Jae Hee No Longer Ours

Oh.  My.  Gawsh.

I am in a COMPLETE state of shock right now…  I need time to process…  To get my head straight…

There have been a loot of attention-grabbing headlines the last couple of weeks, and I’m gonna be putting up a Headlines post – remember those? – reaaal soon.  But this is just too big for a mere bullet point in a slew of other news.

Jae Hee is no longer ours, ladies.  He’s taken.  Gaaaaaah.  Women’s Sense magazine reported in their November issue that Jae Hee had been seeing someone (a non-celebrity) since before his enlistment, and they’re now essentially married (the term used is ‘informally’ married).  One more vital piece of information?  They have a one-year-old son.  Talk about shocking pinkblossom awake from her peaceful slumber.

Speculations and all kinds of nice and not-so-nice words went flyyying across the peninsula, and Jae Hee finally made an official statement a few hours ago via his agency: It’s true that he is together with the woman he loves, but rather than it being some kind of uber spy-like top secret, his marriage was just a ‘closed’ one he didn’t reveal to the public.  He and his wife are happily – and legally – married, and they do indeed have a son (who is not some illegitimate child you media harpies will torture the rest of his life).  This is his personal, private life, and because his wife is a non-celebrity, he wanted to protect her from all the media craziness.

I still can’t believe he’s maaaaarried, but I’m so happy for him.  ’Cause after all, he really cares about my blessings.  Right.  But yes, the majority of people are sending congratulatory messages, though some wish he could have revealed the truth himself, rather than being outed by some magazine.  And then there are those asdfghjkl@#$! crazies who are accusing him of posing as a bachelor when he was a married man.  Oh my gawsh, peoples, just get over yourselves already.  Go get a job or something to use your time – and mind and keyboard-tapping fingers! – more productively.  My own keyboard-tapping fingers excluded, of course.

Aaanyhoo, a belated but heartfelt congratulations to Jae Hee, who will always be my favorite Lee Mong-ryong.  Ladies, we gotta find another hottie to latch onto.  Stat.

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10 responses to “Jae Hee No Longer Ours

  1. oohh..JH is not single now…acctually i’m happy to hear a man brave enough to have a married life…it makes them a man..yeah..in my opinion….:)

    • welcome to our Patch, Queen! i agreeeee that he has defs gone up in my esteem after learning that he’s a happily married man — though my fangirling heart is forever broken ^^ hheheeheheee! thanks for joining us, Queen — we hope to hear more from youuu! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Omo. This is the first I’ve heard if this news. So awesome for him and his lady fair… The way he protects her from the limelight should be commended not harped on. I want one lol

  3. This makes me wonder who else is “secretly” married. Not that it’s any of my business but y’know… curiosity..and that darn cat… 😉

    Anyways, I hope Jae Hee has a loooong and happy marriage. And I’m dying to catch a glimpse of his cute little child 😦

    • oh my gollies, i never even thought about the possibility that there are more out there who are ‘secretly’ married!! well, except for bae yong-joon. i am convinced that man has a wife — and a majillion other things secrets — no one knows about lolol
      and what do you mean it’s none of our business?! it is SO our business, ’cause… well, it is. heeeheheee!

      • HAHA!! I’m with you on it being our business! So that we can stop inappropriately shipping the married ones with other celebs or *ehem* ourselves….

        Bae Yong Joon eh…. that man is mysterious as hell and frankly a tad bit creepy XD

        • oh my gawsh, i TOTES agree that bae yong-joon for seriously just has some kind of creepers vibe, but i’m so scared to say anything — to him or to his fanbase! i just get the feeling that he holds immeeeense power that we don’t even know about. and everyone knows his fanbase is pretty darned intense. lolol!! ^^

  4. That don’t really matter and don’t change the fact that :
    1 – he didn’t lose his sex-appeal,
    2 – he is still innaccessible.
    Brad Pitt is still hot and his wife and children don’t change that i love looking at his maturing face.

    People should keep in mind that ACTO

    • hahahahhaahahaa Joun, you are for seriously the best! i like to tell myself, though, that some day, somewhere, i WILL meet one of my crushes. inaccessible can say no — i will fiiiind theeem! lolol!! ^^
      as for brad pitt, i have no idea whose side of the story is true and whatnot, but i can’t handle home-wreckers. i lay a lot of the blame on jolie, but he ultimately chose to leave jennifer aniston, so doooown he went in pinkblossom’s book of love. and his weird beard stuff the last few years? yuck. buuuut, i did enjoy “moneyball”~~ ^^

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