Busan International Film Festival 2012

The 17th Annual Busan International Film Festival (BIFF, also known as PIFF) kicked off today with a rollin’ out of the red carpet.  If I were an actress, I would hunt down red carpet events across the globe.  But alas, that’s just my ignorant self speaking: Han Hye-jin and Kim Ha-neul shared  on talk-show Healing Camp a couple weeks ago, that actresses super stress out over these events.  They go through mad competition to get their fav dress, ’cause everyone’s out hunting.  What was really cute was Han Hye-jin explaining that as soon as actresses step on the red, they do an automatic head-to-toe scan of their rivals.  Heee!

Well, there were quite the number of rivals to scan last night in Busan, and I personally would have been quite smug if I were doin’ the scannin’.  ‘Cause seriously, some of these dresses were…  I won’t say.  But, since we all love lookin’ at pics, good or bad, here they are!


The Gents

Kang Ji-hwan, scrumptious in a white bow tie. 

Kim Nam-gilis back! And lookin’ as good as ever. His first directorial work will be featured at BIFF. 

Kim Kang-woo, lookin’ sharp. I’m sorry your Haeundae Loverswas a flop. 

Kim Min-jong, you are miiiighty fine tonight.


Park Shi-hoo, why do you always look like a vampire in pictures? This one’s not as bad as the other ones I saw of you — you can thank me later.


Park Hee-soon, when am I gonna hear wedding bells? Your girlfriend asked me to ask you~~


Yoon Kye-sang, you like your scruff, too? I’ll let it pass this time, but clean-shaven is defs better on you.


Lee Byung-hun, are you really for seriously truly not planning a January wedding?


Don’t try to fob off wedding rumors using Ryu Seung-ryong. The man’s too nice to be used so shamelessly like that.


Sob. Lee Je-hoon, we will miss you terribly! I promise to be waiting faithfully for you to come back from military service. 

Lee Jong-seok, I laud your daring.


Jung Woo-sung, ever the gentleman. Lee Ji-ah did a number on you, you poor thing. I hope you find someone twenty bajillion times more wonderful. 

Awww, Jo Sung-ha, why so cute?!

The Ladies

Kang So-ra, I love you.

But this dress is kinda…


Kang Yeh-won. We’ve seen this dress amajillion times, but you look so excited that I don’t have the heart to rain on your parade.


Okay, Go Ara, now THIS I can’t help but put in my Bad pile. Sorry. Try again next time.

I like the up-do, though~


Another sea-foam-y creation, but Kim Sarang is gorgeous.


Kim Sun-ah, as chic as ever. Girlfriend, is there anything you can’t pull off?Love it love it love it.


Kim Yoon-hye, who’s in a new movie with Kim Soo-ro, Kang Yeh-won, and Lee Je-hoon. Like the shoulder accent but the rest is kinda blah.


Kim Ji-young. Very different. Very… interesting.


Sigh.  Goo Hye-sun, can you ever just wear a DRESS?! Like all the other actresses?! I know you’re a director, too, but please, for me. And all your other fans waiting to see you dolled up.


Nam Gyu-ri in white, as usual. The dress itself is pretty cute, but I ain’t a huge fan of the mini-skirt-under-layer with a see-through-over-layer thing. Seems to be the popular choice tonight, though. You’ll see.


Nam Bo-ra just glooows tonight, and she’s absolutely adorable. Love her shimmering dress – it SO suits her perfectly.


Ryu Hyun-kyung pulling off simple but classic. I think the empire waist detail saves the dress, and she was smart to stay classy with the earrings, too.


Now THIS is what I’m talking about. Moon Geun-young looks absolutely GORGEOUS in a simple yet elegant blue gown. The mini-skirt-under-layer thing I was talking about totes works here, and I just can’t get enough of how good she looks. I can’t believe some journalists were criticizing her for gaining weight — she looks GREAT here, SO much better than that scarily thin look she was sporting the last couple years. Shame on you, journalists.


Moon Jeong-hee, in a somewhat boring style (a little too structured), but I love the color.  I’m a bit partial to purples~


Nearly the same color as Moon Jeong-hee’s, but Honey Lee looks downright scary — she lost waaay too much weight.


One of my favs of the night. Park Shi-yeon looks AMAZING in a gorgeous black dress that allows her to flaunt her statuesque beauty. Love the makeup, too. Gawsh, I just can’t get enough of it.


Park Shin-hye, straddling the fine line between cutie and grown-up.


Korea’s latest sweetheart the past few years: Suzy.  Despite the sheer overlayer thing going on again, I give the cuuute dress my stamp of approval.


Normally, I like fusion hanbok dresses, but this one isn’t all that flattering on So-yi.


Not a huge fan of the dress (color or cut), but Park Yeh-jin is a sweetie.  And I want her peep-toes. Another weakness of mine.Psst!  I gave your boyfriend the hint hint about the wedding.  You’re welcome.


Yet another sheer overskirt, but Park Ha-sun is always darling.


Park Hyo-joo looks so pretty here, all dolled up — verrry different from the one-jacket-ensemble she wore during her awesome stint as Detective Jo on The Chaser. She’s so cute!


There’s always a ‘scandal’-maker at every red carpet event, and Bae So-eun seems to have elected herself as the one this time. Everyone is talking about the barely-there dress, and she seems to be enjoying it to the max.  Seriously, she has that same facial expression in every shot.


Lace is definitely ‘in’ this season, and Sa-hee shows us why. The dress is demure, but elegant. Me want for myself in a different color.


Son Eun-seo defs pulled off this dress. I wonder if boyfriend Choi Jin-hyuk had any say in it~~ ^^


Shim Yi-young’s dress isn’t all that to my liking, but her hairpiece is so cute I couldn’t resist sharing.


I don’t know what it is about Eom Ji-won’sdress, but I just like it. Love the shawl(?), too.

And I love this photo. Gorgeous.


Oh Yeon-seo is enjoying quite the popularity these days after her hit drama and newly ‘married’ status on We Got Married. She and Lee Joon are both seriously 4D and totes perfect for one another.


Lee Yeon-hee. Simple but elegant. The gold belt was defs a good choice.


Cutie cuuutie Lee Yoon-ji, flashing her brilliant smile. This girl is SO toned. I need to feed you a bit.


Jeon Hye-bin, in a figure-flattering dress. I am totes seeing her in a new light after The Law of the Jungle.


Jo Yeo-jung, in a wine-colored creation. Not a big fan of the dress, but the black tulle train is an interesting accent.


The never-aging Han Ga-in. Seriously, what do you eat?


Han Hye-jin, why oh why oh why?! You’re SUCH a cutie, sweetie, and gorgeous to boot. Who dressed you and attached that horrible hair extension?! Imma gonna hunt them down.


Hwang-woo Seul-hye. The dress is nice enough, but I like her heart-shaped clutch.

And now, The Couples

Kim Go-eun and Lee Hee-joon, who for seriously look like they’re walking down the aisle thanks to Kim Go-eun’s dress.


Kim Ah-joong and Ji Sung

I for seriously love her dress and the streak of silver-gray she added to her hair. She ain’t afraid to flaunt it.

Ji Sung, I agree. Your curly hair is the best.


So Yoo-jin and Bae Soo-bin (where have you beeeen?!).

Girlfriend, you’re driving me nuts on CLWY, but I do love the pink.


Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jae-joong. Why so serious, you two?

Such a disconnect between this picture and your hilarious antics on Running Man (especially the Chuseok episode!!).

You aaaalmost look like… I can’t believe I’m gonna say this… R. Pat, as Will Ferrel calls him. ^^


Yeh Ji-won and Kim Tae-woo. Yeh Ji-won, you were awesome on DWTS. And Kim Tae-woo, your bro is for seriously creepin’ me out in Nice Guy.


Choi Kang-hee and Bong Tae-kyu.


Jo Min-soo and Lee Jung-jin are absolutely adorable. Their film Pietawon the Golden Lion at the 69th Venice International Film Festival, making it the first Korean film to win the top prize at one of the major international film festivals (Venice, Cannes, and Berlin).

Because Pieta won the Golden Lion, and there are stinky rules about what kinds of awards can be given to the same film, Jo Min-soo wasn’t awarded the Best Actress Award. The judges, though, revealed that they unanimously voted for her to receive it. I’m telling you, this woman is AMAZING and I am SO happy for her.

And, of course, I’m elated that Lee Jung-jin finally got a big break!


Real-life married couple Kim Hyo-jin and Yoo Ji-tae. I for seriously LOVE these two. They are SOOO cute together (I don’t think I’ve ever seen him let go of her hand), and Yoo Ji-tae is looking eeeeven better these days as a married man.Kim Hyo-jin’s dress was another fav tonight.


And last but certainly not least, the MC’s of the 17th Annual Busan International Film Festival: gorgeous Tang Wei and charismatic Ahn Sung-ki.


Hope you enjoyed all the pretty!!  Who were your picks for best and worst dressed?  Share, please! 😀

16 responses to “Busan International Film Festival 2012

  1. Ooh let me try lol: Go Ara, don’t even attempt to say that people were fighting for this ugly dress. It hangs horribly on you -nuff said.
    Kim Sun-ah, LOVE LOVE LOVE you! This dress is amazing on you =).
    Kim Ji-young, unique will keep you in the odd and understated.
    Moon Geun-young – ADORABLE and Fresh all the pop & va va voom.
    Moon Jeong-hee, High School Prom 2000 – nuff said.
    Honey Lee – I agree with ya, way to SKINNY.
    Han Hye-jin- @pinkblossom You said it, not me! lol

    That was fun

  2. I can’t remember the rest but what stuck to me was Kim Sun-ah’s dress. ❤ ❤ ❤ …. Oh, and as much as I love LJJ, not liking his white(silver?) suit at all.

    • a lot of people seem to agree with you on kim sun-ah’s dress!! 😀 and as for lee jung-jin, i can’t really decide if i like it or not… i’ll just settle for him being cute with jo min-soo ^^ hehehehee!

    • hi, mili!! welcome to carrotblossom patch! kim sun-ah’s dress seems to be the one people love!! 😀 thanks for joining us — hope to hear more from you! 😀 😀 😀

  3. Love kim sun-ah!!! too many ppl to comment about..
    moon geun-young gorgeous dress and just the right way. So pretty!
    Jo Yeo-jung: love her curve-hugging dress. She looks healthy! so rare in korea entertainment! haha
    lady with toned abs from dream high. weird dress color but damn she has a 6 pack!

    • jo yeo-jung’s a rarity in general ^^
      and yeah, lee yoon-ji is seriously so toned i can’t only marvel and be uber jealous hahahahaa!

    • welcome to our patch of spazzfanmadness, Xuan!! kim sun-ah defs looked goooorgeous 😀 thanks for joining us & hope to hear more from you!! 😀 😀 😀

  4. Han Ga in I so dearly adore her… such a pretty face and her dress suits her well….
    I was a bit shock with Goo Hye-Sun outfit… where she thinks she’s going? :-(…
    Sa-Hee wears the red dress perfectly… 🙂

    Thanks for sharing…

    • hi hiii faithodiessy!!! han ga-in makes me green with envy, and sa-hee’s dress made me uber green lolol but sigh, yes, goo hye-sun, i don’t know why she always does this~ heheheheee!!

  5. loved Lee Yoon Ji’s dress and her
    loved Moon Geun Yong’s dress and her. how could they criticize her for looking healthy again!!?!?!

    I love Jung Woo Sung but I can’t say the same for that velvet suit that he wore.

    And Lee Jung Jin! Where. Have. You. Have. Been. All. This. While?!
    miss him in Qualifications of Men (however belated and old that confession is)

    • is there anything we don’t agree on?! i looove lee yoon-ji, i DON’T UNDERSTAND how could they criticize moon geun-young, jung woo-sung could have defs chosen better, and lee juuuuuung-jiiiiiin!!! ^^ and i always say it’s never too late to make confessions ^^ hheheheheee!

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