My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 10

This show.  Gah, I’m speechless.


Episode 10

Papa Lee haltingly asks Seo-young if he can see her one more time before she leaves, and she promises to return before her departure.  As she leaves behind a stricken Papa Lee, she angrily asks why he’s tormenting her with such a sad face – so you do feel bad for him, eh?

Woo-jae is in front of the goshiwon, hesitating before deciding not to bother her with a phone call.  Seo-young sees him and wraps her arms around him in a surprise back hug, asking him to stay like that just a moment.  “Let’s go tell your parents.  Let’s do it – that ‘going together forever’ thing,” she says.  Gasp!

Sang-woo comes home and is shocked to hear that Seo-young is leaving to study abroad.  Just as he’s about to call her, she texts him and says she’ll meet him at school the next morning.  Sang-woo arrives at school bright and early the next day, and Seo-young awkwardly tries to buy time, but he wants to talk first.  Ohmygollies confrontation time.  I’m scared to hear this.

Sang-woo asks if she’s really going abroad, and when Seo-young shakes her head, he asks if she used the excuse so she wouldn’t have to see Father.  “No,” she answers.  “I’m getting married.”  Ack.  Sang-woo ain’t no dummy by any means, and he quickly figures out that Seo-young is intending to get married without telling Papa Lee.  But that ain’t the full story: “I said that Father is no longer with us.”  He’s dumbfounded and can’t believe she’s willing to ‘kill’ their father to get married.  Seo-young, though, argues that she didn’t want to lose the one person she could be happy with because of their father.  He reasons that there’s no need for her to lose the guy – she can confess the truth and beg for forgiveness.  Didn’t she say that he desperately loves her?  But Seo-young just can’t do it, and she asks Sang-woo to come to her wedding.  “You said you didn’t have a father,” he says, “why can’t you say that you don’t have a brother, too?”  Oof.  With tears filling her eyes, Seo-young begs her brother to change his mind.  “You’re different from Father.  You’re my younger brother.  You’re my younger brother.”  Though he understands where she’s coming from, Sang-woo can’t agree with his sister’s decision and angrily tells her to say he’s dead, too.  The siblings part, both in tears, still at an impasse.  Gah, I don’t think I can handle this.

Seo-young gets off the bus and Woo-jae is waiting for her, adorably pouting that she ruined all his plans for a ‘real’ date before they go meet his parents.  She asks to go for some cold, fresh air, and he takes her to a beautifully scenic spot, complete with a picnic basket, blanket, pillows, and books for a nice time of rest.  He’s SO cute, and they’re so cuuute, but my heart is just breaking at the impending doom.

As they lie next to one another, enjoying the beautiful day, Woo-jae thanks her for being courageous (enough to marry him).  He tells her that she taught him to value others’ lives as much as his own, and Seo-young turns away uncomfortably.  Closing her eyes, and with trembling lips, she tells him that the person he knows is not her entire self.  He quips that you can’t ever completely know a person – you learn more and more about them over time.  But Seo-young is serious, and she asks him to understand, when he discovers a facet of her that is not herself, that she had no choice.  Oh my gawsh, I can’t believe you’re not going to tell him.  Oh my gawsh oh my gawsh oh my gawsh.  Woo-jae is oblivious to the by-play, and he just happily basks in the happiness of the moment – she called him “Woo-jae-sshi” for the first time (when she was making her ‘confession’), and she told him for the first time something she wanted to do (get some air).  He says he’s gonna write it down in his diary and goes off in search for it…

He comes back with two coffees, and Seo-young thanks him for the thoughtfulness.  She was craving coffee, she explains, then stops short when she sees the ring hanging around the straw.  That is one GORGEOUS rock.  He says that he has something that he didn’t get so say while he was busy raising hell because he couldn’t live without her: “I love you.  You who woke me up, I love you.”  Gaaaaah.

Mama Choi has decided to send Ho-jung to study abroad and stay with Kyung-ho, Ho-jung’s half-brother.  Ooooh, he’s finally making his appearance!  Ho-jung desperately calls her dad for rescue, but all his bluster does nothing to move Mama Choi.  She knows only too well that once Ho-jung gets fixated on something, she doesn’t let up – just like Mama Choi, who defied her mom to marry Director Choi, a widower with a six-year-old son.  Aww, there’s nothing you can say to that.

Sang-woo goes to see Seo-young, and he sees Woo-jae sweetly bidding her goodnight after dropping her off.  She spots her brother, and what follows is probably the most heart-breaking scene thus far in the whole show.  Gah, it’s just too sad for a detailed translation, so I’ll just sum it up: Seo-young says she gave up everything her whole life because of their father.  Woo-jae is the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with, and she won’t give him up because of their father once again.  Sang-woo explains that he, too, hated and loathed Papa Lee.  But what doesn’t change is the fact that he is their father, that they are his children.  Seo-young, though, says she didn’t choose Papa Lee, that she won’t love him just because of blood ties.  Both Sang-woo and Seo-young are taken aback by the force of her hatred and anger, and Sang-woo regrets having accepted his sister’s money, having made her suffer to support him – she suffered so much that she is driven to this.  She says that’s not what it is, but he says he knows her.  She’ll be miserable (after abandoning Papa Lee), so much so that she won’t even be able to properly be happy.  But Seo-young says she can live without their father, and Sang-woo asks, “Then what about me?”  He says he can’t abandon Papa Lee as well and pose as her brother.  “I want to be happy, now.  Help me so I can be happy.  Don’t make me lose you, too,” she begs.  But he can’t answer her first ever request, and he brokenly tells her, “If you’re going to abandon Father, abandon me, too.  If you can’t turn around, if you won’t turn around, don’t ever come looking for me again – because I can’t forgive you.”  Sob.

Sang-woo desperately drinks in an attempt to alleviate the searing pain flooding his heart, and he goes home completely drunk.  He tells Papa Lee not to be too hurt, and Papa Lee tries to act like there’s nothing to be hurt about, but the pain is just pouring out from these two men.  *tears*

Seo-young tells Woo-jae that she has a younger brother, but he’s abroad and won’t be coming back for the foreseeable future.  When she hesitates at his questioning, Woo-jae says she doesn’t need to say any more.  They can talk later, and he’ll take care of his parents for now.

Every single one of Mama Kang’s suggestions for wedding preparations are hilariously shot down, and Sung-jae adorably consoles his weeping mother that he will always put her first in his life.  So sweet, but once again I fear for the fallout.

Ho-jung climbs out of her bedroom and shows up at Sang-woo’s house at 3 in the morning, asking for her taxi fare (she didn’t bring anything with her).  LOL.  She says she’s being forced to study abroad and won’t see him for 3 years, but Sang-woo lashes out at Ho-jung’s immature declaration of love, still upset because of Seo-young.  He takes her home and agrees to give her a chance when she comes back in three years.  With that promise, and with Mama Choi’s promise to let her live however she wants post-study-abroad, Ho-jung resolutely decides to go to America.

Wedding preparations get under way, while Sang-woo waits and waits for Seo-young’s phone call.  Papa Lee has Seo-young’s departure date marked on the calendar, and he asks his friend to borrow money (to give to Seo-young), but stops himself with the realization that this was the kind of thing she hated.  He prepares a lavish last meal for his daughter, and when Seo-young shows up, he breaks into the largest smile.  Why am I cryyyying?  T_T

The family shares a tense meal, and Papa Lee remembers happy times when Seo-young loved her father deeply and without inhibition.  Sang-woo recalls his sister giving him spending money she earned from the skanky hidden camera job, and Seo-young recalls their confrontation from the other night.  Papa Lee gives her an allowance, promising to send money each month, and they bid farewell, each trying to hide their tears.  When Seo-young tries to catch up with Sang-woo, he angrily walks ahead, and Papa Lee anxiously watches from the rooftop, standing on tiptoes to see Seo-young’s retreating form for just one second longer.  Gaaah, my eyes are going to be swollen tomorrow.

Sang-woo coldly expresses his disappointment – he had hoped against all hope that she wouldn’t do this.  Seo-young begs for him not to do this, but he tells her, “You’re not my noona any longer.  I don’t have a noona any more, and Father doesn’t have a daughter.  Let’s not see each other ever again.  Let’s not see each other until we die.  Don’t ever appear in front of Father again.  If you ever do, I’m going to shatter your happiness.  Enjoy your happiness.”  And with that, he leaves a sobbing Seo-young in the taxi.  She gets out and runs to him, but comes to a stop before reaching him.  His eyes fill with tears as she stands there, not bridging the gap between them, and then she turns her feet around and walks back to the waiting taxi.  Papa Lee finds the huge sum of money Seo-young left behind and sobs his heart out, and Sang-woo cries, too, outside the door.  Seo-young returns to the goshiwon and cries deep into the night.

Ho-jung bids farewell to her parents at the airport, and Mama Choi breaks down in tears before worrying that her wedding makeup will be ruined.  Oy, the wedding is today?!  (Mama Choi doesn’t mean makeup for her own wedding, but makeup to attend a wedding.)

Papa Lee gets suited up for a VIP event he’s ‘guest-ing’ for, which he was vetted for earlier.  Seo-young, meanwhile, asks her mom for her understanding.

Finally, we see Seo-young beautifully dolled up and waiting in the bridal room as a huge crowd of guests fill the wedding hall.  Sung-jae tells his hyung-soo-nim that he’ll be her protector from now on, since she doesn’t have anyone.  He’ll be like her younger brother and older brother, he says, touching a chord in Seo-young’s troubled heart.

Papa Lee arrives at his VIP event, where ladies are gossiping about the Cinderella who seduced her Prince Charming while acting as a tutor.  He sees the sign with the name of the bride of “Today’s Wedding” : Lee Seo-young.  OH NOOOOO.  Papa Lee is taken aback by the same name, then smiles at how good-looking the groom is.

Woo-jae comes in to the bridal room, where Seo-young is looking peaked at best.  He holds out his hand and encourages her to be strong.  Inside the wedding hall, the bride and groom’s entrance is announced, and everyone turns to watch the pair walk down the aisle together.  Papa Lee turns and heartily claps with everyone… until he finally sees the bride’s face and recognizes Seo-young.  Aaaaaaaaackkkkkk.  Shocked, he whips around in his seat and recalls his conversations with Seo-young.  He tells himself he must be wrong, but when Seo-young turns her profile towards the guests, he ducks his head for cover…


I can’t believe the drama went there.  I can’t…  I just can’t believe it.

There’s a hard and fast rule I’ve learned exists in the Kdrama world: Couples that are happily together at the start of a drama don’t last.  Ever.  Period.  Seo-young and Woo-jae were not together when this show opened, but they’re married and it’s only Episode 10.  TEN, peoples, ten!  I’m all for a nice, clipped pace, but this show was just ridonkulously breaking the speed limit by a good 50 mph, and look where it led us.  The OTP is already married, and we still have at least 40 episodes to go.  Gaaah!

For the sake of story and conflict, we needed the lie.  If Seo-young had revealed the truth about Papa Lee, we could possibly have had a few more episodes before the wedding, during which Woo-jae would feel betrayed but bounce right back to Seo-young’s side.  My guess is that he probably wouldn’t have told his parents, so the wedding would still have gone through.  If he had told his parents, then we would have gotten maybe another 10 episodes before they relented and the wedding went through.  Then we’d still have a good 30 episodes to fill with no bickering or falling-in-love OTP, since they would already be happily married and in love.  So, in the world of Kdramaland, no story.

With the setup ultimately settled on, we prolong the agony of dropping the big bomb.  And when it drops, it is gonna be UGLY.  Woo-jae will be absolutely shattered, and his parents will definitely move for a separation, if not outright divorce.  It looks like Sun-woo is gonna be sticking around, so she’ll probably move in on the vulnerable Woo-jae, which will knock off a handful of episodes (if not more).  Ultimately, Seo-young is gonna have to win back Woo-jae’s trust, and that, I fear, is where the meat of the story will lie.  Prying Sun-woo’s harpy claws off Woo-jae will probably be another facet, not to mention getting re-approval from the in-laws, which will not be a fun ride.  Is this what I get for trusting writer So Hyeon-kyeong?  I fall in love with the show, and it burns me?!

Of course, all of my speculations – based on yeeeaaaars of watching dramas – could be totally overturned.  That possibility is always there.  But either way, I no longer feel the same joy and light-heartedness when watching this show, because the dark, angry cloud of revelation is hovering just over the mountains.  My heart doesn’t want to be trampled!

The highlight of Episode 10 was hands down the Lee family.  Lee Bo-young was absolutely fantastic this episode, and Chun Ho-jin once again showed me why it is I wub him so much.  The surprise, though, was Park Hae-jin.  I’ve wubbed him since his debut in The Famous Chil Sisters, but he was always more pretty-boy than serious actor in my book.  Well, let me move him on over to the Actors page, because he was absolutely magnificent this episode.  Major major major props to all of the actors, and major boo-hoo-hoo to the writer. 😉

I hope against all hope that my predictions are completely wrong and my faith in Kdramas is restored.  But for now, I will be watching with only one eye opened and my heart firmly closed.  Well, there are always cracks around the door frame, but I’m gonna be watchin’ those, too.  ’Cause I fear, ladies and gentlemen, that poor pinkblossom’s heart will be broken very soon.


The real world calls once again, thus I’ll be away on another trip throughout next week.  Sorry to keep you waiting on Episodes 11-12 (last weekend) and 13-14 (this coming weekend), but I won’t be able to get the recaps up until I come back.  Thank you for your understanding and patience! 😀


27 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 10

    • welcome to our Patch, jaz!! i agree that this show is just ridonkulously ridonkulous with the break-neck speed ^^ thanks for joining us — hope to hear more from you! 😀 😀 😀

  1. thanks so much for the wonderful recap….i’m so fan of this weekend drama…i love all the cast and the story….i can’t wait to read the 11th&12th episode….hope u will publish it anytime this week…many thanks..mwah!

    • you’re very welcome, vivian! i’m sorry the recaps are a bit slow — i just got back from my trip and am trying to catch up xD thanks for your patience & for sharing this journey with us! 😀 😀 😀

    • i’m so scared of the mess that’s just waiting to happen, but at the same time i’d rather just get it over with so they can start rebuilding their relationship — the suspense is just killiiiing meeee!

    • welcome to our madhouse, Chela!! i hope you’re enjoying this crazy drama & hope to hear more from you in the episodes to come! 😀 😀 😀

    • i knoooow, that’s the thing with kdramas — things have a tendency to go bonkers towards the latter end -___-;; let’s keep our fingers crossed, `Eun!! 😀

  2. Thank you for the recaps! I was getting so frustrated because subs weren’t coming fast enough but your recaps sustains my interest in MDSY. Reading through ep9&10 brings me to tears…

    • awww, you’re too kind, summer! welcome to our little Patch of madness! hope you have a wooonderful time ranting and raving with us all!! 😀 😀 😀

  3. Finally saw the subbed episode (9-10) thru KBSWorld, I must say I’m astounded! After that cliffhanger, I’m trying my damn best not to download the raw versions. I’m still holding on to the happy ending of the main OTP but maybe it will happen in another time jump probably between 2-3 episodes before the finale.

    • you are so good, dramacafe — i can never resist spoilers of any kind lolol! ^^ i totes never thought about another time jump… that would make things quite interesting~ though i wish they’ll work through all the issues/problems before the ending xD well, i guess we’ll just have to wait and see! 😀

    • welcome to our madhouse, loveless!! sorry for the long wait — the ep 11 recap is finally up 🙂 thank you for joining us here — we hope to hear more from you!! 😀 😀 😀

  4. No! Are they going there? No way… I know what you mean about the “cloud hanging”… Usually I like my clouds to be resolved quickly (and it rarely happens in Korean dramas — excepting the last one I finished). Now it seems that the only bright, lighthearted spot will be Sang Woo’s story with his two ladies.

  5. Like…..I can’t watch this in peace now :(…..just knowing the bomb will drop at any moment. Plus how can SeoYoung think she’ll be happy with such a big cloud over her head? I’m all for pride, but honey, this is just not gonna fly

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