Weekend Dilemma: Help Requested

Sigh.  The perils of loving dramas and living in this world with limited time.  I was gonna put up this poll after posting the recap for Episodes 1-4 of My Daughter Seo-young, but the weekend is fast approaching and my recap is… taking longer than expected.

So, in case you haven’t figured it out, I am finding myself in a bit of a jam.  Or more like a maginormous dilemma, thanks to Rascal Sons and My Daughter Seo-young.  Both are absitively posolutely EEEEE! but I just ain’t got the time to write about both.  So.  You choose.  ‘Cuz I am the most indecisive person on this planet – yes, really – and I don’t think I’ll be able to make a decision before the end of the century.

The choices are:

  • Mini-caps of Rascal Sons
  • Mini-caps of My Daughter Seo-young
  • Thoughts (only) on Rascal Sons
  • Thoughts (only) on My Daughter Seo-young
  • Mini-mini-caps of both with option to request clarification on any scenes/dialogues/whatever-tickles-your-fancy

See, I can’t even make a short “choices” list.  And you can ALWAYS ask anything that tickles your fancy, so I guess the last option really is “mini-mini-caps of both”.  Sigh.  Maybe one day I’ll learn how to be decisive.

But until then, please vote for your choice of the year!  Or choice of the weekend, I suppose.  And for those who aren’t shy about leaving comments, give your best argument for your choice.  I just may be swayed by your logic, reasoning, or good ol’ passion.  For those who are shy, let’s be brave together and share your thoughts for the first time! 😀

As I mentioned above, I intended to post this after getting up the recap for Episodes 1-4 of My Daughter Seo-young, but I wanted your input before the weekend hit.  This puts Seo-young at a bit of a disadvantage (since some of you may have no idea what Seo-young is about), so I’ll explain in brief the main storyline: Lee Seo-young (Lee Bo-young) has led a difficult life and is in need of money for her twin brother’s tuition, as well as her own.  She’s living with the Kang family as a live-in tutor for Kang Sung-jae (Lee Jung-shin).  His eldest sibling Woo-jae (Lee Sang-yoon) is intrigued by the tough and prickly Seo-young, but they have a bit of a tangled history…

Just a taste for now! ^^  It’s really reaaallly good.  Please vote and make your voices heard – I need all the help I can get in solving this dilemma! 😀  Thanks!!

15 responses to “Weekend Dilemma: Help Requested

  1. I’d personally be more interested in thoughts on or minicaps of Rascal Sons =D Thanks for writing such an awesome blog! ❤ Keep it going, you guys are awesome!

  2. I would really like it if you’ll do the mini-cap of rascal sons coz it’s only in your blog that i’ll be able to get a glimpse of In Gook’s new drama..Plus I don’t know where I can watch his new drama with English subtitle.. T_T
    I do hope you can do this.. if not (coz the vote result says it’s “My Daughter Seoyoung”).. just a mini-mini-cap..pretty please?

  3. My Daughter Seo Young has received good reviews and has an interesting opening plot. Other sites ignore this kdrama or show it “raw,” while Dramacrazy has Rascals ep1 subbed. My vote is for recaps for MDSY.

  4. I hadn’t heard of the daughter drama until this post. So it must really be quiet on all fronts. I’m more interested in Rascals sons but that’s due to Seo in Guk fever. How about mini-mini caps for both it’s a happy medium.

  5. well it is funny cause MDSY has some solid cast while the other one has this singer lol I guess thats how things go in kdrama world anyway its not fair cause the other one is being subbed while MDSY isnt thanks anyway

  6. PLEAAAASSEEEE do mini recaps of Rascal Sons!!! It doesn’t get subbed anywhere! D: At least anywhere i could find it? idk. Well the subs are slow in any case soo… >.<

  7. I vote for My daughter Seo Young. I really like the storyline and the way the drama progresses so rapidly. I am hooked!

  8. choose rascal sons. but after reading your recaps and watch seo young raw…. falling in love with the drama. now I want both.. ha..ha.ha… can’t help it, still madly adore seo in guk.

  9. oooh I’m all for Rascal Sons. I don’t think that this is going to be subbed so I hope I get some infos on what’s going on in this series.

  10. I’ve watched only the first episode of Rascal Sons and really like Seo In Guk’s character. The interactions btwn him and his wife are very funny. I haven’t watched My daughter yet. I have watched eng subs of
    Rascal Sons at Dramacrazy.net. So I can’t choose. Sorry!

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