Can’t Live Without You: Episodes 76-80

I’m fickle.  Last week I said I’d prolly do character updates for the duration of the drama, but I decided to do bullet points for each episode this week.  Hmm, I wonder what I’ll do next week… 😉

When I say bullet points, I mean bullet points.  So I apologize in advance for the lack of paragraphs and flow – it’s literally just the episode as seen in a few points.  The exception will be requested scenes/dialogues, since those are from the special menu.  Hehehehee.


Episode 76
  • In-hye says she wants someone to lean on, and Hyun-tae puts his arms around(?) her.  I want a real back hug!!
  • Madame President asks Mr. Choi to look into In-hye.
  • Scumbag and Min-do couples fight over who will care for Mama Kim.  Witch doesn’t want to do it and orders Ji-soo to do it, but Ji-soo says she can’t because she’s pregnant.  Fists fly and I just sigh.
  • CrazyEx steals In-hye’s baby (well, young child) picture – the same picture Madame President has of her daughter – and realizes In-hye really is Madame President’s daughter.
  • Hyun-tae remains adamant in his refusal to marry CrazyEx
  • Papa Kim tries to console Mama Kim and care for her.
  • Hyun-tae continues to show his affection for In-hye at home, driving Madame and CrazyEx both nuts.  CrazyEx trips In-hye, making her spill coffee all over Madame.
  • Min-do packs his bags to go back home.  He and Ji-soo have their usual fight and talk in circles, even saying that they should live apart.  Love that Mom Min yells at Ji-soo to go care for Mama Kim.  Not the yelling part, but the support for Mama Kim.
  • In-hye goes to apologize for spilling the coffee, and Madame tells her to not just apologize but defend herself, too.  She saw that Ji-eun tripped In-hye.  Eee!


Episode 77
  • Madame asks In-hye if she remembers her mom’s name or face – In-hye says she doesn’t.
  • Hyun-tae bandages In-hye’s ankle and CrazyEx comes upon the scene.  She slaps In-hye and goes off in a huff when Hyun-tae defends In-hye.
  • Papa Kim wants to go to a big hospital and get a proper diagnosis.  Mama Kim is still in denial mode and vows not to be shaken by her illness.
  • Sang-do comes home and says he’s back for good.
  • Witch meets with Ji-soo and tells her to be the one to move into the Kim home and care for Mama Kim.  Witch says she’ll send money and orders Ji-soo as the “upper” person.  (In Korean culture, Ji-soo is supposed to respect Witch because Witch is married to the older brother.)  Ji-soo refuses and tells Witch that now is the time to console Mama Kim, not fight over who will move in.
  • Ji-soo and Min-do get into another fight.  To add insult to injury, the annoying actress is with Min-do.
  • Records make it appear that In-hye can’t be the daughter.  A child that was adopted to foreign parents might be So-hyeon, but she died last week.
  • Papa Kang tells CrazyEx to let go of her obsession, but she refuses.
  • A little more back-story for Madame: Her parents took the baby away from her, claiming that the father was going to raise So-hyeon.  I guess she and her lover broke up and she came home with the child?  I’m so confused.
  • In-hye sees the picture of herself in Madame’s room.


Episode 78
  • In-hye tells Madame President that the picture is of herself when she was young.  Madame demands to see In-hye’s copy of the photo, but of course it’s already gone.  In-hye goes back to her place to look for the photo, but it’s not there.
  • Witch barges into the Kim home and gives 5,000,000 won (~$5,000 USD) to Mama and Papa Kim.  She says she’ll pay up to 6,000,000 won a month so they can hire a caretaker and whatnot.  Oh my gawsh, I want to punch her face in.
  • Min-do tells Mama Kim he’s gonna move in, but Mama Kim tells him she can’t allow that.  She calls Mama Min and apologizes for all the fuss she’s creating.  LOVE Mama Min, who is determined to send Ji-soo to the Kim home: “Of  course I should send Ji-soo.  Is she your daughter-in-law only when things are good and a stranger when things are bad?”  Sob.  Mama Kim tells Min-do to go to Ji-soo and stay there.
  • Stupid Choi reminds Madame of the girl who lied about being So-hyeon because she wanted money.  He tells Madame that if In-hye doesn’t have the picture, she’s prolly lying, too.  *face palm*  In-hye comes back empty-handed, and Madame slaps her, ranting at In-hye for being such a lying, conniving witch.  Hyun-tae yells at his mom, and all the craziness makes Madame pass out.
  • Scumbag goes to In-hye’s place (why are you here?!?!) and recalls his proposal to her.  He told her that physically, it might be a difficult life, but he promised that he would never hurt her heart.  Ha, way to go, scumbag.  He was worried about his big family (it’s a lot to handle for the eldest daughter-in-law), but she was happy to be getting a family.  Sad panda.  He knocks on her door and calls for her, but she’s not home.  (@Xancy: It’s literally all he said at the door.  “Ki-chan’s mom.  In-hye-yah.”)
  • In-hye’s in tears, worried about Madame.  The doctor tells Hyun-tae to be careful – she can’t be under so much stress.  After they leave (and while CrazyEx eavesdrops) Madame tells Hyun-tae she’s gonna get rid of the root of all the problems by kicking out In-hye.


Episode 79
  • Hyun-tae tells Madame that if she fires In-hye, he’ll fire CrazyEx.  Ohmygollies.  Furious, CrazyEx douses In-hye in water and tries to slap her but Hyun-tae stops her.  She screams that she won’t leave In-hye alone, that she’ll ruin the company, and storms out.  Buuut, Mr. Choi comes in just then and so CrazyEx goes back into the house.  She eavesdrops – what else is new? – and learns Madame will run a DNA test of the potential daughter (who died).
  • Mama Kim is starting to lose her memory… it took her several tries to remember Min-do’s name.  T_T
  • In-hye tells Hyun-tae that Ki-chan is the sole reason for her existence.  She just wants to make money so she can get custody and live with her son.  Hyun-tae asks why he can’t help, why she doesn’t know how he feels.  She answers that she does know how he feels but doesn’t want to be a burden.  Sometimes, she wants to lean on him.  But, she says, “I can’t love you, Hyun-tae-sshi.”  As she turns to leave, he does THE Kdrama staple move: grab her arm and twirl her into your arms.  Eeeee!!!  “I love you.”  AAAACCCKKKK!!!  I don’t think he’s ever said the words to her.  As she cries in his arms, he tells her, “I can’t let you go.  Can’t you just believe in me and follow me?”  She doesn’t answer, but she doesn’t pull away.  EEEEE!!
  • Min-do gets on his knees and tells Ji-soo he really wants to care for his mom.  Is there no way she can do it?  He understands that there are so many reasons she wouldn’t want to, but can’t she just do it for him?  Ji-soo answers that it’s not that she isn’t doing it – she is unable to do so.  He explains that he was never a good son, and he’ll regret it for the rest of his life if those bad memories are the last Mama Kim has of him.  He wants to make good memories while he can.  Tearful, Ji-soo says that she will only be a burden, that things will only be harder for Mama Kim.  He asks again if she really can’t, and she says that it’s not a matter of wanting (or not wanting) to care for Mama Kim.  She doesn’t even know what will happened to her – caring for a mother-in-law with dementia is not possible.  He gets up and tells her that Mama Kim was making clothes for their baby (the thing Mama Kim is making is traditionally the first clothes newborn babies wear).  He can’t believe that while her daughter-in-law was turning away from her, Mama Kim was making her grandchild’s clothes by hand.  Ji-soo says she’ll explain why she’s acting like this, but Min-do cuts her off.  “Let’s end this.  Right now, I don’t see any reason for us to continue living as husband and wife.”  Oh.  My.  Gawsh.  Ji-soo gets frustrated as well and tells him “Fine.  All I can see right now is our baby.  That’s all that’s important to me right now.”
  • Min-do leaves, and Mama Kim berates Ji-soo for her un-filial actions.  “People like you who ignore their parents don’t deserve to be parents.  You’re going to be punished.”  Oof.  “Do you think you’ll be young forever?  Do you think you’ll be healthy forever?”  Double oof.
  • Papa Kang keeps telling CrazyEx to stop, but she won’t listen.  Okay, man, you may be telling your daughter to stop, but you aren’t taking serious action to actually stop her.  You’re just as guilty as your crazy daughter.
  • Witch comes to the Kim home again and says she’s moving in (Scumbag had said he’ll get a divorce if she didn’t care for his mom).  Mama Kim tells Witch she doesn’t want her and Scumbag in her home.  Caring for a sick person is done with the jeong you developed over the years living together.  (I gave a brief explanation of jeong under “Mom Min” of the recaps for Eps 72-75.)  Scumbag and Min-do get into a fight, which Mama Kim breaks up.  She tells them she hasn’t forgotten them yet, so come home (to care for her) when she can’t remember them anymore.  Come home, then, and tell her that they are her sons.  Sob.
  • Mr. Choi comes to H.Farm with strands of hair of the prospective daughter.  CrazyEx sees it, and, inspired by all the dramas that have aired to date, rips a strand of hair off In-hye’s head.


Episode 80
  • CrazyEx steals in-hye’s hair, and Madame decides to go forth with the DNA test.
  • Mama Kim goes to the hospital, and back at home everyone freaks out because they can’t find her.  (They think she has gotten lost again.)
  • The doctor tells Ji-soo that the blood test results are bad, but she tells him she has decided to keep her baby.  If she were her old self, she would have agreed with the doctor.  She would have told the patient not to risk her life for something without any hope.  But she can’t give up on her child.  Sob.  The doctor threatens to tell her husband if she continues to be so illogical and stubborn, but she stops him.  “His mom was diagnosed with dementia.  His heart is already so scarred – I can’t add onto it.  Even if I’m gone, our baby will be here.”  Sob sob sob.  And stupid Ji-soo, you need to tell Min-do.  And Min-do, you need to shutup and listen.
  • CrazyEx connives to get her hands on the hair sample being sent to the lab.  She takes out the potential daughter’s hair and puts in In-hye’s.  ASDFGHJKL!@#$%^&*
  • Ji-soo sees Mama Kim at the hospital and follows her into the exam room (where the doctors are).  The scan shows that the dementia is progressing rapidly.  T_T  The doctor asks if Ji-soo wants to explain the diagnosis to Mama Kim, but Ji-soo refuses.  She asks her colleague to explain but to omit the part about the rapid degeneration.
  • Auntie and Uncle enjoy a date but almost get caught by Mama Min.
  • Hyun-tae sees that In-hye has been placed on hold for a transfer, which is tantamount to being fired.  He and Madame get into their usual fight.  Booooring.
  • Madame gets the test results and opens them… to see that the girl who died was indeed her daughter.  Sigh.  Okay, in case you’re confused: the DNA results show that the two samples matched – the  two people are mother and daughter.  So yes, as we all know, In-hye is Madame’s daughter.  But Madame thinks the dead girl off in some foreign country is her daughter.  She cries, remembering the few precious memories she had with So-hyeon.  Hyun-tae witnesses the breakdown and wonders what in the world is causing the uncharacteristic behavior…



It’s so strange to think that this drama is coming to an end… I was searching things online today and saw that they’ve already got the next drama lined up for November.  It’s already been 80 episodes, but I feel like we haven’t really gotten anywhere.  Sigh.  So much of the story was taken up by the stupid Scumbag + In-hye divorce, and now everything is about this birth secret that hasn’t been a secret since it was introduced.  I wanted to see a true romance develop between In-hye and Hyun-tae, not to mention In-hye becoming a successful career woman.  The whole opposition to Hyun-tae + In-hye is getting ooooold.  They’re just beating the verrry dead horse over and over and ooover again.

Well, we’ve still got a good 20 episodes ahead of us, so perhaps my faith will be restored.  Hyun-tae and In-hye need to get together, CrazyEx needs to get her comeuppance, Madame needs to fiiiiinally find out the truth, Min-do needs to get his act together and fight through the leukemia with Ji-soo, and In-hye needs to come back to care for Mama Kim.  Oh, and maaaaybe we’ll get to see a successful In-hye since my wishes are almighty.  Yep yep.


12 responses to “Can’t Live Without You: Episodes 76-80

  1. I picked up this drama midway and am confused about something. If In-hye is the Madame’s daughter, how can she and Hyun-tae be together? Wouldn’t that make them half brother & sister?

    • welcome to our patch of madness, L.M.!!! 😀 😀 😀 in-hye is madame’s actual daughter, but hyun-tae and his siblings (who stopped coming out prolly because the ratings are so low xD) are from the late president’s first marriage. so basically, madame had a daughter (whom her parents took away) and then she married president lee, who already had 3 children. technically, in-hye and hyun-tae are step-siblings, but they’re not blood-related~ hope that helped! ^^ thanks for joining us here — hope to hear more from you! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Ahhhh… I just hope we could se the romantic scene of In Hye and Hyun Tae soon! and Mama Kim be strong! I hope Kim Hae Sook wouldn’t die in the end.. And Ji Soo I’m so worried what will happen to her next… 😦

    • May be Ji Soo will die and Min Do will deeply regret not taking better care of her 😦
      Just watch preview ep 82 … SIGH… Poor Ji Soo, she finally gives in her husband 😦 HATE MIN DO!!

  3. OMG I just watching the episode 80.. I’m so sad seeing Mama Kim when she trying to remebering the toothbrush’s owner one by one “kim sang do.. Doo hee.. kim min… min… min do……….” OMG… it’s really make me cry… T_T
    Kim Hae Seok Sunbae-nim she just AWESOME!! Ouhh I watched her in Sunflower Movie 2006 with Kim Rae Won (as Rae Won’s adopted mother). this movie made me cried too T_T

  4. @pinkblossom: do you know the song that was playing at the end in recent eps? I’m looking for it 🙂
    OMG, I love all the songs in this drama.

  5. Oh man, I want to kick kick CrazyEx so bad
    Please don’t make that annoying witch stay too long in my screen.

  6. I am really hating the writer of this drama for dragging this more than needed…I want to stop watching it before it gets worse but I want to see my fave couple (Min-Min) be happy together 🙂
    There is no plot improvement this week, it’s like we’re going nowhere. The finding long lost daughter’s president needs to be stopped. It’s like the writer repeats it again and again. I got the feeling the writer will drags it all the way to forever 😦 😦 😦
    About Mama Min: haha she is so funny. She asked Ji soo to take care Mama Kim. But when Ji Soo moved in Mindo’s house, Mama Min cried like a kid 🙂
    I love the Kim family’s dinner scene the most.
    MinDo: SIGH … SIGH … SIGH I wonder how his real personality is? His personality is like 180 degree different. What the hell he was thinking when he saw Ji Soo talking with Dr Jang? He can’t have faith in his pregnant wife? LOL :(:(
    @pinkblossom: could you translate all the scenes between Ji Soo – Min Do , Ji Soo – Dr, and Mama Kim – papa Kim.
    I really appreciate your help ^^

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