Nice Guy- Episode 10 Preview

Hey everyone!

I haven’t had time to watch Nice Guy because real life beckons. But I have most definitely been following recaps and previews. Episode 10’s preview looks awesome. I think they are starting the super-angst latter half of this drama and I CAN’T WAIT!! For those of you watching, how would you rate this drama?

Han Jae Hee: To fire the current CEO of Taesan Resort Seo Eun Ki…

Kang Maru: Why me?

Secretary Hyun Jung Hwa: You’re the only person Director Seo trusted and loved.

Kang Maru: Lovers? Who? Us?

Seo Eun Gi: My heart remembered you..

Han Jae Shik: What if I were to prevent this girl from ever returning to Taesan Group?

Seo Eun Gi: Is it possible for us to go back to how we were before?

Han Jae Hee: I won’t let her come back. Never.

Seo Eun Gi: Who are you?

credit: KBSdrama, hotshotlover30 for translation

P.S. Let’s wish pinkblossom good luck on her endeavors towards her future!

One response to “Nice Guy- Episode 10 Preview

  1. oh my gollies i’ve fallen behind on this one, but the ep 10 preview looks so INTENSE!!! and song joong-ki’s hair!!! the old hair was driving me nuts xD heheheheee!!
    & thank youuuuu for the well wishes!!!! i totes felt the mojoooo!!! ^^

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