed, then takes In-hye out with him.  Omo omo omo.  All the shock sends Madame into another near faint.
  • Witch installs security cameras in the house.  Oh em gee.  The rest of the family, meanwhile, is desperately searching for Mama Kim.
  • Mom Min tells Auntie that the person Uncle loves is her LOL.  They go in search of a pharmacy, which is where Mama Kim is trying to buy adult diapers.  The stupid stupid stupid pharmacist riles up Mama Kim, and she angrily yells at him for belittling her.  She grabs the special diapers (for dementia or other special patients who can’t control their bodies anymore) and stalks out of the pharmacy, passing Mom Min and Auntie.  Mom Min asks her friend to eat together and offers to carry the bulky package Mama Kim has in her hands.  Mama Kim, still in a momentary lapse, tussles with Mom Min over the package until it rips open, spilling all of the diapers on the pavement.  Mom Min is horrified and her eyes fill with tears, and Mama Kim chews out her friend and Auntie.  Mom Min and Auntie cry as Mama Kim walks off with the diapers in her arms.  Suddenly, her senses return and Mama Kim recalls the scene with her friends and the pharmacist.  She walks back to Mom Min and asks if she just cursed her out, asking her to tell the truth.  Mom Min cries as she hugs her friend, saying that it’s all okay.  Mama Kim asks her friend, “Tell me then.  Like today, truthfully tell me that I let go of my senses.  Tell me then, too.  And if I forget you and can’t remember, please remind me.  Don’t give up.”  Gaaaah why are you making me cryyy?!?!

Episode 92

  • In-hye demands that Hyun-tae take her back to work, but he refuses.  She tells him a sob story from her childhood and he consoles her.
  • CrazyEx tells President Kang that she’ll die if he makes her give up Hyun-tae
  • Mama Kang finally comes home and everyone sees her carrying the diapers.  She tells them that one day she may forget to even put on the diapers, so prepare their hearts.  In her room, she starts a diary…
  • Ji-soo lies on a hospital bed while Min-do weeps in the corridor.  The Doctor told him that Ji-soo needs to have surgery (to abort the baby) immediately in order to start chemo but she’s refusing.  Min-do recalls all of their arguments and the signs she had sent but he had missed.  Ji-soo wakes up and the first thing she asks about is whether their baby is okay.  Min-do apologizes for everything until now and tells Ji-soo that they should have the surgery.  She refuses, insisting on going home, but she passes out again in the hallway.
  • Mom Min tells Auntie that she has decided to accept Uncle’s love LOLOL.  Auntie just laughs, but her belief in Uncle is shaken when Mom Min convinces her that Uncle used Auntie to approach Mom Min.
  • CrazyEx eavesdrops on Mr. Choi, who tells Madame that the DNA test was never done – they just sent the results.  CrazyEx tells President Kang that Madame seems to have caught onto the deception
  • Scumbag tells Witch that his new job will require him to be at same company as In-hye, and Witch tells him to quit.  Mama Kim starts talking to her ‘friend’ in the mirror, telling her about Chi-do’s mom.  Witch follows Scumbag into the living room, still screaming at him, and Mama Kim starts ripping out Witch’s hair, calling her Chi-do’s mom’s name.
  • Hyun-tae and In-hye haven’t returned, much to Madame’s distress.  The two arrive at a chapel and quietly become engaged.  All I gotta say is: that is one GIANT rock.
  • Min-do signs the consent form for Ji-soo surgery, crying at all their sweet memories.  He tells Ji-soo that he doesn’t need a child – he only needs her.  But she responds that this is her last chance to become a mother.  Once she undergoes cancer treatment, she’ll have to take meds the rest of her life, forever barring the possibility of having a child.  She tearfully tells him that calling it “surgery” might make the whole thing sound fine, but Wriggly (their nickname for their baby) is a life they’re killing.  They’re killing their baby, who is diligently growing as it waits to be born. T_T

Episode 93

  • Hyun-tae is adorably happy, and he tells Madame that he and In-hye got engaged.  Even if she doesn’t give her approval, he will marry In-hye.  Madame passes out from all the shock.
  • Ji-soo and Min-do are locked in a stalemate, and Min-do begs her to have the surgery.  He can’t live without her.
  • Mama Kim returns to her senses but doesn’t remember the showdown with Witch, so Witch plays the CCTV footage, sending Mama Kim into a numb shock.
  • In-hye meets her tears quota for the episode after CrazyEx slaps her and she overhears Madame telling Hyun-tae he can never marry In-hye
  • Madame figures out that CrazyEx was probably involved in the DNA test falsification
  • CrazyEx goes to In-hye’s rooftop home to tell In-hye about her long-lost mother

Episode 94

  • CrazyEx tells In-hye that Madame is her mom and suggests that she leave – it’s the only way Hyun-tae and Madame will be okay.  Sigh.
  • The family tries to deal with Mama Kim’s rapid decline, and Scumbag tells Witch – who keeps telling Mama Kim to move to an assisted living facility – that they should live apart.
  • Uncle accepts a diamond ring from Mom Min, thinking it’s a sign of her approval of his marriage with Auntie.  At the news, Auntie rips off her own ring that Uncle gave her.  LOL.
  • In-hye meets with Mr. Choi, who can only tell her that her Madame has been looking for her daughter for a long time, but she has given up her own wishes after learning Hyun-tae and In-hye like each other.  Sigh.
  • Mama Kim decides she needs to start doing things before her dementia progresses any further
  • Ji-soo wakes up shivering and feverish, then passes out.
  • In-hye calls CrazyEx and asks if everything will be solved and no one will be hurt if she leaves

Episode 95

  • Hyun-tae brings food and a cake for In-hye, and he eagerly basks in her unprecedented eagerness for his company.  In-hye couches her good-bye in roundabout words
  • Min-do takes Ji-soo to the hospital – the doctor says she needs surgery immediately.  Because her white blood cell count is down, she can’t handle even things like a common cold.  Ji-soo tells Min-do she desperately wants to have their baby… and oh my gawsh, I’m actually crying
  • Hyun-tae overhears Madame saying that she can’t just show up and reveal herself to her daughter anymore.  He asks Secretary Yoon to get him the list of daughter candidates and is shocked when he sees In-hye in the file.
  • Witch takes Mama Kim to the assisted living facility to ‘have lunch’ – OMG the things I want to do to her.  She says Mama Kim should move in there if she wants to save her son’s marriage.  “Do you want to call in In-hye to take care of you?” she demands, to which Mama Kim says “Definitely not.”  A hint at the future?
  • In-hye goes to turn in her resignation to Madame, who tells her that she is not her daughter.  The two enjoy a cry-fest as Madame explains her past and apologizes for making In-hye think she had found her mother.  In-hye says she’ll accept Madame’s money to raise Ki-chan, and Madame thanks her for making a difficult decision.  In-hye says it’s okay, and Madame apologizes for everything ‘til now…



Sigh.  I really don’t have much to say at this point.  This show just…  I don’t even know anymore.

All the double-meanings and couched words in Episode 95 were so dramatic it was almost hilarious, and how sad is it that the Hyun-tae + In-hye storyline makes me cringe from cheesiness overload now?  They were my favorite couple!  I am SO glad Min-do FINALLY found out about Ji-soo’s leukemia, because that whole misunderstanding contrivance was seriously annoying.  I still don’t see a solution for their situation and really have no clue what will happen.  If we’re gonna stick with a happy family drama, Ji-soo will probably have the baby and beat her leukemia, too.  But if we’re going for broke, she’ll probably give birth before dying, leaving Min-do with a precious memento of their love.  Chrysanthemum Scent style.

As for more tear-jerking potentialities, I still think there’s enough time for In-hye to come back to care for Mama Kim.  I don’t know if we’ll close out with Mama Kim passing away or her just leading a ‘happy’ life without her memories.  Perhaps Madame will be the one to pass away, giving her blessings to In-hye + Hyun-tae on her deathbed?  Gawsh, I don’t know why I’ve become so hard-hearted.  Let me take a guess~

All of the preemptions for baseball games has not helped this show one bit, and I honestly wonder how the actors feel about all of this.  The preemptions, the ridonkulousness of the show, just everything.  If I were Kim Hae-sook, I’d want out nooow.  But alas, perhaps that’s why she’s a marvelous actress and I’m not – she’s still givin’ lights-out performances and I’m barely hanging on.  Major kudos to her and Yoon Mi-ra (Mom Min) for seeeriously.  They are da best.


I’ll be on another trip this coming week so the recaps for the next batch of episodes may be a little late.  Thank you for your understanding! 😀



29 responses to “Can’t Live Without You: Episodes 85-95

  1. Thank you pinkblossom. I didn’t watch ep 94-95 so your recaps helps me a lot. I’m considering should I watch next week’s eps. This drama made me mad. With 2 weeks left I’m just nervous about how the remaining eps will go.
    And I do appreciate your thoughts – You said everything I wanted to say. Now I’m pretty sure that Ji Soo will be died because of her sickness. Since she decided to keep the baby that’d be very hard on her. It can be really risky and might be fatal for her 😦
    And Mama Kim: poor her. Without In Hye and Ji Soo, who will take care for her. We can’t hope anything from the witch…. angry~~~

    • it’s my pleasure, Xancy! i know, i really was contemplating not watching the episodes… they were just… ugh.
      i just have no idea what they’re planning to do -___-;; i feel sorry for everyone T_T

  2. Pinkblossom, you are back!!!

    Thank you for the summaries, they helped a lot. This drama is making me crazy. Question: When did Scumbag and Witch get married? I don’t remember that episode. FINALLY: Hyuntae and InHye. InHye had better not return to Mama Kim, I am still reeling from the episode where Mama Kim was scolding her (before she left Scumbag) about being an orphan and coming into their home empty-handed, etc. That lecture was awful. Witch deserves to care for a crazy in-law and live with wimpy Scumbag. ARGH! KDrama!

    • hehehehee thanks for the welcome back, watchumlots!!
      i don’t think they ever really showed scumbag and witch getting married — the closest thing i can think of was their failed wedding where mama kim had a spell and grabbed witch’s hair and whatnot~ they prolly just had a civil service or something xD
      as for in-hye and mama kim, i defs agree that mama kim was pretty harsh with the lecture, but i think that was before she found out that scumbag was cheating~ the whole farewell episode (when mama kim sent off in-hye and ki-chan) was pretty darned moving, and i think it showed her true heart towards in-hye… i don’t know, this drama is just… there are no words xD

    • Yup, sad for papa Kim too. Poor Ji Soo, Min Do, mom Min 😦
      Geez…. the writer ~ how will this drama end in next week. i have so many thought and scared about the ending.
      Be prepared for what’s ahead 😦

    • oh no, i haven’t watched anything since ep 95… aaaack, i’m getting out a box of tissues before starting on last week’s eps x___x

  3. OMG ~ MBC changed CLWY time slot (1 hour earlier) and the ratings dropped to a single digit 😦 (6% compared to ep 100 12%). MBC really want to destroy this drama 😦

    • ohh really?? uhhh i’m so sory for that…
      but honestly i don’t really care about the ratings/share , the most important for me is I enjoyed the great acting from the cast actually CLWY has the great actor&actress for colaboration, from the senior like Kim Hae sook, Yonn MiRa etc. in the veteran like Park Sun Young, Park Eun hye, Kim ho jin etc. and from the rookie star/former child actor like Park yooHwan nd Do Ji Han. I think that’s all complete package. but I don’t know may be the Director and scriptwriter not too successfully to make the story more interest 😦
      that’s my opinion guys, i’m little bit sad for that. the great cast without the great story 😦

    • i heard about the time change. gotta agree with you, Xancy, MBC has done absolutely nothing to help this drama. argh.

  4. @Aristy I totally agreed with you. This drama has a very GOOD CAST but BAD SCRIPT and POORLY DEVELOPED. The writer messed up everything 😦
    To many things were and are still being dragged out. Which is such a pity!
    But I really ENJOY the cast’s acting.

    Ep 103: whatttttttttttttttt!!!! the witch’s preg…..nant (poor Sang Do :D)
    Haha, and Min Do’s exgirlfriend, still annoying but so cute 🙂
    CLWY will end next week, not this week. One more week to go.

    • oh em gee Witch is WHAAAAT?!?! i haven’t caught up yet… gaaah, i’m dreading this new development. gah gah gaaaaaaah

  5. yeaahhhhh…. finally HyunTae kissed In-hye in the front of the crazy ex!!! hhahha… CrazyEx must be shocked!!!
    ehmm… btw, Is Park EunHye’s husband allowed her to do kiss scene with the another guy(actor)??
    when I watched ‘Strong Heart ep 119’ she said that her hubby not allow her to do kiss scene in drama. cool finally her hubby can understanding her wife’s profession 🙂

  6. omo ~ I can’t wait for ep 106. Poor In Hye, I hope nothing bad happens to her. We have enough sick people.
    CrazyEx, I will ki** you if I meet you in person 😦
    Min Do quits his job and Ji Soo agreed to have surgery. I wonder what did Min Do say to Ji Soo to convince her?

  7. CLWY family, the big day is drawing near — or has been here for a while for those who aren’t at the end of the time zone like yours truly. eeeee!!
    i just wanted to ask a quick – but important! – question to you wonderful people: would you mind just a wrap-up of CLWY (especially since nothing really actually happened the last 10-odd episodes) or do you want every episode summarized? please please please let me know what you’d like! 😀

    • Hi pinkblossom, glad to see you again. I’d go for the second choice 🙂 I’m waiting for last ep tonight. I HOPE THIS WILL HAVE A HAPPY ENDING .I REALLY HATE TRAGEDY ENDING.

  8. Finally, CLWY ended!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 😀

    And the last ep recorded highest ratings of all eps.
    To me It’s definitely a rush ending 😦 But well, what can I expect after I waited for all 6 months

    Thank God, at least nobody died (especially Ji Soo and Mama Kim) They are all happy. Well, they were together in like the first and last episodes 😀

    But I have to say but the ending confused me a lot o__o Ji Soo and the baby is safe but how about her disease? poor Hyun Tae and In Hye 🙂 I want they to be happy, with each other or with someone else 😦
    So have to wait for pinkblossom recaps to catch up.

  9. ahhhhhhh the real sadness is when In Hye met Mama Kim, it’s been so long time… Ohh Mama Kim Hae Seok just successfully made me tried so hard to hold my tears drop…T_T
    eomma-nim…. *hiks hiks…

  10. Hi

    Thanks for reviewing each episode. I am interested to know how this story end. Could you please post the last episode? Thanks in advance

    • welcome to the Patch, wewe!!! and welcome to our special CLWY family! 😀 😀 i’ve said for forever that i’d finish this one up, and i’ve pushed it back for so long xD i’m gonna do it for realsies so be on the lookout! ^^ thanks for joining us! hope to continue hearing from you!! 😀

  11. Hello admin. I am currently watching this drama from this link So disapointed it has no sub but your page’s so useful. I wonder why u stop reviewing the final eps? so I really dont understand the ending. I know I ask too much but can u take your time to recap ep 96-100? Hope to hearing from u soon. Thank you for reading 🙂

    • welcome to our Patch, lyn!
      i’m so glad you’ve been enjoying “can’t live without you” through our little madhouse! unfortunately, i probably won’t be able to post a detailed recap of the last few episodes of the show… sooorry! but if you have any specific questions, i’d be happy to answer them! 🙂

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