The Great Seer

I am reaaaadyyyy!!  Upcoming Wed-Thurs blockbuster sageuk The Great Seer (Dae Poong-soo) held its press conference today with all whopping nine members of its main cast.  Talk about prettiness overflow.  Not that I’m complainin’!  The drama follows the rise of Lee Seong-gye as he brings an end to the Koryo (Goryeo) era and founds Chosun (Joseon), the last pre-modern era of Korea.  Unlike most dramas, however, the focus will not be on the king himself but the king-makers surrounding the rise and fall of kingdoms.  So excited.

Playing Lee Seong-gye, founder of Chosun, is my fav Ji Jin-hee.  The veteran actor said he was so excited by the script that he contacted the production team first to express his interest in the role, despite it not being the lead.  Talk about passion for his art.  He’s such a witty guy, and a gentleman to boot, I can’t help but wub him.  He’s planning to portray the humanistic side of Lee Seong-gye, which is often passed over in favor of the mighty general and ambitious king.

The great seer Ji-sang who is determined to “choose my own king” will be taken on by Ji Sung.  I’m sad to see the adorable Protect the Boss hair go, but his character’s supposed to be a fun-lovin guy, so the void won’t be too gaping.

Playing Ji-sang’s arch nemesis Jung-geun is Song Chang-eui.  I just can’t imagine this sweet, lovable guy playing such an evil character, but he’s a brilliant actor, so the showdown between him and Ji Sung is gonna be awesome.  Jung-geun is the son of the most powerful man in Koryo, a noble through and through, and in possession of the brightest mind to boot.  He gets his first bitter taste of defeat through Ji-sang, a commoner without formal education, and thus begins the rivalry of the decade.  Maybe rivalry of the century?  Era?  Well, you get the point.  But the cruel, driven man has his own weaknesses – he loved two women whom he could never have…

Our leading lady is adorable yet seriously amaztastic Kim So-yeon.  Her Hae-in was born with the fate to become a queen, but she chooses to defy destiny for love.  The bright, curious, and even at time ditzy, Hae-in loves Ji-sang with an unwavering passion.  I am SO excited to see Kim So-yeon in a lead role amongst such a solid cast.  Yeee!

Another cutie that rocks the house, Lee Yoon-ji, will be playing Ban-ya, a woman hell-bent on revenge.  She rose from the gutters to become queen (wife to King Gong-min, the king of current drama Faith).  But the life of a royal is full of pitfalls and betrayals and intrigue, and thus Ban-ya seeks power to protect her son King Woo (or King U) and grandson King Chang, and later revenge when both are killed.  She is Ji-sang’s first love (she tried to manipulate him to her advantage) and co-conspirator with Jung-geun.

Rounding out the main cast are fantabulous Jo Min-ki, Oh Hyun-kyung, and Lee Seung-yeon.  Jo Min-ki plays Lee In-im, father of Jung-geun and wielder of immense power.

His wife is Lee Seung-yeon’s Young-ji, who is the mother of Ji-sang.  (Ji-sang’s father is supposed to be Dong-ryun, so no half-brother-rivalry thingy going on… or is there?  We’ll see.  Ji-sang doesn’t know who his mother is and is desperately searching for her – another Eun-oh of Arang and the Magistrate?)  Actress and former member of Fin.K.L. Lee Jin will be playing the younger Young-ji.

Last but not least is Oh Hyun-kyung’s Soo-ryun-gae, the most powerful shaman (mudang) of Koryo.  The holder of incredible political clout and ambition is in cahoots with Lee In-im and gave birth (secretly) to Jung-geun.

I love sageuks when they’re done well, and The Great Seer looks like it may just be the new Wed-Thurs king.  Not only is the storyline solid (no half-formed ideas here), the cast is absitively posolutely gonna rock the house.  The drama is slated for 36 episodes (another piece of good news – it’s gonna be concise and fast-paced [well, for a traditional sageuk, at least]) and premieres on October 10.  Bring it on!

13 responses to “The Great Seer

  1. Wooot! Glad to see someone as excited as me for The Great Seer! People would avoid sageuk at any cost sometimes, but I’m surely going to tune in for this, and hoping it would be a good one considering the big budget they have for it 🙂

    • oh my gollies, i’m so happy to find another sageuk-watcher! so true, people tend to shy away from them even though they can totes be amaztastic! ^^ any particular actor/actress/character you’re excited for? 😀

      • I am actually interested in the history part…I’m watching Faith right now, and to have The Great Seer centered around Yi Seong-gye is like watching a continuation of Faith 🙂 I love history and this drama looks like it’s capable of feeding my curiosity about Joseon’s founder. As for the actors/actresses, I think I’m looking forward to Ji Sung…but I can say that I can’t wait to see the five main cast on my screen together!

        also looking forward to Jo Min Ki and his character 😀

        • hahahaa the difference between a true sageuk lover and a shallow tv-watcher like me! ^^ lolol but yes, there are a looot of dramas/movies recently about king gong-min and the craziness right around the end of koryo/beginning of chosun 🙂 it worked out so perfectly for you, though, that you’ll get a nice continuation! 😀 😀 😀 & yes, jo min-ki is fanTABulous 😀

          • lol I’m not that true sageuk lover ^^; most of the time I pick up my dramas because of the actors, but this time it’s just coincidentally because of the plot 😉

  2. Oh dear me. Ji Jin Hee’s looking mighty fine despite his age. *fans self* THAT aside… i’m looking forward to this drama 😉 the cast is solid gold ’nuff said.

    • AAAACKK ji jin-hee FOR SUUURE!!! he for SERIOUSLY is getting better and better looking with age. how does he do it?!?! i want in on the secret! ^^ welcome to our crazy patch, Satsuki! 😀

      • GAHAHAHAAH all our feels for this man. *__* oh thank you for the kind welcome 🙂 i’ve actually been a silent lurker on your webbie, found it while googling for ‘Answer Me 1997’ recaps. great blog, keep up the good stuff!!

        • eeeee i’m so glad you’re continuing your dramaland traversing with us, satsuki!!! thank you for your kind encouragement! 😀

  3. Thanks for the explanations of their characters. I’m a KSY and JS fan and I’ve been eagerly awaiting any news of this drama since a month ago. I’m not Korean, but I’m watching all the teasers and videos they put out, even without English subs. Now I get to know a little about the characters they play.

    • you’re very welcome, tippytoes!! i watched a bit of the “special” they aired last week, and the drama looks like it’s gonna be amaaazing 😀 😀 i loooove kim so-yeon (she’s so CUTE!) and am excited for her first sageuk!! thanks for joining us at our little patch of crazyspazzmadness!! 😀 😀 😀

  4. I love Ji Jin Hee, I’ve been waiting for his new drama since Take care of me, Captain. I’m his greatest fan and I’m so loyal to him I only watch him, and I don’t know much about any other actors. So excited for his new drama Dae Poong Soo, too bad he’s not the male lead, but I’m still happy to finally see him again.

    • welcome to our Patch, Aline! i am totes with you on ji jin-hee — i wub him! he looked mighty fine in “captain” but the drama itself was kinda… -__-;; heheheee. have you been watching dae poong soo? he’s for seriously hilarious and SO perfect for his character!! thanks for joining us & we look forward to hearing more from you! 😀 😀 😀

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