Can’t Live Without You: Episodes 81-84

Sigh.  This drama is really… sad.  Not “I cry when I watch this drama” but “I want to turn off the TV when I watch this drama.”  Seriously.  The rest of the Korean people, though, seem to be a bit more interested these days: ratings hit 13.4% in Seoul and the surrounding areas.  There wasn’t enough substance to merit bullet points this week, so I’ll go back to character updates instead.


Hyun-tae + In-hye

I’ve loved this couple from the beginning, but I’m starting to grow weary.  And it saddens me that Hyun-tae’s declaration of love this week had so little impact.  He actually said the words, “I love you,” which isn’t all that common in Korean culture.  People usually couch the sentiment in other less direct phrases, but he actually said “I love you.”  And then they hugged.  And he later proposed to her.  And… I felt nothing.  Sigh.  One interesting revelation: Long ago, when Hyun-tae, In-hye, and Scumbag were new friends, they went hiking up in the mountains (the picture of the three of them was taken then).  In-hye got lost, and Hyun-tae found her (and her bracelet), but he twisted his ankle so Scumbag took In-hye to the hostpial.  When she woke up at the hospital, Scumbag was beside her, so she thought he rescued her.  Thus began their romance…  Which just proves that Scumbag was a jerkface even back then.  If In-hye had known the truth, I wonder if we would have had a completely different drama: Married couple finds out they’re actually siblings… but not.  Anyhoo, nothing else too important here.  Well, Madame and President Kang announced that CrazyEx and Hyun-tae are getting back together, but we all know that ain’t gonna happen, so yep.  Nothing important going on.  Oh, one more thing: Hyun-tae found out at the end of Episode 84 that Madame is looking for her daughter.  Okay, the end for reals.


Mama Kim

This story is too sad for me to talk about, so I’ll keep it short.  Mama Kim’s illness is progressing rapidly, to the consternation of the entire family.  Papa Kim is trying his best to care for her, but she gets angry that they’re already treating her like a child when she’s fine.  He gave her a gold bracelet (Episode 84), and she was so happy that he gave her a gift – obviously something he rarely did, if ever.  But the gift was more like the identification bracelets little kids wear: it had her name and phone number on it.  Sad panda.  She’s taking her meds several times a day (she’s only supposed to take them once), and when Papa Kim tries to stop her, she yells that he’s just trying to save money.  Saaaad panda.


Madame and the Daughter Sweepstakes

Madame found out that the dead girl is not her daughter and is restarting her investigation from the start.  She looked through the company’s CCTV footage around the time that the hair samples were sent to the lab, but CrazyEx deleted all the important videos.  They didn’t show whether or not the security team told her about the deleted footage (or if they even recognized that footage was missing), but as of now, she doesn’t seem to think anything’s amiss in that respect.  She was looking at In-hye’s file and saw Sister Angela’s name, who turned out to be the same Angela she knows.  At the end of Episode 84, Madame was making plans to meet Sister Angela.


Min-do + Ji-soo

These two prolly had the most forward movement this week, and it wasn’t much, which says a lot about the rest of the show.  Anyhoo, Episode 81: The Doctor told Ji-soo that she needs to get treatment, but she’s firmly set against it.  He grabbed her hand and rolled up her sleeve, and she’s already starting to bruise (a symptom commonly seen in leukemia patients, because there aren’t enough platelets).  Sob.  Min-do walked in just then, and Ji-soo quickly yanked her arm out of The Doctor’s grasp, but it definitely looked fishy.  Min-do asked her what was going on, and she naturally avoided the question, which made him even more suspicious (he remembers seeing The Doctor in front of Ji-soo’s house), and they ended up fighting.  That, of course, led to another argument about the Mama Kim issue, and she reminded him of the lengths she went to in order to marry him.  Couldn’t he ask her just once what was wrong?  He refused to listen and told her that they’ll live separately and that he was gonna quit his movie.

Episode 82: Ji-soo moved into the Kim residence, much to everyone’s delight, and it was for seriously the best part of this past week’s episodes.  Min-do was elated to see her, and they finally were back to their old selves.  He promised to be good to her the rest of their days, ’til she was an ooold granny, and she told him, “Let’s live happily together until we’re an old grandpa and grandma… until I’m an old grandma.”  Sob.

Episode 83: Mama Kim gave the couple the baby clothing she had made, and Min-do happily promised to have lots and lots of kids.  Later that evening, Mama Kim had another spell, and Ji-soo told Min-do that Mama Kim’s illness is progressing rapidly. T_T

Episode 84: Ji-soo prepared a lavish breakfast spread for the family, and Min-do tried to hug her in gratitude.  She had just seen all the new bruises on her arms, though, and she (roughly) pushed him away.  (She would prolly get more bruises, no matter how softly he hugged her.)  At work, the annoying actress told Min-do about the 3 fatal signs of cheating: (1) suddenly doing nice things for you; (2) suddenly becoming busy; and (3) avoiding your gaze.  That set off warning bells in his head, though he tried to dismiss them.  He went to visit her at the hospital, and he overheard the tail end of Ji-soo’s conversation with The Doctor.  Before Min-do arrived, Ji-soo was thanking The Doctor for caring about her (he’s the only one right now).  She never imagined that she would get this kind of disease, or that she would turn to him like this.  When Min-do opened the door, Ji-soo and The Doctor were laughing together and Ji-soo said, “Yeah, I like you too, Dr. Jang.  I never thought I’d share these feelings with you, showing you this condition my body is in.”  The Doctor answers that their relationship is nothing new – it’s been several years.  “I pursued you for years, but you never even gave me a chance.  Do you finally see the good aspects of someone like me, now that you’re married to a young guy?”  She jokes back in the same manner as him, “Yeah.  Now that I’m exhausted by a young husband, I like someone like you so much.  Happy?  You have to keep the secret.  Don’t threaten to call my husband, okay?”  Ay carumba, it did sound pretty bad, and Min-do cried in the dark hospital corridor…



I’m seriously exhausted by this show like never before.  But I’m not here to whine and complain, so I’ll keep it short.  For those who were confused, MBC didn’t air CLWY on Monday, so we only had 4 episodes this past week.  I’m not sure exactly how many episodes they planned to have, but the standard is 100, so I’m gonna guess this show has 16 episodes left.  (16 episodes would fall in just right with the end of the month, as well.)  It seems like they’re saving everything up for a big bang of a finish, so we may have to endure another week or so of this plodding mess.  Sigh.  I’m sorry to those of you who love this, but I’m really starting to check out.  You lovely CLWY family members are the only reason I’m hanging on at this point.

On a side note: The real world calls, thus I won’t be able to watch or recap CLWY the next two weeks.  Sorry to make y’all wait, but perhaps there will be lots of good things to talk about by the time I come back.  I will continue to check in at the Patch, so please still leave your thoughts and comments! 😀  And once I get back, I’ll answer any requests made while I was out of commission. 😀  Happy watching without meee!! ^^


42 responses to “Can’t Live Without You: Episodes 81-84

  1. Thanks for the recap. I don’t understand Korean and rely on your recaps to find out what’s going on with the drama. Although I came into the show midway, your summaries helps me understand it alot.

    Also, thanks for clearing up my confusion regarding In-Hye & Hyun-Tae. I like them as a couple, and hope they get together real soon, and not a the very end.

    • you’re very welcome, L.M.!! i hope my crazy rantings haven’t colored your enjoyment of this drama too much xDDD and yeeees, in-hye + hyun-tae ftw!!! ^^

  2. Yeah thanks for the recaps. I’m not watching this show but I love reading your thoughts about it and the sum up of what did happen. Sigh why hasn’t ji soo told min do bout her leukemia??? I don’t get it, u really don’t.

    • ohmygollies, Kerstin, i had no idea you were following CLWY with us! ^^ i gotta say, though, that you are pretty daaarned amazing — i can’t believe you can keep track of all the characters without watching the show! i always get lost if i’m only reading, especially with so many characters… xD hehehee! and yes, ji-soo and min-do need to get their heads bonked for seeeriously. seriously. ^^

  3. Oh no! Hope all is well with you and your two-week break is for fun purposes. I am completely with you on the pace of this series, it seems to not move forward with consistency but in herky-jerky sideways spurts. It is the general “feel” of this series that is appealing, it feels as though we voyeurs, looking through a window into the crazy happenings of the unluckiest people in the world. The only device missing from this series is a character with mental deficiency.

    I will wait for your return and summaries, KBSW is about 20 episodes behind your recaps.

  4. Oh no! Hope all is well with you and your two-week break is for fun purposes. I am completely with you on the pace of this series, it seems to not move forward with consistency but in herky-jerky sideways spurts. It is the general “feel” of this series that is appealing, it feels as though we are voyeurs, looking through a window into the crazy happenings of the unluckiest people in the world. The only device missing from this series is a character with mental deficiency.

    I will wait for your return and summaries, KBSW is about 20 episodes behind your recaps.

    • thank you for your kind thoughts & well wishes, watchumlots!! the break was both work/fun, so i’m a happy camper ^^ and especially so since i’m finally back in dramaland with you all! 😀 the recaps should be up within the next few days — hopefully! ^^

  5. Sometimes, the dailies can get 130 episodes ( like my daughter the flower or pink lipstick). There is still too much going : the leukemia/pregnacy – the lost daughter – the revelation of all the crap from the crazy ex – the ultimate punition for the two scumbags (the witch and ex husband) – and the conclusion about the mother’s illness.

    • hi, JOUN!! welcome to our little patch of dramacrazymadness! 😀 dailies defs have a pretty wide range in terms of episode counts — i’ve seen some get cut to 79 episodes (“stormy lovers”) and others extended to 140 (“an angel’s choice”), not to mention shows like “my daughter kkotnimi” and “pink lipstick” like you so kindly pointed out 🙂 i agree that there are a lot of unresolved issues… i just found out that the next drama is slated to begin on november 12, sooo i guess we’ve got a few more weeks to go~~~
      welcome to our family once again, JOUN!! we look forward to seeing more of youuu! 😀 😀 😀

  6. Hi pinkblossom, As always, thank you so much 🙂 OMG What would I do without your recaps for 2 wks? 😦 😦 😦 I know I will definitely go crazy guessing what they are saying… Enjoy your vacation and see you here when you come back 🙂
    I know the song Fall In Love – Olivia. The song I’m looking for was sang by a male singer at the end of ep 81, 83, 84.
    According to what I know, CLWY was planned for 120 episodes from the beginning but I read a blog on daum said its 110 eps. So CLWY may will be cut down to 110 episodes instead of 120 episodes that were originally planned ~ well I’m not sure. One of my fear is the rush ending too 😦

    • Xancy,, the song fall in love is by singapore singer Olivia Ong and sang in japan&english language.. but do U know the song in the end of episode???

      • I’m pretty sure the version “Fall in Love” in this dama was sang by Patty Kim. I like it very much ^^
        Can’t not find the song played by male singer at the end 😦

    • thank you for the well wishes — i defs enjoyed my trip and am now ready to join y’all for the last few weeks of CLWY!! 😀 😀 😀 i was just telling JOUN that the next drama is supposed to start on november 12, so i think your 110 ep count is prolly correct~~ as to a rushed ending, i guess we’ll find out soon xD heheheheehee! thanks again for your kind thoughts! 😀

  7. I think the ending of this drama wouldn’t be happiness for all…
    HyunTae&InHye wouldn’t be togethe as a happy couple.. MinDo&JiSoo too (I think JiSoo would die but i hope no).. And Mama Kim would die too (it’s the hard part)…

    • cry 😦 I got same feeling, both my fav characters die ~ cry ~ I don’t expect to have a sad ending. Since it’s family drama, hope everything will be brighter at the end but with this writer, it’s 99% the case.

      • ya,, the director and the scriptwriter seems like to make the story into refraction. about the story between HyunTae&InHye it’s like d’javu into drama “Miss Ripley” (with the same director&scriptwriter played by Yu Chun Park and Da Hae Lee) a step son who fall in love with a mother’s long lost daughter and they never ever could be together in the ending. and the tragic is make the 2 main cast probably die in the ending (mama kim& jisso) 😦 *deepsigh

  8. I have read on CLWY Homepage, someone said the drama will end on Nov 2. We don’t have much episodes left, and honestly …NONE of these characters have improved. they’ve all stayed in their little hole. It’s quite a disappointment actually. crazy~~

  9. My thoughts exactly! This drama started with such potential, and even towards the middle when it was driving me a bit crazy i stayed put but lately i have begun skipping a few episodes here and there because i’m getting fed up with the lack of progress.
    Everyone seems to have blinders on and can’t seem to notice anything. Not to mention i’m starting to REALLY hate In-Hye, seriously can she shape up already? Is her character going to stay like this all the way to the end? With over 80 episodes i have given up on her. The only couple i like at this point is the uncle/aunt mix.

    • welcome to our Patch, Naughtybookjunkie!!! we’re so glad to have you join us in our spazzcrazimaniamadness! 😀 i sadly have to agree about the lack of progress in story and character development — especially in-hye’s. she was supposed to be this strong, brave woman who stood up against all the nastiness life threw at her… but she’s just become a victim of eeeveryone’s spiteful witchery xD lolol. uncle+aunt are defs the only source of laughter at this point, as you said ^^
      a big thank you for joining us here & sharing your thoughts!! we look forward to seeing more of you here at the Patch! 😀 😀 😀

  10. I really hope MBC will air 5 eps this week. I’m tired of waiting. Why they broadcasted baseball instead of CLWY? Praying hard for now, I hope MBC will not change their mind 🙂
    Watching ep 88, it broke my heart 😦 Mama Kim’s condition is growing steadily worse. She unable recognizes herself and she’s talking to herself in the mirror 😦 😦 😦 But I think the witch is more crazy than mama Kim. Why the writer dont let the witch and the crazyex die? 🙂
    I don’t know how many times I had wrote it but I really want to kill Kim Min Do. He is not a man with his own mind 😦

  11. MBC released the OST for the drama “CLWY” today. The version “Fall In Love” played by singer Lee Eun Ha and the song at the end in recent eps is sang by F.I.X

  12. Ep 91 is an sad episode. Although I don’t understand the full conversation, I was almost crying when watching the last scene between Mom Min and Mama Kim -_-
    Thanks the writer. Finally, Min Do learned about his wife’s cancer. From now, he should treat Ji Soo better -_-
    I wonder how the young married couple will overcome the obtacle 😦

    • yaaahhhh you’re right!!! I just trying to hold on my tears drop…
      finally the writer give the klimaks! Iwatch the priview for next episode and it’s gonna be more interesting by all of the main cast. but i think i hv to prepare for my self to watch JiSoo, she getting worse (i’m so worried about this one). and mama kim i just can says OMG, my lord, masya allah…!!! I just can’t watch it for her sorrow getting worse too T_T
      KIM HAE SEOK just AWESOME!!! DAEBAK!!! more tumbs up!!!

  13. Damn MBC…… what is wrong with them? No ep 92 on Friday. Have to wait next week 😦
    Kim Hae Sook and Park Sun Young – their acting was touching my heart…….so real and natural….. 🙂
    We only have 3 weeks left and with the remaining episodes, I wouldn’t know how the writer can remedy the recent events.So, I’m excited to know what will unfold next…

    @Aristy: i agree with you. Poor my Ji Soo ~ crying. I don’t know what will happen to her and the baby and I expect to see Park Yoo Hwan’s acting too. Watching the preview ep 92, his tears made it really heart-aching to watch. -_-

    @pinkblossom: I hope to see you soon 🙂 Without your recaps, leaves us a big hole in understanding the real sense of the story.And for the recaps, ALL I NEED IS THE RECAP OF EP 91 – the scene between Ji Soo – Min Do – the Dr were at hospital and the scene Mama Min met Mom Kim in front of the drugstore. These scenes that captured my heart so much …
    I know i’m asking too much T__T but I hope you can help me, I really want to know what they said…… Thank you~ ~ ~

    • i’m back & frantically trying to catch up on all the shows i’ve missed the last two weeks!! ^^ i’ll defs be doing the important scenes from ep 91 for you!! & you’re in noooo way asking too much so no need to feel sorry! 😀 i’m still a bit jetlagged and trying to catch up on all the other shows, too, but i’ll get the CLWY recap up as soon as i can! 😀 😀 😀

  14. How much the episode of this drama actually?
    I think it’s gonna be sad ending 😦
    no one get t’happiness in the end 😦

    • i will be so angry if they give everyone a sad ending!!!!! T__T the next drama is supposed to start on november 12, so we’ve got a few weeks left… i don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing at this point xD lolol

  15. I’ve been watching the ep.92…. Min Do just crying so hard… 😦
    and the witch she really going crazy hahaha :))

  16. @Aristy: Yup!! this is the first time I feel sorry for the witch.
    Ep 92 – sigh~ another sad episode ~ full of tears T__T
    At first I was hesitate to watch ep 92 after watching the preview bcs I’m afraid it will break my heart… *_*
    The writer loves to torture the viewers so much 😦 But I may regret if I don’t watch it!
    OMG the scene Park Yoo Hwan sheds a storm of tears when he knows the truth about Ji Soo’s disease-true-emotion-acting. This scene brought tears to my eyes. It was very impressive.
    oh~oh Mom Min ~ she thought uncle had a crush on her? I can’t believe it ~

  17. @Xancy: yap when t’witch being crazy, the otherside InHye got a marriage proposal from HyunTae *finally this couple :))

    • I love the scene at the church. Your fv couple finally is happy now but my Ji soo and Min Do….sob….sob 😦

      • hehhe.. at least there’s some happiness after cried for JiSoo :))
        but why didn’t HyunTae kiss her????!!!!! 😦 *sigh

  18. Finish ep 93 ~cry~ I can’t stand farewell …. I can’t stand seeing both Min Do and Ji Soo cry again and again anymore 😦 😦 😦
    @the writer: I beg you, please at least let Ji Soo still alive and cure from her cancer and kill the witch and crazyex instead 🙂

  19. hi hi CLWY family! sorry for the late recap — i was planning to do eps 85-91, but there wasn’t all that much to talk about, so i’m gonna put up a recap after ep 95 airs tomorrow (friday). sorry again & thanks for your understanding! 😀 😀 😀

    • hi pinkblossom!!! After watching preview ep 94, I decide to stop watching CLWY this week and will wait for your recaps instead.
      I hope next week’s better. I even read a short summary of ep 96 but nothing new 😦 Really hope this drama end soon.

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