Jolin Tsai’s New Album- MUSE

So if any of you even slightly follow any Taiwanese pop artist, you will know Jolin Tsai is one of the queens of Taiwan pop. She is know as a perfectionist, striving for a breakthrough each time she comes out with a new album. She is know for her high-level dancing and incorporating unique elements such as ballet and aerial acrobatics (kind of like Cirque de Soleil).

Anyway Jolin came out with her new album, MUSE, on September 14.

Loving this first video, “The Great Artist”, particularly because of the amazing outfits she’s wearing! It’s almost alien-ish in the most awesome of ways and the dance looks pretty cool. I’m kind of disappointed with the all Caucasian cast of actors though. Sigh guess Taiwan’s still obsessed with Western culture.

Now this video has problems. It’s just plain weird. Jolin looks like a pink cat on drugs wearing one of Selena’s (RIP Queen of Tejano Music) trademark bras and a hideous turquoise suit. Wait, it get’s weirder. She’s supposed to be a doctor to a male who is pregnant? Oyah and said male and his gf/wife are wearing bondage inspired outfits and looks like they popped out from Lady Gaga’s music video. This is just too weird for me…

Either way, these videos are worth checking out. Enjoy!

Credit: jolintsai

One response to “Jolin Tsai’s New Album- MUSE

  1. whooaaaa, her dresses in the first mv were pretty intense O_O as for the second mv, i can’t get myself to click the play button… just the still photo in the pane is creeping me out lololol

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