My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 8

Eeeeee it’s so good to be back!!  And what a wonderfully crazy two weeks’ worth of episodes to come back to.  Seriously.  We’ve finally got the back story out of the way and are poised to get into some serious crazies, so hold on tight and get ready for one heck of a ride.


Episode 8

Seo-young says she doesn’t have a father (he passed away) and doesn’t answer when Mama Kang presses her about whether she’s an orphan.  Yikes.  This is news to Woo-jae, too, and my heart is just dying already at the epic betrayal he’s gonna feel down the road.  Gollies please oh please oh pleaaaase find out the truth before the wedding.  I beg of you.  Seo-young says she’ll finish her session with Sung-jae today and leave on the morrow – she isn’t and won’t ever be involved with Woo-jae in any way.  Woo-jae calls after her and my heart goes all aflutter.  What is it about him calling her “Seo-young” and “Seo-young-ah” that just kiiiills me?!?!  Aaack!  He follows her up to her room, where she’s packing her bags, in tears.  Woo-jae begs her to just give him a little more time, but she tells him they’re over over over.

Mama Kang cannot believe what just went down, and Sung-jae comes home, oblivious of the huge elephant of a blowout squatting in the room.  Mi-kyung escorts Sun-woo out, the former shocked by the unbelievable behavior of the person claiming to be her brother.  She knows that her brother’s pretty darned serious about Seo-young, judging by his actions, but Sun-woo doesn’t care, which surprises Mi-kyung.  I agree with you, girlfriend: I don’t know either if Sun-woo even likes Woo-jae.

Mi-kyung goes up to see her brother and asks why he was so rash.  He assumes she’s referring to Seo-young’s background (or lack thereof), but Mi-kyung surprises him by saying she meant differently: Why did he get ‘caught’ in such a clumsy manner?  Oooh, I’m surprised.  You ain’t quite what you seem, eh?

Sung-jae asks for a reward from Seo-young if he does well on his exam, and they agree that she’ll answer any wish of his.  You poor thing, your heart is gonna be clobbered.

Papa Lee is working at the nightclub, still in shock after the huge outpouring of anger and hatred by Seo-young.  He recalls a very different Seo-young, many years ago: Papa Lee forgot to go to Seo-young’s High School Entrance Ceremony, so she came to him instead.  He commented on her obviously ill-fitting school uniform, and she brightly told him it was a hand-me-down from Young-ja unni.  There’s no need to worry, though, because she was planning to get fat from studying, just like Young-ja unni.  Sob.  Papa Lee’s face fell and he promised to buy her a new uniform immediately.  He asked her what she wanted as a present for starting High School, and she surprisingly asked if he was already suffering from dementia.  “You already gave me a present,” she said.  He was confused, and she tightly hugged him, answering, “Right here.  You, who quit drinking [are my present].”  Oh my gawsh, this is killing me.  “Daddy, I don’t need you to make a lot of money.  I just want you to not drink, come home early, and smile like you used to.  That’s what I want.”  Just kill me now, why don’t you?

Papa Lee’s eyes well up again at the memory, and when a patroness begs him for a dance, he curtly refuses.  Sang-woo shows up, witnessing the whole thing.  Papa Lee awkwardly asks if Seo-young said anything and berates Sang-woo for sending his sister to the police station.  Sang-woo tells him to understand Seo-young, since she suffered a lot (because of him), and he, too, thinks that Papa Lee shouldn’t work at the nightclub.

Ho-jung scares both of her parents awake with her sobs, spooking them into thinking there’s a ghost in the home.  LOL.  She gives everything away while sleep-talking, and Mama Choi goes nuts when Ho-jung confirms everything even after she wakes up.  Hahahaa.

Woo-jae waits for Seo-young at dawn the next morning, begging for her to trust him.  She says he doesn’t deserve her trust when he didn’t trust her.  “Why didn’t you believe me when I said I didn’t want to go?  Why didn’t you just stay silent in front of your parents?  If you had… then my first love wouldn’t have ended this way.”  Eek!  Woo-jae is shocked and numbly says, “Lee Seo-young, you just said you love me.”  She spits back that she means he could have been her first love, but he screwed things over so that he couldn’t even be that.  He tells her he’ll face his parents head-on, begging her to just not run away.  She refuses, telling him she won’t do the “I love your son.  Please accept me” routine.  Yes, Woo-jae, I am sighing with you.

Woo-jae tries to reason with President Kang, who doesn’t budge and instead informs him that he’s playing golf with Sun-woo’s dad that weekend.  They agree to continue the conversation at the company, and President Kang takes Woo-jae to the site of Grandpa Kang’s first shop.  Long ago, Grandpa Kang saw all the Korean women dressed in drab and dreary clothing even on the special holidays.  He made a dress for his mother out of the material used for kimonos, and Great-grandpa Kang slept at home for the first time in a long time.  Since then, it was his goal to make affordable clothing for women that made them feel like women.  Aww.  President Kang makes clear that he wants someone in the family to continue helming Winners Group – someone who has the same vision as Grandpa and President Kang.  If Woo-jae won’t take over the company, then he’ll fulfill his familial duty by marrying the woman of President Kang’s choosing.  That obviously goes over as well as pinkblossom becoming vegan, and Woo-jae says he is more than capable of marrying Seo-young without his parents’ approval.  President Kang says Woo-jae can’t: “Do you think I’ll leave her alone?”  Ooooh.

Papa Lee drinks his sorrows away, having quit the nightclub job.  His ‘friend’ says making lots of money is the best way to care for your kids, but Papa Lee says he just doesn’t know anymore.

Seo-young comes to tutor Sung-jae the next day, and Mama Kang tells her to make up some excuse for ending the tutoring sessions.  “And just for your information, Woo-jae is going to marry Sun-woo.”  Oooh, scary Mama Kang.  I love it.  Seo-young tells Sung-jae that she’s quitting, and he pouts to his mommy, begging her to keep Seo-young from leaving.  “Mom, are you really my mom?  Do you really think I can study without Teach?” (short for “Teacher” aka Seo-young).  Mama Kang flinches at the first question, solidifying my speculations about Sung-jae’s birth secrets.  She finally caves to his whining and tells him that his teacher and Woo-jae have a thing going on.  Poor baby.

President Kang comes home just then and tells Seo-young to continue tutoring Sung-jae – if what she said yesterday (denying her relationship with Woo-jae) is the truth.  She’s shaken, and it doesn’t help that she’s worried about paying for Sang-woo’s tuition and paying back her sunbae for her own tuition.  Sung-jae helps her move her stuff back ‘home’, and Woo-jae arrives as they’re stepping out the door.  They get into another tussle about Woo-jae driving her, and Sung-jae obviously sides with Seo-young, accompanying her home via the bus.  They arrive at the goshiwon, and Seo-young vaguely answers that this is where she lives.  True, but noooot quite.  Sigh.  She’s digging herself deeper and deeper into the hole…

Mama Choi tells Ho-jung to stay put in the house – no more outings.  She gets a call from Mama Kang, who had an epic shouting match with President Kang, and the two friends-but-not-quite-friends go on a shopping spree.  Or more like Mama Kang goes stress-shopping and Mama Choi just maxes her credit card.  LOL.  Whom should they meet but Sung-jae, who’s also relieving stress via shopping.  LOLOL.  They come home and Woo-jae demands to know where Seo-young is staying, but Sung-jae clams up as promised (to Seo-young).  Exceeept he admits that she’s staying at a goshiwon.  Heh.

Woo-jae has drinks with his friend, explaining that he can’t control his feelings.  She makes him do and feel things that he normally never would.  He can’t help loving her!  And pinkblossom melts into a puddle of goo.

Mama Choi comes home to overhear Director Choi giving in to Ho-jung’s appeals for mercy.  LOL.  And awww, Director Choi.

Sang-woo apologizes to Mi-kyung for overstepping his bounds.  He explains that he overheard Mama Boy Boyfriend on the phone, and it seemed like he had another girl on the side – he mentioned the girl’s oppa and needing to make her his in order to marry quickly.  “You’re an orphan, so there’s no way you have an oppa.  And there’s even less chance you have ties to business management.”  Oooh, the truth finally comes out.  Mi-kyung meets Mama Boy later that night, finally recognizing the store-bought meals he packaged as home-made, and she tricks him into admitting the truth.  Justice!

Woo-jae gets Sung-jae to reveal Seo-young’s location the next day, and he goes to meet her.  She, of course, refuses, but he waits all day in front of the goshiwon.  Finally, she comes out late at night, and they go out to eat – what else is new? ^^  He says that his parents need time and offers two options: (1) Go with him to New York, not engaged or married or anything like that.  Just spend about 6 months with him and get to know him – if she feels that he’s not worthy, then she can return to Korea then.  Her life will be pushed back a bit, but he thinks it’s a gamble worth taking if she is to live the rest of her life without any regrets.  The other option: (2) He doesn’t go [to New York] and stays here.  She can spend as much time as needed to get to know him – there’s no expiration date.  He’ll spend his time playing with her – feeding her, getting books for her, writing reports for her, eeeverything.  Hahhaa so cute!

Uuunfortunately, she turns him down flat on both counts.  They have an epic shouting match, full of heart-warming and heart-breaking declarations, his direct, hers couched in pride.  Aaaugh, there are just way too many good lines, and I want to translate them all, but Episodes 9-10 are still waiting, so I’ll just do what I consider the crux of their whole relationship, and the drama as a whole:

Woo-jae: You won’t have to ever run into my parents – why are you refusing?!

Seo-young: Just because you don’t run into each other doesn’t mean that the ties between parents and their children are cut.

Woo-jae: Is your pride that important to you?  Is it more important than your feelings?  Than yourself?

Seo-young: I have to like the other person more than myself for pride to not be important.  But you aren’t that important to me.

Woo-jae: Don’t say words you don’t mean.

Seo-young: We haven’t even known each other that long.  This whole situation is a comedy.

Woo-jae: We can do this because it’s you and I.  Because it’s you and I!  Because it’s you and I, this can be more than just fleeting feelings.  We were people who valued ourselves above all else, people to whom pride was important.  Don’t dismiss me lightly.  Don’t treat me as the one who’s crazy when it means nothing to you.  You’ve already been found out by me.  Don’t come now and try to deny it.  I found out why you live holding yourself so rigidly.  I found out that you don’t ever want to be intimidated.  I found out that you have more scars than anyone else.  And I found out that you opened your heart to me.  Everything… I saw it all.

Gaaaaah.  Seo-young, though, doesn’t budge in her resolve and tells him that – though it (regret) won’t ever happen – if it does ever happen, she’ll regret her choice the rest of her life.  His look of desperation and resignation…  gaah, it just kills me.

Sung-jae comes home the next day, ecstatic with the news that he scored a whopping seventy points better on his test!  Hahahaha Mama Kang is so funny.  President Kang gets good news as he’s walking into his office… where Woo-jae is waiting for him.  Is it showdown time?!?!  “I’ll enter the company.  If you approve my marriage to Seo-young.”  Aaaack!!!  Game oooover!  President Kang hilariously ridicules Woo-jae for being crazily in love and willing to make such a deal for a girl who may not even agree to marry him even if he gets the approval.  Seriously cracks me up.

President Kang comes home and tells Mama Kang to call Woo-jae down.  She refuses then quickly changes her mind when Seo-young arrives to tutor Sung-jae.  LOL.  President Kang tells Woo-jae that he’ll accept his proposal if he puts it down in writing and gets it notarized.  Eee!  Woo-jae is overjoyed while Mama Kang demands to know what the heck is going on.  President Kang: “I’ve decided to have Woo-jae and Sung-jae’s teacher – no, Seo-young-ie – get married.”  Eeeee!!



Fake-out!  I want to hold off on my thoughts ‘til the Episode 10 recap, because things are in motion at this point, and I want to reflect on a more complete story arc.  I’m still trying to catch up on all the dramas – and sleep – I missed the last two weeks, so I humbly ask for your continued patience as I work on the recaps for Episodes 9-10.  Thank you to all who so kindly visited our Patch, left comments, sent well wishes, and everything in between the last couple of weeks.  It meant a lot – truly!! 😀  Thanks again and happy watchfanspazzing!



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  11. just started watching MDSY and found myself got hooked..Thanks for recapping this drama and hope you don’t mind, I might stalking your site from now

    • welcome to our Patch of madness, liacookie!! pleeeaaaase continue stalking away!! ^^ hope you continue your dramaland journey with us & look forward to hearing more from youuu! 😀 😀 😀

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