Answer Me 1997: Final Thoughts


I don’t even know where to start. I am actually really devastated this drama ended. I can easily say this is the best drama of my life by far. And trust me, friends, I have watched too many dramas to count. So many dramas have an awesome start and lag and completely crash and burn at the end. But never once did 1997 falter. Episode 16 was perfect in every way, so I’ll keep my comments succinct.

Overall the whole drama and plotwise everything was so perfect. The vignettes, woven together so artfully, made us fall in love with the love stories. The plot was so real that it made us cry with each character. The guessing games kept us hooked and on the edge of our seats. Although I was in elementary school in 1997, this story really pulls me in. I feel connected with each character as if they were my friends and my family.

Halfway in, I pulled Pinkblossom on board this 1997 train because I knew she would get hooked and recap this drama. The subs just didn’t come out fast enough for me! I am forever grateful to Pinkblossom who knows all things Korean and can recap so eloquently all the minute details!

Gosh, I don’t know what else to say. No drama can ever be as good. I don’t even want to get to into the details of episode 16 because I’m afraid to fall into a deep depression (that there will never be such an awesome drama). I am glad this drama was 16 episodes. I am glad they didn’t drag out the story with inane occurrences, which happens all the time when dramas get extensions for good ratings.

I think I’ve said this before but…Thank you, Answer me 1997 for making my 2012 so much better.

P.S. Thank you to all of you who joined us at Carrotblossom Patch for this crazy crazy ride. May you continue to check out our posts and fan-girl/boy with us in the future.



I hate shows like Answer Me 1997.  Really.  ’Cuz they pluck me out of my idyllic, peaceful life, take me for one crazy tempest of a ride, then dump me back into my now comparatively boring life – forever changed.  Everything around me continues on its way, but I’m no longer the same person.  I feel like a stranger in my own world.  You know what’s worse, though?  That I’ve become so melodramatic!  I’m spouting impassioned, fevered spazzisms over a fictional world and fictional situations and fictional characters and fictional relationships… that so closely mirror our own.  Okay, maybe that’s where things went wrong for that precious thing I call my sanity.  The 1997 world is not unfamiliar.  If anything, it is all too familiar and recognizable.  And that is why it has burrowed its way into my heart, probably to stay for a long, long while.  If not forever.  Okay, no more dramatics.  For realsies.

There are just too many things to say and not enough words to describe all I have thought, am thinking, and will think about this drama in the days to come.  Now go back to the last part of that sentence and insert “feel” where “thought” is.  Yeah, see?  Just not enough words and grammar to convey the maelstrom in what passes for my brain.  I said before in the Episode 16 recap that my heart literally (yes, literally!) hurt, and it still aches even right now.  Recalling the last line of the drama gives me goose bumps.  Still.  What to do?

It’s been a very veeerrry long time since I’ve been this absorbed by a drama.  Okay, fine, I went crazy over Rooftop Prince, and the first ten episodes of The Moon that Embraces the Sun, and Sungkyunkwan Scandal before that, and okay okay okay, fine.  But for seriously.  The level of my madness has not been like this in a truly long time.  And even more astonishing is that I don’t need a qualifier for my adoration of this darling show.  I often find myself recommending various dramas to friends with the allowance: “But it gets kinda slow/stupid/just-plain-wacked towards the end.”  This time, though, no qualifier.  From start to finish, Answer Me 1997 was magnificent.  It was clearly thought out and brilliantly executed.  True, it was not perfect, but it came as darned close to perfection as I’ve ever seen.  And I’ve seen a LOT.

Episode 16 was one of the sweetest finales I’ve seen in a long time, and it struck the perfect balance between fanservice, closure, and didacticism.  It was a beautiful bow that wrapped together all the precious memories we made with this unexpected gift of a drama.  And it’s a knot I will be undoing with wistfulness and joy many, many times in the years to come.

Whitecarrot claims to have had ulterior motives for dangling this drama in front of me ’til I broke.  If this is what you call nefarious scheming, bring it on, girlfriend.  As much as I am grateful to this show for having entered my life, I am even more grateful to whitecarrot for all the wonderful, witty posts she wrote to get me hooked.  And I am eternally grateful to have had a partner in crime – it’s never quite the same traversing the dramaworld alone.

Which brings me to all of you wonderful readers who have made this journey more special than any other I have known.  I cannot express how humbled I am that you were willing to read the wild ramblings of a drama fanatic and leave your kind comments and thoughtful musings.  You all were the reason I was able to get out recaps in zombie-mode, and you all were the fairy dust that created this magical time together.  I hope you continue to join us here at Carrotblossom Patch and continue with us our never-ending journey to the Wizard of Drama-Oz.  Thank you, truly, from the bottom of our hearts, for a magical experience.

“To all the viewers who have loved Answer Me 1997, thank you.”
And to all of you who have poured out your love for us here at Carrotblossom Patch, a heartfelt Thank You.


16 responses to “Answer Me 1997: Final Thoughts

  1. I was sleeping awhile ago and remembered that Answer ME 1997 is finished. I seriously felt a tugging in my heart. I haven’t loved a drama like this since BOF (my first ever Kdrama)! I thought I got used to all the craziness of kdramas. But AM1997 really got to me. It was like first love all over again!

  2. thank you so much as well pinkblossom and whitecarrot for all the wonderful recaps and personal thoughts you’ve shared to us “fangirls/boys” of this drama. I am very thankful to the both of you and
    words just ain’t enough to express my feeling thoroughly. i’ve never been ADDICTED to a drama before..yeah, hooked maybe but A-D-D-I-C-T-I-O-N is a different level!! yesss!! I spazzzed, i felt loved, i felt frustrated, i felt sad, i felt all the feelings that can be felt by a human being!
    I will continuously and religiously visit your blog coz i’m pretty sure, i;ll be reading a lot of good finds here.
    ’till OUR next fangirl-ing moment!! Kamshamnida!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. thank’s carrotblossompatch for everything that ur posting,, i’m in love with this drama,,i think it’s best drama ever i see,,,first love never end,,n if u take care it will be last n forever ! :))

  4. “Everything around me continues on its way, but I’m no longer the same person. I feel like a stranger in my own world.” I totally feel you on this… the tug at my heartstrings that such a great story is OVER. I cried for a bit (which never happens), but this show had struck so many chords with me. It was like reconnecting with an old friend and being told their silly exploits between the years and the culmination of growth & love. I will miss this show so much, I am glad that I have it in my hard-drive so that I can revisit it, over and over again. I am also glad that they are in the pre-planning stages for Season 2, but I doubt it will have the same cast. This is the first cast and the memorable one – I just hope they don’t f’ it up. I doubt it though, because they did such a magnificent job with this tale. Furthermore, you guys rock here at carrotblossom patch. When I found this little corner of cyberspace with so much heart for a show that I adored, I could not turn away. I am subscribed and alerted of your post and will definitely follow you guys till our wrinkles tell more tales than we do. Till the next story of Awesomeness.

  5. arrrrghhh it has really ended… this drama easily went to my all time best drama list…I love everything about it…Thanks to this drama I was able to find ur site… Thank u awesome duo for making the ride extra special…I shall be one of ur regulars even after this drama…that’s a promise….

  6. wow love it!!! but wait we should be the 1 who will thank you both… with your ala splash recaps… what else we can say…

    eng sub is a bit late to be out and your fast recaps was really a big help… watching raw and read your recaps was my tues & weds routine.. refreshing your page from time to time.. 😛 was a weds habit for me 🙂

    and yes you’re right I can say best drama for now… same as you I’ve been watching a lot of dramas and you’re right good at first but it will just disappoint us in the end…


    thanks a bunch… ’till next time 🙂

  7. whitecarrot and pinkblossom – Thank you , Thank you, Thank you for recapping this drama and sharing your thoughts. It’s been an awesome journey and you two have enhanced my enjoyment of the drama so much! Answer Me 1997 will rank as one of my all-time faves! I’m so glad to find this website =)

  8. We (the reader) who should be say thank you very muuuuuch to both you guys. I’ve always been looking for the recap here because it’s the fastest and detail recap.
    And yes, my day was never the same like before. it’s a little bit empty right now because there is nothing I’m waiting for. Tuesday night will be like just the other night T___T
    You know what, every single day i’m still looking for the news about this drama. Just can’t let it go easily.


  9. thank u ‘pinkblossom’ & ‘whitecarrot’ tuesday’s would never be the same without this show. and sharing the experience of spazzing and lurking and waiting for the recaps and subs with all of the fangirls and kdrama addicts out there is indeed an awesome adventure that I’l reminisce over the years to come.
    Thank you “Answer me 1997″ for giving me this nostalgic yet fullfilling emotion I can experience over and over thru your show. And am so delighted that this drama brought me over to this blog that I am likewise so thankful for.
    Awesome job ” gashina’s ” …keep up the the good work!! ^_^

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