Oohlala Spouses- First Impressions

Wow so surprised! This is really good!

I thought I’d be sick of body switches by now. I mean Big (only the worst body switch ever) and Secret Garden (Loved it when it was airing, but in retrospect it wasn’t that great) have really already exhausted the possibilities.

Synopsis: Na Yeo-Ok (Kim Jung-Eun) and Go Soo-nam (Shin Hyun-Joo) have been married for 12 years. They live with their fifth-grade son, Soo-nam’s younger sister, and Soo-nam’s mother. Yeo-Ok is the penultimate house-wife. She is pretty much super woman. Everyone relies on her to get anything done. Soo-nam is the rude, inconsiderate but the bread-winner hotel manager  husband/head of the family. He really is a verbally abusive husband. Just when you think think the marriage couldn’t be any worse, Yeo-ok finds sees her husband cheating on her with another woman in the apartment they bought. He’s housing and sleeping with this other woman! Divorce goes down. Suddently, cue entrance of magical influences (in the form of the god of marriage? I’m not familiar with Korean deities…) and body switches happen! Will husband and wife finally begin to understand one another? Can their marriage be saved? Or in this case, will they remarry?

What I love about the first two episodes is that Yeo-Ok is one tough cookie. Most of the Korean dramas I watch have the cheated-on wife dissolve into an inconsolable blubbering mess upon discovering their cheating husband. Even though Yeo-ok does have an asthmatic attack (which is totally understandable), she thinks logically about her options and strongly makes a decision about what to do.  She saves up money and put their joint apartment under her name and then divorces him. It’s so refreshing to have a strong female character who isn’t young/beautiful/poor/super-hard working. She is a strong Korean Ahjumma! Hip hip Hoorayyyy!

My favorite part is the part is the beginning of the first episode, where Yeo-ok’s girlfriend finds out her husband is cheating on her. Yeo-ok demands that her friend figure out if she wants to save the marriage or divorce the man. Yeo-ok and her girlfriend face off with the “other woman” (this woman was sleeping with the friend’s husband). They have an epic scene with a censored knife and everything. 🙂 Find scene below! at 3:45min

credit: BlackShadow Killerz

Soo-nam is just a crappy husband. No other way to put it. I wont expand on this.

Worth checking out if you don’t want to be bogged down by Nice Guy’s depressing plot.

2 responses to “Oohlala Spouses- First Impressions

  1. that knife scene was HILARIOUS 😀 😀 😀 i watched the first ep but haven’t made progress, despite my love for han jae-seok — i fear he will once again be left in the dust -___-;; sigh. why do i always like these guys who’ll never win the girl?!?!

  2. Hi ^^v

    Oohlala Spouses is really a big surprise to me, too. I didnt expect it was that good, since Im not sure if there’s anything relating with the switch-body’s plot that they can dig deeper into.

    For now, every Shin Hyun Joon’s scenes crack me into pieces 😀 I hate Soo Nam, but Soo Nam with Yeo Ok’s soul in his body is SOOOOOO hilarious. I cant understand all what he said (since I dont know much Korean and still waiting for subs), but just seeing the way he walks, sits, talks, stares at Victoria, ect… makes me laugh so hard. Kudos to Shin Hyun Joon’s acting ^^

    As for Kim Jung Eun, I think she’s kinda overacted here (to the point that annoyed me sometime), but I still like her, also her character. Hope she can get better along with the show moving on :”>

    Thanks for the posts, ladies ^^

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