Lee Sang-yoon for SURE

*whistles appreciatively*  Or, I would if I knew how to whistle – another thing I need to learn before I die.  But I digress.  Back to Mr. Hottie, who has made his return to the small screen with new weekend powerhouse My Daughter Seo-young.  (A post on that coming soooon.)  Actor Lee Sang-yoon is melting the hearts of women across the globe – or at least the Korean peninsula – with his latest spread for fashion magazine Sure.

During the past year since his last drama The Duo, the actor returned to his alma mater to complete his studies – he only needs one more semester to receive his B.S. from Seoul National University’s Physics Department.  I know.  Life’s pretty darned unfair.  He’s this hawtt AND he’s crazy brilliant?!  Seoul National University Physics Department?!?!  And he’s dating gorgeous Nam Sang-mi?!  Gawsh, just slay me now, why don’t you?

Just enjoy the pics and seethe in envy later.  Or swoon with me while watching My Daughter Seo-young.  You choose.

Via newsen

10 responses to “Lee Sang-yoon for SURE

    • hi, helma rivers! welcome to our little patch of spazzcrazimadness!! ^^ i’m gonna be recapping eps 1-4 of “my daughter seo-young” but am in a bit of a dilemma because i don’t think i can do both “seo-young” and “rascal sons” xD i’m gonna be putting up a poll soon so if you want to vote for either drama to be recapped, that’d be wonderful! 😀

  1. Seoul National University Physics Department?!?! WOW, just wow!!! Even if he wasn’t pretty or an actor I would be impressed, but are you telling me he is the whole package? Ok, I’m gonna go cry in a corner because I just realized how unlucky and lazy I am…. It’s not fair, really…

    • sigh. i know. we both need a good cry.
      heheheheee thanks for always sharing your lovely thoughts with us, mccl84! 😀

  2. thanks for the recap pinkblossom…. i so loved my daughter seo young looking forward to your recap on episode 11-12 …

    • welcome to our Patch, cheena!! i’m so glad you’re enjoying “seo-young” — we’re all going just a bit bonkers because of it ^^ i just got back from a trip so i’m trying to catch up on all my shows, but as soon as i do, the recaps will be up! thanks for your patience and for joining us here at the Patch!! we hope to hear more from youuu! 😀 😀 😀

  3. Aigoooo, i m so much helplesslyin love with him after watching the series. Seriously how can someone look sooo hwaaatt and caring at the same time, not fair..

    • hehheheee i knoooow he’s hard to resist! sad panda for the couple who recently broke up T_T but happy dance for those who want him for themselves lol!! 😉

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