Naul: Memory of the Wind

Oh my gaaaawsh, this is just AMAZING on so many levels.

Beloved singer Naul (나얼, also romanized as Na-eol) has just released his first solo album, Principle of My Soul, and I just can’t get enough of it.  Seems the Korean people feel the same, because all the songs from the album are topping the charts right now.  The amazing man made his debut 13 years ago and has been with group Browneyed Soul since 2003.  He’s famous for not making TV appearances (he says he feels uncomfortable with such attention), which just drives people crazy because they love his voice.  Plus, he’s been dating darling actress Han Hye-jin for the past nine years and people are dyyying to hear wedding bells from the adorable couple.  Seriously, she gets the “When’s the wedding?” question at every. single. one of her drama press conferences.  He got to answer the lovely question yesterday at his own press conference for this album.  Their answer is always the same: When we feel ready.  Sigh.  I wanna see a wedding NOOOW!!!

His album boasts a total of 11 tracks, of which the first and third were recorded old-school style aka analog not digital.  He wanted to capture the warmth that’s missing from the digital age, which I totes understand and appreciate.  It just ain’t the same.  He said the goal of this album was to bring what comfort he could to those who are struggling through tough times.  I luff him.

If you haven’t clicked the ‘play’ button above, do it NOW.  You can’t go wrong with Naul, GORGEOUS camerawork, and cutie-lookin’-shmexy Lee Ki-woo for the music video of title track “Memory of the Wind” (바람기억).  Enjoy!!

4 responses to “Naul: Memory of the Wind

    • welcome to our madhouse, sherub!!! i’ve watched this MV so many times… & naul’s voice just gets better and better every time! thanks for joining us here at the patch — we hope to hear more from youuu! 😀 😀 😀

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