Weekend Mash-up: Seo-young Ep 7 & Rascals Ep 5

The real world calls, thus I will be “Gone Fishing” the next two weeks.  Whitecarrot will be caring for our Patch all by her lonesome, so please support her in this time of great trials and tribulations! ^^

I didn’t want to leave y’all hanging for a full four(!) episodes each of My Daughter Seo-young and Rascal Sons, so I originally planned to put up Saturday’s recaps (instead of the whole weekend’s).  Buuut I’m running out of time, so I’m settling for a field goal instead of a touchdown: Weekend Mash-up of uber short recaps for both here.  Sorry for the bare bones recaps, and sorry to those of you who have to scroll through a recap of a drama you don’t watch.  I say you just watch both 😉  Heeee!  But yes, sorry for the Mash-up and thank you for your patience and understanding!


Rascal Sons: Episode 5

Seung-ki (#3)

Hyun-ki tries to take Seung-ki to go see Mi-rim, but the maknae lists all kinds of reasons for his brother not to go.  Seung-ki is surprised when Hyun-ki says he’s not going in order to talk.  He’s going in order to beg Mi-rim (to take Seung-ki back), because news of a divorce will be too much for Mama Yoo to handle.  Oof.  Such an eldest son thing to think and say.  Seung-ki, you need to learn from your bro.

Hyun-ki meets Mi-rim and begs her to give his brother one last chance, but she’s pretty firm in her resolve.  Seung-ki, on the other hand, is finally feeling a prick of remorse.  Turns out it’s not strong enough to warrant real change, though.  Song-hee mistakes him for a thief, and he gets hurt in a tussle with her.  She takes him to the hospital and asks if he has any family she can contact, and he says he doesn’t – they’re all living abroad, so he’s living alone.  Oh.  Em.  Gee.  To make matters complete, two of his girlfriends come visit him at the hospital.  Wowee.  He doesn’t have a place to stay and ends up asleep in front of Mi-rim’s apartment.


Min-ki (#2)

Not much happened on this front, other than us learning that Jin is seeing a doctor, and it seems the reason he wants to push back the wedding is to undergo some kind of operation.  Shin-young doesn’t know, though, and is frustrated by her fiancé’s secrets.


Hyun-ki (#1)

Hyun-ki, In-oak, and Da-bin finally make it to the dentist’s office, and Hyun-ki deftly treats the little boy, impressing In-oak in the process.  She still doesn’t know that he’s a widower, and she asks him to make her excuses to the family for her rude behavior that morning.  Later that day, In-oak stops by the office to ask a question and learns from the receptionist that Hyun-ki turns red even from non-alcoholic drinks – he can’t drink alcohol at all.  In-oak finally realizes her error that day in front of the convenience store, and on top of that, he tells her that he lost his wife seven years ago.  Lots of rethinking to do, eh?

They meet again at the kids’ school, and In-oak helps out Hyun-ki, who’s pretty bad at cleaning, too.  The other moms gossip about In-oak, though, saying she’s prolly out to catch Hyun-ki, and In-oak’s eyes fill with tears.  I hate you gossiping ajumas.  Later that night Hyun-ki apologizes for making In-oak help him (you are way too sweet) and thus forced to listen to all the gossip, and he takes her out for drinks – she beer and he orange juice.  LOL.  They commiserate together, finding common ground for the first time.  She gets tipsy and needles him for being so straight-laced, so he downs a glass of beer to spite her.  Aaaand totes passes out LOLOL, forcing her to drag him all the way to her piano school.  Both pass out there that night, not even thinking of the worry their causing their respective father and father-in-law for the uncharacteristic behavior.  The next morning rolls around and In-oak freaks out when she steps on a body… which turns out to be an equally freaked out Hyun-ki, clad in his boxers.  And nothing else.  LOLOLOLOL.


Quick Thoughts

There wasn’t too much development on Seung-ki’s end, other than him meeting Song-hee whom we know he’ll fall for.  This little rascal has a LOT of growing up to do, and I think Song-hee will help him do that in her own way.  And I say her “own” way, ’cuz that girl is just as immature as he is.  As for Min-ki, he was practically non-existent this episode except as a brother and son.  I suppose he’ll get his turn once things settle down between Hyun-ki and In-oak – who, by the way, are for seriously tickling me pink.  I love that In-oak is finally seeing Hyun-ki in a new light, and he, too, is muuuch more comfortable with her – enough that he didn’t mind being mistaken as her husband.  Progress!  I can’t wait to see the hijinks they’ll be getting into!!



My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 7

Woo-jae makes his epic proposal (omo, my vocabulary is already being taken over by marriage-related words for this OTP!) to Seo-young, but she turns him down flat.  He tells her to think about it again and says he’ll wait.  Seo-young needs someone to talk to and goes to see Sang-woo.  Ho-jung sees the two of them together and thinks they’re dating, much to her despair.  She gets the all-clear from the doctor but insists her neck still hurts and keeps on the neck brace.  Sigh.  She’s hopelessly smitten.

Sung-jae dreams of charging to Seo-young’s rescue, complete with her joyous “Sung-jae-sshi!”  LOL.  I fear for your poor little heart already.  Woo-jae goes to meet President Kang and tells him that he’ll be staying in Korea for the time being (hahaha), and he won’t marry Sun-woo (thank goodness).  He promises to explain his strange behavior to his father – he just needs a couple weeks.  I love that Woo-jae is doing things he never did before, all because of Seo-young (President Kang points out that Woo-jae never once set foot in the company the past ten years).

Mama Kang finds out that Seo-young is keeping ashes in her room, and when she finds out they’re a human’s (not a dog’s or a cat’s LOL) she totally flips out.  In Western culture, some people keep cremated remains in urns in their homes, but it’s defs not done in Korea.  Seo-young apologizes and promises to remove them immediately (all of which Woo-jae overhears).  The next morning she takes her mom’s ashes down to Jin-an, a small town in the southeastern part of the peninsula.  Woo-jae follows her secretly, and Seo-young says her goodbyes, promising to live happily.  She even has a rich, reaaaally good-looking guy who likes her, but she can’t like him (though she wants to) because he’s not for her.  Omona omona.  Woo-jae, of course, overhears her saying all this, and is delighted.  Seo-young heads back but loses her shoe in the swift creek, and Woo-jae wades into the water downstream to fish it out for her.  She’s shocked to see him, and his kindness sets off a torrent of tears.  Seo-young finally shares a little bit about herself, and after eating a late lunch together (this couple always makes me huuungry!) they drive home together.

Sun-woo sees them on her way out, and the evil but in no ways dumb girl tells Woo-jae that she’s only more reassured by the knowledge that the person he loves is someone like Seo-young.  There’s no way his parents will accept Seo-young, and Sun-woo says she’ll wait.  Argh.  Mama Kang tells Woo-jae to ‘beat’ his father no matter what and marry a woman he’s passionately in love with.  Hahahaha this is gonna be epic.

Sung-jae studies hard and feeds Seo-young in his own way (what is it with these brothers?!), but her heart is already leaning toward Woo-jae, who gives her a goodnight kiss on the forehead and makes pinkblossom go bonkers happy.  The next morning, our OTP has breakfast together and Seo-young says she can’t decide yet (on going with him to America).  He offers to give her a speed tutoring session, then, so she can learn about him.  Why so cute?

Ho-jung arrives at the hospital again and Sang-woo sees her slipping on the neck brace as she’s getting out of the car.  He tells her to cut it out, and the poor girl’s eyes well up with tears.  Sang-woo heads back into the hospital and overhears Mama Boy talking to a friend – turns out he knows Mi-kyung is the daughter of President Kang, and he’s trying to marry into the company.  Sigh.  Sang-woo mentions to Mi-kyung that her boyfriend doesn’t seem to like her all that much, which naturally upsets her.

Papa Kang gets kanoodled into driving a drunk nightclub patron home, but her hubby thinks his wife is cheating on him and beats up Papa Kang.  The next morning Seo-young goes to the hospital to discuss with Sang-woo her growing feelings for Woo-jae, but she sees her brother getting in trouble for trying to get a bit of time off (to go to his father at the police station).  She instead goes to the station and learns the whole story, setting off another huge argument with Papa Kang.  The poor girl has so much hurt and hatred and just… pain bottled up inside.  Instead of going to the movie theater for a date with Woo-jae, who is waiting with a bouquet of flowers, Seo-young goes to the Han River and cries her heart out.

Woo-jae is waiting for Seo-young after being stood up, and she tells him in no uncertain terms that she won’t go with him to America.  He’s upset and tries to reason with her, but she’s as cold as ever.  The bottom line?  Let’s live as befits our stations in life.  Wail.

Back at home, Mama Kang and Mi-kyung are anxiously waiting for Papa Kang, who called everyone home – including Sun-woo – for a meeting.  Mama Kang goes upstairs in search of Sun-woo, who’s in Woo-jae’s room looking at the pictures of Seo-young he kept in a book.  Sun-woo tries to covertly hide them, but when Seo-young comes home, Mama Kang demands to know why Woo-jae has pictures of Sung-jae’s teacher.  Aaaaack.  Seo-young tries to cover it up, but it ain’t workin’, and Woo-jae (who came in a little after her) offers to make the explanation.  “The reason I’m not returning to America and am staying in Korea is this person.   It’s because I want to take this woman.  I want to go together.  She’s the person I love.”  AAAAACCCCCCKKKKKK!!!

In a nutshell: Everyone flips out, Seo-young gets the Family Grilling (aka his parents ask about her parents, their occupation, etc.), Woo-jae flips out at the grilling and makes clear that he’s still trying to persuade Seo-young, she answers that the ashes she had were her mom’s, and she says, “My Father is no longer here.”  (Korean speak for: My father passed away.)  Oh.  My.  Gawsh.


Quick Thoughts

Oh.  My.  Gawsh.  Oh.  My.  Gawsh.  For seriously, on so many levels.  I just cannot believe this drama is moving this quickly – it’s only been seven episodes! – but I ain’t complainin’!!  There’s a very ‘good’ feeling I get when I watch this show – everything is progressing so smoothly, and I can’t find any holes!  I almost feel deprived of half of the viewing experience aka ranting!  LOL.  How to describe it?  It’s very… streamlined.  I can’t think of a better description, but there you have it.  My biiiig concern is that Woo-jae won’t find out about Papa Lee and Seo-young’s lie ’til waaay down the road, which means he’ll feel uber betrayed.  It’s not the type of conflict I want from this drama, which has been exceeding my expectations on so many levels.  The “You didn’t tell me such a big secret?!  I’m gonna stay mad for ten episodes!” tack is one of my most hated, and I hope hope hope that Woo-jae finds out FAST about Papa Lee.  Like, before the wedding, fast.  Why?  Because if he knows and chooses to keep the secret from his parents, then she has someone on her side when the truth is revealed – and trust me, it will be revealed.  She has someone not only on her side, but a hubby who will shield her from his parents and tell them it was his idea (even if it wasn’t).  If he finds out at the same time as his parents, or even afterwards, it’s gonna be uuuugly.  For seriously.

But enough with the worrying!  Though I do admit that if things progress so well like this, I get worried.  ’Cuz in Kdramaland, the good times don’t last.  But anyhoo, I’m so so sooo happy with Episode 7 and am so so sooooo excited for moooaaaarrr!!



As always, if there is any scene or dialogue (from either drama or both!) you’d like clarified or translated, please don’t hesitate to leave your request below.   And, of course, please share your thoughts with us as well!  Thank youuu!! 😀

And thank you again for your understanding!  Though I won’t be able to watch anything while Gone Fishing, I’ll be visiting our Patch and living vicariously through you! ^^



30 responses to “Weekend Mash-up: Seo-young Ep 7 & Rascals Ep 5

  1. I started reading the recaps for My Daughter Seo-young since Pinkblossom started recapping them. I totally love them, especially since this weekend drama is hardly subbed and I don’t understand Korean at all. Thank you so much for introducing this drama and writting quick recaps so that I could enjoy this interesting drama without having to wait for subs. I totally wish that I could meet a guy as wonderful as Woo Jae though.

    • hi, Adnil, welcome to our Patch!!! 😀 i’m so glad you’re enjoying “seo-young” — i defs want a woo-jae in my life!! ^^ thank youuu for taking time to read my crazing ramblings & leave such a kind comment — whitecarrot and i appreciate it muucho 😀 welcome again, and we look forward to seeing more of youuu! 😀 😀 😀

  2. thank youuuuu and about the couple you see it has to get ugly sonner or later cause seo young is not your average good girl shes got issues and the apple in the poster and teaser indicates sin so she might go a little wrong though I an sure how

    • a belated welcome to our patch, Lonesome Dove!! i totes didn’t make the connection between the apple seo-young is holding and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil — you’re amazing! i was thinking snow white and that made no sense so i just kinda gave up~~ lololol! ^^ thanks again for the tip (though i’m saaad to think of the ugliness that’s coming) and for sharing your wonderful thoughts with us! we hope to see more of you here at the patch!! 😀 😀 😀

    • a belated welcome to you as well, doriemee!!! 😀 & thank you for the well wishes!! i’m wading my way out of jetlag & am frantically trying to catch up on all the shows i missed the last couple of weeks ^^ hope to put up the recaps soon! thanks again for joining us in our madhouse, doriemee, and happy spazzing!! 😀 😀 😀

    • glad to be of service, DarknessEyes! thank youuu for continuing to join us here at the Patch!! 😀 😀 😀

    • sorry for the wait, ess! i’m frantically trying to catch up on all the shows from the last 2 weeks — i’ll try to get the recap up as soon as i can! 😀

  3. I really do appreciate your recaps for this drama. I caught the first episode when it aired but since it wasn’t subbed had a difficult time getting in to it. So I thank you for your recaps and comments. I will now head back to watch from the beginning. Although I am a bit nervous with this writer, I’ll stick around for a bit. I do like the weekend dramas.

    • glad to be of service, jdkk09! i usually have a harder time getting into weekend shows, just because they’re a little slower, but they’re usually so heart-warming i can’t help but get sucked in ^^ i’m still a little wary because of the writer (“scarlet letter” was just crazees), but i’m keeping my fingers crossed! ^^

  4. Thanks so much guy. I just understand Korean a bit, so your recap help me so mucchh! Love you guys. It shocked me when a family-Kdrama move so fast like this. Normally, it took around 5 eps for s.o find the “thief” and took next 10 eps to ONE of OTP fall in love. But Wj just drives me crazy! He’s damn hot!!!

    • welcome to our Patch, 2xikai!! i defs agree that “seo-young” moves riDONKulously quickly and woo-jae is one shmexy man!! thanks for joining us & we look forward to hearing more from you! 😀 😀 😀

  5. Thank you for the recaps. I love that I get to read this first before I get to watch the drama episodes.

    Can’t wait for you to get back.


    • thank you for the kind thoughts, Esther! & for joining us all the way from singapore!! hope you continue your dramaland journey with us! 😀 😀 😀

    • it’s my pleasure, linda! thanks for joining us here at our Patch!! we hope to hear more from youuu! 😀 😀 😀

    • welcome to our madhouse, Yuna zayn! thank you so much for the encouragement — hope you continue to join us at the Patch!! 😀 😀 😀

  6. Since KBS channel in Singapore only aired up till ep 4 as of last weekend, I tried watching the rest of the episodes on Epdrama/Dramacrazy but unfortunately with no subs. I’m really really glad I chanced upon this blog of yours and I wanna thank you soooooo muchh from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate what you’re doing, its just awesome. God bless. I just love KWJ and LSY. : )

    • thank YOU for joining us here at our Patch, Polarisz!! i won’t disagree with you on the wuuub for woo-jae and seo-young! ^^ hope you continue enjoying “seo-young” with us!! God bless youuuu!

  7. thanks for the recap, like I said befor I really get adic im to this drama, and thanks for your recap so I have less stres for waithing next episode since its cust came to the 4rd episode in indonesia…hope you would recap the rest of the episode…

  8. Hi. I just started watching this drama because just found the subtitle one. Very late, I know. Only just watched ep 6.
    Anyway, just want to tell you that your recap are really really awesome and I really enjoy reading them. Thank you so much.

    • welcome to the Patch, lilibummy!! can i guess that you’ve started “my daughter seo-young” and not “rascal sons”?? ^^ hehehee! in either case, i’m so glad that the show brought you here to our little Patch of drama loving madness heheehee! thank youuu for your kind words — it really means a lot! weeelcome to our Family and we hope to continue hearing from you! 😀 😀

      • Thank you for letting me joint here.
        Usually I don’t like kdrama that has more than 20 eps. I feel it too slow and sometimes boring. I accidently found MDSY with subtitle and want to take a look CNBlue Jung Shin’s acting. I’m a fan of them. But now I can’t stop watching it and your blog really put fuel on it :-).
        I’ll read Rascal sons after I finish MDSY. Thank you again for taking time writing all this recaps.

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