Jo In-sung & Song Hye-kyo Take Leads

It’s official.  Noh Hee-kyung’s new drama That Winter, the Wind Blows (그 겨울, 바람이 분다) will be headlined by megastars Jo In-sung and Song Hye-kyo.  Big biiig names all around.  The drama went through a lot of casting news (sob, my Won Bin) and various rumors, but the production team has announced Jo and Song have officially signed on.  This is Jo In-sung’s return to the small screen in a whopping eight years, and the man has a serious cult following.  In other words, fans are going nuts, and people are already speculating whether the Jo In-sung + Song Hye-kyo pair will best the Hyun-bin + Song Hye-ko not-any-longer-couple of The World They Live In (the latter was also written by No Hee-kyung).  Hmm, if we’re gonna be drawing parallels, will we be hearing dating news soon, too?

The plot seems to be slightly morphing with each successive casting rumor, but the latest synopsis is that Jo In-sung will play a man who was abandoned by his parents as a boy and lost his first love to boot (“lost” as in she passed away).  He thus leads an aimless life as the best gambler in Cheong-dam-dong (a very affluent area of Korea), meeting women left and right without care.  I wonder how skilled he is to be the best gambler yet be leading an “aimless” existence.  Enter Song Hye-kyo’s chaebol heiress who endured her parents’ divorce as a child, separation from her oppa (death again, I presume?), the death of her father, and a sudden onset of blindness.  She’s a lonely soul fending for herself in the harsh, boo-hoo scary world.

I know, I know, what happened to the poor characters is unfortunate.  Really, I do feel for them.  But I just feel so snarky this morn at the reminder that my Won Bin won’t be coming back to my waiting arms.  Maybe I’ll feel better after watching the first episode of That Winter, the Wind Blows, which is aiming for an early 2013 premiere.

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19 responses to “Jo In-sung & Song Hye-kyo Take Leads

    • hahahaa yep yep a going-blind-if-not-already girl and a gambler xDDD initial reports said the drama was based off of a japanese movie(? drama?) that was remade into the korean movie “i don’t need love” starring moon geun-young and kim joo-hyuk. but that was when won bin was still in talks, and i don’t know how much things have changed. the blind chick + heiress detail, though, is still the same~~ lolol

        • hahahaaha nooo waaay! i saw bits and pieces while passing through the living room (the madre was watching it) but haven’t watched the whole thing, despite my love for moon geun-young… i say you watch it and let me know if it’s worth it ^^ lolol

          • Yep Yep, I must be a mad woman but this nineties diddy has been referenced so many times had to watch it. Thank God had it, what a hard soap to find, along with Spring Says or Heavens Coins. Which is next on my education platform of moldy oldy dramas. Any suggestions, it’s a long weekend.

          • hahahaa oh my gollies you just made a BIG mistake in asking me to recommend dramas! lolololol!!!! i’ll write it in a new comment box since we’re running out of space xD

          • No problem. 🙂 I’ve watched most popular dramas from 09 forward. As you may have perceived I enjoy most dramas however haven’t ventured the saeguk* route unless you count Rooftop Prince, Moon embracing the Sun, Sungukan Scandal or Goong.

  1. @YCHASE007: oldies, ya say? hmmm… i’m not 100% sure what kind of dramas you like/prefer and these aren’t uber oldies. but if you’re thinking along the lines of “glass slipper” i’d say:
    – all about eve
    – mr. goodbye
    – snow queen
    – star’s lover
    – season series (autumn fairy tale, winter sonata, summer scent, spring waltz)
    and these aren’t really “glass slipper” style but they’re cute/good
    – love story in harvard
    – cain and abel
    – hwang jin yi (with ha ji won)
    – hong gil dong (with kang ji hwan & sung yuri)
    – damo(!!!)
    – thank you
    – all in
    sigh. that’s just an uber short list lololol. if you’ve already seen all of these, i’ll recommend others ^^

    • ooh, i didn’t see your comment! hmmm, well damo & hwang jin-yi are sageuks but they are SO worth it — closer to the modern primetime fare than the traditional 50+ ep sageuk. i guess closer to moonsun? and hong gil dong is a fusion sageuk, so you may like it ^^ i LOVED kang ji-hwan and sung yuri in it. and i LOVED damo and hwang jin-yi and well… yeah. hahahahaa!!

    • Stars Lover, Love Story in Harvard and the Season Series I have watched… I had Cain and Abel in my watch list. Gotta find the other ones though. This should be fun, Thank you. It’s like when I went JDorama nuts, that list was almost endless but i kept going and watched all of them.

      • hahaha oh my gollies, you haven’t seen nuts ’til you’ve seen me! ^^ hope you enjoyed the dramas!! which did you end up watching? 🙂

        • After the tragic ending of Glass Slippers, I started to watch Cain and Abel and was not into because I was still hee-hawing on Glass Slippers. So I am leaving it for next weekend lol = I just put on some light fluff in the name of Panda & Hedgehog and revisited I need Romance 2012. Had to release the angst of the past hours lol

    • i know, i know, won biiiiinnnnnnnnnn T_T and ohmygollies, this is why we were meant to be — i’m so scared of being hunted down by jo in-sung fans, but i’ve never really been a big fan~ or even a regular fan… *ducks for cover* i think it might be bc i haven’t really seen a whole movie/drama of his… we need to go into hiding noooooow ^^

      • Admittedly, I too am not a big fan of Jo In Sung (I apologize to his legion of fans). The only thing I’ve seen of Jo In Sung’s work was the movie The Classic where I felt that the main characters where more of Son Ye Jin and Jo Seung Woo. There are actors and actresses who just don’t really grab my attention (albeit some of them are really talented ones), and I don’t really understand why either. To each his own, I guess. So I can really relate to both of you.

  2. @pinkblossom Totally watched Love me Not on viki this weekend and if this any indication of this new tale. This melodrama will have you in buckets of tears. Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive. If your into Lifetime Movie Specials – then you will definitely enjoy this flick. Its got all the good stuff that makes you cringe but makes you realize we are all human and we make mistakes because we are all caught up with our “situations” in life.

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