Nice Guy: Episode 3,4 Thoughts


So, uh, no more Nyse Guy anymore.  For those who’ve been paying attention, aka nobody, the production team was forced to cave to all the outside pressure and officially rename its show using the proper spelling.  Seriously?  Who cares?!?!

Episodes 3 & 4 this week were pretty darned awesome, and I feel myself getting sucked into this one…  Augh, I can already feel the heartbreak coming from twenty bajillion miles away, but I’m like a lamb being led to slaughter.  It’s a little different though, with this one.  My investment in this drama is a bit more of an intellectual one than an emotional one, so maybe it won’t hurt as bad.  I guess we’ll find out at the end.

The characters are really being fleshed out splendidly, and I continually find myself just marveling at how well the writer has set things up.  Everyone has their own motives, their own desires and hungers.  The question is: Whose hunger is the greatest?  Because that person is going to end up on top.  Song Joong-ki is just blowing me away with each and every episode – he’s getting even better and better, and his presence is looming larger and larger in this twisted world of power, betrayals, deceptions, and love.

Though all the professional and power-grabbing maneuverings are fascinating and completely believable, what lies at the core of all this is love.  Or at least, the twisted version of what passes for love.  They say there’s a very fine line – perhaps even imperceptible – between hate and love.  And Kang Maru defs doesn’t know which side he’s on.  He may say – and even believe – that he’s out to drag Jae-hee down from her life of undeserved wealth and prestige.  But ultimately, he just can’t get over her.  He claims that he’s toppling Jae-hee for justice, for order in this society.  But it’s because she’s still in his heart, inextricably woven into his very being.  If you truly have no feelings, then it’s apathy you feel, not hate.  Hate is just as strong an emotional tie to someone as is love.

Jae-hee is… I don’t even know.  Her backstory is certainly unfortunate, but she’s not being drawn very sympathetically right now.  I was a bit surprised with the Lawyer Ahn angle, but man does it work.  He loves the mistress of the house – has, in fact, for many years – and that love is shaking his loyalty to President Seo.  The game, though, was over when he held her hand under the table.  Or maybe it was over the moment he opened his door to a wine-bearing tear-jerker-story-telling Jae-hee.

The person whom I fear for most is Eun-ki.  She’s a tough cookie, hissing and clawing at anyone who dares to come near – but it’s nothing but a defense mechanism.  Underneath all the fire?  A helpless, hurt-prone girl desperate for love and affection.  The flashback to her mom (side note: UGH it’s the mom from Big) telling her to meet a “nice guy” and live happily was well-played.  A little too obvious, but appreciated nonetheless. A better device was the change in how Eun-ki described her relation to Maru.  At the beginning of Episode 3, she told the hospital staff Maru was “A person I don’t know” (though she could easily have said he was her lifesaver).  By the end of Episode 4, she was describing Maru as “Someone I know.”

Watching Maru toy with Eun-ki just kills me.  And can I just say, Dang, he’s good.  Spitting out backhanded compliments left and right, he’s playing her for all he’s worth.  She’s falling for him already, and she continues to delude herself with the belief that she’s using him.  Girlfriend, you think you’re tough – you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Of course I can’t talk about Eun-ki without thinking of poor poor baby Joon-ha.  Sure, he gets like zeeero screen time, but I savor every second he does.  That look on his face when Eun-ki mentioned introducing her boyfriend to President Seo?  Oof, got me in the heart right here.  Just sweep her off her feet and take her somewhere safe to live with you forever.  She’ll be kicking and screaming all the way, but it’ll be for the better – for both of you.

All in all, a good week for Nice Guy, which wrested away the #1 spot from Arang and the Magistrate with a 13.3% (Episode 4).  I’m lookin’ forward to seeing just how much more twisted things can possibly get.

Just a little lighter fare to offset the darkness of this show: Song Joong-ki celebrated his birthday on set. Cute!


Loving the Nice Guy. The feel of this drama really catches me. I feel and taste the heaviness and sadness that I experienced in I’m Sorry, I Love You. Yet the colors and the setting of Nice Guy are really bright and vibrant. The contrast is unsettling but somehow it works. I guess it’s just mirroring the contrast in the characters and the situations they are in. Like Maru the baby faced medical intern going to jail or Eun-gi, the physically frail and ailing girl, leading a company and being tough as nails. 

I do want to comment about Moon Chae-won. She is ridiculously cool in this drama. She looks almost too thin though, which makes sense since she’s supposed to be sickly, but I can’t help but think this must be hurting her health in real life. Can you see her legs in the skinny jeans for motorbiking? They be sticks. Really sticks!

As for Kang Maru, I can’t wait to see what he has in store. He’s just so cute but acting so angsty and dark. I actually want to wait for all the episodes to air and marathon this baby all in one go. I’m sure it’s going to be awesome. I need more time for dramas. Less work and school…

P.S. Love this screencap below from the opening credits. So intense!

10 responses to “Nice Guy: Episode 3,4 Thoughts

  1. dude, EVERYBODY is for seriously waaaay too thin — song joong-ki’s LEG is prolly thinner than my ARM. sigh. is this drama not-so-subtly telling me to get my lazy butt to the gym? sad panda. XD

  2. I mean… totally adore joong ki as an actor… but damn, he`s so killing me with his voice… I mean… I totally fall for his voice… it`s so SEXY… or is it only me fangirling his voice… but damn… this voice is sooo killing me… ever since “SSK” u.U

    • ahah so true! although I heard his english seems to be atrocious in episode 5. perhaps his voice will make up for it. Haha

      • haha… I watched 5th epsode already and was like “huh? english? really? ah… don`t care… I pay attention to this voice even more” XD
        it sounded like his voice was so much softer and lower than usual… mh… but his english… oh wow, this was really something BIG!! ^^;

  3. Hi, first time posting here :”> Though I have been following your blog since AM1997 days ^^

    Just so you know, the actress played Eun Gi’s Mother – Kim Seo Ra, sure she was in Big, but before that she was already in The Princess’s Man, played the role of Princess Se Ryung’s Mother aka The Queen. And Se Ryung was played by… Moon Chae Won. Also the veteran actor who is playing Eun Gi’s Father, Kim Young Chul, he was Se Ryung’s Father aka Grand Prince Su Yang (King Se Jo) in TPM —> that means the royal family in TPM have reunited in Nice Guy 🙂

    I started watching Nice Guy ’cause I have loved Chae Won since TPM days, but the drama itself is really great, so different from most of Kdramas I have watched. Despite of my love for Chae Won, I have to say I found her acting in the first few episodes was kinda… awkward, everytime she stared at someone, I got a little bit distracted 😦 But I believe she will get better and better toward the end of the show. Same thing had happened during TPM days.

    And the brightest gem of the show is surely Song Joong Ki. Im so proud of him, he improved a lot from SKKS days. What can I say now? Just love him more ^^

    • Hi Luna, thanks for the tidbit of info! I didn’t follow the princess’s man. How interesting! I agree Eun Gi seems awk but I also thinks her character warrants it. But definitely agree Song Joong Ki is doing a fineeeee job of being the angsty/torn/devious/whatever Maru. Please share your thoughts more often with us! 🙂

    • hi, hi, Luna!! i totes missed the TPM connection! but now that i think about it, i didn’t like her mom all that much in TPM either hahahahaa. i’ve got nothing against the actress — i’m still just bitter about Big lolol ^^
      i was worried a bit about moon chae-won during the first few eps, but she’s gotten better these last couple 🙂 and yes, song joong-ki is DA MAN. loved him in SKKS, toooo!!! loved that drama all around, really 😀 😉 😀
      thanks for sharing your brilliance with us, Luna! 😀

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