Can’t Live Without You: Episodes 61-71


My life has totes not been completely taken over by that non-entity called Answer Me 1997, and though I got this one baaad, it still wasn’t enough to make me a one-drama girl.  Sigh.  I wonder if that day will ever come.  Will it?  Actually, I think I dread that ever happening.  ’Cuz for me to become a one-drama-er, I’d have to be uuuuuuber preoccupied, and I mean UBER pulled in a million directions I don’t get any sleep kind of preoccupied.  Yeah, not something I wanna think about.

Anyhoo, I’ve been watching CLWY religiously these past two weeks aka fast-forwarding through a thirty-minute episode to watch it in ten.  Five minutes on a good day.  You can define ‘good’.  Things really got bogged down during Episodes 61-65, and at the end of that frustrating week, I wrote:

Did I say before that I have a love-hate relationship with dailies?  I take it back.  It’s a hate-hate relationship sprinkled with flashes of madness.  What does that mean?  I don’t know, you figure it out and explain it to me.

We’ve gotten to that point in the Daily Rollercoaster where you’re itchin’ for the drama to move into the story proper, but it hasn’t quiiite gotten there yet.  You’ve rocketed out of the starting blocks – or more like crawled, in this case – and you’ve done a couple twirlies and are revving up for the big drop… but you’re still climbing the incline.  At a snail’s pace.  I honestly cannot tell you why I watch these things!  They start out with great promise, and I can see the love lines forming, and I start lickin’ my chops, and then…  Snooze.  It happens Every.  Single.  Time.  Gaaaaah, why oh why oh whyyy?!?  And what’s even worse is that I can’t stop watching because the big break is juuust about to happen, and so I wait for the next episode.  It doesn’t happen.  Well, then it’ll happen in the next.  Maybe next week?  Maybe next month?  I’m like a desperate second-lead female pathetically clinging onto the male lead.  I seriously feel stripped of any dignity or self-respect when it comes to dailies.  Sigh.  Well, I’m excited for this week!

Hoping for a better outcome, I embraced the following week.  But the same boooring storylines merely got extended, and then the drama just straight up went off its rocker.  Seriously.  Leukemia?!?!  Where in the heck of the world did that come from?!?!?!!!  And a long-lost daughter?!  Again?!?!  Madame President, didn’t you just do that drama???  My Life’s Danbi.  Sound familiar?  Auuugh.  Thus, I really wasn’t expecting anything today (Episode 71), but out of NOWHERE, we finally got a MAJOR break.  I think the writer/director FINALLY understood that I’m this close to cutting ties forever.  For seriously.  Well, even if the story went even further south than it already has, I suppose I’d watch, just for you guys, Aristy and Xancy.  You two are forevs my CLWY buddies, and I ain’t gonna leave you wonderful peeps hangin’.  But for seriously, CLWY, you need to get your act together.  Really.

Whoo.  Rant off my chest.  Sorry ‘bout that.  Now onto the actual story, which is what anyone actually cares about.  I wrote a full-length recap for Ep 61, then kinda stopped because the story didn’t go anywhere.  So, instead of pulling teeth aka me re-watching and you reading the horribleness that was Episodes 61-71, I’m just gonna do an update on the characters and random tidbits from different episodes.  Hope y’all don’t mind too much.  If you’d like clarification on any of the scenes or dialogues or aaanything at all, please please pleaaaase don’t hesitate to ask away.   That invitation is always open.


Episode 61: Backtrack to some previous day when Secretary Yoon reported to Madame President all the info he could unearth about In-hye: she lived at an orphanage ‘til she graduated from high school then moved to Seoul to work at the bank.  There she met Sang-do and got married – it’s also when she first met Hyun-tae.  Back in the present, Secretary Yoon tells Madame President that Hyun-tae is taking In-hye home after the fiasco with the scumbag and witch.  All evidence points to Hyun-tae holding special feelings for In-hye and they don’t know what’ll happen if In-hye and the scumbag’s divorce goes through.  No really, ya don’t say?  CrazyEx (that’s Ji-eun’s name from now on) goes to In-hye’s rooftop to look for her.  Crazy I tells ya.

Hyun-tae and In-hye arrive at the Kim home and In-hye passes out while trying to tell Mama Kim that she’ll get a divorce.

Scary witch lady tries to make Ki-chan eat, he throws up on her dress – go Ki-chan! – and the witch and scumbag get in a fight.  Again.  Seriously, that’s all they ever do.

Hyun-tae tells the grandparents about what went down and In-hye tells Mama and Papa Kim that she needs to go home in case Ki-chan comes back.  Yeah, lady’s off her rocker from all the worry and shock.  Hyun-tae takes her home and Papa Kim goes out to meet the scumbag.

Min-do, meanwhile, gets a call from his colleague/friend asking if he still wants in on a movie.  He refuses, because it would force him to be all the way down in Busan.  He’d have to be apart from preggers Ji-soo, not to mention all the flak he’d have to hear from Mom Min.  Ji-soo (who got a cute haircut!) overhears the conversation and asks him about it.  He tells her the part about overbearing in-laws was just to get his friend off his back, but still refuses to take on the job because he wants a break.  She makes him promise to take on a film if he likes it and to not worry about Mom Min.  They’re so cute.

The scumbag and witch get into another argument about caring for Ki-chan.  Boooring.

Mom Min is still trying to settle her ruffled feathers after being accused of forgetfulness.  She’s sure Mama Kim called and said she’d come over to the Min home…

Hyun-tae drives In-hye home and she keeps asking him to drive faster, in case Ki-chan came back.

Papa Kim arrives at the house of madness and gets into a huge bout with the scumbag.  Nasty words are exchanged as the scumbag says Papa Kim has no right to take Ki-chan back.  He rants on and on about how heartbroken he was when Papa Kim left home many years ago, how he waited every single day for three years for Papa Kim to come home.  Okay, scumbag, I know it sucked and Papa Kim messed up big time.  But those are issues you need to come to terms with on your own.  You ain’t got no right to do this to Ki-chan.  Unable to understand why his parents are siding with their daughter-in-law over their flesh and blood son, the scumbag screams at Papa Kim, “Your family is me, not In-hye!!”  Uh, you need to go to an anger management class.

Hyun-tae delivers In-hye to her home and tells her to be strong.  She thanks him for his kindness and bids him goodbye.  He watches her go up, his heart in his eyes…  All of which is observed by CrazyEx.  In-hye cries alone up in the apartment, and Hyun-tae continues to stand there out on the street, looking up at In-hye’s apartment.  CrazyEx finally approaches him…

Mama Kim is waiting for Papa Kim, who still hasn’t come back yet.  Uncle and Chi-do have been looking for him but he’s nowhere to be found.  Turns out he’s having a drink by himself…  Yeah, those can’t be good thoughts he’s havin’.

Madame President scrolls through the newest pics (seriously?) and asks where In-hye lives.  Oh noes.

CrazyEx and Hyun-tae arrive at his home and they have their usual argument.  But this time, Hyun-tae sings a different tune: “Yes, I wanted In-hye and Sang-do to resolve everything and be happy together.  But now I know they can’t be happy together anymore.  I know now that I can’t wish for such a thing anymore.  I want to protect her.  I don’t want to see anyone hurt her.  [When CrazyEx asks if he’d been lying to her about everything:] No, I had no intention of lying.  And I never thought I lied.  It was just that In-hye was Sang-do’s woman and I believed I shouldn’t keep her in my heart, so I pushed it away.”  AAAACCCCKKKK!!!  All CrazyEx can say is that Madame President won’t just idly watch – she has probably already gone to meet In-hye.

Cut to Madame President arriving at In-hye’s building.  The poor woman in question hears Ki-chan’s cries and bursts outside, only to find the patio empty.  She weeps and Madame President reaches the rooftop…


Episode 62: Hyun-tae tells Madame President, “I want to care for her (In-hye), I want to help her up, I want to protect her from heartbreak.”  Madame’s response?  “Some people call that love.”  Eeee!


Episode 64: Papa Kim to In-hye, “You’re our child, too.  If anything, you’re more so than Sang-do, never less.”  And Mama Kim to In-hye, “I’ve never thought of you as a daughter-in-law.”  In other words, In-hye has always just been a daughter to her.  Wail.


Episode 65: Sang-do is having regrets.  Whaaaat?!?!  But In-hye firmly says she doesn’t want anything from him anymore.  She’s done.  She hands him the divorce papers and tells him to file them.

Mom Min and Auntie throw a surprise party for Ji-soo and Min-do.  Aaawwww, sooo cute!  Min-do gets a call: it’s his friend asking if Min-do really doesn’t want to do the movie.  Min-do refuses again, stating the same reasons: they have to film in Busan, which means he’ll have to be apart from Ji-soo and the baby for several months.  Ji-soo tells him to do it – he’s been waiting forever for such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – but he wants to care for Ji-soo and watch their baby grow, which is also something that he can only see once.  She thanks him for being so kind and caring but tells him to do the movie, and so he gives in.  These two are so cute.

Mama Kim has scorched another pot, and she finds dishtowels in yet another pot…

The scumbag returns to the witch and they have their usual argument.  Booooring.

Early the next morning, In-hye bids goodbye to a sleeping Ki-chan, promising to come back for him soon, and she leaves.  Secretary Yoon arrives at her rooftop home and escorts her to Madame President.  Epic showdown between the ladies as In-hye says she never did and never will have intentions of using Hyun-tae or hurting him in any way.  Madame President really gets in some low blows with implied remarks about In-hye’s orphan status, but In-hye stands firm.  You go, girl.  She leaves the meeting stunned, and whom should she run into but Hyun-tae?  He quickly puts two and two together and races after her, but she manages to get away…


Episodes 66-71

Mama Kim: *sob*  Mama Kim is well and truly suffering from dementia, and it’s gotten to the point where even Papa Kim is connecting the dots.  She’s so adamant in her refusal to accept the fact that she needs help, which is completely understandable.  It’s not going to be easy for someone so strong like her to admit that she’s suffering from a crippling illness like dementia, and my heart is breaking already.

Aunt + Uncle: Not too much progress for these two, especially since they were just side characters used to sprinkle in some humor.  They’re still bein’ flirty and trying to keep their relationship(?) a secret, which is just hilarious.  Auntie cracks me up.

Scumbag + Witch: Sigh.  These two for seriously are the reason why I fast-forward so much.  Well, them and CrazyEx.  They met Witch’s mom, which went hilariously horribly, and they scream and fight and break up and whatnot every other minute.  Just go live somewhere I don’t hafta hear you.  They dared set foot in the Kim house the other day, and Mama Kim just went at the Witch.  It was epic.  A part of me wonders, though, if some of that anger/aggression isn’t caused by the dementia – a lot of patients have aggression issues.  And the way that Mama Kim was talking to the Witch, it could be understood as Mama Kim talking to Chi-do’s mom…  Either way, the Witch met Do-hee and bribed the petty sister-in-law-to-be with some expensive gift or whatever.  The pair from hell are getting married tomorrow (Episode 72), and Mama + Papa Kim are debating whether to attend.

Min-do + Ji-soo: Man oh man oh man.  I can’t believe the show actually went there.  When Ji-soo went to the hospital for her usual check-ups, some of her hormone levels were a little high, and her doctor/colleague asked that she do a couple more tests.  I was hoping it was just a lame scare tactic to last all of two episodes, but it turns out the mommy-to-be has the Everyman Kdrama Illness.  You guessed it: leukemia.  Seriously?  Seriously?!  I said this before, but leukemia is SO.  OUTDATED.  This is 2012, peoples, not 2000!  Min-do is finally working again but the lead actress of his new movie is none other than the annoying girl he’d flirted with at the beginning of the drama (the one Ji-soo got into a fight with at Grandma Kim’s birthday celebration).  All the touchy-feely-ness going on between Min-do and the Brat is upsetting Ji-soo, and now she has this huge bomb of a secret that’s just ticking away…  The normally happiness-infusing couple had a nasty fight today, and what Ji-soo said really struck a chord: “Am I like this all the time?  If I’m acting differently or strangely, can’t you ask me what’s wrong, why I’m acting this way?”  I feel the hurt and fear and just everything from Ji-soo.  Love Park Sun-young.  On a purely superficial level, I luuurve that she styles herself SO.  WELL. to match her character.  The adorable haircut from just a few episodes ago was more somberly styled and the color darkened today (Episode 71) to match the change in her emotional state.  I’ve kinda given up any hope of sensibleness with this show, and I have no idea where they’re gonna go with the leukemia.  I hope Ji-soo can have the baby and beat her cancer as well.  *fingers crossed*

Madame President: Sigh.  Another reason I’ve lost my respect for this show.  I know the tagline for CLWY is somethin’ ’bout family that goes beyond ‘love’, and about ‘family’ being another word for ‘love’, so they’re setting things up to illustrate love that extends beyond blood ties.  But the long-lost daughter thing is just too much.  Really.  We learn, via inferences and thinly veiled conversations, that Madame President goes to a Catholic church religiously (har har pun intended) once a month to pray for her long-lost daughter So-hyeon (or So-yeon?  Not quite clear.)  Oh noes, you might think, because then In-hye and Hyun-tae can’t get together (since In-hye’s obviously gonna be the long-lost daughter).  But no need to fear, Hyun-tae and his two siblings are not Madame President’s biological children.  I’m guessing she had a child from a previous marriage/relationship and chose to give her up to marry the wealthy President Lee (Hyun-tae’s late father).  Or perhaps she really did lose her?  I don’t know~  Either way, Madame President is desperately looking for her daughter while hurling invectives at In-hye (who, by the way, is gonna become a maid for the Lee family), all so we can see Madame bawl her eyes out at having treated her daughter so poorly.  Yeah, it’s gonna be a fun one.

Hyun-tae + In-hye: Oh my golly goodness gracious great balls of fire.  These two aaaalmost got to the point of being annoying.  The whole noble idiocy thing ya know, especially on the part of In-hye.  First she was just really dense.  And then she got some harebrained idea into her head that she was better off spouting lies to Hyun-tae about never wanting to see him again because he reminded her of Scumbag.  Well, the Scumbag part might hold a bit of truth, but that ain’t the real reason she’s avoiding Hyun-tae.  Madame President worked her dark magic on our poor heroine.  And so we went in circles and more circles as Hyun-tae did the wrist-grab twirl-her-around thingy, the wrist-grab drag-her-from-a-horrible-job thingy, the throw-money-at-horrible-bosses thingy, the yell-in-frustration thingy, the race-after-a-conveniently-arrived-taxi thingy, and FINALLY the wrist-grab drag-her-away-from-CrazyEx-and-finally-spill-his-guts thingy.  That’s right.  Hyun-tae finally told In-hye,

I… like you, In-hye-sshi.  Even before Sang-do began liking you, I liked you.  Do I have to spell it out like this for you to know?

Dun dun duuuun!  I can’t believe he actually said it!!!!  AAACCKKKK!!!


And so we have arrived at Episode 72, which is gonna be another crazy one.  The preview shows Mama Kim gettin’ it on again with the Witch bride’s perfectly coiffed hair.  I’m gonna be cackling with glee on this one.  Madame President fondly and tearily looks at pictures of a young In-hye – I’m not even gonna bother pretendin’ that the long-lost daughter is some other girl.  And it looks like In-hye’s gonna take the maid position at the Lee residence.  Sigh.  Well, I suppose proximity can only help our OTP cuties!  CLWY, bring it on!


18 responses to “Can’t Live Without You: Episodes 61-71

  1. Woa… waiting so long for this. Thank you so much. Your translation is perfect and I enjoyed every word of it. 🙂
    Oh man, I’m shocked that Ji Soo had leukemia too. Watching ep 71 I felt sad for her. 😦
    This is family drama not medical drama.
    WHY must it be leukemia? 😦
    I believe as far as dying isn’t what this drama is all about.

  2. By the way pinkblossom.
    I totally agree with you. To be honest, it’s too long and its storyline got bored.
    I’m really sick of Sang Do and his lover. I skip their parts everytime i see their face 😦
    The only things that connected me to this drama is Park Yoo Hwan and Park Sun Young – and they did’t dissapoint me.
    But I hope u will continue translating this drama to the end. 🙂

    • ya Xancy i agree with you too… I’m holding on to watch this drama is bcs of I love Park sun Young and Park Eun hye (love both in drama 18vs29) and of course I love YooHwan so much sience he played in Sparkling.. )

      • oh my gawsh, i LOVED twinkle twinkle aka sparkling aka all that glitters aka whatever other title you can think of ^^ it defs had its flaws, but it’s seriously one of my fav re-watches!!! 😀 😀 😀

  3. ahh InHye probably Madame President’s daughter? oh no!
    Djavu with another drama ‘miss ripley’,with t’same PD&scripwriter

  4. Thankx so very much for your recaps! I guessed Prez Lee was looking for a lost child at the orphanage. Do 99% of all dailies need a “lost/hidden” child? I also fast forward through the daily Korean eps but, I read every English subtitle on cable for more information. At this point the writer should move all the plot lines into action, unless, another 20 eps are added due to a couple of nonsense circles.
    And yes, Alzheimer patients are aggressive. The excellent Kim Hae Suyk acts exactly like a patient.

    • you’re very welcome — thank YOU for joining us! 😀
      oh my gawsh, i can’t imagine another 20 episodes tacked onto this one -___-;; lolol for seriously, lost/hidden children are apparently a staple in korean dailies. sigh. we need to come up with a better trope! ^^

  5. I almost forget to say thank’s to pinkblossom for still continue the recaps (I hope you will continue till the end of drama) 🙂 You got your own style to write an article hehe love your style… 🙂

    • thank YOU, Aristy, for keeping me going on the CLWY train!!! 😀 😀 😀 i might have hopped off before getting to all this good stuff we’re gettin’ these days! ^^

  6. leukemia. orphans & ‘lost’ children. dementia. divorce. ex-es trying to rekindle snuffed feelings. shrieking-banshee girlfriends. mother-in-laws. chaebols and poor people. Only missing amnesia and contract marriage.

    • ohmygawsh hhahahaahaa you summed it up perfectly! amnesia i figure is kind of a wash since we’ve got dementia, but contract marriage can TOTES be done… hmm, whom to get together? the problem is that hyun-tae already loves in-hye so it’d be a real marraige… hmm… hahahaa lololol thanks for joining us here in the CLWY madhouse! 😀

  7. I think yesterday’s episode (73) is one of the best episode so far. Especially the most impressive must be Kim

    Hae-Sook…truly brilliant acting.

    Thanks to her, the ratings for the drama remain 2 digit. Hope pinkblossom can translate it soon. 🙂

    Poor Ji Soo, everytime she’s about to tell Mindo about her illness, he always raised his voice at her. Somebody needs to

    beat him up. lol He’s so mean to her 😦 😦

  8. Wait, Park Yoo Hwan is paired up Park Sun Young?!? Talk about a noona romance… filming this show must be a little bit uncomfortable for her.

    • hi, Ana, a belated but sincere welcome to our patch of spazzdramamadness!! 😀 i was uber shocked, too, when i first learned that park yoo-hwan and park sun-young were paired, but it’s actually working out pretty well — she’s so cute and he’s done a couple roles where his character’s more mature than would be expected at that age~ xD hahahaa but yes, surprisingly, they’re pretty cute together ^^ thanks for joining us here — hope to hear more from you! 😀 😀 😀

    • hi, zapam! welcome to our madhouse!! i’m not sure if you’ve read the recaps up to episode 84, but here’s the link to all things CLWY:
      i’m working on eps 85-95 right now — if everything works out, they’ll be up before the end of the weekend 🙂
      as for “an angel’s choice,” i’m just going to do a final wrap-up instead of individual episode recaps~ i’m going to be away next week, so the wrap-up may take a little bit of time
      thanks for joining us at the Patch & we hope to hear more from youuu!! 😀 😀 😀

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