My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 9

My golly goodness gracious great balls of fire, this show is driving me nuts.  The recaps are taking me a bit longer than I’d expected, so just Episode 9 for now – Episode 10 will be up soon! 😀


Episode 9

Woo-jae thanks his father, while Mama Kang goes nuts.  Hahahahaa!  She cannot believe that her husband made such a decision without any input from her, but he says that Woo-jae was the one who proposed the deal.  He tried all kinds of crazy things to get Woo-jae to enter the company, all to no avail.  How could he reject Woo-jae’s ultimate trump card?  Mama Kang is not to be swayed, despite the fact that Woo-jae is marrying the woman he loves – just as she wished.  LOL.  President Kang continues that though Seo-young lacks incredibly in ‘background’, she more than makes up for it with her personality, wits, and smarts.  Hehehehee.

Woo-jae offers Seo-young a ride home, and their tug-o-war over whether she’ll accept reminds me of their old days (and by old, I mean all of a few episodes).  She reluctantly gets in the car, and I nod in approval when he opens her door both when she’s getting in and out – chivalry is not dead!   As she turns away to walk home, Woo-jae tells her that he got the go-ahead for their marriage.  She, obviously, is in disbelief, and his reassurances that he’s telling the truth only prompt tears when she recalls her lie about Papa Lee.  Seo-young says she has no intention of being looked down upon her entire life, and Woo-jae, who has no idea why Seo-young is actually upset, says he’s happy to take his time: “That you won’t be hurt by my parents – that’s more than enough.  We can just date until you become sure about your feelings for me.”  Oof.

Back at the Kang home, Sung-jae confronts Woo-jae and tells him he’s only letting Teach go because it’s his older brother.  “If you make my teacher cry, you’ll die at my hands.  Make her happy.”  Awwwww.  Woo-jae promises he won’t ever make Seo-young cry and thanks Sung-jae for giving up his love.  Now this is what I’m talking about – a hyung who respects his younger brother’s love as much as his own.  Aaalmost reaches Tae-woong’s level (Answer Me 1997).  I don’t know if there will be a hyung quite like him for some time.  Sigh.

Sung-jae promises to do whatever he can to help Woo-jae + Seo-young, and Woo-jae goes in to sweet-talk Mama Kang.  Uuunfortunately, she’s having none of it.  She’s so cute!

As for the other half of the couple, Seo-young is shell-shocked by the sudden approval from President Kang, and her head hurts from all the thoughts frantically running through it.  Featuring most prominently is her lie about her father.  Sigh.

Over at the hospital, Sang-woo sees Mi-kyung sitting despondently on the bench after her break-up, and he consoles her over drinks.  She talks about her first love (the doctor that saved her when she got appendicitis) and how she doesn’t remember his name or face.  I wonder… [SPOILER ALERT] Oh my gawsh, is the person who saved her Ho-jung’s half-brother, who hasn’t made his appearance yet?!  [END SPOILER]  They bid each other farewell – their rotation at this hospital is done, so they’re off to their next rotations – and say they’ll meet each other randomly again if they’re meant to.  Oooh, is that a dare to the easily tempted Fate?

The next morning, Mama Kang announces that she’s embarking on a fasting protest – she won’t eat, she won’t listen to classical music, she won’t wear make-up, and she certainly won’t use her credit card – until Woo-jae gives up Seo-young.  LOLOL.  Woo-jae goes to work with President Kang and says he’ll start from the bottom up, much to his father’s pleasure.  Director Choi, though, isn’t pleased at the prospect of kowtowing to his Woo-jae, too.  Sad panda.

That evening, President Kang brings home a special meal from Mama Kang’s favorite Hotel and Sung-jae brings pizza and coffee (from the same hotel).  Mama Kang, however, is firm in her resolve.  Woo-jae next brings his own offering: a steak omelette from the brunch place she frequented whenever she went to New York.  He explains that it because it reminded him of the memories they had together in New York – of the times when mother and son understood each other so well.  That finally gets to her, and late at night she becomes lost deep in thought.

Seo-young calls Woo-jae the next day, and he excitedly answers – it’s the first time she has called him.  Awww.  She asks to meet him as soon as possible, and pinkblossom just yells Hallelujah.  I have no idea how he’s gonna respond, but it’s absolutely essential that he find out about Papa Lee before the wedding.  Alas, the drama gods are out to kill my love for this show: Before Seo-young can meet Woo-jae, she gets a call from Mama Kang.  To Seo-young’s – and pinkblossom’s – utter surprise, Mama Kang says she has decided to give her approval to the marriage.  And then, our hopes come crashing down: Mama Kang says it’s a good thing that Seo-young is an orphan, rather than having some ‘unacceptable’ parent.  They can just tell people that her parents went to Africa on a medical mission and were killed by malaria.  Oof.  Oof oof oof oof oof.  Seo-young, swimming in shock and bemusement, says she has no intention of marrying Woo-jae – sending Mama Kang into another round of shock and confusion.  Gollies.

Seo-young finally meets Woo-jae at a café, and he worriedly asks if she got an earful from his mom.  She says his mom was probably upset, and he says he’ll take care of things and reassures her that she did well.  Seo-young asks why he always tells her that she did a good job, that it’s okay.  “What am I that you do this?  How much do you know about me that you decided to marry me?”  His answer?  “Because it’s you.”  Her inflexibility in the face of hardship, her prickly demeanor, and stubbornness were what got to him at first.  He realized that this was a person who would never lie, even if someone held a sword to her neck.  Oof.  She’s someone he can trust 100%.  They can trust each other and embrace one another – and thus, she is someone with whom he can spend his lifetime.  Gaaaah, just kill me now.

She opens her mouth… but just can’t bring herself to reveal the truth, especially in the face of his declaration about his unwavering trust in her and her truthfulness.  He tells her about growing up with parents in a loveless, arranged marriage, and how he ran away from being involved in the company so he wouldn’t become like his father.  He finally then turns to her and asks, “What was the important thing you wanted to tell me?”  Well, good luck getting an answer now.

Papa Lee is still miserable after the incident with Seo-young at the police station.  His friend tries to cheer him up and tells him about a new job he got posing as a guest for various functions.  He gets paid to attend funerals, weddings, etc. for people who don’t have family/friends but want to keep up appearances.  Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Mama Kang pours out all her frustrations to Mama Choi, who says she’s surprised by Woo-jae’s unexpected actions – it’d be a different matter if it was Sung-jae.  That sets off Mama Kang, who sharply tells her friend to watch what she says.  How many times must she emphasize that Sung-jae is her son?  Oh my gawsh, it’s true.  Sung-jae’s adopted…

That evening, Mama Kang calls everyone home and says she has her own deal: Woo-jae either gets married immediately or they break up.  She’s giving him one day.  Dun dun dun!  The lady in question is debating whether to confess, take a semester off, or run away, and right now she’s leaning towards the last one.  Woo-jae calls her out and tells her about his mom’s deal.  Seo-young says their time together has been too short, that she doesn’t want to make a life-altering decision based on that.  He reasons that though the time was short, what they experienced together was deep and significant.  She’s unwilling to budge, though, and he asks her one last time: “You don’t need me?  You can live without me?”  She answers in the affirmative.  Gaah.  “Fine,” he coldly answers.  “I’ll leave, then.  I’ve done everything I can.  But if that’s not enough, then I’ll go to America.  I lost to you, Lee Seo-young.”  He refuses to exchange such banal things like good-byes, and angrily stalks off, leaving behind a Seo-young whose eyes fill to the brim with tears.  Sob.  She walks back to the goshiwon, telling herself over and over again that she did the right thing, that this is for the better.  Honey, I don’t know how you’re gonna live with yourself anymore.

She goes to Sung-jae’s house the next day and sees Woo-jae packing his things into the car.  Gasp!  You’re really leaving?!  Sun-woo is with him, too – ARGH – and Seo-young is unable to concentrate or do anything at all with Sung-jae.  At the airport, Woo-jae and Sun-woo wave good-bye to Mi-kyung and head into the terminal.

Seo-young numbly walks out of the Kang residence and narrates as we get a montage of all their times together:

I thought that the time we had known each other was too short.  But his words were right – we experienced too many things in a short period of time.  I met him, put up my guard against him, misunderstood, fought, experienced confusion, was moved… and was drawn to him.  I was joyful, warm, happy, and grateful.  In a short period of time, he gave me everything and left.

Nooooo!  Gaaaah, my heart huuurts.

Ho-jung begs her friends to keep her bodyguard off her tail – hahaha she has a bodyguard.  She just wants to return Sang-woo’s handkerchief and say good-bye for the last time.  Sang-woo, though, isn’t at the hospital anymore, so she goes to his house instead.  She cracks open the window and sees Papa Lee passed out on the floor, so she crawls in through the window, ripping her blouse in the process.  Sang-woo is surprised to see her when he comes home, and she explains in her usual way about what happened.  When he tries to pay her back for the taxi expenses (for Papa Lee), he realizes he doesn’t have cash and promises to buy her a meal next time.  She’s ecstatic, and he walks her out to catch a cab, shoving her into it half-affectionately.  Awww, he’s softening towards her already.  Ho-jung, of course, gets an earful when she comes home.

Sang-woo comes back up to his home and sees Papa Lee sitting despondently outside.  He quietly tells Sang-woo: “I knew, too, that I was putting you guys through hardhips.  But I thought you guys knew my heart.  Because I love you, I thought you guys loved me, too.  I didn’t know you hated me so much.”  Sad paaanda.  He regrets how he lived his life until now and promises to live according to his means from now on.

Meanwhile, Seo-young pushes Sung-jae and acts as though she’s fine.  The little not-so-dumb airhead says he accepted her as his teacher because she was so honest.  Oof, another blow.  He says he feels so bad for his brother because she’s so nonchalant when Woo-jae was even willing to enter the company he hated so much.  Well, the lady isn’t quite as cool as a cucumber as she’d like to be believed, and Sang-woo by chance sees Seo-young crying inside a convenience store.  He demands to know what’s wrong – she was crying where anyone could see! – and Seo-young tearfully tells him, “There was someone I really wanted to lean on, but he disappeared.  He left.  I couldn’t hold onto him because of Father.”  Sang-woo enfolds his sister in his arms, and pinkblossom swoons at the overflow of brotherly love.

The next day, Seo-young walks out of class and hears Woo-jae… who’s there in the flesh!  Aaaaack!!  Why so shmexy?!  “This is why I came – to let her off this one time if Lee Seo-young is regretting her decision.  That’s why I came.”  Gaaaah!  Overjoyed, Seo-young runs into his waiting arms, and pinkblossom swoons.

Papa Lee has joined his friend at the part-time ‘guest-ing’ gig, and he comes home to a Seo-young who has grimly gathered her resolve.  She tells him she’s going to study abroad in New York with a scholarship.  She’s leaving in a few weeks and isn’t sure when she’ll come back…



Episode 10 coming soon!


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    • as always, it’s my pleasure, doriemee! 😀 hope you’re faring better than me in terms of anxiety for our OTP’s happiness… -___-;; hehehee!

    • welcome to our Patch, red!! i will definitely continue recapping this drama for the foreseeable future 🙂 🙂 thanks for joining us — hope to hear more from you! 😀 😀 😀

    • it’s my pleasure, Yuna! 😀 😀 i’m trying to catch up on the last few episodes, but they’ll be up as soon as possibleee!! ^^

  1. What station or channel do you watch this drama? I watch it on kbs,but they cut a few scenes out. I really would like to see the complete episode. And thanks for the recaps! I have to force myself to not read ahead.

    • welcome to our Patch, Musiclover!! you’re so good — i can never stay away from spoilers! 😉 i usually watch my shows online 🙂 since seo-young is a kbs show, you can check kbsworld; dramafever is also a nice site! thank you for joining us — we hope you continue your dramaland journey with us!! 😀 😀 😀

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